New York Giants: Janoris Jenkins Doesn’t Want To Stay, But Doesn’t Want To Go Either

With the NFL trade deadline looming large this week and the New York Giants preparing to go into the game that will mark the halfway point in their season, one of the main subjects of conversation for followers of the team is cornerback Janoris Jenkins.

Jenkins entered the season with a big role on his shoulders, that of mentoring younger players such as DeAndre Baker, but with things not going as planned for the secondary and some bad performances in the early season games, things have changed and Jenkins is no longer safe from the trading block.

The Kansas City Chiefs – a team far better than the Giants right now – have been mentioned as a potential landing spot for Jenkins thanks to the presence of defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo and the overall better status of their roster, but in reality there’s a number of places Jenkins could end up before the trade deadline and as the days pass, it seems more and more like a deal could happen.

The Giants under Dave Gettleman did show in 2018 that they weren’t afraid to move starting players during the season, after all. Key defensive tackle Damon Harrison as well as starting cornerback Eli Apple found themselves on different teams before 2018’s deadline passed, and the former had a larger role in 2018 than Jenkins has now.

But what does the player himself think about the likelihood of a trade? Well, so far, Jenkins has been noncommittal on where he’s going to end up.

“Everybody’s got their own opinion. You can’t tell me where I want to be. Ain’t nobody can tell me where I want to be. Whatever perception y’all put out there, I don’t care what they say. I’m here to play football, whether it’s here or anywhere else. It ain’t about where I want to be,” Jenkins said recently.

“It doesn’t matter where I want to be. If they let me go, they do. I just want to play football, man. I can’t control business decisions. If you’re going to let me go, let me go. Don’t beat around the bush,” Jenkins also stated.

Some may take this as a sign that Jenkins isn’t exactly loyal to the Giants organization, but to be fair to Jenkins, the Giants haven’t been committal in showing a desire to keep Jenkins here. Trade rumors have been around about the cornerback since last year, and after the team’s bad start, picked right up again.

Neither side seems married to the other one enough to rule out a trade. It only makes it seem more likely that, in an attempt to further their rebuild by giving up current talent, the Giants might move on from Jenkins and choose to suffer from the effects of a younger and more inexperienced secondary, just as they did on the defensive line after trading away Harrison last season.

Would that move be for better or worse? If the Giants do make it, we’ll have to wait until the second half of the season to find out.

New York Giants: Golden Tate is Purely Golden

NEW YORK GIANTS – When you think about a good person, you think about an individual who is kind, caring selfless and helpful to others and that person is Golden Tate.

Tate is the epitome of class and embodies what it means to be a hero.  When he is on the field, he gives it his all and his efforts never wane no matter what the score may be!  Tate is a leader and an exemplar of a champion!  No matter what adversity he faces, he continues to push.  He chooses to see the positive and every situation and never lets the negativity get to him.  He stands tall and does so with respect and honor!  Tate is someone who has reverence for every team he plays on, the organization as a whole and the fans!

When it comes to the game of football, Tate dives headfirst and perseveres and when it comes to giving back it’s the same situation.  Through his foundation the Golden Future Foundation, Tate along with his amazing wife Elise, hosts numerous events dedicated to supporting veterans in honor of Elise’s grandfathers.  They also hold football camps and donated 1,000 coats to help those in need!  You honestly will not find a more kindhearted, generous, altruistic couple!

The Tate’s have a beautiful family that consists of two utterly adorable kids, Londyn and Golden!  They are an inspiration to all as they value family over everything and it shows.  Together, Golden and Elise, show their kids what it means to be good, warm-hearted, amiable people and are role models not just for their kids, but for all!

Tate is truly like no other!  He is full of light and his effervescence always shines through!  He always has a smile on his face and it is contagious!  They say good people bring out the good in people and for Tate that is most certainly true!  There are not enough good things I can say about him!  We should appreciate good people, as they are hard to come by and in this case I hold the utmost respect and appreciation for Tate!  He is truly pure GOLD!

New York Knicks: Frank Ntilikina went backwards in his progression

New York Knicks, Knicks

The battle for the New York Knicks point guard position got a little clearer Wednesday night.  Dennis Smith Jr., Frank Ntilikina and Elfrid Payton were all trying to “earn” their time.  However, one guard took steps forward and the others took a few steps back.

Coach David Fizdale said that “no one has earned” the starting job yet, in regards to the point guard position.  RJ Barrett was the man running point to begin the game then Payton took over, playing extremely well, despite careless fouls.

