New York Giants: CB Julian Love Can be Steal of the 2019 NFL Draft

The New York Giants have drafted Notre Dame corner, Julian Love.

When the New York Giants were on the board in the fourth-round it took them only a few seconds to decide on their next pick. General manager Dave Gettleman stated that the player selected stuck out like a sore thumb on their draft board.

Notre Dame cornerback, Julian Love, was the pick, and he might be the biggest steal for the Giants and their secondary. The negative narrative surrounding the lack of talent in the backfield was quickly alleviated after the Giants brass allocated significant draft capital towards upgrading the unit.

The New York Giants made some necessary moves:

The drafting of Love and Deandre Baker immediately provides support to the secondary, a unit that was comprised of just Janoris Jenkins, Sam Beal, and Grant Haley two weeks ago. Baker is an immediate starter opposite Jenkins and Love has been thrown into the mix in the slot.

Todd McShay coined Love as a potential steal for the Giants, stating:

“Outside of quarterback — which the Giants did address, even if it was in a questionable way with Daniel Jones — cornerback was the team’s biggest problem. There was no one there outside of Janoris Jenkins. But Big Blue adds Love and Corey Ballentine to clean the position up a bit. Love is one of the more instinctive cornerbacks in the class, and while he is definitely at his best in off-man coverage, he can also play press. Love has fast eyes and pretty good ball skills, and he is an above-average tackler who won’t shy away from contact.”

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Love’s quickness and smooth technique provide Big Blue with a potential nickel player that can start right off the bat. He has the potential to even beat out Baker for the No. 2 spot, but I imagine they will look to use both simultaneously.

Gettleman and Co. found themselves a day 1 starter in the fourth-round, a very rare occurrence.

New York Knicks Fans Should Be Rooting For The Warriors

Are the New York Knicks in a good spot to land Kevin Durant?

The New York Knicks and their fans should be cheering on the Golden State Warriors to win the NBA Championship.  Knicks fans now have something to root for this off-season.

Kevin Durant needs to win the MVP and Championship this year to lock in New York for next season.  If both happen, that would make 3 straight final MVPs and win for Durant.  He would have accomplished what he set it to do when he signed with the Warriors.

Now, it would be time to begin the ‘next chapter’ in his career.  See what I did there.  Durant would have the confidence to take the reigns of his very own team  and win a title on his own.

Durant is showing that he’s the best player in the NBA, currently, and why the Warriors are the team to beat.  However, he has kind of taken the role of the villain since going to Golden State and his on and off-court antics.

Do not get me wrong, if he were to come to New York, Durant would still most definitely be the the villain to the majority of NBA fans, except Knicks fans.  He can come to New York to try an repair this ‘villain’ image that is unlike the likable kid out of Texas.

Regardless of what some NBA fans would say, Durant coming to New York would be great for the game.  Compare that to him going to Golden State, some will say  that was bad for the game, but that is for another time.

Durant resurrecting one of the most historic NBA franchises will be great for the game.  With that being said, New York Knicks fans will be rooting for the Durant’s Warriors to bring their 3 straight title to The Bay.

Why the New York Giants Should Stay Far Away From LB Shane Ray

So Shane Ray is available….didn’t we just go through this with the best version of what he could be. Ray is an undersized edge rusher who can’t stay on the field. Sounds an awful lot like former New York Giants pass-rusher, Olivier Vernon, and is there really a need to relive that experience with a less effective version of the oft-injured Vernon?

Ray fell in the draft due to concerns about his size, due primarily to its impact on two things..could he stay healthy and did he have enough power to drive beyond lineman at the next level? Four years and one healthy season later Denver had their answer and so does the rest of the NFL.

How was Shane Ray utilized in the Mile High city?

In Denver, he has lined up opposite Von Miller which should have made his job 1000x easier. Offenses would be geared up to shut down Miller, so Ray would consistently have just one man to beat, and could use his speed and explosiveness, off the edge.

Four years later, Denver had to spend another top pick on Bradley Chubb to fill the role Ray was unable to. John Elway has proven to be a terrible executive but I don’t think even he wanted to spend another top pick to replace a guy still on his rookie deal.

With the Giants, Ray would be an even worse fit. There is no big-time rusher to draw additional blockers, Ray struggles in space so he couldn’t drop into coverage on stunts or some of James Bettcher’s more creative blitz packages, and his inability to get off blocks to apply pressure would leave a suspect secondary in a precarious position.

