The New York Yankees have a decision to make: Panik, Hernandez, Lindor or Nobody?

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I have said before that with the acquisition of Gerrit Cole, the Yankees might be done with any significant changes to the team. They already have their back up catcher in Kyle Higashioka and have gotten a reserve in Scranton Wilkes/Barre, by signing Erik Katz.

Considering this, you could say that they are all set. This is especially true due to comments made by Yankee Manager Aaron Boone and General Manager Brian Cashman, having both said they are satisfied with their bullpen and satisfied as well, with Gleyber Torres in the shortstop position. After all, it’s difficult to improve a team that has won 100 games in the past two years, with the lineup and defense they already have in place. But at the same time, there are all kinds of suggestions and rumors that they are still looking to improve the team by strengthening the bullpen and adding a left-hand bat to the lineup.

The New York Yankees are looking into lefty hitters:

There are reports that the Yankees may be looking at adding the likes of Joe Panik, a lefty to the lineup. Panik spent the season last year with the San Francisco Giants and the New York Mets. The 29-year-old is a former Gold Glover at second base and an All-Star. There are also reports that the Yankees may be looking at Cesar Hernandez. Hernandez comes from the Phillies, where he was non-tendered after the season. Hernandez, like Panik, is also 29 years old. One of the things that make Hernandez attractive is that he is a very similar player as last year’s acquisition of D.J. LaMahieu, although not of the same caliber. He hit .279 with the Phillies last year and drove in 71 runs while hitting 14 home runs. In 2016 and 2017, he was one of the most dynamic second basemen in the game. He is a switch hitter, so that may also factor into his worth to the Yankees, adding another player that can break up the Yankee’s heavy right-handed lineup.
The big prize out there is Francisco Lindor of the Indians. If the Yankees are interested in Lindor, it will probably involve money and giving up some critical assets. If they are genuinely intrigued by Lindor, they will have to make their best offer for him this weekend, as the Indians have made it clear that they want any team interested in him, to submit their best offer this weekend, so that they can evaluate if they will move Lindor at all. Lindor is 26, has been an All-Star and an MVP candidate in all of the past four years, and has hit 30 homers in each of the last three years. Lindor batted .284 with 74 RBI’s. Lindor is also a switch hitter.

Cashman may decide to further strengthen the infield with any of these players, as all of them would add a lefty bat to the lineup. Cashman is probably on a timeline to act since multiple teams are interested in the three players, which may force his hand. My guess, in the case of Lindor, is that the Indians will reject all the offers they receive this weekend and wait until just before spring training when Lindor’s value will be even higher. As far as Cashman is concerned, he may act soon or demonstrate his narrative and do nothing at all. With Voit or Ford at first, stars D.J. LeMahieu at second Gleyber Torres at short, and Gio Urshela at third, they remain with an extra infielder with Miguel Andujar. It is unlikely that the Yankees will trade Andujar, in favor of trying him out at different positions during spring training, as they don’t want to lose his hot bat.


New York Yankees news, rumors: Martin Maldonado makes too much sense, Francisco Lindor, and more!

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole, Martin Maldonado

Some say New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is a magician with his ways, waiting patiently at times to strike in free agency, but also acing quickly to secure premium talent like Gerrit Cole. The 2020 offseason has already produced bounds of reinforcement and expertise for the Bombers, but there’s always the possibility that they pursue other targets.

This leads us into our Yankees rumors/news of the day:

Francisco Lindor: 

The Athletic’s Ken Rosenthal stated that the Indians are looking for final offers in the coming days:

The Indians are telling clubs interested in trading for Lindor that they want each team’s best and final offers so they can make an assessment over the weekend. The request by the Indians does not mean a trade of Lindor is certain. … “I do think (the Indians) are trying to bring things to a rapid conclusion,” said one executive involved in the talks. “I’m not sure why they want to impose an artificial deadline when they may get a much better deal in January once teams have a clearer picture of what options they have.”

