New York Yankees Recap: Francisco Lindor homers three times in Mets win over the Yankees

Last night at Citi Field the Queens, New York, the New York Yankees met up with the New York Mets in the rubber game of a three-game set. The Yankees took a bashing in game one 10-3, but the Yankees bounced back in game two with an 8-7 win, but taking the series was not meant to be; the Yankees lost last night 7-6.

With no one to start last night’s game, the Yankees called up Clarke Schmidt to start the game. Schmidt, not being fully stretched out after a season-long injury. He gave the Yankees more than they could have hoped for; he threw 90 pitches into the fifth inning, giving up two earned runs. But he was victimized by errors causing him to give up 5 runs.

The game started well for the Yankees, who scored 2 runs in the first inning. After DJ LeMahieu doubled to start the game, Giancarlo Stanton hit one that bounced off the centerfield wall scoring LeMahieu. Then, with Anthony Rizzo already on base Joey Gallo got a sac fly scoring Rizzo. Mets got one back in the bottom of the frame.

The Yankees were scoreless in the second. In the bottom, Francisco Lindor hit a long three-run homer to center for his first homer of the night. With the game remaining at 4-2, Mets in the fifth inning. The Mets picked up another run, but that’s when things got really interesting.

The New York Yankees got back into the game in the sixth when Gleyber Torres hit a two-run homer. Sanchez walked. Urshela stuck out. Luke Voit came in pinch-hitting and struck out swinging. At the bottom, Villar faced new pitcher Wandy Peralta and flew out to third. Lindor homered for his second home run of the game. Conforto lined out. Alonso lined out to Stanton in left. Mets 6 Yankees 4.

The seventh inning was led off by LeMahieu, who singled to right-center. Rizzo faced new pitcher Brad Hand and ground out, but LeMahieu went to second. Gardner struck out. Stanton hit a long ball into the second deck of the left-field stands tying up the game. The game was halted as it appeared Lindor had something to say to Stanton as he rounded the bases and both dugouts emptied. Things cooled off, and Gallo struck out swinging, but the Yankees tied it up at 6. At the bottom, McNeil struck out. Pillar flew out to Gallo in right. McCann walked, Dominic Smith, pinch-hitting struck out swinging. New York Yankees 6 Mets 6.

The eighth inning was led off by Gleyber Torres, who struck out on a foul tip. Sanchez struck out looking. Urshela flew out to the warning track in right. At the bottom, Villar against Chad Green popped out to short. Lindor hit his third homer of the game to give the Mets again the lead. Conforto out on strikes. Alonso popped out to the infield with Rizzo crashing to the ground. Mets 7 Yankees 6.

Rougie Odor led off for the Yankees in the top of the ninth and struck out swinging. LeMahieu singled to center. Tyler Wade was pinch-running for LeMahieu. Rizzo walked. Gardner struck out. Stanton, with two on and two outs and the game on the line, a pitch got away, moving the runners up. Stanton popped out to left to end the game. The final score was the New York Mets 7 and the Yankees 6. The winning pitcher was Seth Lugo, and the loser was Chad Green, with the save going to Edwin Diaz.

Francisco Lindor had his first three-homer game driving in 5 of the Mets runs.


New York Yankees: 3 Major takeaways from Yankees 4th consecutive loss

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

After three consecutive losses, the New York Yankees entered last night’s game with the hope of righting the ship with ace Gerrit Cole on the mound. Unfortunately, that didn’t happen as the Yankees slipped another game behind in the AL East when they lost their second game against the Toronto Blue Jays. What was even worse, Cole left the game injured. As a result, the Yankees lost the game 5-1.

Gerrit Cole leaves the game with an injury

The New York Yankees tentative pitching situation may have just gotten worse. The Yankees had had a questionable pitching outlook from the beginning of the season when they hired two pitchers for their starting rotation that hadn’t pitched in nearly two years. That has gone pretty well, except for a few bumps along the way. Jameson Taillon started slow but, as time passed, became one of the Yankee’s best pitchers. In addition, the Corey Kluber experiment didn’t go well, with him going to the IL for three months.