Sometimes a 5th-year option isn’t extended because a player was just not a fit for a scheme, sometimes he shows flashes but isn’t healthy or consistent enough to warrant a long term investment, and sometimes he is just garbage and it’s time to move on.

Why the New York Giants should continue forward without Ray:

I believe Shane Ray will be arriving to any new team in a large black Hefty bag. He was in the perfect scheme in Denver and managed to produce 2 sacks and 26 combined tackles over the last two seasons. If the Giants insist on throwing money away money on a gamble at edge rusher they’d be better off looking at someone like Ziggy Ansah who has been a better performer and has a non-stop. Maybe Nick Perry for the same reasons.

Both are older and have had their injuries, but they also have actual production in their pasts and add value as mentors to the young players the Giants are trying to build a foundation with.

Why New York Giants Fans Should Hope Daniel Jones Does Not Play In 2019

New York Giants rookie quarterback, Daniel Jones.

The New York Giants made a controversial draft selection in the 2019 NFL Draft. With the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected Daniel Jones, a quarterback from Duke University.

This pick was controversial because many “analysts” and “experts” have said that they do not believe Daniel Jones was worthy of the 6th pick. They argue that he will not be a franchise quarterback and he was not the second-best (or even the third-best) quarterback in the 2019 draft class.

Regardless of what “analysts” and “experts” think, Giants fans will be rooting on Daniel Jones and hoping he proves the football world wrong. However, Giants fans should hope that Jones does not even get the chance to prove them wrong in 2019. Here’s why:

Giants Fans Should Want To See Eli Manning Succeed

The Giants have fully committed to Daniel Jones as their next franchise quarterback, but they are still committed to their current franchise quarterback, Eli Manning.

Manning will start his 16th NFL season with the Giants in 2019. The past couple of years have been rough for Eli and the Giants. With the end of his career nearing closer and closer, it is now or never for Eli Manning to cement his legacy as one of the all-time greats.

Giants fans are excited to see Daniel Jones in action, rightfully so. But Giants fans are seeming to forget that if Daniel Jones starts in 2019, it will be because the team is losing again. Losing a lot.

The Giants are 8-24 over the last two seasons. It is time to see them win again. It is time to see Eli Manning win again.

If the Giants are enduring another pitiful, losing season in 2019, then it is time to throw Daniel Jones in. However, if the team is winning with Eli Manning at the helm, then the Giants need to keep Eli in and hope he shocks the world again as he did in 2008 and 2012.

Winning the Super Bowl is not very likely for the Giants in 2019, but winning 8 or more games is certainly feasible. The Giants have the 27th easiest schedule out of all teams in 2019. With the legendary career he’s had, it would be nice to see Eli Manning get another winning season before he hangs it up.

Give Daniel Jones Time To Learn

General manager Dave Gettleman has discussed Daniel Jones’s future playing time on a couple of occasions. While discussing the rookie quarterback class prior to the NFL Draft, Gettleman discussed his liking of the “Kansas City Model.”

The Kansas City Model is based on Patrick Mahomes’s success with the Chiefs. The Chiefs had veteran quarterback Alex Smith in 2017 but drafted Mahomes in the top 10 of the 2017 NFL Draft. Mahomes sat his entire rookie season before being given the starting job in 2018. Patrick Mahomes went on to toss 50 touchdown passes and win league MVP in his sophomore season.

This is one example of a young quarterback having success after sitting during the beginning of their career. Another example is Aaron Rodgers. Dave Gettleman also mentioned that Daniel Jones could fit the Aaron Rodgers model in his post-draft presser.

Aaron Rodgers sat behind legendary signal-caller Brett Favre for his first three seasons in the NFL. After Favre left Green Bay, Rodgers took over as the Packers’ starting quarterback. Since then, Rodgers has won a Super Bowl and Super Bowl MVP, two league MVPs, and has been to 7 Pro Bowls.

The reason it took Rodgers so long to see the field is that Brett Favre, the old but talented legend, was still producing wins for the Packers and was even selected to a Pro Bowl in his final season with the team. This is what Giants fans should hope to see with Eli Manning.

If Eli Manning’s career gets a second wind, Giants fans should be ecstatic. Even if it means having to wait a little while longer to see Daniel Jones in action. Seeing the Giants win again with Eli Manning holding down the starting job would be a historic time period in Giants history.