The Yankees, though, feel that they have a solid foundation at shortstop with Gleyber Torres, who has been preparing to replace Didi Gregorius for two seasons. Trading for Lindor would require the Cashman to part with significant talent, and it would also force Torres back into his second-base role, meaning DJ LeMahieu might slide into first base for the foreseeable future. This is far from a done deal if there’s any interest at all, but the Yankees could be quietly making an offer for the star shortstop.

Yankees fire their strength and conditioning coach:

The New York Yankees fired their strength and conditioning coach on Friday after 30 Yankee players made a combined 39 appearances on the injured list in 2019. Matt Krause, who has been at the forefront of the plague, was destined for a life on the road, and the Bombers won’t be tagging along.

Martin Maldonado: With the signing of Erik Kratz last week, the Yankees now have tow reserve catchers behind Gary Sanchez. Both are serious question marks and can not be relied on if Sanchez goes down. This is where Martin Maldonado comes into the picture. He’s Gerrit Cole’s favored catcher and has plenty of experience in the big leagues. He’s no much of an offensive threat, but he’s been a bit better than Kyle Higashioka over a more extended period. His defensive qualities, though, are fantastic, making him a decent option if the Yankees are looking to add more competition.

New York Mets rumors: Lindor, the “King,” MLB’s top arm, and more!

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Good morning, fans! Thursday is full of rumors, rumblings, news, and related developments in regard to the New York Mets.

Here are the New York Mets’ most interesting rumors and links: Jason Catania, Thomas Harrigan and Andrew Simon of did a fun exercise. They explored six trade possibilities for Cleveland Indians’ star Francisco Lindor.

One of those avenues was a hypothetical trade with the New York Mets. They wrote that, to get Lindor, they would have to give up fellow shortstop Amed Rosario, third base prospect Brett Baty, pitching prospect David Peterson, and IF/OF J.D. Davis.

Could it be possible? Would the Indians take that? If so, the Mets should really explore the proposal.

Jon Heyman: According to Heyman, Felix Hernandez is receiving interest from Major League teams and will continue to “evaluate opportunities into the new year.” He also stated he is excited to pitch in 2020.

While the top six arms in the New York Mets’ rotation are very good, the outlook is a little bleaker after that. Good, contending teams should have at least eight legitimate starting options in the organization.

Would the “King” make sense for the Mets? At this point, it is looking likely that the only thing he would command is a Minor League deal with an invitation to Spring Training, or not much beyond that. He is worth a shot in that kind of deal. He was bad in 2018 and 2019 (5.55 and 6.40 ERA) but was decent in 2017 (4.36) and could resurrect his career in the National League.

MLB Trade Rumors: After Gerrit Cole’s introduction, the Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone said they now have “arguably the game’s best starter.” Is that true? Who else can enter the argument? Certainly, one of the candidates is Mets’ two-time Cy Young winner Jacob deGrom.

MLB Trade Rumors also listed Max Scherzer, Justin Verlander, and an “Other” option and made a poll. To vote, follow the link.

New York Yankees News, Rumors, Ideas: Sell high on Gio Urshela? Francisco Lindor remains

New York Yankees, Gio Urshela

The third base position is a bit murky for the New York Yankees, as they have Miguel Andujar returning from injury and Gio Urshela, who turned into a wonder last season. Andujar, and his defensive struggles, have created a tumultuous situation for manager Aaron Boone as the team proceeds through the offseason.

Do the Yankees factor, Andujar, into the third base position along with Urshela, utilize him as a designated hitter, or move him to a different position? Boone stated that Andujar wouldn’t have a problem moving posts, but he has not considered the move just yet, despite the youth player being mindful of his hiccups.

There’s always the possibility the Bombers could elect to trade Andujar, but that would be inadvisable considering his lack of value after missing an entire season with a torn labrum. Now, there’s the idea that the Yanks could sell high on Urshela, but no team will place a high value on him after one solid season amid a slew of unproductive ones. They’re better of keeping Urshela on the hot corner and having Andujar close behind.

