Leonard Williams Tag Named New York Giants Biggest Offseason Mistake

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

The New York Giants have had an eventful offseason and have improved in some areas while taking a hit in others, but one of their more controversial moves remains the franchise tagging of Leonard Williams.

Of course, the controversy didn’t just start with Williams getting the tag. The trade to bring Williams to the Giants was controversial in and of itself, with many questioning after the season whether or not the Giants had gotten much out of it given Williams’ slow start with the team.

Just as controversial, though, is the decision to keep paying Williams big money for a player who hasn’t performed yet, under the franchise tag. According to Bleacher Report, it’s the biggest regret the Giants will have from this offseason.

Let’s be honest. The New York Giants may regret trading for defensive lineman Leonard Williams more than they regret hanging onto him. They gave the crosstown Jets a third-round pick and a conditional fourth-rounder to land Williams and got little in return.

In eight games, Williams had just 13 solo tackles and half a sack. Yet general manager Dave Gettleman has defended the trade.

Williams will, of course, have higher expectations in 2020 while playing under a new and hopefully better defensive coordinator, with a full offseason to get used to being on the team. But as a player on the Jets, Williams never quite turned the corner either and became the player the Jets were looking for, not repeating his 7 sack sophomore performance in either of the past two years before his trade.

Things aren’t looking all bad for the Giants and Williams, however. If Williams has one saving grace, it’s that he led the league in quarterback hits last season, indicating some potential to step up and get more actual sacks and tackles for a loss in 2020.

The front office made their choice and decided to keep Williams for 2020 despite the 2019 performances – whether or not that choice will pan out remains one of the big questions for the year and the coming season.

UFC on ESPN 11 Recap: Curtis Blaydes’ heavy wrestling attack neutralizes Volkov

Curtis Blaydes, UFC

UFC on ESPN 11 was the fourth event hosted at the APEX, and the main event of the evening featured a heavyweight contest between Curtis “Razor” Blaydes (13-2, 1 NC) and Alexander Volkov (31-7). The UFC stacked the deck tonight, and the card did not disappoint fight fans.

Curtis Blaydes stifles Alexander Volkov

Blaydes entered the main event on a three fight winning streak while Volkov entered the Octagon looking for his second consecutive win. This fight was a massive fight for both men as they looked to get closer to a UFC heavyweight title shot. There were no doubts to the strategies in this fight. Volkov wanted to keep the fight standing while Blaydes wanted to get the fight to the ground. Blaydes even Tweeted this week that he plans on ragdolling Volkov. It didn’t take long for Blaydes to get the fight to the ground. Volkov was taken down within ten seconds of the first round. Volkov was able to get back up, but Blaydes got to Volkov’s back, and continued to stay on the Russian. Every time Volkov would get to his feet, Blaydes would drag him right back down. There was no damage done in the first round, but it was a dominant round for Blaydes.

In the second round, Blaydes elected to stand up with Volkov to start. Both men landed some clean shots, but Blaydes got the better of the exchanges. After a solid overhand right, Blaydes took Volkov back to the ground. After not doing much on top, Blaydes unleashed a few nasty elbows with about one minute left in the round. In the third round, Blaydes was not able to get the fight to the ground easily. Volkov successfully defended the first two big time takedown attempts from Blaydes. However, the third time was the charm as Blaydes again got Volkov to the ground. The rest of the round, Blaydes controlled Volkov, but again, Blaydes did no damage on the ground.

The fourth round went the exact same way that the first three did. Blaydes was able to secure a takedown within the first ten seconds of the round. Volkov was able to get back to his feet after spending some time on his back. Volkov landed a nice uppercut, but then Blaydes took him right back down. Blaydes laid in top position doing nothing for a few minutes before Herb Dean stood the fight up. Once it was up, Volkov landed some clean shots and took down Blaydes who looked exhausted. In the fifth round, Volkov landed some big shots, but again, Blaydes was able to land a takedown. Volkov was able to get back up to his feet, but it wouldn’t be for long. Blaydes was able to land another takedown late in the round. Blaydes just laid on Volkov the rest of the round in a fight that didn’t impress anyone. Curtis Blaydes was given the unanimous decision by the judges (