Payton was able to push the ball up the floor and give the team a better fast break then the rest.  He ended the night with zero turnovers, 11 points on 44% shooting, eight assists, two rebounds and five steals.  The Knicks looked like a competent team with him leading the charge.  Therefore, Payton is the current leader in the clubhouse.

Despite Payton’s strong performance, Ntilikina’s game was anything but.

Ntilikina was making progress from his summer playing for France in the FIBA World Cup and just took a few steps backwards.  Some of the plays that Ntilikina had stopped any momentum that the Knicks had.  He had two careless passes which led to turnovers and easy buckets for the Spurs.  The Spurs were shook offensively before that and swung the momentum, ultimately winning the game.

Some may call the errors Ntilikina had ‘JV plays’ and they were painful to watch.  The turnovers he had were passed right to Spur defenders.  The Knicks showed their trust and confidence in Ntilikina by picking up his fourth-year option but he squashed that quickly.  Yes, it was only one game but that alone wasn’t going to earn him more minutes.

Again, yes it was one game but Payton has to be the clear favorite for the point guard job now.  Barrett can’t be the guy because he’s too valuable to put in that position.  The Knicks can’t afford to run him into the ground this early in his promising career.

Smith Jr. showed that he’s still not 100% in all aspects of his game.  Health, shooting and defense wise.  In time, he’ll be back to his normal self, but for now this Payton’s job to lose.

New York Giants: The Tates Are Great

NEW YORK GIANTS – They say behind every great man is a great woman and in the case of Golden Tate, this rings true!  Elise Tate, Golden’s wife is truly special. Tate is a true go-getter and tackles everything she puts her mind to with vigor and dynamism!   She is extremely well-educated and intelligent! Elise has a kind heart, fierce mind, and brave spirit and is someone who lifts up others!

Tate is a true superwoman in every sense of the word.  On her social media accounts @mrsshowtimetate, Tate posts the meals that she makes.  She should get her own cooking show, as everything she makes looks absolutely scrumptious.  The best part is that everything she makes is attainable, yet restaurant-worthy! Sometimes, she prepares a dish the night before and reconstitutes it to make a new dish-a true innovator!  She encourages fellow cooks to make the dishes and lets you know step by step what to do. She shows you her cooking, telling you verbally what to do and is writing it the down-the only thing she doesn’t do is make it for you!   

Tate also is currently in the process of working on a book about sign language for babies.  She immersed herself in the language and makes sure that all of her followers are able to enjoy her posts by writing what is going on at the bottom of each one.  

Tate is the most down-to-earth and sweetest person you will find.  She interacts with others with such kindness and always spreads positive vibes.  She holds her own and is a true mom boss!   After all, is said and done, Mrs. Tate has a lot on her plate and gets it all done!

The Tates have two beyond adorable kids, Londyn and Golden.  Miss Londyn is the sweetest and is extremely stylish! The outfits she dons are so fashionable and chic!  Little Golden is the cutest, happiest baby you will ever see and when Tate shares videos of him you are sure to experience cuteness overload!  Whether they are at the pumpkin patch or just playing, it is so sweet to see them, enjoying time together It shows that the Tates spend a lot of time with them as they are the smartest, most caring kids you will ever find! They are role models in every sense of the word and are exemplary genuine good people, setting examples for their children!

The Tates have so much love for each other and it is clear to see.  You will not find a more awesome couple than the Tates. Golden and Elise have a bond that is like no other.  They support each other through thick and thin and care for one another. Their relationship is built on kindness and generosity towards each other and others.  They take their faith seriously and are dedicated to being the best partners, parents, and people they can be!   

The Tates are always giving back, through their foundation Golden Future Foundation by hosting events that give back to the veteran community, honoring Elise’s grandfathers who were both in the military.  They also foster dogs and prepare them for loving homes. When Elise found out this past year, they were expecting little Golden, the Tates decided to do a rather unconventional gender reveal as you have never seen before.  In the most touching, heartwarming, thoughtful announcement ever, the Tates revealed that they were having a baby boy, they vowed to help out another boy. This honestly had me and countless others absolutely floored. Hopefully, this idea will catch on and spark others to do the same.    

There honestly is no one like the Tate family.  The Tates are the most amazing people and are true heroes.  They are the embodiment of what it means to value family over everything!  They epitomize kindness and are people who we should all strive to be like!  Their dynamic is so wonderful and so inspiring and they are beacons of light and joy!