This leads us into our New York Yankees rumors/news of the day:

Francisco Lindor: With the departure of Didi Gregorius, the Yankees now have to compensate at shortstop, unless they’re confident Gleyber Torres can hold down the fort. Alternatively, they could look into Lindor, who’s available for the right price.

According to NJ. com, here’s a potential deal:

Why it could work: Andújar and Frazier are superfluous parts for the Yanks, and Garcia is less important after the club added Gerrit Cole on a nine-year, $324 million contract. As a result, the Yankees could strongly consider parting with those three plus Abreu to bring Lindor to the Bronx — fittingly, as another legendary Yankees shortstop, Derek Jeter, is likely to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. The addition of Lindor would allow Gleyber Torres to remain at second base and DJ LeMahieu in an everyday utility role, and the Yankees are one of the clubs with the budget to afford an extension for Lindor.

Gerrit Cole’s childhood sign: When Cole was introduced on Wednesday, he whipped out the old sign be brought to the 2001 World Series. Yes, it was the real sign among speculation that it was a knockoff.

Dellin Betances being looked at by the Twins:

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New York Yankees rumors: Domingo German, Dellin Betances, Francisco Lindor

New York Yankees, Domingo German

While the New York Yankees introduce their shiny new toy to the world in Gerrit Cole, there are other positions on the team that still require answers. This might be far fetched. The Yankees have one of the best teams in baseball and one of the best I’ve ever seen after signing Cole to a nine-year, $324 million deal.

Their weaknesses rely heavily on reoccurring injuries and one-year wonder players that are looking to carry over stellar 2019 seasons into 2020. Third baseman Gio Urshela is one of those breakout stars who’s slotted into a starting position next season, despite only having one productive offensive year. His defense has always been his trademark, but he will need to replicate his unexpected power and on-base percentage (.889).

Then, there are the players waiting on suspensions, or rather, player.

This leads us into our New York Yankees rumors/news of the day:

Domingo German: The MLB is cracking down on disputes like the one German was involved in, and after the Houston Astros were caught cheating, the entire league is looking to make an example of those accused of wrongdoings. German could very well get a hefty punishment for his domestic violence case witnesses by an MLB employee. I anticipate him missing at least 45 games in 2020, which would slot Jordan Montgomery into his role, not the best switch, but Monty has put up impressive numbers in his first two healthy seasons.

Dellin Betances: The market for Betances has dwindled after his price-tag of $10 million over one-year was released. It could be a tad higher or lower, but the Yankees seem uninterested by his services. Then again, GM Brian Cashman could be waiting to see if he’s unable to receive $10 million on the open market, in which he could offer him far less and secure his services for one more season. After tearing his Achilles in mid-September of last season, taking a flier on Betances comes with risks, but at his peak, he’s one of the best relief arms in baseball.

Jon Heyman: Betances said to be looking for 1 year deal in 10M range. Makes sense to reset. His issue: amazing talent but terrible timing

Francisco Lindor: While it’s improbable Lindor finds his way to the Bronx, the Yankees have a few solid pieces they could consider in a trade. Both Miguel Andujar and Urshela have value, but other teams might see Gio’s production last season as a Yankee fluke. Andujar, on the other hand, has plenty of talent and is only going into his second healthy season. Paired with a few prospects, it’s not a crazy idea that Lindor could land with the Bombers. However, I wouldn’t start dreaming off this deal going through any time soon.

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Why the Yankees could trade for Francisco Lindor and move DJ LeMahieu to first base

New York yankees, Francisco Lindor

The realistic infield for the 2020 New York Yankees includes first baseman Luke Voit in the mix, but general manager Brian Cashman could look to shake things up if he doesn’t see Gleyber Torres as a long-term solution at shortstop yet.

The third base spot is all but locked up with Gio Urshela, who exploded onto the scene last season, hitting .314, setting a career-high after recording a best of .233 the year before. Not only was the third baseman effective on offense, but his defense made him a staple in the infield and allowed the Yankees to allocate resources elsewhere.