A few more years of solid Eli Manning play might not be a bad thing for Daniel Jones either. The longer he waits to receive his starting job, the longer he gets to learn. The more Daniel Jones learns before getting on the field the better. It would be ideal for Daniel Jones to get on the field only after he is completely prepared to face an NFL defense.

With Players Beginning to Return, the New York Yankees Face Tough Decisions

New York Yankees, Aaron Hicks

The New York Yankees faced and are still facing an injury crisis, but soon a lot of their stars will be back. However, it will likely be three outfielders to return next. How will the Yankees work this out? Also, once Didi Gregorius comes back, which infielder will go?

The decisions:

Clint Frazier will be returning from a brief IL stint on Monday, and the Yankees sent Stephen Tarpley down for the corresponding move. But, Tarpley isn’t an outfielder, he’s a pitcher.

Tyler Wade has currently been playing the outfield, but I believe that he will begin to play the infield again. People thought for sure though that Mike Tauchman would go once Frazier returns, but Aaron Boone has confirmed that his time as a Yankee has not expired just yet.

Once Aaron Hicks returns in ~10 days, it will certainly be Tauchman’s time to go. A .176 average ain’t gonna cut it in the MLB, especially with Cameron Maybin hitting .333 while playing good defense. Maybin will 100% stay over Tauchman. Maybin is a proven outfielder with a lot of MLB experience.

But once Giancarlo Stanton returns, sometime shortly after Hicks, it will likely be Maybin’s time to go. They may be able to trade Maybin and get some cash or a prospect, because he deserves a spot on a MLB team, but won’t have one with a healthy Yankee squad.

Didi will begin his rehab assignment in a few weeks, and once he returns it will either be Tyler Wade’s or Gio Urshela’s time to go. Didi should be on the active roster in about a month or so.

I think that it should be Wade that goes because, well, Urshela has outplayed him in almost every aspect. Wade is a great base-runner and is very aggressive, but Urshela is more defensively sound and boasts a .338 batting average.

Wade just hasn’t proven himself enough to maintain a spot on a healthy roster, and needs to hit better to spend more time in the MLB. He is also beginning to run low on minor league options, so that could potentially be a problem in the near future.

And once you remove Wade, Gleyber can shift back to second and DJ can be the utility man the Yankees wanted.

Once more players become healthy, the Yankees will face several tough roster decisions. But, Brian Cashman doesn’t make very many bad decisions and you should trust that he will continue to make the right ones.

The original “Voice of the New York Yankees”

New York Yankees

It’s considered one of the most prestigious jobs in sports broadcasting; being the lead announcer for the New York Yankees. In fact, the title “Voice of the New York Yankees” is saved for a select few. The first to earn this title was a man from the South. His name? Arch McDonald. WHO?

Arch McDonald was born in Hot Springs, Arkansas, but grew up in Chattanooga, Tennessee. A fondness for a certain country song earned him the nickname “The Old Pine Tree”. After broadcasting Chattanooga Lookout games, he was hired in 1934 to be the voice of the Washington Senators. He had a folksy, down-home style behind the mike. He was first to call baserunners “ducks on the pond” and use “right down Broadway” for a perfect strike.

The New York Yankees start a tradition:

In 1939, the three New York teams finally decided to broadcast games on the radio. The Yankees and Giants only did home games. Since they were never home at the same time, McDonald was hired to announce both teams’ games. McDonald’s greatest contribution as a Yankee announcer? He gave Joe DiMaggio his nickname “The Yankee Clipper”. Unfortunately for McDonald, his style just didn’t work in New York. He also lacked the vivid play-by-play descriptions of the announcer for the Brooklyn Dodgers, a fellow named Red Barber.

McDonald left New York after just one season, returning to Washington where he did Senators’ games through 1956. Longtime Washington Post sportswriter Shirley Povich-Maury’s father said that McDonald’s style was suited for D.C., as he was a southerner and Washington back then was still considered a southern town.

McDonald also did Redskins’ football. He was returning to Washington from doing a game in New York against the Giants when he had a heart attack on the team train and died at age 59 on October 16, 1960. In 1999, he was inducted into the broadcasters’ wing of the Baseball Hall of Fame.

So when you think of the people to call games for baseball’s most prestigious franchise, remember that it all began with a man named Arch McDonald.

Can the New York Jets Offensive Line Hold Up in 2019?

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

The New York Jets‘ offensive line seems to be etched in stone heading into the summer, which is not a great sign considering the weaknesses at several key spots.

