New York Jets: Can Robby Anderson Reach his Potential in 2019?

New York Jets, Robby Anderson
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With one year left on his contract, New York Jets top wideout, Robby Anderson, will be looking to reach his potential and receive a nice pay-day in 2020.

Anderson racked up a solid 752 yards and 6 scores in 2018, all at the expense of rookie quarterback, Sam Darnold. A lack of weapons and a colorless offensive line helped limit Anderson’s production and capped Darnold’s effectiveness last season.

However, the team signed Kelechi Osemele to feature at left guard and will gain back Brandon Shell after he tore his ACL in week 15 against the Buffalo Bills last year. Osemele is a recent Pro Bowler and has the veteran experience to completely change the chemistry of the line.

This will give Darnold more time to operate the offense which will directly result in more opportunity for his play-makers, Anderson being one of them.

The New York Jets did the offense a favor in hiring Adam Gase:

The Jets’ new head coach, Adam Gase, will benefit the offense as a whole, especially Anderson.

“As a receiver, it’s like gold. It’s a blessing and it’s exciting because you know he has many great ideas and great things planned for me, and ways for me to execute and really show my talent,” Anderson said of Gase. “I’ve been labeled a ‘deep threat’, but everybody who knows what I can do knows that’s not the case. But he’s really going to make me a great player, he’s going to bring greatness out of me, and he’s going to let me do things I haven’t really been able to do and take me to that next level. And I’m confident in that.”

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Many think of Robby as a deep-threat with straightaway speed, but he has the ability to run the entire route-tree and collect yards as a possession receiver. The most difficult aspect of his game has been the lack of talent around him, allowing opposing defenses to blanket him with ease and take Darnold’s best weapon away.

Adding LeVeon Bell at the running back position and Jamison Crowder in the slot should help Anderson’s production increase, assisting him in a contract year.

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