Former New York Jet Tavon Mason Helps Countless Kids

New York Jets

An accomplished author, a stellar athlete, a man who dedicates his time to helping others, all this and more perfectly describe former New York Jets wide receiver Tavon Mason.

Through his foundation Tavon Mason Loves the Kids Foundation or TMLTKF for short, Mason has helped countless kids foster a love for reading by visiting schools to promote literacy.  Mason knows just how fundamental reading is and brings awareness through his Summer Reading Program, in which Mason travels around reading his highly popular children’s book Tavon Does it All.  Due to the Coronavirus pandemic, Mason recently read his book virtually via Caribu along with NFL great Andre Fluellen  The book follows Tavon, a young star of his football team and a well-rounded young man who holds many passions in life.

The story is a great read as it is highly encouraging and inspirational.  The book also teaches extremely valuable lessons of showing kindness to one another, carrying oneself with respect, and being a good sport both on and off the field.    Be sure to pick up a copy at

Mason knows that a good education and a healthy lifestyle go hand in hand in ensuring a balance in equilibrium in the lives of the next generation.  Mason promotes good nutrition and exercise.  During the summer seasons, Mason ensures that all kids have something healthy to eat by providing them with nutritious snacks during camps.

To help ease students in to back to school time, Mason makes sure that students of Baltimore City have all of the essentials needed to excel during the upcoming school year.

When the winter months hit, Mason holds a drive to collect winter coats and necessities for men at shelters and give books and arts and crafts supplies to and provide a hearty meal for all at the women and children’s shelter.  The cold winter season can be a difficult time for those in need and Mason is so generously trying to ease their struggles through this program and beyond.

Each year, Mason also collects slippers to hand out to kids at local children’s hospitals.  Something as simple as a slipper can truly make a difference in the lives and brighten the days of these amazing warriors!

Mason is a class act and truly selfless when it comes to making a difference in the lives of so many.  He exemplifies kindness, humility, and is an inspiration and role model to all!  He is a true game changer when it comes to promoting awareness about education, nutrition, and physical well-being!

New York Jets Who Could Be Two-Sport Stars: Breshard Perriman

As my series highlighting two sport Jets continues, I continued with a speedy new Jet. Breshard Perriman may be a new Jet, but he’s primed to be an impact player early. He’s being brought in to fill the role of former number one wideout Robby Anderson. His freak athletic ability made him a first rounder just a few years ago. That athletic ability is what the Jets are counting on can make up for the loss of Robby. One aspect of that athletic ability that makes Perriman stand out is his straight line speed. His ability to be a dangerous deep threat will make him a big weapon, but it also could’ve made him a big track star.

Breshard Perriman: Track and Field

Perriman was always insanely fast and he turned heads at a young age. Although, he  focused primarily on football throughout high school, he made noise in track. He used most of his time and athleticism on the gridiron, where his father, former NFL receiver Brett Perriman tutored him to bring him up to the highest level. In his free time though, Breshard lit up the AAU Track and Field. Perriman parlayed his speed into a U.S. Junior Olympic bid. Perriman was able to turn heads and gain even more notoriety with his speed. Perriman ran a 4.4 40 yard dash coming out of high school, had a 36 inch vertical and at 6’2 his stride length was impressive. With such freakish speed and athleticism, Perriman could’ve made a lot of noice in track at the highest level.

Perriman chose the right sport. Although he had his struggles early, last season was a breakout season for Perriman. When Perriman was struggling though, one has to think his mind wandered to what could’ve been with track. Who knows, although he’s a quality pro receiver, Breshard Perriman could’ve been a potential Olympian or even better, an Olympic medalist. 

New York Giants And Jets Could Play Two, Or Zero, Preseason Games

New York Jets, Luke Falk

The preseason is traditionally the first time that NFL fans get to see how their teams look in real games before a new season, but the New York Giants and Jets could end up not playing a preseason at all. The alternative seems to be two games, compared to the normal four.

The news is being reported by Pro Football Talk and has been reported by other sources too by now. According to the early reports, it’s the league that’s decided on this so far. That doesn’t mean that the player’s association has went along with these plans, however.

