Former New York Giants Pass Rusher Claims New Team Has A Plan

New York Giants, Olivier Vernon

The New York Giants made a lot of moves this offseason, some of them good and some of them bad, and one of the most publicized was the trade that sent outside linebacker Olivier Vernon to the Cleveland Browns in exchange for offensive guard Kevin Zeitler. The Giants are looked at by many as having won the trade – after all, Vernon had few fans in New York by the time he was sent to Cleveland, stemming from his slow returns from injury and his underperformance once on the field.

It doesn’t look like there’s any regrets, though, from Vernon himself, who was soon joined in Cleveland by fellow Giant Odell Beckham Jr. after a second deal was made not long after the first.

“They know what I bring to the table. They say you’re going to get what you paid for, so they’re going to get what you traded for,” Vernon said about his new organization, according to And when the team made the move to bring in Vernon’s teammate Beckham, he came to believe that the Browns have something that a lot of fans have accused the Giants of botching: a plan.

“OK, all right, they’ve got a plan,” Vernon said of the Browns. “You feel it from the coaches, you feel it from the front office. Dorsey, he’s got a plan. I spoke to him a few times, and I just like what I heard from him as far as his vision. It’s been a lot of rough years for the Browns. It can only last so long. All we’ve got to do right now, we’ve got the plan set up, we’ve just got to execute it.”

Browns GM John Dorsey is definitely rated higher than the Giants’ Dave Gettleman, with Dorsey turning his team into one that is expected to contend for the AFC after joining them in 2017. Gettleman, on the other hand, joined the Giants one year later but fans are still waiting for the signs that things will indeed get better rather than worse over the next few years.

Of course, Dorsey might have made one mistake recently by valuing Vernon highly enough to trade one of the team’s top lienemen for him. Vernon did finish last season with seven sacks, but was late in getting onto the field and only played in eleven games because of a slow time recovering from injury. Vernon, who is considered at this point to be an injury prone player, had his second worst season ever in terms of total tackles, finishing with only 30.

That’s less than half the amount Vernon had in 2016, the year when he registered 8.5 sacks and the Giants made it into the playoffs most recently, partly because of a strong defense.

Dorsey may indeed have a stronger plan than Gettleman, but it will be no surprise if Vernon’s participation in that plan ends up being underwhelming, based on his performances in the last two years and the way things ended in New York for the pass rusher.

New York Giants: Odell Beckham Jr. Fires Back at Colin Cowherd in Familiar Fashion

New York Giants, Odell Beckham Jr.

While losing Odell Beckham Jr.’s talent will certainly hurt the New York Giants‘ offense, his immaturity surely won’t be missed. On Thursday afternoon Beckham fired back after Colin Cowherd ran through a list of the star wideout’s biggest moments throughout his career.

New York Giants: The past never stays in the past with OBJ

To no surprise, a majority of them weren’t involved with the actual game, but rather the antics he put forth outside of it. Ranging from the kicking net to the odd substance in Paris as he lounged with a model. The spotlight seems to always feature Beckham no matter where he goes, and contrary to popular belief, it has followed him to the Cleveland Browns.

I, for one, am not surprised to see him immaturely taking shots at Cowherd, as this is an all too familiar scene, however, it’s a testament to his lack of self-control. Some might take the sympathetic route and state he should stick up from himself and his brand. Maybe so, but the reality is fueling the fire with child-like responses does not warrant sympathy, but rather more criticism.

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This is one part of OBJ that I do not miss. The Giants’ media has been quiet as of late – outside of Corey Ballentine being shot, nothing major has blanketed the screens for days on end. To be quite honest, I was getting tired of seeing Beckham’s name plastered on every channel the moment he stepped on a field. It was always spun into a negative story, and that’s where his frustration is coming from.

But as I’m writing this article it makes me think…he’s doing this to himself. If he stays quiet, myself and countless others don’t write this story, once again reminding fans of the league of his unfortunate past. So for those that feel sympathy, don’t, because maturity notices that the media lives off of his mistakes.


New York Giants: Ranking the Offensive Line by Position

New York Giants, Nate Solder

The New York Giants have made it a priority to upgrade the offensive line, here’s how the rank out internally.

It’s hard to imagine the Giants featured Bobby Hart and Ereck Flowers as starters just two years ago. Did I forget to mention John Jerry and the ever-injury Justin Push? Weston Richburg seemed to be the only decent player on the line, but general manager Dave Gettleman came in and ensured that the unit was upgraded completely.