Emmett decisions Burgos in an absolute war

The co-main event of the evening was the fight that everyone was talking about going into the evening. The matchup featured the exciting UFC featherweights Josh Emmett (15-2) and Shane Burgos (13-1). A win for either man would likely mean a shot at someone inside the top five in their next fight. Early on in the fight, Emmett looked like he tweaked his knee, but it didn’t stop him from throwing bombs. Burgos started patient, but Emmett was swinging with everything right from the beginning. Throughout the round, Emmett landed some serious shots up top, but Burgos landed some nasty calf kicks. Emmett appeared to be trying to end things whereas Burgos was playing the long-game. The one thing I was the most impressed with after the first round was Burgos’ chin. Emmett landed some clean haymakers, but Burgos took everything he had.

Early in the second round, it appeared that Emmett was still having issues with his knee. Burgos was landing some clean jabs and leg kicks early. However, Emmett countered with some massive power shots. As the second round went on, Burgos continued to land some really good straight shots. Emmett would explode and land some haymakers, but Burgos landed at a higher clip in the second. In the last minute, Burgos marched forward landing some big straight shots, but Emmett was able to counter with a massive right hand. The chins on both of these men cannot be questioned after this one.

The the third round started with Emmett pushing forward with some big shots. About a minute into the round, a massive left finally put Burgos on the mat. Burgos was able to get back up, but Emmett was doing a fantastic job of going to the body and then the head in this round. With about two and a half minutes left in the round, Emmett dropped Burgos for the second time in the round with a massive left hook. Again, Burgos was able to get back to his feet without being finished. Both men continued to swing for the fences down the stretch. This fight went to the scorecards after exceeding it’s lofty expectations. In the end, the judges gave the fight to Josh Emmett (29-28, 29-28, 29-27). Emmett has now won three in a row and he should be in line for a top five opponent.

Pennington earns a grueling decision

The third fight of the main card featured former UFC title challenger, Raquel Pennington (10-8), and Marion Reneau (9-5-1). Both of these ladies came into the fight needing a win with Pennington losing in her last fight, and Reneau having a two fight losing streak. Early on in the fight, both fighters were exchanging some big shots. Throughout the round, Pennington would engage in a clinch where she was able to land some flush knees. With about a minute left in the round, Reneau was able to get Pennington’s back from the clinch position. The rest of the round saw Reneau control that position.

The action was heating up to start the second round as both ladies were exchanging some big shots before they engaged in another clinch. Reneau was landing some solid shots before a knee went below the belt which stopped the action. When the fight resumed, Pennington went right after Reneau with some big shot. The two once again engaged in the clinch, and Reneau landed some good knees. Pennington was able to secure a Muay Thai clinch, and land some really good knees. Reneau caught one of the knees and used it to secure a takedown. However, a quick scramble saw Pennington end up on top. Reneau worked her way back to the feet, but Pennington immediately shot in again resulting in another clinch. Both ladies exchanged some big shots in the clinch as the round came to an end.

Early in the third round, Reneau came out looking for a takedown. She was able to get Pennington down for a second, but Pennington bounced right up resulting in another clinch. Pennington was able to secure another Thai clinch where she landed some massive knees to the body. Anytime the two separated, Pennington landed some really solid shots, but would immediately look to clinch after. Pennington got another Thai clinch towards the end of the round where she landed some massive knees. It was pretty clear on who won this one. The judges agreed giving the fight to Pennington by unanimous decision (30-27, 29-28, 29-28).

Belal Muhammad takes the UD over Lyman Good

The second fight featured an anticipated UFC welterweight matchup between Belal Muhammad (16-3) and Lyman Good (21-5, 1 NC). Everyone watching this evening had to have their hearts rooting for Good who was fighting the night before Father’s Day after the recent death of his father. Good came out immediately trying to put pressure on Muhammad. Throughout the first round, Good continued to try to put pressure on Muhammad on the feet, but Muhammad was getting the best of the striking exchanges. Muhammad did a fantastic job at constantly switch stances which made it hard for Good to feel comfortable. Muhammad threw combinations while Good was plotting forward throwing one shot at a time. Surprisingly, there were no takedown attempts from Muhammad in the first round.