The projected starting New York Jets unit will likely feature:

Aside from the starters, they will have Chuma Edoga, Tom Compton, and Jon Toth as reserve options in case of injury or poor play.

I must say, the lack of young talent concerns me here, as injuries have been a nagging reality for the Jets and their offensive line. The poor play has simply been hard to avoid, but several quality veterans are hoping to change that narrative.

The veterans are key for the Jets:

Kelvin Beachum, who graded out as the No. 48 tackles in 2018, according to PFF, will man the left tackle spot. He’s been mainly healthy throughout his entire career missing just one game in the last three seasons. Kelechi Osemele, on the other hand, missed five games last year with the Oakland Raiders.

He’s a former Pro Bowler in 2017 and has plenty of talent to offers the Jets at left guard. He was a quality pickup this offseason and should help bolster the line in an attempt to provide Sam Darnold with more time in the pocket.

Jonotthan Harrison, a three-year Jet, started in just eight games last year and played in just eight in 2017. He’s a wild card on the line and could end up being a huge bust. There’s not much talent behind him, which is concerning.

One of the better linemen on the Jets, Brian Winters, will feature at right guard. He ranked as the No. 38 guard in the league last year, so the middle of the pack. He will need to be a rock for Darnold in 2019. His injury history isn’t too concerning – he missed three games apiece in 2016-17.

Brandon Shell at right tackle, however, might be the biggest question mark of all on the line. He tore his ACL in week 15 of the 2018 season against the Buffalo Bills when a teammate rolled up on him. He’s expected to return 100% healthy, but there are no guarantees with linemen.

Shell is the assumed starter here, and that’s not a good thing at this point in time. Bringing in a proven veteran like Mike Remmers or Jeremy Parnell could prove to be a solid move.

Overall, I give the Jets projected offensive line a grade of (C). They didn’t do much to improve the unit in the offseason aside from signing Osemele and drafting Edoga. However, it’s difficult to address units with a ton of capital when there are other holes on the team. The Jets signed star running back LeVeon Bell and linebacker CJ Mosely.

Hopefully, Bell can compensate for some of the talent restraints on the offensive front.

New York Giants: 3 Free Agents That Make Sense for Big Blue

New York Giants, Mike Remmers, Minnesota Vikings

The New York Giants still have several weaknesses across the roster after the 2019 NFL Draft, despite the upgrading of the secondary and defensive front.

Several specific positions remain thin, but there are various free agents that could make sense for Big Blue if they’re willing to dip into their 2020 cap-space. However, I imagine the Giants will continue forward developing their team in 2019 with the focus being on youth, as spending big money in a growing season doesn’t seem productive.

Let’s check out three free agents to help the New York Giants:

1.) RT Mike Remmers

With Chad Wheeler penciled in as the starting right tackle for the Giants in 2019, it certainly poses a potential problem. According to PFF, Wheeler ranked as the 78th overall tackle in the league, at the bottom of the barrel for starters.

Bringing in a player like Remmers would upgrade the position, but it wouldn’t secure it. His familiarity with head coach Pat Shurmur helps in terms of adaptation, but he’s coming off back surgery and is an injury risk.

For a veteran deal — maybe $1-3 million per season — adding Remmers would be a solid move. He’s a savvy veteran with plenty of experience to help the Giants’ offensive line succeed and keep Eli Manning upright, at least in the short-term until they can allocate more resources towards an upgrade.

2.) OLB Shane Ray

The Giants seem to be sticking with their current pass-rush situation featuring Lorenzo Carter, Markus Golden, and Oshane Ximines. However, they could look to add a cost-effectuve player to the mix like former Denver Bronco, Shane Ray.

Ray has struggled with injuries throughout his career, but he would fit prefectly as an OLB in the Giants’ 3-4 scheme. He would likely act as a situational pass-rusher, but he has the skill to burst through the opposing offensive line and get to the quarterback.

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Playing in only 16 games once in his career, his health is again the primary issue here, but he had a career-high 8 sacks in that campaign. A one-year deal worth $3 million might get the job done, as the Giants would be giving a clearly talented player a second chance at life, and potentially a future home.

3.) S Eric Berry

Playing in just three games over the last two seasons surely doesn’t promote the signing of Eric Berry, however, he is a very skilled player that could contribute to a Giants team immediately. He would join a safety position accompanied by veteran, Antoine Bethea.

