New York Giants Sticking With Daniel Jones Over Manning, For Better Or Worse

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Daniel Jones is the man for the New York Giants. That’s for better or worse, and after multiple turnovers and a number of sacks taken in the last game, against the Arizona Cardinals, it’s looking more and more like that’s for worse. Jones impressed in his debut, obviously, but the Giants have looked less and less threatening as other teams study up on Jones and get better at attacking him – of course, there’s a number of other factors at play also such as key injuries and, in the case of the Cardinals game, an offensive line that couldn’t protect the quarterback.

But regardless of the recent struggles, Jones is the team’s starter. Head coach Pat Shurmur said as much after the game, saying that benching Jones to bring back Eli Manning isn’t in the team’s plans.

“No. I think Daniel’s going to learn from everything that’s going on,” answered Shurmur when asked if the team was thinking about making a change at quarterback.

“Just like all the other rookies that are playing are going to learn from the things that happen. But you have to learn and you have to win games. I’m well aware of that. Totally well aware of that,” Shurmur continued.

The decision to bench Manning happened only a couple of weeks into the season, but despite coming into the season as the starter, it’s hard to make an argument that Manning’s career with the Giants isn’t done. The benching didn’t just serve a practical purpose, but was a symbolic move showing that the Giants are moving on to the next generation.

Now that the Giants have made that jump, it’s hard to take it back and make the switch to Manning after replacing him with Jones. Even when the decision to start Jones this early is starting to come into question thanks to the rookie’s early struggles.

Then again, the Giants were also adamant that Jones wasn’t going to be the starter going into the season, or after the team’s first loss. Until he suddenly was, after the team sustained a second loss in week two. Could something similar happen, with the team quickly changing its mind, if Jones doesn’t pick up his performances?

Only time can tell as the next weeks pass and the Giants continue to try to claw back to a winning record – something that looks more and more unlikely with each game as the performances fail to improve and the team slides further back from the .500 mark.

New York Mets: The Four Managerial Candidates

New York Mets to interview Carlos Beltran.

The New York Mets have gone through an extensive list of candidates to fill their manager position. After a couple weeks of intense vetting the final four names left are Tim Bogar, Eduardo Perez, Carlos Beltran and Joe Girardi.

Tim Bogar is currently the Nationals first base coach and is a name that has flown under the radar. His experience is no joke though, which has given him to opportunity to make the final four. Bogar is a former Met who spent nine years in the big leagues and has won manager of the year in three different minor leagues.

He spent time coaching in multiple roles during his MLB coaching career. Bogar has coached under Joe Maddon, Terry Francona, Bobby Valentine and Ron Washington. His only managing experience came in 2014 when he replaced Washington and led the Rangers to a 14-8 record to end the season.

From the Booth to the Bench?

Eduardo Perez has a very interesting background compared to the rest of the candidates. He has experience coaching in the bigs, tv experience and comes from a baseball family. Perez is the son of hall of famer Tony Perez and Eduardo was a 13-year veteran who bounced around from team to team.

He has managed in winter ball leagues in Puerto Rico and has experience as a bench and hitting coach for the Astros and Marlins, respectively. Perez is a very likable figure throughout baseball which helped him earn another interview.

Will a Beltran Hire Be Another Strikeout?

Carlos Beltran had a very successful career which included seven good years with the Mets. He was known for his ability to be a strong clubhouse leader, but did have front office conflicts with the Wilpons. Originally, Beltran wanted nothing to do with job but quickly had a change of heart which is paying off for him.

Beltran lacks the managerial experience at any level, unlike the other three candidates. What makes Beltran’s story interesting is he only wants the Mets job. He can definitely add the hitters and base stealing perspective the team lacked with Mickey Callaway as manager.

Will the Wilpons Accept Girardi?

Joe Girardi is hands down the best candidate of the four, which is why the Phillies see him as their top candidate. He is a World Series champion, former manager of the year and has 988 wins over 11 years of managing experience. Girardi also owns the best challenge record in baseball history.