Flowers was one of the biggest busts in recent history — he was solely one of the worst players I have ever witnessed played the left tackle position. I’ve honestly seen turnstiles stop people in their tracks more frequently and effectively.

Just two seasons later, the offensive front has been overhauled and looks daunting on paper.

Ranking the New York Giants offensive line:

1.) RG Kevin Zeitler

I don’t think people truly understand how influential right guard Kevin Zeitler is going to be for the Giants. If you recall in 2018, the moment Jamon Brown was claimed off waivers and earned a starting role the team began to play better. PFF ranked him as the #62 guard last season.

Zeitler ranked in at #6. Yes, we are talking an astronomical difference in talent and efficiency. The former Brown is an absolute stud in the run and pass game. He will open up holes big enough for Saquon Barkley to swim through in the run game and provide Eli Manning with more time to throw the ball from the pocket. He should also contribute to the elevation of the right tackle position whether it’s Mike Remmers or Chad Wheeler being featured.

2.) LT Nate Solder

The $62 million dollar man made a true impact in 2018 for the Giants. He started the season off rough, but it was primarily due to the difference in drop back between Tom Brady and Eli Manning. Brady takes a far shorter drop back in the pocket allowing Solder to push incoming pass rushers behind him. Manning drops further back which resulted in Solder leading his assignment right into him.

This issue was solved after the BYE week, finishing as the #21 tackle in football. I imagine that ranking will improve after improving over the course of the season. He will earn his big-money contract in the coming season. His chemistry with LG Will Hernandez will prove to be impactful.

3.) LG Will Hernandez

The Giants’ second-round pick from 2018 showed Pro-Bowl potential in his rookie season. He’s a bull in the trenches and has fantastic hands in regards to locking up interior defenders. His strong base and foundation allow him to plant like an oak tree, stopping pass rushers in their tracks.

I anticipate Hernandez improving in 2019 — a player with a chip on their shoulder always proves to be more effective. The fact that Hernandez ranks as the third-best lineman on the starting unit is quite impressive.

4.) RT Mike Remmers

Basing Remmers’ talents off his past, he’s a capable option that secures the right side of the line alongside Zeitler. I like what he has to offer in the pass-game but after having back-surgery this past offseason it’s yet to be season how effective he will be. For all we know, it could help him return to his former glory, or it could see his talents degrade.

He will battle with Chad Wheeler for the starting job, but I imagine he will earn the featured role.

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5.) C Jon Halapio

Don’t get this wrong, I like Halapio, but he was a reserve player before earning a starting chance for the Giants last season. In played in just two games last season before breaking his leg and landing on injured reserve.

He will return fully healthy and ready to compete which is exciting, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Spencer Pulley give him a run for his money.


New York Giants News From Around the Web 5/15: Analysis, Updates

New York Giants

What a beautiful Thursday in the Empire State – 72 degrees and sunny, enjoy this everybody, because if you’ve lived in New York for long, you know it’ll be raining and snowing at the same time on Monday. For the New York Giants, they are likely enjoying every second of this gorgeous weather.

Get outside, crack a beer, and enjoy the best article from around the web just for you, handpicked, as usual for your convenience.

This week we will dive into some analysis about the rookies, signing new contracts, young players primed for big seasons in 2019 – there are a TON of those. Ranging from Evan Engram to B.J. Hill, there’s plenty to be excited about. Things are finally starting to take shape after an uncertain draft consisting of a 6th round quarterback that will now be named QB3 for the next year.

Here is your New York Giants news and coverage:

Ryan Dunleavy ( – 8 young Giants who could take a big leap forward in 2019 | Why Jabrill Peppers, Evan Engram, others are on the rise

John Fennelly (Giants Wire) – Austin Droogsma could be a rare find for Giants

Paul Schwartz (New York Post) – Corey Ballentine has Giants contract after his horrific night

Art Stapleton (North Jersy) – DeAndre Baker: Why NY Giants rookie cornerback is poised to make immediate impact

Patricia Traina (Forbes) – New York Giants State of the Roster Analysis

Mike Moraitis (Giants Wire) – Dan Graziano: Giants have regressed more than any other team in 2019

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Follow the link above and join the crew of die-hards. All we talk about is Giants football…literally. If you enjoy that I promise you’ll enjoy following.