The NFL has decided to cut the preseason in half. NFL Media reports that the NFL Players Association has yet to sign off on this. Which makes sense, because the NFLPA hasn’t signed off on anything, including the league’s protocol for facility and locker-room virus safety.

The NFLPA and the NFL still have multiple issues to work out and it remains to be seen what the player’s association’s stance is on the length of the preseason. With training camp not starting until late July, the timeline between that and the regular season could be awkward if the preseason is played. The regular season, after all, is set to begin during only the second week in September, which doesn’t leave time for a long preseason.

If the league does end up having no preseason, that will make the start of the season all the more interesting for both teams in New York. The Giants have a new head coach and many changes, while the Jets have a coach on the hot seat. Neither team will know just how their new additions and strategy will pan out until the regular season, if there’s no preseason to give any early indications.

But then again, preseason results generally aren’t accurate when it comes to predicting the course of the regular season. We may just have to wait until September to see both New York teams in action once again.

Should the New York Jets’ offensive line be expected to improve?

New York Jets, Mekhi Becton

The New York Jets‘ offensive line has been disappointing the last few seasons, to say the least. Out of 32 teams and offensive lines, Pro Football Focus ranked them number 28. According to the PFF rankings, the Jets averaged just 0.7 yards before contact on rushing plays and allowed pressure in less than 2.5 seconds nearly 28% of the time. It is extremely hard for anyone to succeed with those numbers. The Jets certainly changed their line during the offseason and draft, but can they be expected to improve? Let’s compare last season’s depth chart with the one for this upcoming season:

Left Tackle

2019: Kelvin Beachum was the main player last season, playing in 13 games. In those games, he had seven penalties called against him, six of which were for holding. Those penalties totaled 63 yards against the offense. Aside from penalties, he allowed four sacks for a total loss of 30 yards. On the bright side, he did not commit any false start penalties throughout the season, which he did for the first time in his career. He was a regularity for the Jets, but a change was needed.

2020: As of right now, Mekhi Becton is slated to be the starter for the upcoming season. The newest first-round pick for the Jets has fans excited, and for good reason. The 6-foot-7, 364-pound tackle has great movement for someone his size. After playing 12 games in 2018 as a sophomore, he played 11 as a junior. Everyone seemed to have fallen in love with his combination of size, strength and athleticism to the point where his actual play is pushed aside. He has a high ceiling, don’t forget, but he has to sharpen his technique to reach it. He was able to rely on his size much more in college then he’ll be able to in the NFL. If he can improve on those skills somewhat during the season and power through his growing pains, he can be a major upgrade for Sam Darnold’s blindside.


Left Guard

2019: Kelechi Osemele was slated as the starter here but eventually had season-ending surgery. As a result, he played just three games. When he went down, Alex Lewis stepped in and started 12 of the remaining games but missed the Week 17 game against the Bills with an ankle injury. He did a so-so job filling in quickly. He was, however, called for six penalties, four of which were for holding. His play led Pro Football Focus to rank him number 57 out of 80 qualified guards.

2020: There is no change here, as Alex Lewis is returning as the current starting left guard. As a result, there isn’t much to dive into here. This shouldn’t be considered an upgrade, or a downgrade. This should, however, be seen as a good sign for this line going forward. In an offseason riddled with offensive line turnover, this should bring some consistency and familiarity to the group.



2019: Jonotthan Harrison started the season as the starting center. He started 10 games, so let’s focus on him. In those 10 games, he had four penalties called on him. He played relatively well at center last season, though he mostly went unnoticed. Sure, he wasn’t playing at a level of a top center in the league, but he was a serviceable player on that dreadful line.

2020: The Jets gave former Broncos lineman Connor McGovern a three-year, $27 million contract to take over the center position. Although he was initially a guard, he moved to center last season and started all 16 games for Denver. Throughout all 16 games last season, he had zero penalties called against him. Zero! That is remarkable news for a player that moved positions. Jets fans should be excited as McGovern is a nice upgrade and should seriously improve the middle of the line.