Defensive coordinator James Bettcher has coached Bethea before, which makes that combination more valuable. Berry could be a solid add regardless, given his past effectiveness and likely minimal price-tag.

The Kansas City Chiefs were on the hook for three of six years of a massive contract Berry signed in 2017. There was an out in his deal after the 2019 campaign, but the Chiefs elected to cut him to make room for other players taking on a $15 million cap hit. He will make far less on another team if signed, which is what’s so intriguing.

Injuries have tanked his value, so if the Giants could snatch him up on a one-year, $3 million deal, it might be a solid move, especially with his leadership and experience factored in. He could be a good influence for draft picks, Julian Love, Deandre Baker, and Corey Ballentine.



New York Yankees Gain Back Clint Frazier but Lose Luis Severino For Extended Future

New York Yankees, Luis Severino

The New York Yankees bested the first-place Minnesota Twins 4-1 on Sunday night on the back of starting pitcher, Domingo German. A true test of quality, German held up and allowed just one run in six innings, keeping his ERA at an impressive 2.35.

Despite German’s stellar pitching performance, the team’s offensive production has been light, putting up just 16 runs in their last five games. Squeaking by a solid Twins team is a true testament to the Yankees’ pitching, but reinforcements are on the way in terms of run support.

New York Yankees will get back an outfielder:

With Miguel Andujar returning to the infield over the weekend, the outfield will gain a starter back from the 10-day injured list. Clint Frazier, who is returning from a sprained ankle, will be reinstated to the active roster, making him available immediately.

Frazier’s return and his hot bat will be beneficial to the offense, but the outfield is still missing their three primary starters — Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Aaron Hicks.

Judge is several weeks out from a return, Stanton is scheduled to start BP this upcoming week, and Hicks is featuring in the extended spring league. Come next week, the outfield could have Hicks, Frazier, and Gardner/Maybin/Tauchman. Not bad considering what it currently looks like – Maybin, Tauchman, and Gardner.

Where is Luis Severino in his rehab process:

GM Brian Cashman stated over the weekend that Severino will be out until after the All-Star Break, hopefully returning in time for the playoff push. The Yankees have struggled at times without their ace, but German, who put on a clinic against the Twins, seems to have taken well to that role. He’s been the best option for the Bombers consistently this year after tweaking his delivery to improve accuracy.

When the entire teams come together in with a clean bill of health, there are very few teams that will be able to to stay with them.




New York Giants’ Pat Shurmur on Eric Dungey: Usually There’s A Place For Good Players

The New York Giants have signed undrafted free agent, Eric Dungey.

Eric Dungey is one of the more interesting acquisitions that the New York Giants made recently following the NFL Draft. The Syracuse quarterback was picked up after going undrafted and joins number six overall pick Daniel Jones on the team, as another possible competitor for last season’s backup quarterback Kyle Lauletta.

It looks like Lauletta could very well be out of the plans of the Giants and Dungey could be the one brought in to replace him and take up the role as the potential third string quarterback for the Giants this year. After all, while Dungey went undrafted, he has a unique status as one of the more popular unselected quarterbacks. About five teams were interested at the time that Dungey chose the Giants, but at the end of the day, it was New York that came away with the player.

But Dungey’s role might not be the same as that of the other quarterbacks on the roster at this point, namely Eli Manning and Daniel Jones. Many have said that Jones was picked because of sharing some traits with Manning, but Dungey on the other hand has a fairly different play style and that could be a strength.

It’s something that head coach Pat Shurmur has remarked on.

“He was a key guy, a guy that we targeted. He is a very accomplished quarterback and made a lot of plays with his feet. He made some good throws out there as well. He is one of those guys we had our eyes on at the draft. We will see. I think he is a good football player. Usually there is a place on the field for good football players. We will see what happens,” Shurmur said about Dungey.

Out of the quarterbacks on the roster, the undrafted Dungey isn’t expected to see much time on the field but could end up getting game action before Daniel Jones just because of the difference in their roles. Dungey does something different for the Giants and could be useful as a situational quarterback while Jones is essentially expected to become a copy of Eli Manning in the best of future scenarios.

It will be something to keep an eye on during the offseason. Just about everyone has accepted that Daniel Jones is being set up as the successor to Eli Manning. But what will happen with Kyle Lauletta, Eric Dungey, and any other quarterbacks on the roster at the start of the preseason? That’s still very much up for debate.