The one red flag, for only Fred/Jeff Wilpon, and Brodie Van Wagenen, is that Girardi would expect to have full control of the day-to-day and game decisions. This had a lot to do with why Brian Cashman decided to move on to Aaron Boone to manage the Yankees. Cashman wanted more control of the team and it has not seemed to work very well.

The Direction of the Franchise

If the Mets bring in Beltran or Perez, expect the same old stuff that happened under Callaway. The one variable here is that Beltran has way too much to lose by become a puppet to the front office. Beltran is a borderline hall of fame and can find a better job somewhere else if he is not happy with what the Mets offer.

Girardi or Bogar should receive full control when they get the job. This situation is very black or white. Unfortunately, the Mets tendencies forces us to assume they will make the mistake by hiring another puppet.

Prediction: Carlos Beltran lands the job

The New York Knicks pick-up multiple 2020-2021 player options

New York Knicks, Frank Ntilikina

The New York Knicks made a good move before the season officially gets under way.  The Knicks have decided to pick-up the options of Frank Ntilikina, Kevin Knox and Dennis Smith Jr. for the 2020-21 season, per Ian Begley.

These decisions shows the confidence the team has in these three future building blocks.

Ntilikina was teetering on the edge of not having his option picked up.  He under-performed for the Knicks in his first few seasons but has made strides this summer.

Ntilikina performed very well for his home country of France in the FIBA World Cup and showed signs of progress.  Ntilikina has been in the running for the starting point guard position but has not made a significant leap to stand out.  Picking up Ntilikina’s option shows that the Knicks do have confidence in him to become the player they hoped for.

Knox and Smith Jr. options were no-brainers.

Knox continues to progress in his development.  His shooting and vision on the court has been substantially better as compared to last season.  Knox most likely will come off the bench this season but he can provide good energy and instant production.

The Knicks thought that Smith Jr. was going to be their starting point guard.  However, due to his back injury that has held him up.  When healthy, Smith Jr. is the clear number one at the guard position.

The New York Knicks may have had a not-so-hot off-season in free agency.  But the moves general manager Scott Perry has made puts the Knicks on the right path for the future.  They’re showing confidence in their young guys and sticking with them.

New York Giants: Shurmur Apparently Never Intended To Convert Controversial Fourth Down Attempt

The New York Giants suffered a demoralizing week seven loss to the Arizona Cardinals on Sunday. The final score was 27-21 and the Giants’ offense was only able to account for 14 of the team’s points.

The game was close to the end. The Giants were down only 24-21 with possession of the ball late in the fourth quarter. But this is when things went south for the Gmen:

Fourth And Fifteen With 2:36 Remaining

At this point in the game, the Giants were down 24 to 21 with two timeouts and the two-minute warning still remaining. Instead of being aggressive and attempting to gain a chunk of yards on 3rd and 18, the Giants ran a halfback draw, then tried to throw the ball on 4th and 15, resulting in a sack-fumble.

The Giants’ offense was at its own 30 yard-line and decided to risk turning the ball over to the Cardinals and giving them prime field positioning. The Giants, of course, failed to convert on 4th and 15, turning the ball over to the Cardinals.

The Giants’ defense was able to hold strong, holding Arizona to only a field goal. New York then got the ball back with lousy field positioning after a bad decision by Darius Slayton to take the kickoff out of the end zone. Of course, the Giants’ offense then crumbled.

New York’s offensive line let up two sacks and one quarterback hit in the final four plays. Daniel Jones was given no time to throw and the game was lost. Obviously, the Giants’ poor field position and lack of time remaining played a factor in their failed final drive. This had led to much criticism of head coach Pat Shurmur’s decision making, which he attempted to respond to post-game.

Pat Shurmur’s Response:

When asked about this controversial fourth-down attempt in his post-game press conference, Pat Shurmur gave a peculiar response. According to Pat Shurmur, the play on fourth-down “played out exactly as [he] hoped.”

Pat Shurmur also defended the previous play, a halfback draw on 3rd and 18. Shurmur’s defense was that he “wanted to keep Saquon involved.”