Right Guard

2019: Brian Winters. That name is one that Jets fans have known for some time now. He has been with the team since 2013 when he joined as a left guard. After moving to right guard in 2015, he became the main guy for seasons to come. Throughout his seven seasons with the team, he has certainly had some ups-and-downs. He’s been somewhat inconsistent, but always found his way back onto the field. However, he has never been a “bad” guard. He’s been OK, but there was room to improve. The Jets certainly did that.

2020: The new starting right guard for the New York Jets is expected to be Greg Van Roten. After playing left guard the last two seasons for Carolina, and quite well I might add, he is slotted in as the starting right guard for the upcoming season. Over the past two seasons, Van Roten has started 27 games at left guard and has only been called for one penalty! Also, that penalty wasn’t even accepted or enforced. So, technically, he has had zero penalties that have hurt his team. Sure, right guard is different from left guard, but he should be able to adjust. He’ll be using the same mechanics and movements, just on the other side of the line. All in all, Van Roten should be a bright spot and improvement to the right guard position.


Right Tackle

2019: The right tackle spot was somewhat shared by Brandon Shell and Chuma Edoga last season. Last season was Shell’s fourth with the team, while Edoga was a rookie. Edoga had some growing pains, but that is expected as a rookie. He had some bad penalties called against him but, overall, it wasn’t an awful rookie campaign. He is expected to compete for the starting job this upcoming season.

2020: There should be some competition for the starting job come Week 1. Edoga played here last season and his familiarity should help him somewhat. However, the Jets also brought in former Seattle Seahawk George Fant. The one thing that might hurt Fant is that he played left tackle for Seattle. Yes, he could change to the right side, but there could be growing pains there as well. Also, he was not a consistent starter. Throughout his three seasons in the league thus far, he has started just 24 games and seven last season. He isn’t a huge improvement at right tackle, if he is at all. It’ll be interesting to see who wins the job. Either way, there should be an improvement in consistency from last season.


The offensive line for the New York Jets couldn’t get much worse than they were last season as a unit. There are new faces and players added in both free agency and the draft that should improve the unit. Overall, they should definitely be expected to improve upon their rank of number 28 last season.

New York Jets: Sam Darnold Could Be a Two-Sport Star

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

Beginning over the next few weeks I took a deep dive into the 53 man roster in order to identify a few guys who could make a transition to another sport. Not because it’s realistic, but because fun hypothetical scenarios can make the carry over to football a lot easier.

Sam Darnold: Basketball

Every diehard Jets fan has seen the video of Sam draining threes in California last offseason. His basketball career goes way beyond the smooth as butter jump shot. Growing up Darnold said he dreamt of playing basketball. Darnold’s dreams of basketball were directly tied to the late Kobe Bryant and the Los Angeles Lakers. Darnold dreamt of repping the purple and gold long before the green and white.

The dreams were close to becoming a reality. Although Darnold was a stud on the gridiron, he also lit it up on the court. Looking back at his stats from San Clemente high school, they’re actually very impressive. Darnold played 49 games with 13.7 points per game, 6.5 rebounds per games, 2.6 assists per game and a 41% FG percentage. Darnold was a sharpshooter used all over by coach Marc Popovich for the Tritons. Darnold displayed leadership on the Tritons in route to a league MVP award in his Sophomore year of High School.

So where would Darnold have gone. Although he had dreams of being the next J.J. Reddick, Darnold chose the right sport. In high school, Darnold was a good enough basketball player to have likely played college basketball, but his highlights and his skill set likely wouldn’t have translated to much more success than that. His athleticism and build is much better suited for hurling the pig skin. Although Darnold may wonder what could have been, I’d say he’d have to be pretty damn happy to be a franchise QB for an NFL team as any consolation. 

New York Jets’ Jamal Adams could wiggle his way to the Brady-led Buccaneers

New York Jets, Jamal Adams

The New York Jets and Jamal Adams have a long way to go before they can find a solution to his impending mega deal. Adams has stated that he is seeking a trade from the Jets, who remain committed to him and a long-term contract that would keep him in green for the rest of his career.