With injuries plaguing the starting team, utility-man, DJ LeMahieu, was shifted around the infield to supplement the team’s losses. He played every position at one point, but he excelled at first base despite second-base being his most influential position.

A scenario where the Yankees keep LeMahieu at first base:

Gleyber Torres is expected to be the future at shortstop with Didi Gregorius departing, but the reality is, he struggled defensively at the position in 2019. Over 77 games, he logged a .961 fielding percentage with 11 errors. Those aren’t convincing numbers that Torres can handle a full-season workload at the position, which could force Cashman to go out and sign a free agent other than Didi.

This is where Francisco Lindor enters the picture. This is a major hypothetical, considering the Yankees would have to part with real premium youth talent to pry him away from the Cleveland Indians. This deal wouldn’t be similar to the Giancarlo Stanton trade, where the Miami Marlins were practically begging teams to take his massive contract without having to give up any prospects.

Lindor would be costly, but his production has been stellar, as he hit .284 with 32 homers and 72 RBIs last season. He fits the Yankees mold perfectly, but without the elevated strikeout rate. Having a slugger shortstop would give the Bombers the ability to keep Torres at his stronger second-base position and slot LeMahieu in at first base, where he was valid throughout the postseason.

However, it also boils down the efficiency at first base between LeMahieu and Luke Voit. The utility man gradually improved as the season progressed, which gives the Yankees a bit more flexibility. He finished the year with a .992 fielding percentage and two errors over 40 games. Voit, on the other hand, played in double the contests with a .989 fielding percentage and seven errors. You could make the argument that LeMahieu is by far the better first baseman and should stay at the position, which opens up the door for a Lindor trade.

New York Yankees: Will Deivi Garcia be used as trade bait this offseason?

New York Yankees, Deivi Garcia

The New York Yankees need to supplement the loss of several key starters and potential injured ones in 2020. Shortstop Didi Gregorius will likely depart in free agency, and Dellin Betances is coming off a torn Achilles tendon. Finding a way to inject quality into both positions could require general manager Brian Cashman to allocate resources towards them, and that could include trading young players in a potential deal.

Who could the New York Yankees trade?

Minor-league pitcher Deivi Garcia was involved in talks just before the trade deadline last season, but this offseason, his value could be increased after shooting up to the top minor-league team in only three months at 21-years-old.

Garcia struggled a bit with Triple-A Wilkes-Scranton Barre, but his youth gives him the benefit of time. Utilizing him as a critical piece in a deal to bring in a trusted bullpen arm could be worth the value. However, they could look to bring in a shortstop like Francisco Lindor

Lindor would slot in at short while Gleyber Torres remains at second base. The Cleveland Indians star has a career-low .273 batting average and can rack up home runs at an impressive rate. He has logged 103 homers over his last three seasons, making him an ideal fit for a Bombers team that prioritizes the long ball.

The Athletic’s Jim Bowden explored three Lindor trade possibilities:

The Yankees can offer a package centered around one of their top pitching prospects in Deivi Garcia, third baseman Miguel Andújar and teenage shortstop Oswald Peraza. Garcia is one of the Yankees’ top pitching prospects, with three above-average pitches but a small, 5-foot-9 frame that has scouts split on whether he remains a starter or becomes a reliever in the long run. Andújar, 24, was one of the AL’s best rookies in 2018, slashing .297/.328/.527 with 47 doubles, 27 home runs and 92 RBIs but was sidelined this past season after shoulder surgery. Andújar would become the Indians’ everyday third baseman with José Ramírez moving to second base full-time. Peraza, 19, has all the tools to develop into an elite shortstop but comes with risk because of age and the “hit” tool.

If the Yankees could bring in a player like Lindor, the entire team would benefit. He would be costly in the long-run, but he’s a star player that would give the Bomber’s World Series aspirations.