Pat Shurmur also conceded that he was treating this drive as a four-down territory. Shurmur said he “had planned to go for it” and also pointed out that the Cardinals “actually ran the same type of run against us and got it.” The difference is, the Giants tried this play with an injured Saquon Barkley and an inferior offensive line when compared to the Arizona Cardinals.

It is difficult to understand why Shurmur believes this fourth downplayed out correctly. It ended with the Giants turning the ball over deep inside their own territory, allowing the Cardinals to waste time and kick a field goal to make it a six-point game.

Last week, Pat Shurmur defended his decision to punt on 4th and 2 in a similar situation. This week, he decided to go for it on 4th and 15. The logic behind this is hard to find. Had Pat Shurmur elected to punt the ball on 4th and 15, the Cardinals could have gotten the ball back deep inside their territory, up by only 3 points.

If the Giants’ defense were to have stopped the Cardinals in Arizona territory, rather than in the Giants’ red zone, the Cardinals would have been forced to punt and give New York a better field position. The better field positioning could have been crucial and highly beneficial for the Giants’ offense while running its final two-minute drill. Additionally, New York would have only needed a field goal in this scenario, giving them a shorter distance to cover in order to tie the game.

Ultimately, Pat Shurmur’s 4th and 15 decision did not play out as any fan at home hoped it would. Fans would have hoped to see Pat wise up and punt the ball, giving the Giants a chance to get the ball back in prime position to tie the game with a field goal. Pat Shurmur’s empty explanations and unaccountable alibies are starting to wear down on this loyal fanbase. If these mistakes and insoluble explanations of said mistakes continue, Pat Shurmur could find himself on the hot seat sooner than later.

New York Jets: Alex Lewis In, Kelechi Osemele Out

New York Jets

The New York Jets offensive line has been really really bad this season. They are currently one of the worst offensive line units in football. Mike Maccaganan and his draft pick, trades and signings being there normal amazing moves have failed miserably throughout the early part of the season. However, one of Joe Douglas’s best moves has truly proven to be excellent.

Alex Lewis Has Broken Out

When Lewis was acquired from the Jets I said I had semi-high hopes for him. He had always been a sort of rotational offensive linemen. He’s always been a damn good one though. Since coming from Baltimore, Lewis was on the bench for the start of the season. However, when Adam Gase instituted an open competition for all offensive line positions Alex Lewis and Chuma Edoga were able to get starting spots. Since then, Lewis has been the most reliable offensive lineman. Edoga has been good, Lewis has been great. For the minimal price the Jets got him for, this was a damn good movie. Especially in the wake of another turn of events.

Kelechi Osemele Situation Is Messy

Osemele went down with a shoulder injury and although he has missed time it wasn’t thought to be severe. However, after getting cleared by two doctors he personally felt surgery is a necessity. So, the Jets and Osemele were in a standoff. The Jets made the first move by fining him for skipping practice despite being cleared. Now another phenomenal Mike Maccaganan move is paying off for the Jets. This time they’re disagreeing with a guy who was replaced by Alex Lewis a cheaper replacement and will now get stuck with Osemele’s contract for the foreseeable future. It remains to be seen what will happen next but the Osemele situation is one to watch.

New York Knicks: RJ Barrett Is The Real Deal

New York Knicks, RJ Barrett

As the New York Knicks finished preseason basketball one thing stood out clearly. It’s how well RJ Barrett played for long stretches and how physically imposing he is for a 19-year-old rookie. RJ Barrett scored 19-points on 9-12 shooting along with 6-rebounds, 3-assists, one three-pointer, and a block in 36 minutes against the New Orleans Pelicans. RJ Barrett looks legit.

Plenty of scouting reports were either wrong about Barrett’s potential weaknesses or Barrett has improved upon the alleged weaknesses all summer in preparation for his first season as a Knick. His ability to see the floor and find teammates looked phenomenal this preseason. Barrett had a reputation of getting tunnel vision at Duke, however, he showed excellent passing skills and awareness on the offensive end. Defensively, Barrett seemed to be at the right spots as well.

