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Welcome to ESM

by Alexander Wilson

When Empire Sports Media was first created in 2017, it was just a dream. Two years later, we are one of the most read independent blogs in New York, garnering over 2.0 million views per month. Our mission is to reach the top and add dedicated, passionate writers along the way. We are on a journey, a journey that starts with the die-hard fan and ends with our content improving and allowing you to enjoy the teams you love that much more.

As we revolutionize the standard of content consumption, we are here to let you know, we care, and your experience with us will only improve as time goes on. From written content to podcasts, to conversations on social media, our goal is to make your life as a fan that much easier.

The best part is, we want to hear from you, take your advice, learn from your interests. Don’t hesitate to leave us a message via our “Contact” page. We will always respond and consider your thoughts because you’re a valuable asset to the ESM team!