New York Yankees: Benefits Of Playing In London This Weekend

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone

This weekend, the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox will make history when the two teams meet in London, England for a two game set.

Most people instantly think that the trip and the series are an awful idea, but there are some advantages that the Yankees will get from this trip.


The Yankees will actually have a bit of time off during their trip, and that will help out the players a lot.

The team plays the Blue Jays on Wednesday afternoon, then will have Thursday and Friday off, before the two game set on Saturday and Sunday. Monday will be another off day, before heading to the other side of New York for Subway Series action on Tuesday.

The Yankee arms will have some time to rest, before a final six game push to the all-star break.

On the road

The series in London will count as two road games for the Yankees, meaning that they are counted as two Red Sox home games. This will reduce the amount of games the Yankees have to play in Fenway Park by two games, which is one series.

Since it is The Rivalry, it’s important for the Yankees to avoid Fenway Park at all costs.

Growing the game

By going to London, you help grow the game of Baseball. You get more people involved, and hopefully you increase your fan base and international TV ratings will likely increase.

A lot of people will be watching the two games this weekend. Over 120,000 people will be in attendance over the two games, so it’s important that the Yankees put on a show and don’t let the pressure get to them.

Should the New York Knicks pursue Willie Cauley-Stein in free agency?

Could the New York Knicks pursue Willie Cauley-Stein in free agency?

With the New York Knicks heading into the free agency period in a few weeks, it begs the question – who will be available and a legitimate option?

Beyond the superstars the Knicks will be convincing to come to New York, players like Sacramento’s Willie Cauley-Stein could be a good option to help build around the already existing youth.

Willie’s agent has stated that his client want s a “fresh start” after four seasons with the Kings. He’s currently a restricted free agent, and the Kings have until June 30th to extend a $6.2 million offer to the center.

Could he be a solid option for the Knicks alongside Mitchell Robinson? Let’s take a look.

Averaging 11.9 points-per-game in 2018, Cauley-Stein represents a solid big man that can make an instant impact in the paint. Robinson, going into his second-year, could benefit from having a veteran presence around that can help him elevate his game and create more competition.

Utilizing two big men down low in certain sets could be beneficial to add a defensive presence. Cauley-Stein is not only good around the rim, but he’s defensively stout and can pass the ball well.

He tends to excel in fast-paced offenses that run the floor well and prefer to operate in the paint. The Knicks aren’t the most sound shooting team, which could see them focus on dominating the interior and crowding the rim.

Despite his abilities, Willie has struggled with inconsistencies throughout his career — last season, he averaged 17.4 points in October but saw his numbers dip. He would be a good presence on a young Knicks team, and it would offer him a fresh start in a big media atmosphere. It could bring the best out of the former 6th overall pick.

The New York Knicks already have their guy

New York Knicks, Duke, RJ Barrett

The New York Knicks did have their eyes set on Kevin Durant.  Durant coming to the Knicks is still up in the air.  However, the Knicks may already have their guy.

RJ Barrett appears have the keys to this franchise.

There is a lot of hype and expectations already being put on Barrett’s 19-year-old shoulders.  Barrett had a kings welcome to the city of New York.  He had a tour of the city and hit all the hot spots.  Barrett was even at the New York Rangers draft party.

Barrett seems to be the guy in New York, currently.  All of the noise and speculation about signing Durant or Kyrie Irving has hit the back burner once Barrett’s name was called.

Barrett already showed that he has a big, fun, mature personality that is able to handle the New York media.  The media threw some big questions at him at his introductory press conference and he handled it like a pro.

It is not often that a player comes along and they want to be a Knick and embrace the big stage.  When that player is on our team, he become instantly loved.  A 19-year-old has the hearts of all Knicks fans already, and he has not even played a game yet.

Even if the Knicks do strike out in free agency, they have their guy, RJ, who the franchise can build around going forward.  Barrett has the game and mentality that you want in a franchise player.



New York Giants: Can Janoris Jenkins Be A Shutdown Corner Again?

The New York Giants have missed the playoffs in seven of the last eight seasons. The last time they made the playoffs was in 2016. New York was lead to the playoffs by its excellent defense.