Muhammad started the second round landing some good shots, then shot for his first takedown about a minute into the round. Good was able to successfully defended a couple of takedown attempts to keep the fight standing. However, Good just seemed very stiff in his striking. Good landed some solid shots in the second, but they were not in succession. Muhammad continued to do a really good job in the second round of throwing combinations while Good was looking for one big shot. Muhammad controlled most of the round, but Good was able to land some massive shots near the end of the round which seemingly rocked Muhammad for a second. Muhammad was winning the round, but those big shots at the end might sway the judges into giving that one to Good.

The shots at the end of the second seemed to click with Good. He started the round throwing a lot more shots finally putting together some combinations. Good was able to drop Muhammad early in the third round. Good finally loosened up after the stiff start. Good appeared to fight the entire third round as if he needed a finish to win the fight. With about 90 seconds left in the round, Muhammad was able to land a takedown, but Good bounced right back up. The two men exchanged some big shots, but Muhammad was able to land another takedown. Muhammad was able to get Good’s back, and that is where he ended the fight. The fight was incredibly close, but I saw the decision going for Muhammad 29-28. In the end, the judges agreed scoring the fight for Muhammad (29-28, 29-28, 29-28). Huge win for Muhammad getting his third win in a row, but your heart has to go out to Lyman Good after that one.

Jim Miller armbars Roosevelt Roberts in the first

The opening fight of the main card was contested at a catchweight between Jim Miller (32-14, 1 NC) and Roosevelt Roberts (10-2). Miller tied Donald Cerrone tonight for the most UFC appearances in history at 35. Roberts just fought three weeks ago where he defeated Brok Weaver at UFC on ESPN 9. Roberts came out looking like he wanted to strike from range, but found himself on his back just a few seconds into the fight after Miller landed a big low kick which swept Roberts off his feet. Miller, who has a great top game, controlled Roberts for the next couple of minutes. After a scramble, Miller found himself on Roberts back before transitioning to an armbar. After initially defending, Roberts was forced to verbally tap from the armbar. With this win, Miller is now 3-1 in his last four fights. It’s a tough loss for Roberts who was looking to break into the top 15 with a win.

Final Takeaways from UFC on ESPN 11

The UFC‘s fourth card at the APEX lived up to the hype. There were great fights all night long from the prelims to the main event. I came away from tonight incredibly impressed with Josh Emmett. I will not deny the fact that I considered him just a power guy before tonight, but he proved me wrong with his performance. Curtis Blaydes dominated the main event, but he really didn’t impress at all. Blaydes is in a very tough spot because if you look at his resume, he’s deserving of a title shot. However, with two losses to top contender, Francis Ngannou, and a performance like he had tonight, I can’t see the UFC giving him a title shot anytime soon. Overall, it was a very solid night of fights, and I’m already counting down the seconds until next weekend’s card.

NFL: New Jersey native, Super Bowl champion Jim Kiick passes away at 73

The nine-year NFL veteran starred at Boonton High School before partaking in the Miami Dolphins’ Super Bowl runs in the 1970s.

New Jersey native and former NFL running back Jim Kiick has passed away at 73, the Miami Dolphins announced on Saturday.

A native of Lincoln Park, Kiick starred at Boonton High School, where he was a multi-sport athlete that made the all-Morris County team as a defensive back. He then spent three years at the University of Wyoming, where he led the Cowboys to victory with an MVP performance in the 1966 Sun Bowl, where he put up 177 total yards in a 28-20 win over Florida State. One year later, he was the spark behind Wyoming’s undefeated regular season.

Two years after breaking Floridians’ hearts by running all over the Seminoles, Kiick became a crucial part of the state’s athletic history when the Miami Dolphins chose him in the fifth round (118th overall) of the 1968 NFL/AFL Draft. He and fellow Miami draftee Larry Csonka rekindled a friendship begun at the 1968 College All-Star Game and, along with Mercury Morris, formed a deadly rushing attack. Kiick tallied 3,644 rushing yards and 28 rushing touchdowns over seven seasons in a Dolphins uniform. His nine scores during the 1969 America Football League campaign.

