New York Rangers’ John Davidson says Alexis Lafreniere is the ‘complete package’ (Video)

Alexis Lafrenière

New York Rangers team president John Davidson spoke with MSG’s Steve Valiquette and John Giannone following the club’s selection of Alexis Lafreniere with the number one overall pick in Tuesday’s NHL Draft.

J.D.’s glowing smile represented how all Rangers fans felt the moment they heard general manager Jeff Gorton anounced the pick a few minutes after 7 p.m.

The president started the interview by stating the obvious, ” It only seems to just happen maybe once in a lifetime, you know, the good part for me and the great part of the wonderful part was when he put the jersey on, but he put that jersey on it just looked like it fit him, It was perfect.”

Davidson continued by talking about the kind of person Lafreniere is. The soon to be 19-year-old is a mature player for his age. A “no maintenance” guy who is already looking forward to working with the organization and set up a plan during the offseason with times being so vastly different as everyone tries to work through the Covid-19 pandemic.

The break down of Lafreniere by Davidson was as candid and truthful when whenever he talks about a player among the Rangers organization.

“We’re talking about a player that does everything really well.  A 200-foot player, and not full of what you call complete flash and dash, but really knows the way to get things done the right way very strong lower body’s good with leverage because of that very high IQs, as far as hockey goes very driven without question, and has when you have skill and power at the same time you’re and you’re going to be the 200 pounder, that’s a pretty good package. And then I see at his age for just the way he carries himself it’s a complete package. You know we just are going to do things the right way with them we’re going to develop him we’re going to work on all aspects of what you have to do to be a great Pro, our, our group is really excited about having the opportunity to work with him, and he’s very excited about being a New York Ranger.”

Lafreniere will have plenty of pressure on him when he joins the rest of his teammates in training camp. For now, the youngster will continue to work on his game and wait for the opportunity to visit New York when the time allows it to happen.

The first overall pick will have plenty of time to get to know New York City and the fans of the Blueshirts look forward to the opportunity to see the newest Ranger grow into the superstar he anticipates to become. The newest star on Broadway will take the stage when the NHL returns early next year.

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