During the 2016 season, the Giants’ defense was so dominant that it lead the league in fewest touchdowns allowed with only 25. Much of the Giants’ defensive success that season can be attributed to the team’s big free agent signings during the prior offseason.

One particular player that the Giants signed had a huge impact on the defense. Cornerback Janoris Jenkins was an absolute shutdown cornerback in 2016. The No. 1 corner allowed just 50 percent of passes thrown his way to be caught, settling him in as a 2nd Team All-Pro.

Since then the Giants have missed the playoffs each of the last two seasons and have had one of the NFL’s worst defenses. In 2017, the Giants’ secondary allowed 252.4 passing yards per game (ranked 31st in the NFL). In 2018, the Giants’ secondary allowed 252.8 passing yards (ranked 23rd in the NFL), showing minimal to no improvement.

Janoris Jenkins has not been his best these past two year. His Pro Football Focus grade has plummeted from 88.4 in 2016 to 68.0 in 2018. Luckily for the Giants, Janoris Jenkins has the potential to rebound in 2019 and become a shutdown cornerback again.

Why Janoris Jenkins Will Rebound:

Janoris Jenkins struggled during the 2018 NFL season, but at times he looked like his old self. Particularly at the end of the 2018 season, Jenkins looked much better.

In the final 5 games of the 2018 NFL season, Jenkins returned to his shutdown form. In those last games, Janoris allowed 0 touchdowns with a 61.5 opposing passer rating and only allowed 46.2% of receptions.

There is one game in particular that Janoris Jenkins really stood out in. In week 13, the Giants hosted the Chicago Bears and took them down in overtime. Janoris Jenkins played a big part in helping Big Blue secure that win.

According to Pro Football Focus, Jenkins was targeted six times in coverage in the Giants overtime win over the Bears but allowed just one reception for 12 yards. He also tallied 3 pass breakups in that game, meaning he forced more incompletions than completions allowed.

If Janoris Jenkins can finish the season as he did in 2018, and have incredible single-game performances as he did in week 13, then Janoris Jenkins can rebound in 2019 and return to his ways as a shutdown cornerback.

There is another reason why Janoris Jenkins might improve in 2019: he has help. The Giants’ defense has lacked talent for the past two seasons. Luckily, the Giants recognized this and made a strong effort to fix the defense in the 2019 offseason.

Janoris Jenkins is now a leader on the Giants’ defense. He has a plethora of talented, young defensive backs that he needs to help prepare. These young players, such as DeAndre Baker and Julian Love, are going to learn from Janoris Jenkins, but also help him.

Janoris Jenkins is a quality starting cornerback and it is about time he gets paired with a couple more quality corners. The additions of Love and Baker will benefit Jenkins by making him play with less responsibility and giving him the ability to rely on his teammates in the secondary. Altogether, the Giants defense will rebound in 2019 thanks to the improved secondary.

New York Yankees: Why the Yankees Should Look Into Trevor Bauer

Should the New York Yankees consider Trevor Bauer in a potential trade?

As the New York Yankees continue to overpower their lineup, many fans believe that their attention should be focused elsewhere – getting a “lights out” pitcher.

With Luis Severino and Domingo German struggling with injuries, a need has become apparent in the rotation. Additionally, James Paxton and CC Sabathia have also been dealing with inflammation, something that won’t simply go away.

Adding value to the starting rotation would certainly help the Yankees down the road, especially if the injury bug continues to plague the team.

Here’s a solid pitching option for the New York Yankees:

Trevor Bauer from the Cleveland Indians might be that guy that Yankees are looking for. Currently credited with a 3.69 ERA, Bauer has 122 strikeouts in 112.1 innings pitched. Throwing a fastball in the mid-to-upper 90s, Bauer is a guy that consistently goes the distance – exactly what the Yankees are looking for.’s Mark Feinsand named the Yankees as one of the teams who could take a look at Bauer. According to Feinsand, a trade between the clubs could involve young Yankee talent who are in the Major Leagues already, or just a year away. A highlighted player in a potential trade is left-fielder, Clint Frazier. The Indians might also be interested in Jonathan Loaisiga, Albert Abreu, Deivi Garcia, and Clarke Schmidt.