Brooklyn Nets Squander Home Opener In Amazing Fashion

Brooklyn Nets, Kyrie Irving

Well, we’re not going 82-0. This team has underachieved and we should riot outside of Barclays. No, but seriously, if you were lucky enough to watch the home opener, boy was it something special. Obviously you want to win every game you possibly can, but this might be the most content I’ve been with a bad outcome with the Brooklyn Nets. What we witnessed was something special. So let’s recap the special moments of the night.

  1. Kyrie’s Heartfelt Moment:

Could we have asked for a player more in love with being here than Kyrie Irving? That’s been his thing from the moment of interest with the Nets. He wants to be here. He loves New York. He loves the Nets. He loves the fans. And him getting a little emotional about it is what you love to see. I’m not sure there’s anything that makes you fall in love with a player more than seeing that said player genuinely wants to be on your team.

2. Introducing Your 2019-20 Brooklyn Nets…:

I don’t know if it was just me or if it was because I missed Nets basketball so much, but man oh man was I hype watching our team get introduced in the home opener. Like everything seemed great! The video, music selection, lighting effects, everything! I almost couldn’t have dreamed it up better. If you missed it, here it is.

3. The Third QTR:

The Brooklyn Nets came out the gates a little slow. The second unit wasn’t exactly the strength it was expected to be heading into the season, but it’s ok. Probably first game jitters, but boy did the shooters come alive in the third. Taurean Prince, who was held scoreless the first half, really lit it up in the 3rd. He came out the gate with a quick score and a steal directly after. He set the tone in the 3rd as he was able to pour in 15 in the quarter.


Within the third, the Nets were able to battle back from a double digit deficit and from that point on, both teams would be trading punches.

  1. The 4th QTR:

The truth is, this is why we brought him here. Get it? No? Well regardless, this is a big reason why Kyrie Irving demands the money he demands, the fourth quarter. Irving poured in 13pts on 50% shooting in the fourth, hitting HUGE shots along the way.


His heroics and the Nets efforts overall were enough to allow for an overtime quarter that probably wasn’t deserved by the T-Wolves.

  1. OT Slip Up

One heck of a rollercoaster came down to one shot. These are the moments that define careers and Kyrie Irving has had plenty of them, many of them on much grander stages. Down 1, shot clock off. Kyrie one on one, what he does best… and he slips! And even with the slip, Kyrie is that elite of a player to maintain his handle and find away to still get a good look. It just didn’t drop for him.


MAN, the rush everyone must’ve felt. The way Nets fans world wide must’ve felt as their hearted dropped into the pits of their stomachs as Irving lost his footing and dropped to the floor. The renewed hope and confidence in our new franchise player as he still found a way to get that shot up. Listen, if he found a way to still hit that, it would’ve been beyond legendary! I mean the night in itself was historic, but man! Just one more shot!


I’m already dying for the next game. In this borough, we stan Kyrie!

Brooklyn Nets: Jarrett Allen Isn’t Clutch

Brooklyn Nets, Jarrett Allen

BROOKLYN NETS – Let me start of by saying I love The Fro. He’s come a long way since we drafted him and I appreciate what he does on the floor. The rebounds, the screens, the blocks. Let me tell you about the blocks. He had FIVE of them in the home opener loss to the Timberwolves. “One, two, three, four, FIF” to quote the great Dave Chappelle. And with all the great things he does, I can promise you I’ve never once said, “I need Jarrett Allen with the ball in his hand in the closing moment”. It’s just not something I want to see and this is the second time I can remember seeing it.

The first was in the playoffs against the 76ers. I believe it was Game 4. D’Angelo Russell had been our closer all year. He had hit a big three not to long before the moment in question. Russell got a pick from Allen, Allen rolled and Russell passed. Allen got the ball a little below the free throw line. He was mauled and lost his balance as well as the ball. Soon after we’d lose the game. I’m not here to argue whether or not it was a bad no-call by the refs. The game is long gone in our rearview mirror and the league’s Two Minute Report already admitted it should’ve been called a foul. It was the good “basketball play” to make, but for me it wasn’t a good play.

My uncle always told me, “You have to know your personnel”. So understanding my team and its players, I know Jarrett Allen isn’t really used to being in that situation. That’s strike one against him. He isn’t the strongest big. That’s strike two. He doesn’t really have a good handle and can be a little clumsy, yet got the ball around the free throw line. That’s either two steps immediately or at least a dribble. Strike three. And although he is a solid free throw shooter for a big, he is by no means a great one (keep this in mind). This is not the ideal situation for The Fro to succeed.