The bullpen started as one of the best in baseball, but as the season progressed, they lost members, and the remaining arms tired out. Nevertheless, the Yankees could count on ace Gerrit Cole, but now even that is in question. Cole pulled himself out of a game last night against the Toronto Blue Jays in the fourth inning. It was not immediately clear what the problem was. But after his removal, a few innings later, the Yankees announced that he had left the game with left hamstring tightness. So this morning should be telling with just how impactful this will be for the Yankees and their postseason race.

After the game in an interview, Cole did not give any assurances other than we will have to wait and see how this unfolds in the next 24 to 36 hours. After a pitch in the fourth inning, Cole felt something and signaled to the dugout to come out to the mound. Cole reminded questioners that this is not the first time this has happened. “it’s one of those things you go through; hopefully, I will not miss a start.” Cole stated that he took himself out of the game to avoid further injury. Manager Boone was asked if an MRI was ordered, he said no, we would have to see how he is in the morning.

If Cole only misses one start because of needing a little more rest, that will be the upside. However, if the situation is more problematic, it could be devastating for the Yankees and their hope of postseason play.

The Yankees continue the slide as division is slipping away

For a short time after a languid start to the season, things looked pretty rosy for the Yankees as they became the winningest team in baseball, even winning 13 games in a row. But after losing 4 straight, things have turned from joist to worrisome. With only 24 games to go, the Yankees have slipped to 9.5 games behind the AL East Tampa Bay Rays and only one-half game ahead of the Boston Red Sox.

So what’s the problem? The Yankees pitching hasn’t been as good, and the bullpen is horribly overworked. That would be bad enough, but the Yankees have returned to the team that before the All-Star break just not hitting the ball. During the recent skid, the Yankees have not hit an extra-base hit since Sunday. The Yankees have only scored one run in the last 21 innings. It’s the first time since 1962 that the Yankees have not hit an extra-base hit in consecutive games.

It is often said that “how Aaron Judge goes, so do the Yankees.” Judge has gone 0-4 in the Yankees last four games. For the most part, Judge has carried the team throughout the season and now needs his teammates to pick him up, but that is not happening. The Yankees are now 2-8 in their last ten games and are in danger of losing home-field advantage in a wild card game if they reach it at all.

Two big cogs missing as the train stalls

The train had left the station, but some key players were not onboard. The entire team is not hitting, but there are two glaring deficiencies. First, Joey Gallo and Gleyber Torres are missing in action and taking up space in the once-powerful lineup.

Just before the trade deadline, the New York Yankees picked up Joey Gallo from the Texas Rangers. They knew at the time they would be getting a guy that strikes out a lot but is a home run powerhouse and had a high on-base percentage. But, for the most part, that has not happened. During August, he had only 15 hits. In September, only 1 hit in 19 at-bats, a home run. Also, he has only 3 walks over the span.

After the arrival of Andrew Velazquez and his excellent defense at short, and the spark he added to the team, many Yankee fans weren’t thrilled when Gleyber Torres returned off the IL. Torres for September has only 3 hits, none for extra bases. No home runs and never walking. He also has a career-high error number. Since his return, he has had 2 errors and one bad throw that was not labeled an error but may have cost the Yankees a game.

The bottom line in all of this is that the Yankees will have to take a closer look at both of these players. Using Andrew Velazquez more at short may be part of the answer. Another move the Yankees should make is moving Gallo out of the number two or three slots in the lineup. If these two players continue as they have in the last several games, being in any postseason lineup is in question.




New York Yankees: 4 takeaways from Yankees loss to the Blue Jays

New York Yankees, Brooks Kriske

After losing two games in a row against the Baltimore Orioles, the New York Yankees went into their Labor Day game with the Toronto Blue Jays, hoping to right the ship and get a win with Jameson Taillon on the mound. Unfortunately, that plan failed as the Yankees came away with their 3rd consecutive loss. The Yankee team of the first half again showed up listless, failing to hit, making errors, and hitting into double plays. The final score was the Jays 8, the Yankees zero.