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This One New York Knicks Fan Makes All Fans Look Bad

New York Knicks

A lot of NBA fans/onlookers think the New York Knicks fans base is ridiculous.  Rightfully so, New York fans do take their sports seriously and out-of-hand from time-to-time.

However, there is this one fan that, despite his celebrity status, makes the Knicks fan base an embarrassment.  That Knicks fan is Stephen A. Smith.

Videos, pictures and obnoxious rants from Smith, himself, spread like wild fire throughout the internet after the Knicks got the 3rd pick in the lottery.

This is almost comical at this point.  Smith can be a great actor.  He sometimes over acts, especially when it comes to the Knicks.  It is all a show.

Like, come on man.  This is not the end of the world.  Were fans disappointed?  Yes.  However, the Knicks are still in a good position to draft a very good player or package that pick for Anthony Davis.  Trust me, it would have been a lot worse if the Knicks ended up with the 5th pick.

But, to go on national television and radio and basically scream and cry about how long you have suffered is uncalled for.  All Knicks fans are suffering.  Do you see all other Knicks fans crying, whining and making a spectacle of yourself over the Knicks?  Some fans, yes.  But, others deal with the cards we are dealt.

Smith was yelling at everyone at ESPN because they were laughing at him solely based on his reactions about landing the 3rd pick.  Was it all an act?  Maybe.  But, you are making all Knicks fans look just as insane as you looked on May 15th.

Even the world’s biggest Knicks fan, Spike Lee, did not react the way that Smith did after the lottery order.  Smith is trying to make himself the focal point of Knicks nation and it is not a good look.

All he does, when it comes to the Knicks, is whin and complain.  Yes, the Knicks have bad luck and all that jazz.  But, they way you represent the fan base is not entertaining, it embarrassing.

It is good to be passionate about the Knicks, can’t knock him there.  I just wish that he would try to represent the Knicks with a more positive outlook instead of being so pessimistic.

I am not saying that other fans aren’t.  We all are at times.  Just try to appear a little more positive and open minded.  Especially, with the possibility of turning around the franchise this off-season.

New York Giants: Could Grant Haley Still Be The Slot Cornerback In 2019?

New York Giants cornerback, Grant Haley.

The New York Giants‘ defense was pitiful in the team’s all-around disappointing 2018 season. The Giants finished 5-11, dead last in their division for the second straight season.

The Giants’ secondary allowed 252.8 yards per game in 2018, ranked 23rd in the league. The Giants had players such as cornerback B.W. Webb and safety Curtis Riley playing in their defense. Webb was the 77th ranked cornerback in the NFL according to Pro Football Focus, while Riley was the 79th ranked safety.

The Giants knew they could not go into the 2019 season starting below-average players in the secondary, so they invested heavily in that position in the 2019 offseason. In the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Giants drafted 3 cornerbacks (4 if you count cornerback Sam Beal). They also acquired their new starting safety, Jabrill Peppers, via trade in the 2019 offseason.

The Giants’s secondary is completely revamped now. However, there are still a couple of question marks. For example, it is still yet to be known who will be the Giants’ free safety of the future. In the imminent, there are also questions, such as how it is still unknown who the Giants will start at slot cornerback in 2019. However, there are reasons to believe the slot cornerback position will be secured by the same young man who started at that position last year.

Grant Haley Stats And Highlights

The Giants started an undrafted free agent rookie at slot cornerback in 2018. That rookie was Grant Haley out of Penn State. Haley already looks like a diamond hidden (and found) in the rough.

Grant Haley played in 10 games and started 9 of them. In those 10 games, Haley recorded 33 tackles, 3 tackles for loss, and 2 passes defended. Grant Haley was the highest graded Giants cornerback by Pro Football Focus in 2018.

Haley had an overall grade of 69.3, which is considered above average by PFF’s metrics. Janoris Jenkins’s grade was only a 68.0, so Haley technically outplayed the Giants’ best cornerback.

Grant Haley flashed his true potential in week 12 of the 2018 season. This was a game on the road against Philadelphia. The Giants lost this game, but not due to the play of Grant Haley.

Haley’s matchup was targeted 5 times in week 12. Grant allowed only 2 completions for 22 yards. He also forced 1 incompletion and allowed a 53.8 QB Rating against him.  This earned Grant Haley an 86.0 Slot Coverage Grade in week 12 which was the best of any player in the NFL with a minimum of 10 coverage snaps.