Fast forward to today, we’re in a similar situation. Kyrie has been carrying us all game. Countless big shots, he had 13pts in the fourth quarter. Then on a drive he sneaks a pass in to Jarrett Allen who gets fouled. Now we’re relying on Jarrett Allen to make two free throws at the line for the win. He only needs to hit one. His rookie year, Jarrett Allen shot 78% from the charity stripe. Last year, he shot 71%. Yesterday, in the clutch (so two free throw attempts) and in the game in general (four free throws total), Jarrett Allen shot 0%. I know these are rare occurrences, but we cannot allow ourselves to be at the mercy of Jarrett Allen on the offensive end of a close game. That being said, the free throw critique does not stop at Jarrett Allen. The team as a whole shot a tick under 58% from the stripe. That cannot happen. Ever! Five of the seven players to attempt free throws shot 50% or below. The Brooklyn Nets were 24th in free throw percentage last season at 74.5% and that needs to change for the better sooner rather than later.

New York Giants: 3 keys to beating the Detroit Lions

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Over the last three games, the Detroit Lions have surrendered 109 total points to their opponents. Now, imagine how bad the New York Giants defense has been in that same time frame — they have allowed just 90 points.

Big Blue should run all over a fragile Lions defensive unit, and breaking the 300-yard mark for rookie quarterback Daniel Jones should be a walk in the park. However, we know the Giants find ways to beat themselves, as we highlighted last week in regards to Pat Shurmur’s numerous mental mistakes.

Time management, lousy play calls, predictability, you name it. There have been a ton of negatives to complement the minimal positives this season, but it’s a work in progress, nonetheless.

Here are the three keys for the New York Giants to overcome the Detroit Lions:

1.) Coaching must be impeccable

Despite the Detroit defense being worse than the Giants’, the coaching mistakes need to come to an end. Proper time management, the urge to challenge a pass interference when the league has secretly banned referees from overturning a call (loss of a timeout), and predictable play calling.

Shurmur needs to do a better job in all of these categories, considering he played a large part in the loss last week to the Arizona Cardinals at home. The players will rise to the occasion if he coaches a clean game with minimal mistakes. Giving the team the best chance to win starts with Shurmur, and they will follow in his footsteps.

2.) Daniel Jones must bounce back from three tough losses

The Giants offense has scored just 45 points in three weeks, half of what their defense has allowed. While Jones has struggled at times and forced throws, he’s learning and gaining essential experience. He has continued to state that the team has not given up, and they’re ready to keep fighting.

Sunday could be an offensive battle, and Jones is more than capable of playing to his potential. I expect to see a hefty dose of Saquon Barkley and a more efficient Evan Engram indoors. Engram had trouble catching passes against Arizona due to the rain. With his gloves back on, the Giants will undoubtedly utilize his services, and Jones will be the beneficiary.

3.) The defensive line must how up

The Giants logged two sacks in week seven against the Cardinals, but one came from linebacker, David Mayo. The defensive front was mostly ineffective against an uber-mobile, Kyler Murray.

This week, they will face off against a pocket passer in Matthew Stafford that can extend plays with his legs. He’s one of the league’s top passers when in a groove, but putting hits on him is the way to rattle his game. The outside linebackers need to have a big game in this one, and they’ve impressed this season so far.

Interior rookie Dexter Lawrence will need to be a force in the middle against center, Frank Ragnow, one of the best in the game. He struggled in week seven as well with the rest of the defense, but performing indoors should give him his leverage back.

New York Knicks: Allonzo Trier asking to be left behind be coach Fizdale

New York Knicks, Allonzo Trier

When New York Knicks head coach David Fizdale released the starting lineup on Wednesday night, today anticipate second-year player Allonzo Trier featuring in the opener.

Trier played all by seven minutes before being yanked from the game. He missed three consecutive shots and failed to gain a second opportunity. His scoring ability disappeared, and his isolation moves seemed to transform into a team-first attitude, which backfired in a strange yet resolving way.

The former undrafted guard couldn’t make an impact on the Knicks’ 2019-20 opener, and that surely doesn’t spell the end for Trier this season. He might end up playing a pivotal role in future contests, but his performance on Wednesday was disappointing.

Walking away with a -6 +/- on the night, Allonzo will look to bounce back on Friday against the Brooklyn Nets. Fizdale utilized Allonzo in a point-guard role, which isn’t his most influential position. It seemed as if Fiz wanted to inject the point guards into the game in similar functions, giving them equal time-slots to prove their worth.

Veteran Elfird Payton blew Dennis Smith Jr. and Frank Ntilikina out of the water. The combination of Frank and Dennis put a hefty two points on the board over five attempts. They also totaled an impressive one assist. Payton finished with 11 points, eight assists, five steals, and four rebounds.