Taillon gives up 2 then pitches great

Jameson Taillon took to the mound yesterday, hoping to get a win over the Toronto Blue Jays. Instead, fans were shocked when he immediately gave up a back-to-back homer to the Jays. But then he was stellar, saving the Yankees’ overworked bullpen by pitching into the seventh inning, only giving up just one more hit.

As Taillon settled in in the first inning, both Marcus Semiem and Vlad Guerrero Jr. homered back to back. But then Bo Bichette and Teoscar Hernandez went down on strikes to end the inning and put the Yankees down by two. Taillon found his form and pitched a scoreless second even though he was challenged by two Yankees, Gleyber Torres, and Gio Urshels, committing errors in the inning. In the third, Urshela committed another error, but an inning-ending double play helped Taillon.

In the end, Taillon was masterful, completing seven innings and only allowing one more hit in the seventh.  He put down the side in order in the fourth. He followed that with a 1-2-3 inning in the fifth. Then, in the sixth inning, he used just 7 pitches to put down the Jays. Unfortunately, the Yankees closing woes continued yesterday when Brooks Kriske in the ninth allowed the Jays to blow it open, scoring five earned runs off him.

Where is the team that won 13 straight

New York Yankee fans are scratching their heads after three consecutive losses, wondering where the team that won 13 straight games had gone. In the last three games, the Yankees have only gotten 15 hits and scored only 10 runs. Yesterday they were dumbfounded by the Jays pitching and were shut out.

It seems that the 13 consecutive winning team has disappeared and replaced by the team that played in the first half. They have failed to lift the ball, failed to hit and yesterday committed three errors in the same game. To be fair, all three errors were committed by players Gio Urshela and Gleyber Torres, both of whom have just come off the IL. The two errors yesterday was shocking coming from Ushela, who is usually perfect. But for Torres, it was his second error in as many days.

The Yankees only got 5 hits yesterday, all singles. Only Brett Gardner reached second base when Gio Urshela ground out in the third. Then, DJ LeMahieu ground out, stranding Gardner.

Shortcomings still evident in the bullpen

The New York Yankees have lost faith in  Aroldis Chapman; he hasn’t figured out his lack of fastball control. Chapman was lights out during the first half of the season with an ERA of 0.00 through May 21st. During July, that ERA rose to 4.00 due to him seemingly losing control of his fastball. August wasn’t much better, but on August 26th, he was dominant, encouraging the Yankees. He followed that up on September 1st with another scoreless close. But last night, the old Chapman showed up in the ninth.

These shortcomings have led the Yankees to use various relievers to close games. For example, yesterday, with a short bullpen, the Yankees resorted to using Brooks Kriske in the ninth. However, the Toronto Blue Jays made quick work of him, getting 5 earned runs off him and sealing the Yankee’s fate.

Yankees have more concerns than that Rays

Since the collapse of the Red Sox, the Yankees and their fans have been concentrating on winning and watching what the Tampa Bay Rays were doing as we near the postseason. In the last month of the regular season, scoreboard watching is common as teams jockey for a higher place in the standings. With just three weeks left to the season, it appears the Rays have a lock on the AL East unless the Yankees start winning again and the Rays have a colossal collapse.

But there is more to watch, yesterday the Yankees were in danger of losing their home-field advantage in the wild card as it appeared the Red Sox would beat the Rays, but in the end, the Yankees were saved when the Rays won the game. As a result, the Yankees only have a 1/2 game advantage in the wild card. In the last week, the Toronto Blue Jays that the Yankees are now playing and the Seattle Mariners have advanced quickly with winning streaks and are now just 3 games out of the wild card. The Yankees cannot afford to lose more games against the Blue Jays.

Note: The Yankees continue their series against the Blue Jays on Tuesday at 7:05 p.m. EDT. Yankee ace Gerrit Cole takes the mound against Steven Matz for the Jays. The game will be televised on the YES Network and SNET in Canada.

