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At Empire Sports Media, we are passionate about bringing you the latest and most comprehensive coverage of New York sports. From the Yankees to the Giants, the Knicks to the Mets, we are dedicated to delivering engaging content that keeps you informed and entertained.

Who We Are

Empire Sports Media is not just another sports news website; we are a team of dedicated individuals who eat, sleep, and breathe New York sports. Our team is led by Alexander Wilson, the owner of Empire Sports Media, who has a deep love for the city’s sports teams and a commitment to providing the best sports coverage possible.

Meet Our Team

  • Anthony Rivardo serves as our Managing Editor, ensuring that every piece of content meets our high standards for accuracy and quality.
  • Danny Cortijo is our Head of Graphic Design, responsible for bringing our articles and visuals to life with eye-catching designs and graphics.
  • Ryan Garcia is our Lead Yankees Creator, a true expert when it comes to the pinstripes. He provides in-depth analysis and insights into the New York Yankees.
  • Sam Luckini is our Head of Video Content, responsible for creating engaging video content that complements our written articles and brings you even closer to the action.

What Sets Us Apart

At Empire Sports Media, we take pride in our commitment to accuracy and attention to detail. We believe that sports are not just about the game; they are about the stories, the statistics, and the passion that drives our teams and fans. That’s why we emphasize analytics and detailed reporting in our content to provide you with a deeper understanding of the games and the players you love.

Multi-Platform Approach

We understand that sports fans are everywhere, and that’s why we’re a multi-platform business. In addition to our website, you can find us on YouTube, where we bring you video analysis, highlights, and interviews. We also have an extensive presence on social media, connecting with our community and fan bases to keep the conversation going.

Independently Owned and Operated

Empire Sports Media is a bootstrapped business that has taken no outside investment. Our success is built on the dedication of our contributors and passionate employees who pour their heart and soul into every article, video, and design. We are proud to remain independent, allowing us to stay true to our mission of delivering the best New York sports content without any outside influences.

Join Us in the Empire State of Sports

Whether you’re a die-hard Yankees fan, a loyal Giants supporter, a Knicks enthusiast, or a devoted Mets follower, Empire Sports Media is your go-to destination for all things New York sports. We invite you to explore our website, subscribe to our YouTube channels, and connect with us on social media to be part of the Empire State of Sports.

Thank you for choosing Empire Sports Media as your trusted source for New York sports news, and we look forward to sharing the excitement of the Big Apple’s sports scene with you!

Editorial Process Summary for Empire Sports Media

Editorial Process Summary for Empire Sports Media

At Empire Sports Media, we take great pride in delivering high-quality and accurate content to our readers. Our editorial process is designed to ensure that every article and piece of content meets our standards for professionalism, accuracy, and engagement. Here’s a summary of our editorial process:

1. Story Assignment and Idea Generation:

  • Our editorial team, led by Anthony Rivardo identifies topics and stories relevant to our audience.
  • Writers and content creators pitch story ideas, and editorial meetings are held to finalize assignments.

2. Research and Gathering Information:

  • Writers conduct thorough research using trusted sources, including interviews, official statements, and data analytics.
  • Data and statistics are collected and verified to support the content.

3. Content Creation:

  • Writers and content creators draft articles, videos, or other multimedia content based on the research and assigned topics.
  • The writing style adheres to our website’s voice and tone guidelines.

4. Editing and Proofreading:

  • Editors review the content for grammar, spelling, punctuation, and style errors.
  • Fact-checking is conducted to ensure accuracy and reliability.

5. Reviewing Content Quality:

  • Editors assess the quality, relevance, and engagement potential of the content.
  • Any necessary revisions or improvements are made at this stage.

6. Visual Enhancements:

  • Our Head of Graphic Design, Danny Cortijo, works on visuals, images, and infographics that complement the content.
  • Multimedia content is created or integrated into the article, if applicable.

7. Video Production (If Applicable):

  • Video content is scripted, filmed, and edited by the video team.
  • The video content follows our editorial guidelines and adds value to the story.

8. SEO Optimization:

  • Content is optimized for search engines with relevant keywords, meta descriptions, and alt tags.
  • Internal and external links are added where appropriate.

9. Review for Legal and Ethical Considerations:

  • Legal counsel reviews content for potential legal issues, such as copyright violations or defamation.
  • Ethical considerations are addressed, ensuring the content adheres to our ethical guidelines.

10. Final Approval:

  • The Managing Editor or Editorial Director gives final approval for publication.
  • Content is scheduled for release based on editorial calendars and event timelines.

11. Publication and Distribution:

  • Content is published on our website, YouTube channels, and social media platforms.
  • It is shared with our email subscribers and promoted through various distribution channels.

12. Monitoring and Engagement:

  • Our team actively monitors reader comments, questions, and feedback on the content.
  • Engagement with the audience through comments and social media is encouraged.

13. Performance Analysis:

  • We track the performance of each piece of content, including views, shares, comments, and engagement metrics.
  • Data analytics help us understand what works best with our audience.

14. Continuous Improvement:

  • Feedback from readers, performance data, and editorial team discussions are used to refine our editorial process continually.
  • Adjustments and improvements are made to enhance the quality and relevance of our content.

15. Long-Term Planning:

  • Editorial strategies and long-term planning sessions ensure that we stay ahead of upcoming events and trends in sports.
  • Future content ideas and themes are discussed and incorporated into our editorial calendar.

By following this comprehensive editorial process, we aim to provide our readers with the most reliable, engaging, and up-to-date sports news and insights while maintaining the highest standards of professionalism and integrity.