New York Yankees: Are the Yankees done winning? Takeaways from loss to the Mets

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

This writer is running out of words to explain why the New York Yankees have this September collapse after winning 13 straight. As I reflect on the Yankee’s 7th consecutive loss, the only thing I can come up with is that they are doing everything wrong. Pitching poorly, not hitting, and committing unforgivable errors, as a manager keeps saying, we are better than this. But, unfortunately, the fact is they are not better than this. A few good games do not make a winning team. The Yankees lost to the New York Mets 10-3.

Montgomery implodes in the 3rd

Jordan Montgomery, who has been one of the more dependable pitchers for the Yankees this season, and who has been starved of run support, the Yankees would have had to be dynamos last night to save him. Instead, last night he gave up seven runs in just 3.1 innings of work while walking three.

To start the first, Brett Gardner tripled and scored for an unusual first-inning lead for the Yankees, only to have the Mets answer in the bottom. But it was Montgomery’s third inning that did the Yankees in.

Jonathan Villar singled to left field. Lindor walked. The runners moved up on a wild pitch. Conforto, with two on and no outs, walked to load the bases with no outs. Alonso walked to bring in a run to tie the game. Baez singled, bringing in Villar. McNeil got a drag bunt scoring Conforto. Pillar flew out to left, scoring Alonso. Baez was tagged out, reaching from second. McCann doubled to left, scoring McNeil. Megill stuck out, but the Mets scored five runs in the inning.

In the fourth, in a surprise to Yankee fans, Boone ushered Montgomery back onto the mound after already allowing six runs. He allowed Franciso Lindor a home run before finally being removed from the game, but the damage had been done.

Errors and gaffes mark 7th consecutive loss

Catcher Gary Sanchez has, throughout his career, appeared to have mental lapses when he forgot how to play the game or how to run the bases. Last night he seemed to have lost focus altogether. Can you imagine a catcher moving out of the way to allow an opposing team member to score? Unfortunately, that is exactly what happened last night. The fully armored catcher should have stood his ground and blocked the plate.

You must assume that any baseball player either knows their opponents or studies up on them before a game. Anyone that knows the Mets knows that Jonathan Villar is an overly aggressive base runner. With Villar at third, Javier Baez singled to left, Gallo fired in and had Villar by about twenty feet, but unexplainably Sanchez backed off home plate and attempted to tag Villar on the helmet. At first, it was called an out, but upon review was overturned as Sanchez was so far behind home plate that he didn’t make the tag. Unexplainable and inexcusable.

Sanchez also had passed balls in the game. Gio Urshela and Gleyber Torres had throwing errors in the game, as they have had many in the past few days. This type of play is not how you get to a postseason.

Has Aaron Boone forgotten how to manage?

During the 13 game winning streak on at least two occasions, I complimented Aaron Boone’s decisions. Still, during this losing streak, Boone has made several questionable moves that have cost the Yankees. Some of them are mind-boggling. I won’t hone in on all of them, but I will give an example by highlighting Boone’s decision to bring Jordan Montgomery back out to pitch the fourth inning after giving up six runs. It was obvious to even a child that Montgomery had absolutely no control over his pitches. This was not game one of the season; it was a critical game the Yankees should win to preserve their postseason hopes.

There are many other questions, like why Boone continues to have faith in Andrew Heaney, who has demonstrated that he can’t pitch. The same goes for Brooks Kriske. Also, why hasn’t the ever-steady Adam Warren, who is having a solid season in the minors, been brought up to shore up an exhausted bullpen? The questions go on and on. Meanwhile, Boone keeps saying, “we are better than this,” and has full confidence in the team. As a 70 year Yankee fan, I wish I did.

Notes: There were some bright spots in the game. Brett Gardner got his fourth triple of the season, scoring. Both Joey Gallo and Anthony Rizzo homered in the game. Unfortunately, these feats were overshadowed by the Yankees’ overall poor play. Tonight at 7:48 pm the Yankees will again try to right the ship with Corey Kluber on the mound at Citi Field.