New York Yankees: 4 takeaways from a game and series they should have won

The New York Yankees are in a race to the postseason; with time running out, the Yankees are going in the wrong direction. And yesterday was strong evidence of that. Gary Sanchez knocked in a season-high 6 RBIs, but the Yankees couldn’t pull out a win as they lost their second series in a row. What was so damaging about this series loss is that it was against the worst team in baseball.

What makes this so discouraging is the Yankees against the team with the worst pitching ERA; the Yankees could only muster up 16 hits across the 3 games. By comparison, the Tampa Bay Rays swept the O’s in their last meeting, and the Boston Red Sox outscored them 30-5. Over the last ten days, both the Rays and the Sox have winning records; the Yankees have a losing record making it almost a mathematical impossibility to win the East and putting their place in the wild card standing in jeopardy.

Kluber is still not where he needs to be

Corey Kluber had his second start after coming off the IL yesterday, and it wasn’t real pretty. Like his first start, he was hit often and couldn’t find that pitch to get hitters out. He gave up two runs and walked three in 3.2 innings. This is not totally unexpected after not pitching for nearly two years and more recently for the last three months. Nevertheless, the Yankees have to build up Kluber if they wish to have him available for the postseason.

After acquiring the 2 times Cy Young Award-winning pitcher in the offseason, Kluber got off to a slow start with the Yankees but eventually got much better even pitching the Yankees only no-hitter this season, their first in the last 22 years. The Yankees hope by the end of this month he will return to form.

Oh no, Heaney instead of Green

Yesterday morning I commented on Aaron Boone’s Friday night decision not to bring Clay Holmes back in to pitch the seventh inning after throwing only 18 pitches and striking out all four hitters he faced. Instead, he brought in Wandy Peralta, who allowed two runs and a loss in the game.

Yesterday Boone committed an even more egregious decision, bringing in Andrew Heaney in the seventh inning with the Yankees 7-4. Heaney has been nothing but undependable, and there is no way he earned the trust to be put in that situation. His ERA during August was 6.43. He only recorded one out, giving up four runs and the Yankee lead. He took the loss in the game. Boone, who finally used Chad Green in the eighth and ninth, proved my point by not allowing a hit. But Heaney’s damage was already done, causing them to lose the game and the series. Mr. Boone, you make decisions on the situation, not the inning.

Same ole Gleyber Torres

With the exciting energic play and superb defense of Andrew Velazquez, many New York Yankee fans weren’t all that happy to see Gleyber Torres return off the IL. Torres has been criticized for his less than energetic defense at short. Yesterday, that criticism came front and center when Gutierrez beat out Torres’s double-clutch throw for a single in the sixth inning. Mullins homered to right-center driving in two runs, making Torres’s bad throw even more egregious.

Gutierrez should have been thrown out; it would have been the third out of the inning, and Mullins wouldn’t have followed with two runs that may have cost the Yankees the game. All season long, coaches had been telling Torres that he has to charge the ball. Not only did he not do that, he actually took a step back then double-clutched the ball before tossing it to Rizzo, but it arrived late as Gutierrez just was safe. At least Torres took responsibility in an after-game interview, unfortunately, the Yankees cant’ afford excuses in a postseason run.

Wow, Mr. Sanchez

One of the Yankees’ most controversial players, Gary Sanchez, has been criticized for just about everything, from lack of hustle to far too many passed balls and striking out too often. In the shortened 2020 season, the catcher has a disastrous season hitting only .147. However, 2021 has been kinder to Sanchez; he is hitting .216 with 20 home runs.

Yesterday for at least one day, he was the Yankees’ MVP, bathing in the adulation of Yankee fans at Yankee Stadium. Sanchez, in the second inning with the bases, loaded hit a Grand Slam. Sanchez was not done. Gary Sanchez faced the new Orioles pitcher Marcos Diplan in the sixth inning and got his second homer of the game, a two-run shot. Unfortunately for Sanchez, his 6 RBIs on the day weren’t enough to save the Yankees from losing the game and the series.


Yankees News, 9/3: Announcer John Sterling pulled from car during floods, Gleyber Torres nearly injured again

new york yankees, john sterling

One of the New York Yankees’ most beloved announcers is John Sterling, and after Wednesday night’s game, Sterling required assistance from one of his colleagues as the highway he was driving on began to flood due to the storm.