If the Trevor Bauer interest fades, the Yankees still have options to go after Marcus Stroman from the Toronto Blue Jays or Madison Bumgarner from the San Francisco Giants.

New York Giants: Tight End Rhett Ellison Talks Receiving Skills

New York Giants, Rhett Ellison

The New York Giants could sure use all the receivers they can get this season following the highly publicized departure of Odell Beckham Jr., a move that will likely be remembered in history and will have some controversy around it for years to come barring an immediate turnaround by the Giants in 2019. In fact, the move is still being talked about. The team isn’t without talent just because of the trade, however.

Aside from bringing in Golden Tate and drafting Darius Slayton for help, the Giants can say that they already have some alternate options in the receiving game… One of those happens to be tight end Rhett Ellisson, one of the last players that most would consider when receiving is brought up. However, Ellison has been undeniably reliable and even beat out the much hyped Evan Engram at times for playing time in 2018.

The latter is surprising, of course, but makes some sense when you consider the context of Ellison having less drops than any other player on the Giants while Engram struggled with both injury and with holding onto the ball, the second problem being one that also plagued him during his rookie season – leading fans, of course, to believe that Engram would improve in that area in 2018. But there were few improvements for the tight end last season, leading to Engram losing some playing time and Ellison getting more time in the first team.

How did Ellison win that game time last season? Part of it was through being consistent in both the blocking and the receiving parts of the game, and Ellison spoke about that recently with NJ Advance Media.

“Catching the ball, I think some guys put a little too much emphasis on it. I put more of the focus on the blocking so the catch is more of a reward. Like, ‘Oh, I get a ball coming my way? This is great.’ React like a dog in the park,” Ellison said about receiving.

That focus on blocking may also be part of the explanation for Ellison’s increased playing time during the second half of last year. Engram is a pick of the former front office regime, and under Dave Gettleman, the Giants moved to a more running based style with the addition of Saquon Barkley. It adds more value to players that add something to the blocking game.

“I’m not putting that pressure on myself: It’s a mental thing for sure. But also I’m getting under routes. I’m not getting deep balls over the shoulder, the complicated catch,” Ellison added about the subject of making catches. “They are across the middle and there is traffic, but focusing on blocking has somehow helped. The hard stuff is the blocking, in my mind.”

It remains to be seen what the split of playing time between the team’s two main tight ends is going to be like this year, but it looks like as long as Evan Engram struggles with making catches, – interestingly enough making him the opposite of Ellison in more than just playing style – the answer to who the first team tight end is might not be as clear cut as we think going into training camp.

New York Knicks gain steal in 47th overall pick Ignas Brazdeikis?

New York Knicks, Ignas Brazdeikis

The New York Knicks moved up eight spots (55 to 47) with the Sacramento Kings to grab Michigan forward Ignas Brazdeikis in the 2019 NBA Draft. As Ignas fell, the Knicks knew they had to make a move for the talented scorer — a player that will hopefully make an impact on a team full of youth and hope.

“Well this guy is going in the first round,” Mills, the Knicks team president, previously stated, according to the NY Daily News. “We’re not going to have a chance to get him. And as we watched the draft play out, our analytics guys, he rates out really high as a rotational NBA player. So we said, when there’s an opportunity to go get him, we decided that was something important for us to do.”

Ignas has the ability to be a true sixth-man — a player that can come in spark offensive production. His speed and impact on the game are impressive, which is why the Knicks didn’t think twice about moving up to grab him.

The statistical analysis by the Knicks have him being a solid rotational player – add in a solid combine performance and he’s a value pick at 47. Averaging 14.8 points-per-game with Michigan in his freshman year, the Knicks know what they’re getting from the winger.

Pairing him with RJ Barrett in the draft, the Knicks walk away with two solid players that can develop into true assets. Clearly, Barrett will play a more immediate role on the starting team.