To this day, Kiick ranked fifth in Dolphins history in rushing yardage (3,644) and sixth in rushing touchdowns (28).

Kiick would go on to make a name for himself via big performances in the postseason. Notably, he scored in all playoff contests during Miami’s completion of their perfect season in 1972-73. Kiick touchdowns were the difference in all three wins, including his one-yard score in Super Bowl VII against Washington. Previously, he posted a two-touchdown performance in the AFC Championship Game win in Pittsburgh (won by a 21-17 margin). His score in the divisional round against Cleveland was the last end zone entry of a 20-14 victory. One more Super Bowl score awaited Kiick in the eighth edition against Minnesota, which Miami won 24-7.

Clashes with head coach Don Shula about his Miami role led Kiick to seek a new opportunity in the World Football League. He, Csonka, and fellow Miami champion Paul Warfield spent a year-plus with the Memphis Southmen/Grizzlies (no relation to the NBA team of the same name). The trio were three of the richest WFL players before the league shut down in the middle of its second season in 1975.

Kiick was set to reunite with his good friend Csonka (the Miami media dubbed the pair “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid”) with the New York Giants, but the team was wary of the pair’s hard-partying ways. He would go on to play four games over two final NFL seasons with Denver and Washington before retiring in 1978. The dual-threat retired with 6,061 yards from scrimmage, with his best statistical season coming in 1971 (738 rushing yards in 1971, a year that ended with Miami’s first Super Bowl appearance).

After football, Kiick returned to Florida and served as a private investigator in the public defender’s office of Broward County. He routinely appeared at modern Dolphins games and was inducted into the University of Wyoming’s sports Hall of Fame in 1996. The running back was living with dementia at the time of his death.

Kiick is survived by his children Allie and Austin, the former being a tennis pro on the ITF Women’s Circuit.

Geoff Magliocchetti is on Twitter @GeoffJMags


New York Giants: Expect A Slow Start And Strong Finish In 2020

New York Giants, Joe Judge

The New York Giants have rebuilt their roster and coaching staff once again. They fired Pat Shurmur and hired new head coach Joe Judge as his replacement. Judge constructed an experienced coaching staff full of like-minded individuals. Judge has many previous connections with the members of his staff, whether that be from Alabama or New England.

Now the youthful New York Giants will enter the 2020 season with brand new offensive and defensive schemes, along with a new locker room culture. There is a lot to be excited about. Daniel Jones is entering his second NFL season with a new and improved offensive line and offensive coordinator. Along with a fully healthy Saquon Barkley, there are many reasons to believe the Giants’ offense will be successful this season.

The same goes for the defensive side of the ball. The Giants have built a talented secondary with standout names such as Xavier McKinney, Jabrill Peppers, and James Bradberry. Combine that with the new, man-coverage and blitz-heavy defensive scheme from Patrick Graham, and there are reasons to believe the Giants’ defense will be a vastly improved unit.

I believe the Giants will see improvement in 2020. There was a lot of talent acquired this offseason and I believe Joe Judge and his staff will be a major improvement. However, I do not see the Giants achieving overnight success. This has been a historically tumultuous offseason, and even with all these improvements, the Giants are going to get off to a slow start in 2020.

Getting Up To Speed

The New York Giants have a completely new coaching staff entering the 2020 NFL season. Both sides of the ball will need to grow accustomed to the way the men in charge run things. There are new playbooks to be learned and mastered. All of this needs to be done despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic is keeping players and coaches separated.

One would hope that the team has any inconsistencies ironed out by the time the season begins. Whether the timing on some route combinations is a second off or the disguise on some blitzes is too complex, there are going to be hiccups for this young New York Giants team. Even with a full offseason and no pandemic, there would still be hiccups.

The Giants are new and improved. But they might not play like it until the end of the season. Joe Judge has been dealt a really bad hand. He has seen two of his players get arrested this offseason and has had to work through the internet due to a world pandemic. Every team has to deal with the stress of coronavirus, but not every team has to deal with such a challenge with a rookie head coach. The Giants will work through these challenges but expect to see numerous hiccups along the way.