The flooding stretched from New York to New Jersey, putting some homes underwater and completely overcoming major roads and highways. Cars were unable to move, as Sterling found himself stuck between 25 or so cars trying to reach his apartment half a mile away. Luckily, one of his colleagues, Rickie Ricardo, the Spanish radio play-by-play caller, came to his rescue in a jeep.

“I’ve seen how bad it gets flooded on River Road in Edgewater, and with the kind of rain we had, I can only imagine,” Ricardo said, via ESPN. “So I said, ‘Suzyn, I’m on my way. I more or less know where he lives. I’ll figure out where he’s at and see what I can do.'”

Ricardo pulled Sterling from his vehicle and safely drove him to his apartment out of harm’s way. They were forced to ditch Sterling’s car, but the 83-year-old attested to the heroics of his friend.

The Yankees are expecting Gleyber Torres to return this weekend despite near setback:

After spraining his thumb sliding into second base several weeks ago, shortstop Gleyber Torres is nearing a return this weekend. On the season, Torres has struggled to get going at times but is still hitting .253 with six homers and 42 RBIs. After hitting 38 homers in 2019, the Yankees are still looking to extract his true power at the plate, but settling for contact hitting isn’t a bad thing either. However, Torres has taken a nice jump in his defensive WAR this year, posting a positive number for the first time in his career (5.0).

On Thursday, though, Torres was plunked in the hand with a pitch toward the end of the game, but luckily, he managed to escape without any significant damage.

“Fine. No issues. No problem. Good to go (health wise),” RailRiders manager Doug Davis said via Conor Foley of The Scranton Times-Tribune. “It didn’t get him real good, but you never know when it’s around those fingers. Fortunately, he’s fine.”

In the meantime, the Yankees have rolled with Andrew Velazquez, who is hitting .228 with one homer and six RBIs this season. While he’s more of a defensive player, Velazquez offers plenty of value on the basepaths as a speedy runner. He has contributed significantly in the absence of Torres, but he will once again be relegated to a spot on the bench once the star infielder returns.

New York Yankees: 5 Takeaways from the Yankees 4th consecutive loss

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

After losing three in a row, the New York Yankees hoped to right the ship last night at Angels Stadium. However, the Tampa Bay Rays keep winning, so the Yankees couldn’t afford to lose more games. In the effort, the Yankees sent Jameson Taillon to the mound to face the Angel’s Jaime Barria. The Yankees’ had won Taillon’s last eight starts. But, unfortunately, last night, the Yankees lost their 4th game 6-4.

Yankees returning to their old ways?

For New York Yankees fans, last night was not worth staying up for. It was like watching a game from May or June. The Yankees seemed sluggish and out of focus. At times it looked as if they were going through the motions. They scored just four runs with a satisfactory 10 hits. But, like earlier in the season, the Yankees only went 1 for 10 with runners in scoring position. Also, like the past, and even worse, the Yankees hit into five double plays, just one short of an all-time franchise record.

It brought us back to a time when fans and management alike scratched their heads, saying, what the hell is going on? But, as I said, the Yankees hit into an incredible 5 double plays failing to lift the ball. During the entire 13 game winning streak, the Yankees hit into only 4 double plays across the span.

A good example of this perplexing problem lies with Joey Gallo. On this road trip, the home run hitter hit into his first double play since 2018. Including then, he has hit into 3 double plays; that’s 3 in his last 12 plate appearances. Gallo has only 9 hits into double plays in his 2,288 plate appearances. Last night Gallo’s frustration shown through.

With the Yankee’s 4th consecutive loss, they have also lost their first series since they lost to the Red Sox back in July. If losing 4 games in a row isn’t bad enough, the Yankees are supposedly in a race to the postseason. However, while the Yankees are losing, the rival Tampa Bay Rays are winning. As a result, the Yankees have slipped back to 8 games behind the Rays, with only 29 games left to play in the season.

Is Jameson Taillon tiring?