Letting go of a player like Adams would significantly hurt the Jets’ defensive efficiency, but they would also gain multiple first-round picks if they found a trade partner. Essentially, Adams is looking to join a competitive team that has playoff potential. Of course, joining a team like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers who currently host Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and a bevy of other talented players, would be the ideal fit and scenario for the elite safety.

It is not out of the question that Adams could sit for the 2020 season until he is offered an extension. He has made it known that he has no intention of playing and will continue to take to social media to express his displeasure on how the Jets’ organization how they’ve handled his contract.

Nonetheless, general manager Joe Douglas has done nothing wrong in the process, and extending a player before the fourth year of the rookie deal is ludicrous in itself. Patrick Mahomes, who was drafted in the same year, hasn’t even been negotiating for a long-term deal, so Adams is attacking a future contract rather aggressively.

According to Ryan Clark, an ESPN analyst who trains with Adams and multiple other top NFL safeties, stated that the Jet would love to be reunited with Todd Bowles, the head coach who drafted him. Bowles currently serves as the defensive coordinator for the Buccaneers, who now have lofty expectations after their active free agent spending spree.

Adams would also be happy to join the Cowboys, Ravens, Eagles, Texans, 49ers, Chiefs, and Seahawks. Adams has no actual say where he would inevitably land, but his preferable teams all seem to be at the top of the league in 2020 projections.

New York Jets: Possible trade destinations for Jamal Adams

New York Jets, Jamal Adams

It feels like almost a daily occurrence that a Jamal Adams trade rumor resurfaces. The game-wrecking 2017 top 10 picks by the New York Jets have officially requested a trade from the organization as of yesterday, per multiple sources. At this particular moment in time, the Jets have not acted to push trade with Adams. Back in February when addressing a possible long term deal, GM Joe Douglas was quoted saying, “Jamal is an unbelievable player. We’re excited about Jamal. The plan is for Jamal to be a Jet for life.” While this reality might not exactly pan out as the Jets and Douglas had initially hoped, a trade seems more likely now than ever.

According to a tweet by Adam Shefter, Adams would welcome trade from the following seven teams: Ravens, Cowboys, Texans, Chiefs, Eagles, 49ers, and Seahawks. Adams later expressed interest in Tampa Bay, which would reunite him with former Jets head coach Todd Bowles. Six out of these eight teams made the playoffs, with the Chiefs and 49ers making the super bowl, it is clear that Adams prefers to go to a contender. So how likely is a trade to actually happen? And which team is most likely to acquire him?

Most likely: Ravens, Cowboys, Eagles, Seahawks.

These teams would all certainly be interesting destinations for Adams. But it is not as simple as just saying, “He’s a good player, they’re a good team let’s make it happen.” Let’s look at each team’s safety situation:

The Ravens gave Earl Thomas a four year $55 million deal in March of 2019, making him the third highest-paid safety in football, just behind Redskins’ Landon Collins and Chiefs’ Tyrann Mathieu, both of whom making $14 million a year. Thomas, now 31, is still one of the elite safeties in the game, not to mention a cornerstone of the Legion of Boom in Seattle, and adding Adams would undoubtedly create the most dominant safety duo in the NFL.

The Cowboys are probably the most likely destination for Adams. Logically speaking, he fits a desperate need, and after the departure of their best member of the secondary, Byron Jones, the Cowboys are yearning for a playmaker on the back end of the defense. The one glaring issue here would obviously be the financial aspect. With Ezekiel Elliott and Jaylon Smith, both inking star contracts and QB Dak Prescott asking for record money, Jerry Jones and the Cowboys could be in a tough spot. If they somehow could get a deal done, this would fill a huge hole for Dallas.

The Eagles are another team desperate for secondary help. With the departure of veteran safety Malcolm Jenkins to the Saints this offseason, Adams could look to bolster their secondary as well. A surprising draft class that included taking Oklahoma QB Jalen Hurts in the second round after giving Carson Wentz a massive contract was questionable, so GM Howie Roseman could look to return to contention with the acquisition of the star safety if the price is right.