New York Yankees Recap: Montgomery implodes, Yankees lose seven in a row

New York Yankees, Larry Rothschild

With the start of a new series, the New York Yankees were hoping to turn the page and put their recent losing streak behind them, as they held on to a wild card berth. Tonight the Yankees sent one of their few healthy pitchers, Jordan Montgomery, to the mound to face the New York Mets Tylor Megill in the first game of a three-game series at Citi Field in the Queens, New York. Unfortunately, it started poorly for the Yankees and only got worse. The Yankees lost  10-3 for their seventh loss in a row.

In the first inning with Tylor Megill on the mound for the Mets, DJ LeMahieu stepped to the plate and went down looking. Brett Gardner hit his fourth triple of the season down the left-field line. Aaron judge ground out to second, but Gardner scored to put the Yankees on the board first. Anthony Rizzo struck out to end the half. At the bottom, Jonathan Villar singled to left to start the half. Francisco Lindor struck out swinging. Michael Conforto got a base hit, moving Villar to second. Pete Alonso struck out. Javier Baez hit, but Villar challenged Gallo’s arm in left and was out at the home plate. New York Yankees 1 New York Mets 0.

The umpires overturned the play during the break and called the Mets safe for a tied game, bringing Montgomery back onto the mound. Jeff McNeil struck out to end the inning. Game tied at 1.

The second inning was led off by Gleyber Torres, who ground out to short. Then, Joey  Gallo homered far into the right-center stands. Gary Sanchez ground out to second. Gio Urshela struck out swinging to the half, but the Yankees went ahead. At the bottom, Kevin Pillar flew out to Gardner in center. James McCann went down on strikes. Tylor Megill struck out to end the inning. New York Yankees 2 Mets 1.

Pitcher Jordan Montgomery led off the third inning by striking out. LeMahieu ground out to third. Gardner singled to center. Judge struck out to end the half. At the bottom, Villar singled to left field. Lindor walked. The runners moved up on a wild pitch. Conforto, with two on and no outs, walked to load the bases with no outs. Alonso walked to bring in a run to tie the game.  Baez singled, bringing in Villar. McNeil got a drag bunt scoring Conforto. Pillar flew out to left, scoring Alonso. Baez was tagged out reaching from second. McCann doubled to left, scoring McNeil. Megill stuck out, but the Mets scored five runs in the inning. New York Mets 6 Yankees 2.

Anthony Rizzo led off the fourth inning flew out to center. Torres ground out to Lindor at short. Gallo tipped into the catcher’s glove to end the half. Villar led off the bottom and flew out to Judge. Lindor homered just left of the right-field foul pole, and that was the night for Montgomery. Joely Rodriguez faced Conforto, who singled. Alonso flew out to Gardner on the warning track. Baez doubled, scoring Conforto from first. Baez was called out, trying to reach third. Mets 8 Yankees 2.

The fifth inning was led off by Sanchez, who struck out. Urshela ground out to third. Rougie Odor pinch-hitting struck out. At the bottom, Michael King took over the pitching. McNeil singled. Pillar ground out to Urshela at third. A King wild pitch allowed McNeil to go to third. McCann ground out to end the inning. Mets 8 Yankees 2.

DJ Lemahieu led off the sixth inning by walking. Gardner grounded into a force out. Judge ground into a double play. At the bottom, Villar went down swinging. Lindor lined out directly to LeMahieu. Conforto grounded out for a quick inning for both teams. Mets 8 Yankees 2.

The seventh inning was led off by Anthony Rizzo, who struck out looking. Torres doubled off the third baseman’s glove. Gallo struck out swinging, and Gary Sanchez popped out to short. At the bottom, Alonso flew out to Judge in right. Baez singled ahead of Judge in right. A pitch hit McNeil. Pillar two on and one out was also hit by a pitch to load the bases. McCann hit into a double play, but Torres airmailed one into the stands as two Mets scored. Smith pinch-hitting for the pitcher flew out to short. New York Mets 10 New York Yankees 2.

Urshela led off the eight by flying out. Luke Voit singled to center. LeMahieu singled, moving Voit to second. Gardner flew out. Aaron Judge also flew out to end the half and strand two. At the bottom,  Villar went down on strikes. Lindor walked. Conforto went down on strikes. Alonso ground out to short to end the inning. Mets 10 Yankees 2.