Jameson Taillon came to the Yankees before the season in a trade with the Pittsburgh Pirates. The Yankees got him on a low-risk, possibly high reward bet. Taillon disappointed early on when he didn’t seem to return to the form the Yankees were hoping for. But soon after, he began to show why the Yankees went after him, to begin with. He started winning. The Yankees won all eight of his starts from mid-July until last night.

But in his last win on August 26th against Oakland, Taillon started to show cracks in the armor. He only lasted 3.2 innings giving up 5 earned runs. The Yankees picked him up and won that game. Last night he went 4.2 innings giving up 6 earned runs that the Yankees could not recover from. It could be that he is tiring out after not pitching for two years and 5 months into the season. Only time will tell if he can regain his form.

Yankee closer situation just got worse

It is well documented that the New York Yankees have big problems with their normal closer Aroldis Chapman. He has been undependable. Now the situation has worsened. Second, go to closer Zack Britton has elected to have bone chip surgery and will be out for the rest of the season. Manager Aaron Boone relies on Jonathan Loaisiga, Chad Green, Lucas Luetge, Wandy Peralta, and Albert Abreu. Boone has been afraid to use Chapman to close one-run games.

Boone made a puzzling move

I recently have been praising manager Aaron Boone for many of his moves and decisions that have led to winning games. But last night in the eighth inning, with two on and two outs, Rougie Odor was ready to hit, and Boone held him back, instead choosing pinch hitter Luke Voit. Voit struck out, ending the inning. I was somewhat shocked that with righty Petricka on the mound that Boone would choose Voit over the lefty Odor that has had some big hits for the Yankees.

Not all is bad news

Things are not looking all that good for the New York Yankees after losing 4 straight games, but there is some good news. Corey Kluber, who pitched a no-hitter early in the season, is back with the team. Although his first start wasn’t very good, he is expected to return to form.

Gary Sanchez has been playing better this season than in his last two but has been on a one mouth dought hitting home runs. Last night he hit his 18th home run of the season, signaling he may be back to hitting with power. Anthony Rizzo also hit a homer in the game, his first since August 4th.

This final item goes under the category of this it is good or bad. Friday Gleyber Torres is projected to return to the Yankees. Torres fans will say great; detractors will say, oh no. Torres will be replacing Andrew Velazquez, an excellent defender and has ignited the Yankees with his play. With the return of Voit and Torres, it, for the most part, removes the two sparks (Odor) that have energized the team as they both get less playing time. Are the Yankees returning to that lackluster team of the first half?


Yankees News, 8/27: Gio Urshela makes an impact, Gleyber Torres’s return spells trouble for one Yankee

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

The New York Yankees are on an absolute tear, winning 12 games in a row, with their latest coming against the Oakland Athletics on Thursday evening. Early in the game, skipper Aaron Boone was ejected for poor calls made by the umpire, but the Bombers executed revenge in that very same inning, plastering Oakland starter for six runs. The MVP of the day was lefty slugger Joey Gallo, who launched a 3-run blast and earned a walk on the evening.

Altogether, the combination of Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gallo drove in five runs and secured four hits and two homers. Even reserve outfielder Brett Gardner got in on the action, launching a homer in the second inning to complement Stanton’s behemoth blast.

However, the Yankees also enjoyed the return of the starting third baseman Gio Urshela, who went 1-for-4 on the evening with a single to center in the fourth to get on base. His defense, however, was phenomenal as always, proving his value to the team. After fighting his way back from a hamstring injury, Urshela’s presence in the lineup and the infield presents tremendous added comfort for the Bombers, who didn’t need him to embark on 11 game win streak before their victory on Thursday.

The Yankees are preparing to return one more infielder, Gleyber Torres, who is working his way back from a sprained thumb he suffered a few weeks ago.

Torres, who represents the starting shortstop for the team has been supplemented by Andrew Velazquez, presenting a small conundrum for Boone to unravel. Velazquez is hitting .250 with three stolen bases and a .267 on-base percentage. His fantastic defensive abilities and speed on the base paths have made him a valuable player during this winning streak.