RJ Barrett doesn’t look like he’s a rookie at all and that’s pretty scary. The upside he possesses at 19 years old along with his physique allowing him to play long stretches without being handled with “kid gloves” is tremendous. Fizdale stated how difficult it is to take the Maple Mamba off the court due to his ability to do different things on both sides of the ball to help the team potentially win.

The third overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft has proven he’s no laughing stock and he possesses a “takeover” mentality which is needed, especially when playing for the storied franchise, the New York Knicks. Barrett is now a crucial part of the Knicks’ future. This past preseason may not even have displayed Barrett’s best play due to the fact newly acquired Knick players are still getting acclimated with each other. Therefore, don’t be surprised if Barrett improves even more throughout the regular season as he continues getting comfortable with his teammates and coaching staff.

Former Giant Beason Great as Analyst for ACC Network

New York Giants, Giants, NYG, Ryan Connelly

Former New York Giant great Jon Beason has found a new home with college football.  Beason, a former University of Miami Hurricane, was drafted by the Carolina Panthers in the first round of the 2007 draft and ultimately played for three seasons with the New York Giants.

Beason was quite the athlete during his high school years playing linebacker, safety, and fullback for Chaminade Madonna College Preparatory School’s football team and also being a member of both the school’s track and basketball team.

Beason was a star at the University of Miami as well and took his talents to the NFL where he shined!  Beason was indomitable as a linebacker and invisible.  His unyielding pertinacious plays gave momentum to the team and the fans.  Beason was the definition of unconquerable and his unwavering invincibility made him not only one of the greatest New York Giants, but one of the greatest to ever play that position!

Now three years into retirement, Beason has found a new passion!  Beason is currently an analyst for the ACC Network, affiliated with ESPN.  Here, Beason provides commentary and analysis of the college matchups.  He does so with such wisdom.  Beason provides his insight and acumen with a sense of such prudence and sagacity!

Beason never forgets his roots and is always willing to help others!  Beason donated $250,000 to his alma mater the University of Miami and is always going back there and supporting the student athletes-arming them with knowledge and skills needed for a successful career on and off the field!  He also frequently participates in tailgate parties with fellow U alumni.  Beason also supports former teammates as when New York Giants’ safety Antrel Rolle retired, he posted a lengthy, heartfelt message honoring him and wishing him the best on all of his future endeavors!

Despite being out of football, Beason still trains and works hard to maintain his physique, putting the work in and always staying committed!

Beason may no longer be playing football, but he is still a powerful contributor to the game!  Beason has always been and continues to be an embodiment of class and kindness!  Beason will forever go down as not only one of the most talented players, but one of the nicest players!

New York Yankees: Don’t blame Aaron Boone for unsuccessful season

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

The New York Yankees had their season, unfortunately, come to an end with a 6-4 loss to the Houston Astros in game six of the ALCS. A lot of heat was placed on manager Aaron Boone that he “mismanaged” the team and the losses are on him.

I’ll give the haters this: Brett Gardner had no business being the three-hitter and Adam Ottovino shouldn’t have been brought in a few situations. Besides that, Boone did a fine job.

Here’s the truth: the Yankees’ offense didn’t perform. That’s what killed the season. It’s unfortunate but true. You can’t blame the manager for that.

Fans are taking their frustrations out on Boone when really all he does is make the lineups. There’s an argument for lineup decisions, but at the end of the day, it’s the players who didn’t perform.

Boone has won 203 games with the Yankees in his first two seasons managing. He has a .627 win-loss percent. With all the injuries this season, it’s incredible how successful the team was during the regular season. He’ll most likely win the manager of the year award and rightly so.

Fans have to remember that the Yankees had no business being a 100+ win team this year. Several of their key players during the season weren’t even on the starting lineup for the opening game of the season. Boone knew which guys to pull up from the minor leagues and which guys could compete at the major league level. This gets overlooked and was huge by him this season.

Take a moment and reflect on how many decisions by Boone impacted the team in a successful way. It’s much more than the times he made bad decisions.