Payton’s excellent defense was the highlight of the night beyond the three dismal performances listed above. Fizdale will undoubtedly go with Elfrid moving forward as the starter, and their assumptions became a reality after telling the former Pelican he would be in line to receive ample playing time.

Should the New York Knicks let Allonzo Trier revert to his usual self?

The Knicks have tried to amend Trier’s style of the play, forcing him to be more of a team/pass-first player, instead of utilizing his legendary iso moves. In the grand scheme of things, this development benefits the team, but Trier will need to adapt to his new role and find a rhythm as a more generous player on the floor.


“This year he hasn’t done it,’’ Fizdale said of Trier holding the ball and going in iso mode. “I think he’s [had] two possessions where he had maybe taken multiple dribbles in a possession. He doesn’t want the nickname and he wants to change that perception of him as a guy that holds [the ball]. He wants to be just Allonzo Trier. He’s been going about it the right way and he’s been showing that in practice.”

“He doesn’t like that nickname anymore. He’s done with it.”


New York Giants news, 10/25 – Should Sterling Shepard be done for the season? Sam Beal returns

New York Giants receiver, Sterling Shepard.

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

If the New York Giants fall to the Detroit Lions on Sunday afternoon, they will be sitting at 2-6 with no hope in sight. This could spell the end for Sterling Shepard’s shortlived season, as he’s only participated in four of seven games so far and will most likely miss week eight.

Shepard suffered two concussions in a three-week span that forced him out for multiple games, and at this point, it comes down to his future health and brain function. With CTE and neuropsychology becoming a more prevalent part of the NFL, managing Shepard’s brain injury becomes a bit more tricky.

He understands the nuances that accompany these types of injuries, but he also realizes that football is his life and his means for providing for his family. If the New York Giants lose their fourth consecutive game, the question arises — is it worth tossing Shepard back out onto the field?

For the sake of business, he will undoubtedly make a return, but for the purpose of longevity, the Giants would be wise to place him on IR.

Sam Beal finally makes a return:

The gift that keeps on giving injuries … Sam Beal will finally make his return after missing his entire rookie season due to predisposed shoulder injury and missing the first seven games of the regular season (hamstring). Defensive coordinator James Bettcher indicated that Beal would play on the outside, almost assuming that Janoris Jenkins might be on his way out.

Beal has the tools to be a serviceable corner in the NFL, but replacing Jenkins is a tall task, especially after having missed essential developmental time. I can’t imagine he’s ready to take on the work-load of a full team, but we will surely find out.


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Are the New York Yankees the favorites to sign Gerrit Cole this offseason?

Could the Yankees pursue Gerrit Cole this offseason?

Gaining the best pitching baseball would not only be a massive boost to the New York Yankees starting pitching rotation, but it would provide them with a player to lean on when the going gets tough. This season, Bombers were forced to guess with the pitching at times, unsure if their starters would rise to the occasion or falter in the face of adversity.

James Paxton was one of the risers, as he pitched well in the postseason and proved his worth for 2020. J.A. Happ faltered, and Luis Severino was decent in limited action after missing a majority of the regular season. However, they have an opportunity to add an arm that would revolutionize their team and make reaching the World Series that much easier.

Houston Astros pitcher Gerrit Cole is the featured pitcher, and the Yankees will undoubtedly make a bid after speaking with mega-agent, Scott Boras. Cole will likely earn $30+ million per season, which could cause issues with the Yankees’ luxury tax threshold, especially if other players are being considered at a high price point.

Third baseman Anthony Rendon has also been linked with the Bombers, but having Miguel Andujar and Gio Urshela should satisfy their needs at the hot-corner if they have a legitimate shot with Cole.

Why the New York Yankees could lose out on Gerrit Cole:

There’s always the possibility that Cole takes his talents elsewhere, but there’s no indication that he does not favor the Yankees. He grew up a fan of the illustrious franchise but also comes from the West Coast, which could influence his decision. Alternatively, he did play for the Houston Astros in the south-east, which makes him coming up North a bit more realistic.

It could ultimately come down to money, and which team is willing to splash the cash for the best pitcher in the MLB. General manager Brian Cashman can not low-ball Cole in this process because any disrespect could send him to a different city.

Theoretically, if the Yankees managed to sign Cole, their starting rotation would look something like this:

  1. Gerrit Cole
  2. Luis Severino
  3. James Paxton
  4. Domingo German (if not suspended)
  5. Masahiro Tanaka
  6. J.A. Happ
  7. Jordan Montgomery
  8. Michael King