The Bronx native has firmly cemented himself in the infield, but the return of Torres should send him down to a reserve spot, potentially even back to the minor-league system.

Based on how well the Yankees are playing right now, Boone shouldn’t make too many drastic changes, especially since Velazquez has been playing phenomenal baseball. His defensive efficiency has covered up a lot of holes that Torres left behind, and simply giving him back the job could be a bit premature.

Yankees News: Gio Urshela, Gleyber Torres injury updates not good, bullpen falls apart in win

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

The New York Yankees currently have 15 players on the injured list, with starting infielders Gio Urshela and Gleyber Torres joining them this week. With the majority of their ailing players being pitchers, losing position players is never an ideal reality.

Both Urshela and Torres could miss upwards of a week, as Gio is nursing a hamstring injury, and Gleyber picked up a thumb strain sliding into second-base over the weekend.

Unfortunately, the Yankees’ starting third baseman suffered a setback, which will force him to wait another week at least until a potential return.

“He felt a little something toward the end of his groundballs. He’s back in New York. I don’t anticipate him being with us this week,” Boone said.

“I don’t think it’s that serious,” Boone said. “But he was in line to probably join us and be back in the lineup on Wednesday. That’s not going to happen now. I don’t know how he’s doing today yet. I don’t know how his day went today. So whether that pushes it back later in the week or later next week, I don’t have a timeline on that yet. But i don’t think it’s back where he started.”

Clearly, the team is being extra careful with Gio, as they’ve injected Tyler Wade and Rougden Odor at the hot-corner to supplement his loss.
As for Torres, the team doesn’t expect him back for at least another 10-20 days, which Boone regarded as a positive development.

“He’s feeling better,’’ Boone said. “We were kind of expecting the worst and probably got some pretty good news.”

Losing two starting infielders who play significant offensive roles is never ideal, but the Yankees have luckily managed to squeak out wins in the meantime. A series against the Kansas City Royals certainly gives them a bit of cushion.

However, Kansas City gave New York a run for their money on Monday evening, carrying the game to 11 innings with four lead changes. The bullpen struggled to maintain leads during the bottom portion of the game, giving up five runs after Jameson Taillon blanked the Royals over 6.0 innings.

The Yankees’ bullpen has been solid this year, so an anomaly every now and then is understandable. At the end of the day, walking out with a win is all that matters.

New York Yankees: 3 major takeaways from Sunday’s play

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

After winning the first three games of a four-game set, the New York Yankees went into yesterday’s game hoping for the sweep. Unfortunately, it was not to be had as the Mariners pitchers limited the Yankee hitter to just six insignificant hits as they remained scoreless in the game. The final score was the Mariners 2, Yankees 0. With yesterday’s win by the Rays over the Orioles and the Yankees loss, they are now 6.5 games behind those Rays in the AL East.

Gil continues as Yankees best pitcher

Luis Gil is a young man who has dreamed of being a major league pitcher. But, due to the Yankee’s shortage of starting pitchers, because of injury and Covid and his own pitching prowess in the minor leagues, last week, he got his chance. Last week in his major league debut, he pitched six scoreless innings. Then, in yesterday’s matinee against the Seattle Mariners, he got his second start.

Although not as sharp as in his first start, he matched the Mariners Yusei Kikuchi with five scoreless innings. In fact, he was better than Kukuchi with fewer hits and more strikeouts. He went five giving up two hits while striking out eight Mariners.  In his first two games, he has pitched 11 scoreless innings making him the best Yankees pitcher over the span. In the process, he became the Yankee’s first pitcher to do that since “Slow Joe” (Judd Bruce Doyle) in 1947.

Yankees struggle with men on base

Even though the New York Yankees have played good baseball during the last few weeks, one remainder of the first has continued to raise its ugly head. The Yankees are leaving men stranded, denying them of scoring more runs. In yesterday’s shutout by the Mariners, the Yankees went 0 for 11 with men in scoring position.

Only Gleyber Torres got an extra-base hit, a double. Torres also stole his12th base of the season; he also went 3 for 4, being the Yankee’s best player of the day. Other less desirable stats include Aaron Judge, the returning Luke Voit, and Kyle Higashioka, all going 0 for 4.