Anthony Rizzo came to the plate with last licks on the line for the Yankees and launched one into the right-field stands. Torres flew out to the infield. Then, Joey Gallo flew out to center. Finally, Gary Sanchez flew out to right for their seventh loss in a row.

The final score was the New York Mets 10 and the New York Yankees 3. The winning pitcher was the starter Tylor Megill, and the loser was the starter Jordan Montgomery.



New York Yankees: Takeaways from a once in 100-year embarrassment

New York Yankees, Nestor Cortes Jr.

After losing 3 straight to the Toronto Blue Jays, the New York Yankees entered last night’s game with the hope of winning at least one game against the surging Canadian rival. The Yankees had Nestor Cortes Jr. on the mound pitted against the Jays’ Jose Berrios. It probably wasn’t a surprise to Yankees fans that they failed again. The Yankees lost the game 6-4.

Is Nasty Nestor tiring out?

Nasty Nestor is called that for his ability to be nasty in getting opponent hitters out. Cortes Jr. has been a Godsend for the New York Yankees ever since he took over for the injured Corey Kluber. But last night, cracks showed up in his armor. Right off the bat, he gave up a home run to Bo Bichette, who led off for the Jays and started with a Blue Jays lead with a massive homer to left field. Semien followed with a single to left. Right then and there, it seemed Cortes didn’t have his best stuff.

Nevertheless, Cortes gave the Yankees length going six innings and only giving up 2 earned runs. He struck out 5 and didn’t walk anyone. But a question arises going forward. Is Cortes tiring? Cortes has always been a reliever, pitching an inning or two every few days. But now that he is a starter, he is pitching more than in his entire career. Since the beginning of August, he has pitched over 40 innings. Pitching six or seven innings takes a lot more out of a pitcher than pitching just an inning or two, both physically and emotionally.

All this being said, in fairness to Cortes, giving up two runs over six innings more often than not will get you a win, but not with this Yankee team that gives little run support.

Too little too late

The Yankees bats, for the most part, have been dead over the last week or so. Last night was no different. Over the first eight innings, the Yankees only had an Anthony Rizzo home run and a couple of other hits. But in the ninth inning, the Yankees behind by 4 runs, the bats erupted. Gary Sanchez and Luke Voit, pinch-hitting hit back-to-back home runs. But it was too little too late as Urshela followed by striking out and ending the game with the Yankees’ sixth loss in a row.

Challenges build for banged-up rotation

If you wanted to overview the Yankees pitching situation, you would see a banged-up rotation and a bullpen that is spent. Although this is bad anytime during the season, it is especially concerning in the last weeks of the season as the New York Yankees are fighting to stay alive and play in the postseason.

Yankee fans found out last night that Jameson Taillon had an injured ankle tendon that will cause him to miss at least one start. He was put on the 10 day IL retroactive to September 7th. This is after Gerrit Cole left his game against the Blue Jays with hamstring tightness. He may also miss a start. Corey Kluber is back but very rusty after not pitching for three months.

With various starters not going deep into games and an ineffective closer in Aroldis Chapman, it has caused a once great bullpen to be totally overworked and tired out. So last night Sal Romano, a minor leaguer, was called up to shore up the pen. But, unfortunately, he took the loss for the Yankees.




Yankees News, 9/1: Anthony Rizzo, Jameson Taillon open up about losing streak, ‘no one’s excited’

anthony rizzo, yankees

The Yankees lost their fourth consecutive game on Tuesday evening against the Los Angeles Angels, further hurting their standings in the AL East. Thanks to Tampa Bay, coincidentally, the Boston Red Sox also lost, keeping the Bombers two games ahead in the Wild Card. However, they are now eight games back in the AL East with 30 games left in the season, making their trail back to first place a bit more tumultuous.

Realistically, there’s very little chance the Yankees come all the way back to secure a guaranteed spot in the postseason but will likely have to take down Boston to ensure their path.

However, they need to end this losing streak now, as they prepare to take on the Angels on Wednesday night at 7:07 PM. During yesterday’s loss, the Yankees had their opportunities to secure runs and win the game, as Giancarlo Stanton just missed a home run in the eighth inning to tie things up, but the ball fell just short of the warning track.