New York Mets: Team will pay minor leaguers their $400 weekly stipend through August

New York Mets, Andres Gimenez

MLB and the Players Association (MLBPA) are still negotiating and inching closer towards a deal to play baseball in 2020, after months of negotiations. The union executive committee will likely vote Sunday on the league’s latest 60-game proposal, and a resolution, for better or worse, is expected to come soon. The odds of seeing the New York Mets take the field this year have gone up in the last few days.

The Mets will pay minor leaguers at least through the whole month of August, according to a report from MLB Network’s Jon Heyman.

The reason why game action is currently suspended is because of the coronavirus outbreak, one that is still going on strong in the United States of America and that prompted MLB to close all spring training facilities in the last few hours after a couple of franchises reported positive cases among players and staffers.

The league was supposed to start on March 26, but COVID-19 threw that plan to the trash. And while the Major League season could start as soon as next month, it is highly unlikely that minor league ball will be played this year.

The Mets came through

That affects the New York Mets, and the team recently released 39 minor leaguers. Some clubs have announced that they will players that are not in the 40-man roster through their weekly $400 stipend for the duration of the MiLB season, others through June and others are not paying them anymore.

Despite the fact that the Mets got rid of nearly 40 players late last month, it is nice to see the team’s effort in keeping those in the roster happy and provided.

For now, the league and the MLBPA are still talking about payment, number of games and prorated salary, while coronavirus keeps killing people around the country. It remains to be seen which position the league takes regarding mass testing and path to follow in case a player contracts the virus during a hypothetical season.

New York Liberty host virtual Juneteenth panel, advocate for voting and speaking out

The New York Liberty hosted a panel commemorating the emancipation holiday, featuring newcomer Layshia Clarendon.

The New York Liberty aren’t letting a suspension of on-court activities prevent them from making a difference in their restored metropolitan settings.

As the nation celebrated Juneteenth, the date marking the emancipation of freed slaves in the United States, New York’s WNBA squad hosted a virtual panel entitled Freedom, Justice, Equality, and the Power of Our Vote. Liberty newcomer Layshia Clarendon was among those who sat on the panel alongside fellow Brooklyn playmaker Garrett Temple of the Nets.

Proceedings were moderated by Angela Yee, host of The Breakfast Club on Power 105.1 (WWPR-FM), and other contributors included Ladies of Hope Ministries founder Topeka K. Sam and rapper Rapsody, who introduced the Liberty’s new theme song last season.

While the Emancipation Proclamation was introduced by President Abraham Lincoln in 1863, the isolated slave state of Texas continued the practice for two more years before Union troops occupied the state at the end of the Civil War. The announcement of General Order No. 3, which freed all remaining slaves in Texas took place on June 19, 1965. Six months later, the Thirteenth Amendment to the US Constitution abolished slavery and involuntary servitude (except as punishment for a crime). New York is one of four states to recognize the day as a holiday along with Pennsylvania, Texas, and Virginia.

Clarendon remarked that there is a long way to go in terms of national equality. To ensure the changes toward that endgame, the Cal-Berkeley alumna encouraged listeners to vote.

“The system is operating by design. The system’s not broken, it’s operating exactly how it was built to operate: keep (African Americans) complacent, to not have us show up and vote, to tell us we can’t vote,” she said. “Your vote does matter, and we need you to participate within the framework we have…we have to do what we have to do in the moment we have until we get to the point where we can recreate the structures to a point where we want them to be.”

“People fought and died, so many folks before us didn’t have a chance to vote,” she continued. “I will never not vote because of the people who fought for me to show up and vote.”

Clarendon, 29, is set to partake in her first season with the Liberty if and when the 2020 campaign commences. She has already been one of the WNBA’s most active off-court voices in terms of social issues and causes and shows no signs of relenting if an on-court platform will be granted.

“(The WNBA is full of) the people who have been doing this work the whole time,” she said. “What’s really cool about our league it that it’s authentic to who we are. Every player in our league has some type of passion that they want to speak out about, something that they care about and is doing in their community.”

Having announced a plan of return last week, the WNBA declared that any potential would be dedicated to promoting social justice. Clarendon believes that such a return can be a “unique opportunity” to spread their message further and dispel the notion that athletes must supposedly stick to sports.