If there is a single reason the Yankees don’t get a postseason berth, it will be that they don’t lift the ball out of the infield. This causes them to lead baseball hitting into the most double plays. It also causes them to hit the second-fewest extra-base hits.

Severino is perfect in rehab start

It’s no secret that the Yankees have been playing great ball, even missing several key players and pitchers. But help is on the way. General Manager Brian Cashman stated that Corey Kluber and Luis Severino would be back into the fold sometime between August 20 and September 1st.

Yesterday with the Somerset Patriots, Luis Severino came one step closer to that return. On Sunday evening, he pitched four flawless frames for the Double-A Somerset Patriots, retiring all 12 batters he faced in order. As a result, the game ended up a no-hitter for the Patriots. However, a walk in the ninth inning prevented it from being a perfect game. Nevertheless, it was the first no-hitter in the Patriot’s history. Severino threw 48 pitches in four innings for the combined no-hitter.

New York Yankees: Luis Gil’s glow brightens, but the Yankees fail the sweep of the Mariners

yankees, luis gil

The New York Yankees entered today’s game hoping for the sweep of the Seattle Mariners after winning the first three. Sweeps of a four-game series are really difficult, especially when you are short as many players as the Yankees. The Yankees announced they had placed Anthony Rizzo on the Covid list before the game, their twelfth player to go on the list. They activated Luke Voit. At the end of a frustrating day, the Yankees could not complete the sweep losing the fourth game 2-0.

Today Luis Gil got his second start since being brought up from the RailRiders. In his first start, he was masterful, going six innings of scoreless ball. He is 1-0 with a 0.00 ERA. However, no Mariner has seen him pitch except via video.

Gil faced Yusei Kikuchi, who was an All-Star this year. The lefty is 7-6 with an ERA of 3.89 and an impressive 129 strikeouts. The Yankees got 5 runs off him in their first meeting this season in just two innings.

Through seven innings of the game, nothing really happed as the game remained scoreless. Gil went five scoreless innings striking out eight Mariners. He brightened his already bright glow going eleven straight innings without allowing a run. He became the Yankee’s first pitcher to do that since “Slow Joe” (Judd Bruce Doyle) in 1947.

Wandy Peralta came in to replace Gil and allowed just one hit. Stephen Ridings struck out all three batters he faced in the seventh. The New York Yankees were again scoreless in the bottom of the seventh. Gleyber Torres was having a great game going three for three.

Going into the eighth inning, both teams were scoreless. At the top of the inning, it was back to the top of the lineup for the Mariners. Abe Toro faced the Yankee’s fourth pitcher Lucas Luetge and reached on a booted ball by Odor. Mitch Haniger walked.   With two on and no outs, Kyle Seager got a ground-rule double scoring Toro for the first run of the game. Ty France struck out. Jarred Kelenic went down looking. Kelenic argued the call and was thrown out, as was manager Scot Servais. Cal Raleigh got a two-run single to make it 3-0. the call at home plate was overturned, and the Mariners only picked up two runs. Seattle Mariners 2 Yankees 0.

Luke Voit led off and ground out in the bottom of the eighth inning, with the Yankees behind 2 runs. Then, Gleyber Torres went down looking. Then, Rougie Odor flew out to right, and it was off to the ninth inning.

At the top of the night, Jake Fraley struck out against Albert Abreu in for the final inning. Dylan Moore flew out to Gardner in center. Jake Bauers walked. Toro walked. Haniger struck out swinging. With last licks on the line for the Yankees in the bottom, Kyle Higashioka ground out to third. Brett Gardner reached on a ball back to the pitcher. DJ LeMahieu ground out to short, with Gardner advancing to second. Aaron Judge went down looking in a failed attempt to sweep the Mariners.

The final score was the Seattle Mariners 2 and the New York Yankees 0. The two runs scored by the Mariners were unearned. The winning pitcher was Sewald, the loser was Lucas Luetge, and the save went to Steckenrider.