After the loss, starting first baseman Anthony Rizzo indicated that the team is still playing at a high level, they are just not extracting wins:

“I think we just stay the course,” first baseman Anthony Rizzo said. “It’s never easy coming out West, especially this late in the year. I think we’re continuing to have good team at-bats. Our pitching has been pretty solid. We just haven’t scored enough runs. I think we just stay the course and continue to build a belief that we’re not out of any game. This goes to show that every game we’re still playing until the end.”

Starting pitcher Jameson Taillon lasted 4.2 innings, giving up five hits and six earned runs, including a three-run blast in the fourth inning. Taillon stated that the team responds much better after winning; go figure.

“We’ve had to bounce back from a lot this year,” said starting pitcher Jameson Taillon, who got shelled for six runs Tuesday. “I can tell you winning is a lot more fun than losing. The vibe in the clubhouse is a lot more fun after we win. No one’s excited, but at the same time, we have the opportunity to come out here and at least salvage a game with Gerrit (Cole) on the mound (Wednesday) before we head back to New. York.”

During the Yankees’ most recent 13 game winning streak, their spirits were high, and confidence was elevated. This losing streak saw them come tumbling back down to earth, but there’s still plenty of time for them to string together wins and gain momentum heading into the playoffs. With Gerrit Cole on the mound Wednesday night, this is their best opportunity to turn the tables.

New York Yankees Recap: Yankees return to their old ways and lose 4 straight

New York Yankees, Jameson Taillon

After losing three in a row, the New York Yankees hoped to right the ship last night at Angels Stadium. The Tampa Bay Rays keep winning, so the Yankees couldn’t afford to lose more games. In the effort, the Yankees sent Jameson Taillon to the mound to face the Angel’s Jaime Barria. The Yankees’ had won Taillon’s last eight starts. Last night the Yankees lost their 4th game in a row 6-4.

DJ LeMahieu started the first inning against Barria by beating out a short hit for the first Yankee runner. Anthony Rizzo ground out to first, with LeMahieu advancing to scoring position. Aaron Judge walked as he didn’t come close to getting a ball to hit. Giancarlo Stanton hit into a 6-4-3 double play to end the half. At the bottom, with Jameson Taillon on the mound, David Fletcher led off by popping out to LeMahieu for out number one. Shohei Ohtani flew out to the shallow left. Gosselin struck out swinging for a 1-2-3 inning for Taillon. No score.

The second inning was led off by Joey Gallo, who flew out to centerfield. Gio Urshela struck out swinging. Rougie Odor ground out to center for a fast inning for Barria. At the bottom, Jared Walsh led off and struck out. Jo Adell struck out for Taillon’s three strikeouts in a row. Brandon Marsh struck out as Taillon struck out the side. No score.

Gary Sanchez led off the third inning by lining out to short. Brett Gardner got a base hit up the middle. LeMahieu hit into the second double play of the game. At the bottom, Max Stassi ground out to Odor at third. Jack Mayfield popped out to second. Juan Lagares struck out for Taillon’s third 1-2-3 inning. No score.

The fourth inning was led off by Rizzo, who homered to start the inning. Judge singled to left field. Stanton singled to far left. Gallo hit into a double play for the third Yankees double play in the game. Urshela flew out to right field to end the half, but the Yankees got on the board with Rizzo’s home run. Fletcher led off the bottom by singling in front of Judge. Fletcher stole second. Ohtani walked. Gosselin, with two on and no outs, bunted straight up caught by Sanchez. The Angels got a double steal. Moving the runners to second and third. Walsh hit a homer to right to put the Angels up two runs. Adell flew out to Gardner in center. Marsh went down on strikes. Los Angeles Angel 3 the New York Yankees 1.

Rougie Odor led off the fifth inning and struck out. Sanchez homered into the left-field stands. Gardner worked a walk. LeMahieu faced new Angels pitcher Jimmy Herget; Gardner stole second and ground out with Gardner moving to third base. Rizzo went down on strikes. At the bottom, Stassi singled just beyond Urshela as short. Mayfield doubled down the left-field foul line moving Stassi to third. Lagares ground out to third, holding the runners, one out. Fletcher lined sharply to Rizzo for the second out. Ohtani was intentionally walked. Gosselin singled, driving in two runs, and that was the night for Jameson Taillon. Gosselin initiated a double steal with Ohtani scoring. Walsh faced the new Yankee pitcher Joely Rodriguez and ground out to end the inning. Los Angeles Angels 6 New York Yankees 2.