Grant Haley flashed his potential a few times in 2018 and played solid at the slot cornerback position. He has a bit of competition for that starting job this year, but Haley has proven that he has the ability to start and provide quality snaps at the slot cornerback position. If Grant Haley can have more games like his 2018 week 12 performance, he will keep his starting job in the slot.

New York Yankees: Why Miguel Andujar Needed to have Surgery

New York Yankees, Miguel Andujar

The fact of the matter is, the New York Yankees rushed back third baseman Miguel Andujar after he suffered a small labrum tear in his right shoulder sliding into third base.

Andujar returned from the injury and went 3-for-32 at the plate, not only showing that he was still affected by the injury, but that he likely should have gotten surgery immediately.

Doctors and specialists have stated that he doesn’t need to endure surgery to heal the small tear, but at this point, it is the right move given his lack of efficiency at the plate and defensively. He can’t make the throws effectively and interim starter Gio Urshela has played so well that losing Andujar simply doesn’t spell the end for the Yanks.

“The small labrum tear is still there, it hasn’t changed at all,’’ Boone said before the Yankees’ game against the Orioles in The Bronx was postponed by rain. “The rest of the shoulder is pretty good and stable. I think over the next 24 hours, he’s gonna have those conversations with his family and with us to figure out the best course of action: whether to go down the road of surgery or whether to continue to rehab. These will be the decisions made over the next 24 hours.”

With a ton of starters out – Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and multiple starting pitchers, the team is in dire need of reinforcements.

How long will the New York Yankees lose Miguel Andujar for?

Despite this fact, Andujar will likely miss between 6-12 months after surgery. It will end his season and the hopes of competing for a World Series title with a team stocked with talent…injured talent.

However, the outfield did gain back starter Aaron Hicks after months of rehabbing a stiff back. The Yanks took it slow with their leadoff hitter, but he’s finally back to 100%.

New York Giants: Will Daniel Jones Get Any Playing Time in 2019?

New York Giants rookie quarterback, Daniel Jones.

Will the New York Giants find a way to give their first-round pick a chance to start in 2019?

One of the more weighted objections against drafting quarterback Daniel Jones with the 6th overall pick in the 2019 NFL draft was that he wouldn’t start immediately. The New York Giants passed on stud pass-rusher Josh Allen in favor of the Duke passer, and he will sit in the QB3 role to start the season.

The idea of him starting a game in 2019 or even replacing Eli Manning during the game surely excites the mind — everybody wants to see what he’s capable of and if this pick has the potential to develop into everything GM Dave Gettleman hoped and more.

However, there are only a few scenarios in which Jones could earn playing time.

The 3 scenarios where New York Giants’ Daniel Jones would earn playing time:

1.) Eli Manning plays poorly

We’ve seen Eli play some pretty horrendous games, and only former HC Ben McAdoo had the gonads to pull the trigger on replacing him. Shortly after, he was run out of town, ending Manning’s consecutive playing streak and giving Geno Smith a chance to prove his worth. Last time I checked, Smith is featuring as the backup for the Seattle Seahawks – he will never play a game there if Russell Wilson is healthy.

Jones would be the next man up likely even if he’s the QB3 for a majority of the season. I simply cannot imagine the Giants walking Alex Tanney out there and acting as they can compete in an NFL game. Maybe a tier-2 college school, but Jones immediately leap-frogs Tanney in this situation.

2.) Eli Manning gets injured

The Iron Man will most likely not get injured in 2019…if history has taught us anything. Manning has never missed a game due to injury, and this is through the terrible years of offensive line play and taking a beating nearly every Sunday. Gettleman made it a priority to fix the offensive front, investing capital and draft picks into its solidifying.

However, this is the second way Jones could earn playing time in the season ahead. This is an unlikely scenario, but if we recall, nobody thought Odell Beckham Jr. would actually be traded.

knock on wood for this entire scenario

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3.) Daniel Jones looks THAT good

The most optimistic option of all is that Jones looks so good that they have no choice but to play him. This will most certainly not happen, as even playing extremely well in practice does not guarantee it will translate to games. This season is surely a developmental one that will see Jones sitting on the bench learning the ropes from the veteran signal callers.

He will be watching Manning closely in regards to his preparation and that’s about as far as HC Pat Shurmur really wants to push him.