“I’m a relentless player, I don’t fear anyone or anything,” Brazdeikis said. “I don’t back down from anyone, either. I’m very confident in myself and my abilities as well. I go as hard as I can every single game. I do whatever it takes to help the team win. I’m aggressive. I feel like I know who I am as a basketball player.”

Despite his glaring confidence, Ignas has his fair share of deficiencies. Defense and elite athleticism to name a few, however, he’s great around the rim and shot 39% from behind the arc last year. He can be a better version of Steve Novak in a sense.

It will be interesting to see how the Knicks use him in his first year as a professional.

New York Giants could cut veteran wide receiver this offseason

New York Giants, Cody Latimer

As we head towards training camp for the New York Giants, specific position battles will begin to take shape that will result in several surprising cuts.

Units such as the tight end group and wide receivers have tons of value and depth that will be weeded out over the course of the next few weeks. The pass-catchers are the most interesting of the bunch, as the Giants have Golden Tate and Sterling Shepard firmly planted in the No. 1 and 2 roles.

Behind the two starters, it’s a race for the No. 3 job, where things could get interesting and players could be cut. With Corey Coleman making a comeback and planning to be more influential going into his fourth NFL season, it presents a legitimate issue for Cody Latimer.

What does Cody Latimer offer the New York Giants?

Latimer, a straight-away speed type of player, could be on the chopping block given his injury in 2018 and lack of production in the Giants offense. If Coleman proves he’s a more capable option — he’s a better route runner, it could leave the Giants and head coach Pat Shurmur no choice but to cut Latimer.

By letting him go, the team would save $1M in cap space that could be allocated towards a position of need — defensive line or linebackers. However, Latimer has a very fair shot to make the team and earn the starting job, which could put Coleman in jeopardy.

One of the two will likely be a cut-candidate after training camp and the Giants begin to thin out the roster down to the active 53-man squad.

New York Yankees can be unstoppable force with new lineup

New York Yankees, Aaron Judge, Jose Altuve

There’s little evidence to counter the argument that the New York Yankees can be an unstoppable force when the batting order is fully healthy and in routine.

Gaining Giancarlo Stanton and Aaron Judge back gives the team a jolt of power that will see them win more times than not — add in the trade for Edwin Encarnacion and you have one of the most intimidating lineups in baseball…by far.

When you have Gleyber Torres, a .287 hitter, batting out of the No. 9 spot, you know you’re in a pretty good place when it comes to offensive production. However, it will all ultimately come down to health and if the unit can remain active. With Judge injury prone and Stanton coming off a dual ailment with his shoulder and bicep, it will be interesting to see how manager Aaron Boone utilizes them.

The New York Yankees are relying on run-support:

The run support provided by the lineup has compensated for bad starting pitching as of late, which is the way the Yankees seem to be headed instead of trading for a star pitcher like Max Scherzer that would take away a ton of youth talent.

I don’t see GM Brian Cashman letting guys like Frazier, Florial, or top prospects go in a deal to bring in a player the Bombers don’t necessarily need. Sweeping both the Astros and Twins, two of the best teams in baseball, with an injury-riddled pitching core, says volumes about their abilities and what the batters are capable of.

It ultimately allows the Yanks to wait out the injury bug and continue forward without spending big before the trade deadline (July 31).


New York Giants News, 6/24 – Nate Solder healthy for training camp

New York Giants, Nate Solder

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

General manager Dave Gettleman made sure to address the offensive line in 2018 and beyond, knowing veteran quarterback Eli Manning requires time in the pocket to succeed at a high level.

Manning has been forced to play behind a sub-par offensive front for years, which has ultimately led to his decline and mental dropoff. With a rebuilt line, it’s expected that he will show his true colors and revert back to his prime, however, father-time has its effects, and it could very well have taken its toll on the 15-year vet.

The left side of the line specifically should have a great 2019 season — Nate Solder and Will Hernandez have a year of experience together. Solder, who’s been dealing with an ankle ailment this summer, will return for training camp with a clean bill of health.

The former Patriots required arthroscopic surgery on his ankle to ensure it didn’t become a problem during the season. His return will allow the offensive line to continue building a rapport and help Kevin Zeitler/Mike Remmers get accustomed with the offensive scheme.

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