Seattle hasn’t had an elite defense since the Legion of Boom disbanded years ago. While the acquisition of premier pass rusher Jadeveon Clowney did help the interior defense, the back end is still a need for Pete Carroll and Seahawks. Russell Wilson is a top-five quarterback in the league, they bolstered the offensive line, drafted a young stud WR in D.K. Metcalf, and have young productive running backs with Chris Carson and Rashad Penny. Going after Adams, without giving up too much would shoot the Seahawks right up the rankings into contention in the NFC.

Least likely: Texans, Chiefs, 49ers.

Houston GM/Head Coach Bill O’Brien has certainly made some questionable moves. Most notably, trading superstar WR DeAndre Hopkins to Arizona for a broken down David Johnson, a second-round and future fourth-round pick. This was a shocking deal, to say the least, and after handing out another deal to Brandin Cooks to replace Hopkins, it is unlikely they go after Adams, who’s asking price may be too high for the Texans.

The reigning super bowl champions have zero holes. You could argue cornerback and some other nit-picky positions, but let’s be honest, the Chiefs have no glaring needs, and giving up what would be a haul for Adams wouldn’t make a whole lot of sense. Tyrann Mathieu was excellent down the stretch for the Chiefs and has established himself as the leader of that defense. With Mahomes due for a record-breaking extension, another huge expense doesn’t seem probable. Unless they could get him for a steal and completely fleece the Jets, it doesn’t look likely for him to play in Arrowhead any time soon.

The 49ers are in a similar situation. Making it to the super bowl in Jimmy Garoppolo’s first, fully healthy season with the team is a sign of a bright future for the Niners. Despite losing DeForest Buckner to the Colts, their defense is still anchored by young stars like Fred Warner, Arik Armstead, and breakout DROY Nick Bosa. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan have built this roster through the draft, with few a free agent acquisitions here and there, and have found gems at almost every position. That process has proven successful, and following that method is still the most responsible thing to do moving forward.

Adams is claiming to want $20 million a year. Yikes. Any team willing to pay that amount of money for a safety better be willing and able to win right now. Whether a deal gets done or not, Adams is owed $3.5 million this season and then $9.9 million in 2021, when/if the Jets pick up his fifth-year option. No one except Christian McCaffery has been extended from the 2017 draft class, which included Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Will he be traded? Will the Jets sign him long term? Will he hold out? All remains to be seen.

The New York Jets have closed offices for Juneteenth

The New York Jets have decided to close team offices today for Juneteenth. The team announced the decision on Twitter.

The decision comes with little surprise, as many teams have spoken taken notice of the holiday. The Jets are sure to be joined by other organizations in closing team offices.

Juneteenth, also known as Freedom Day, is a remembrance of June 19, 1865. On that day, enslaved African-Americans in Galveston, Texas became free, about two-and-a-half years after the Emancipation Proclamation.



New York Jets: Jamal Adams Is Being Irrational (opinion)

New York Jets, Jamal Adams

New York Jets’ Jamal Adams is a perennial all-pro. He is far and away one of the best talents the Jets have had in the past few decades. Not only that, but he is currently one of the best defensive players in the league. Adams, deservingly, wants a raise for how well he has played, but now is not the right time. So here is my initial reaction to his request to seek a trade, and what happens next.

Reaction To Adams’ Request

On Thursday, Rich Cimini reported that Jamal Adams has requested permission to seek a trade. The move is one that has upset New York Jets fans, but not shocked the fanbase. Although I have been one of the biggest proponents of Adams remaining with the Jets today’s request has angered me and I know I’m not alone. I love Jamal, and despite the drama at the deadline in the fall, I was among the Jets faithful that continued to support Adams. Now, the tide has turned. I would love Adams to remain with the team, but the odds of him being here at the start of the season are incredibly minimal.