“It’s interesting that we have this moment to come back now and I think that it’s really unique that all eyes are looking for sports to return,” she said. “Are you going to be engaging with us all the work that we’ve done? I think that we have an opportunity.”

“I’m making sure that you cannot make this just about sports, just about basketball because we refuse to just be the Black bodies that entertain you.”

Clarendon will return to the Liberty’s virtual channels this week, as the team hosts several further virtual panels centered on LGBT+ issues. She is set to take over the Liberty’s Instagram Live account on Monday before joining teammate Amanda Zahui B and chief operating officer Keia Clarke for an activism-centered discussion on Tuesday. Further details can be found here.

Geoff Magliocchetti is on Twitter @GeoffJMags

Yankee Mets News: New York Governor says “Play ball,” okay to use NYC fields

The New York Yankees and New York Mets got a bit of good news this afternoon by way of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.  Last night MLB shut down spring training parks in Florida and Arizona as several teams reported positive cases of the coronavirus.  The Philadelphia Phillies were hardest hit when five players and three workers have tested positive in the last few days.  Cuomo, in his daily news conference, announced that the New York Yankees and New York Mets were returning to NYC for spring training 2.0.

“I can’t wait to see spring training in New York,” Cuomo said. “It’s great news.” Cuomo said the Yankees and Mets will come up with a plan as soon as possible to train at Yankee Stadium in the Bronx and CitiField in Queens.“The state will work with them to come up with a plan that works,” he said. “This is a state that’s ready, willing, and able to partner with sports teams safely.”

He stressed that the recovery process is still going well, and NYC remains on track to enter phase 2 on Monday. Just 24 people died of coronavirus in the day ending Friday, Cuomo said, a number that remains encouragingly low.

Both Florida and Arizona are seeing increased positives whereas New York has shown a constant decrease in new infections and hospitalizations. Both Florida and Arizona opened their economies much earlier than New York even started phase one.  This does not mean that the COVID-19 virus’s ugly head won’t rear up and shut down spring training or the whole baseball season if a second wave is dangerous enough.

The New York Yankees George M. Steinbrenner training complex is a huge complex of eight fields where players can spread out.  Now going back to Yankee Stadium they will all have to jam into one stadium.  It is expected that even more stringent precautions will be taken. The Yankees have not reported any new positive cases.

Meanwhile, the latest move by MLB to close spring training camps amidst players catching the virus and with 18 states now reporting increased cases of the virus a baseball season of any kind seems to be becoming increasingly murkier. With the contentious MLB MLBPA going on for weeks now, it appeared the sides were closer to making it happen. But that suggestion seemed to hit a roadblock when the owners proposed a 60 day season with 100% of the prorated salaries paid to players.

In the most recent move, the Players Union countered with a 70 game season, which the owners immediately rejected. MLB wants to get in the season before the virus has a second wave in the fall, as suggested by Dr. Tony Fauci, the leading virus expert. There is a possibility that as states open their economies, that wave may already be on the horizon. In the end, MLB or MLBPA may have nothing to say about a baseball season.




New York Giants’ Carter Coughlin ranked among best pass rushers in country in 2018

New York Giants, Carter Coughlin

When the New York Giants drafted seventh-rounder Carter Coughlin out of Minnesota, nobody knew much about him. The outside linebacker contains solid physical traits, grading out exceptionally in the explosion and broad jump categories. Overall, he landed a 9.8 RAS score, a formula created by Kent Lee Platte that compares player measurements during the pre-draft process.

His tangible trades didn’t stop in those two categories, though, as he posted a 4.57 40-yard dash and 8.16 10-yard split, both ranking in the 80th percentile for linebackers this year. At 6-foot-3 and 236 pounds, Coughlin isn’t the strongest and biggest pass rusher, but he has the agility to beat blockers in the trenches. Dating back to 2018, Coughlin started 13 games and was a Second Team All Big-10 player and was also an Academic Big-10 winner.