New York Jets: Predictions Jets vs Patriots Week 7

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

The spotlight will be on the New York Jets this week as they’ll take on their archrival, the New England Patriots. Fresh off their first win the Jets will be coming into this game with some momentum and a chip on their shoulder. The Jets will be looking to have their revenge after the team’s first meeting with the Patriots back in week 3 where they lost 30-14 in Foxboro.

New England Patriots

The Patriots are one of the last two teams that are undefeated this season and have done so by forcing opponents to lose the turnover battle. The Patriots defense this season has been nothing short of excellent and will try to continue their excellence against a young Jets offense. The key for the Patriots to win this game will be the ability to tire out the Jets defense. If the Patriots can establish the run game with Sony Michel and stretch the field sideline to sideline, they’ll be able to bully the Jets defense in the fourth quarter.

New York Jets

The New York Jets are hot right now after getting their first win off the playoff-contending Dallas Cowboys. The Jets looked like a completely different team last week with Sam Darnold back and they’ll look to continue their success against the Patriots on Monday night. Sam Darnold has rejuvenated the Jets offense and he will be put to the ultimate test against a Patriots defense who have dominated every opponent they faced this season. If the Jets want to win this game, they’ll have to control the time of possession and spread the ball around to everyone on the field. If Sam Darnold can force the Patriots defense to play zone coverage, he’ll find much more success and open passing lanes.


This game is going to be a great one considering what the Jets have on the line. If the Jets can win, they’ll cruise through the next few weeks facing teams like the Dolphins and the Redskins. I believe this game will come down to the fourth quarter. The Patriots are most likely going to take this game but don’t be surprised to see the Jets put up a fight. If the Jets offense can stay aggressive, I think they’ll have a chance but if they come out flat then they’ll we’ll see a repeat of week 3. This game is going to be a 28-20 slugfest where the Jets will have a chance to win on the final drive of the game.

The New York Knicks point guard situation is weird

New York Knicks, David Fizdale

The point guard scenario for the New York Knicks is very odd.  Coach David Fizdale has been juggling around players running point from the start of training camp.

Fizdale starting and sitting guards throughout the preseason.  He starts one, sits the other.  Fizdale is trying to see what combo work the best.  However, it’s the preseason.  Why can’t you play them all and rotate them through each game?  It seems like sitting someone for one game is doing more harm than good.

Elfrid Payton said that, “There on the same page.”  That may be true for the them but it has fans scratching their heads.

Frank Ntilikina didn’t play Friday against the New Orleans Pelicans as Payton got the minutes, and vice versa last week against the Atlanta Hawks.  Ntilikina’s showed he deserved more minutes after bouncing back after in the second half of the Hawks game and shutting down Trae Young.  Yes, he’s offense still needs a lot of work but he’s the Knicks best defensive guard.

Allonzo Trier has hardly played at all this preseason.  But finally got more time in the final preseason game and proved he deserves more time.

Dennis Smith Jr. is not looking like this explosive player due to his back injury.  He’s rusty, even though he worked all summer.  Rest him until he’s good to go.  Plus, his new and improved shot needs more work.

RJ Barrett is really the stand out when running point.  The offense looks more fluid and has an extra boost of energy.  Barrett’s defense also continues to improve each game, just like every other aspect of his game.

Payton is able to run the offense well but that’s it.  He did perform well with the Pelicans, posting five triple-doubles last season with them.  His offensive capabilities are there but not consistent.

The starting guards for the opener is still a toss up.  But, the best option for the New York Knicks is to start Frank Ntilikina and RJ Barrett.  The two can split time bringing the ball up and it gives the team the best of both worlds.

Barrett can provide offense and defense while pushing the ball up the floor with an upbeat response from his teammates.  Ntilikina can then lock down defenders and have good vision to dish the ball.  His 7-foot wingspan can be a problem for guards, case-in-point shutting down Young in the second half last Wednesday.

Smith Jr. is not 100% and shouldn’t get the start if he isn’t healthy.  Barrett and Ntilikina should start and then rotate in Trier and Payton.  The Knicks need to get a good flow with them until Smith Jr. is healthy enough to get into the mix.