Jamal Adams deserves to be paid, but asking for an extension in the midst of a pandemic is utterly ridiculous. Jamal’s day was going to come. He was going to be paid richly for his services, and Joe Douglas has constantly reiterated his desire to keep Jamal for life. Not only that, but Jamal HAD been the biggest proponent of remaining with the team and being a culture changer. Yet, now is not the right time to ink a deal with Adams when the prospects of next season are filled with uncertainty. Looking at other players in Adams’ draft class, Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes, both are in the same situation but have not been a quarter of as vocal. If Jamal would have just stood idle and waited for a fair contract, this wouldn’t have to happen.

From his perspective though, it is evident why he is angry. Jamal wants to be the highest-paid player on the team and the highest-paid safety in football. Jamal also felt betrayed following the trade deadline and his near trade to the Cowboys. Jamal has been the face of this franchise and he wants to be rewarded for that. Now, it is just not the time for Adams to want that reward. Now is the time to be a team player, even if it sucks and wait it out.

What Happens Next?

The New York Jets have yet to grant Adams permission to seek a trade. Joe Douglas has multiple options here. He can take the Porzingis approach and deal Adams quickly and move forward. He can take the Yannick Ngauoke approach and attempt to draw this out and wait for the negotiations out until one side folds. The last approach is the miracle, he remains committed to keeping Adams and the team pays him richly to stay on the team for the long-haul.

The wrinkle in all of this that makes me think that it’s game over for Adams in the Green and White is the recent report by Calvin Watkins stating Adams would play elsewhere without an extension. Essentially, money is important, but Adams wants respect. If the Jets can’t give him that, then this will get even messier.

As for the team’s outlook, the safety position would become full of uncertainty. With Maye in a contract year, Ashtyn Davis and Anthony Cioffi could become the lucky recipients of increased playing time.

Ultimately, neither side wanted this to go this way. Yet, it may be beyond repair. If neither side concedes, Jamal will be gone and the Jets will be forced to move on without their defensive cornerstone. If the Jets would just show Adams respect, and Adams would be quiet and remain patient, then things could have hope of working out, but it seems to be too late.

Should the New York Jets still be worried about their offensive line?

New York Jets, Mekhi Becton

The New York Jets committed to the rebuild of their offensive line this off-season, which was a problem that general manager Joe Douglas had no choice but to address.

The Jets ranked 31st overall in offensive line efficiency, which attested to their struggles at the quarterback position. Their adjusted sack rate was 9.8% on the season, as they turned over nearly every starting position on the line.

Ultimately, the Jets need their offensive line to mesh quickly and hit the ground running in 2020. They cannot afford to have an inexperienced unit without chemistry. The Jets made five moves in free agency to shore up the line.

They re-signed left guard Alex Lewis, left tackle George Fant, center Conor McGovern, guard Greg Van Roten, and center/guard Josh Andrews. They spent a relatively modest $40 million on all of the players acquired. In addition, they drafted Mekhi Becton with the 11th overall pick in the 2020 NFL draft.

Becton will likely slide in at left tackle, and Fant will move over to the right side. Overall, the Jets added nearly 2000 pounds to their offense of line. Interestingly, Andrews, Fant, and Van Roten were all undrafted free agents. Lewis and McGovern were later round picks. Becton is the highest of the bunch being drafted in the first round. A majority of their starters are overachievers at the NFL-level.

The new players added have 78 career starts, most of which are by McGovern over the last three seasons (36).

Overall, this unit has the potential to be solid, but they are also in a position to fall apart quickly. The majority of their players have minimal experience as starters or are average at best. McGovern made the transition to center years ago, and he solidified himself as one of the better options of the position given his new deal with the Jets. He was by far the best acquisition in terms of ready-talent. Van Roten is unpredictable, Fant is a solid run blocker but problematic in the passing game, and Lewis/Andrews are reserve options.

I believe a lot of the Jets’ success in 2020 relies on Becton, who will slide into a tough position with minimal experience against premium level talent at the collegiate level. Coming out of Louisville, Becton has faced off against some solid players, but his size might be an issue for him in the NFL. Stronger and faster pass rushers could expose his size and balance. However, he has exceptionally nimble feet for a player that’s 364 pounds. If he can adjust to the NFL quickly and protect Sam Darnold’s blindside, the Jets will be in decent shape moving forward.