Not only is Coughlin a talented football player, but he is incredibly intelligent. He posted 48 tackle, 15 tackles for a loss, four forced fumbles, 9.5 sacks, 16 quarterback hits, and 29 quarterback hurries on 342 pass rush attempts during his junior year. While his numbers fell off in 2019 due to injuries and a level of inconsistency that forced him to drop in the draft, he has the ability to play at a high-level.

During his 2018 campaign, he ranked third among Big-10 players with a 92.2 overall pass-rush grade. He ranked above Joey Bosa and behind Chase Young and Nick Bosa (2014-2019).

The New York Giants could see some production-value from Coughlin in 2020:

Overall, I believe Coughlin can be an incredibly influential player for the Giants and the pass rush rotation. The current unit consists of Oshane Ximines, Lorenzo Carter, Kyler Fackrell, and possibly Markus Golden, who was hit with a free agent tender. If the Giants lose out on Golden to another team, Coughlin could be forced into a more impactful role. While I do think it will take him some time to adapt to the NFL level, especially the size and speed of offensive tackles, he has the fundamentals and ability to have some success.

Again, it is fair to mention that he is a seventh-round pick, and there’s a reason he dropped that far. He will still have to fight for a roster spot among the three other seventh rounders selected by the Giants in 2020 NFL draft.

New York Jets’ Jamal Adams could wiggle his way to the Brady-led Buccaneers

New York Jets, Jamal Adams

The New York Jets and Jamal Adams have a long way to go before they can find a solution to his impending mega deal. Adams has stated that he is seeking a trade from the Jets, who remain committed to him and a long-term contract that would keep him in green for the rest of his career.

Letting go of a player like Adams would significantly hurt the Jets’ defensive efficiency, but they would also gain multiple first-round picks if they found a trade partner. Essentially, Adams is looking to join a competitive team that has playoff potential. Of course, joining a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who currently host Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and a bevy of other talented players, would be the ideal fit and scenario for the elite safety.

It is not out of the question that Adams could sit for the 2020 season until he is offered an extension. He has made it known that he has no intention of playing and will continue to take to social media to express his displeasure on how the Jets’ organization how they’ve handled his contract.

Nonetheless, general manager Joe Douglas has done nothing wrong in the process, and extending a player before the fourth year of the rookie deal is ludicrous in itself. Patrick Mahomes, who was drafted in the same year, hasn’t even been negotiating for a long-term deal, so Adams is attacking a future contract rather aggressively.

According to Ryan Clark, an ESPN analyst who trains with Adams and multiple other top NFL safeties, stated that the Jet would love to be reunited with Todd Bowles, the head coach who drafted him. Bowles currently serves as the defensive coordinator for the Buccaneers, who now have lofty expectations after their active free agent spending spree.

Adams would also be happy to join the Cowboys, Ravens, Eagles, Texans, 49ers, Chiefs, and Seahawks. Adams has no actual say where he would inevitably land, but his preferable teams all seem to be at the top of the league in 2020 projections.

MLB will likely alter the way extra innings are played in 2020

New York Yankees

If a 2020 Major League Baseball season is played, then extra innings could look significantly different.

Instead of the traditional extra innings format, the MLB is considering placing a runner on second to start each inning. This has been experimented with in the minor leagues, and has received mixed feedback. What they do in the minors is use the person who was the last out in the previous inning as the runner. Teams aren’t able to select runners unless they make a substitution.

Additionally, the league is considering instituting ties this season. If the game is tied after a certain number of extra innings, it may go down in the scorebook as a tie.

The league is trying to do everything possible to make the short season worth it without completely exhausting players. But, that’s if we even have a season. In addition to the extended labor negotiations, coronavirus cases are rising in parts of the country where large gatherings aren’t being enforced.

Because of that, the MLB may need to reconsider their safety protocol. Eight members of the Phillies organization tested positive for coronavirus at their Spring Training facility in Florida. Because of that, the MLB shut down all spring facilities to develop a coronavirus testing protocol. The league also may have second thoughts about doing the season in a “bubble”, but the locations previously considered for the “bubble” now have increasing coronavirus numbers.

If the new extra innings format is implemented, it will likely only be for the 2020 season. From there, it might not see the field until the new CBA after 2021. It’s not the most ideal in my opinion, but I’ll take it just to see some baseball.