The sixth inning was led off by Aaron Judge, who singled to right. Stanton hit into the Yankees’ fourth double play. Gallo went down, looking to end the half. Adell in the bottom popped out to Gallo. Marsh ground out to third. Stassi got a double that split the outfielders in left. Mayfield struck out. Angels 6 Yankees 2.

Gio Urshela led off the seventh and, facing new Angel’s pitcher Elvis Peguero, doubled down the right-field line. Odor was hit by a pitch advancing to first. Sanchez flew out to center, with Urshela taking third. Gardner hit into yet another double play to strand two. At the bottom, with Lucas Luetge on the mound, Lagares went down on strikes. Fletcher struck out. Ohtani popped out to Urshela in foul territory. Angels 6 Yankees 2.

The eighth inning was led off by LeMahieu, who singled up the middle. Rizzo doubled to right, moving LeMahieu to third base with no outs. Judge faced the new Angel’s pitcher Junior Guerro and singled, scoring LeMahieu. Stanton got a sac fly scoring Rizzo. Gallo walked, moving Judge to second. Urshela faced the next Angel pitcher Jake Petricka and struck out swinging. Luke Voit pinch hit for Odor and down on strikes. Boone made a curious move as Odor has gotten some big hits and would have been a lefty against a righty. At the bottom, Gosselin led off by striking out. Walsh flew out to Gardner. Adell chopped out to Velazquez at short to end the inning. Angels 6 Yankees 4.

With the last licks on the line for the Yankees in the ninth, Gary Sanchez stepped to the plate facing and Raisel Iglesias and struck out. Gardner struck out swinging. LeMahieu lined out to third to end the game and give the Yankees their fourth consecutive loss. The final score was the Los Angeles Angels 6 and the New York Yankees 4. The winning pitcher was Jimmy Herget, the loser Jameson Taillon and the save went to Raisel Iglesias.






The New York Yankees need to play Anthony Rizzo and Luke Voit moving forward

Last night, the New York Yankees completed a day-night double headers sweep of the Boston Red Sox. Their win over Boston along with the loss of the Athletics has the three teams in a virtual tie for the Wild Card.

Just over a month ago, the Yankees looked dead in the water. They were 9.5 games behind the Red Sox and every time there was a close game, the Yankees found a way to lose in heartbreaking fashion.

Then, they slowly started to turn it around. The Yankees were playing much better as we inched towards the trade deadline and then Brian Cashman went on the offensive. He acquired Anthony Rizzo from The Cubs and Joey Gallo from The Rangers.

If the Yankees don’t have Rizzo, they likely don’t win those series right after the deadline. If the Yankees don’t have Gallo, they don’t win the series against the Mariners and don’t win the series against the White Sox.

Both men have proven that they are massive assets to the team. Rizzo was acquired because the Yankees wanted to have another lefty bat, but also because Luke Voit has spent the majority of the year injured.

Yankees Need Both

Voit led the league in home runs last year and he finished ninth in the MVP voting. He’s been a popular figure with the team, but after the Rizzo acquisition, it appeared he was on his way out the door as the bombers were shopping him in trades.

They couldn’t find a good trade partner and ultimately kept Voit which proved to work out perfectly. Anthony Rizzo ended up catching COVID and has missed the last week and a half.

Immediately after Rizzo was taken out, Voit returned from the IL. Voit has played great since returning and he’s had nine RBIs in the last nine games. Rizzo is expected back today and Voit made it clear that he believes he should still be in the Yankees lineup.

Voit told the media last night, “I was top-10 in MVP last year, and I’ve been a great player for this organization for the last three years. I’m not going down, I want play. I know it’s gonna be tougher with Rizzo, but I deserve to play just as much as he does.”

I have to agree with Voit here. He absolutely deserves to play for this team and they need him in the lineup. That said, Anthony Rizzo also needs to be manning first base for the New York Yankees.

How to Play Both

So, what do they do? Look, we’re in the stretch run here and the Yankees need their best team out there. It’s time for Giancarlo Stanton to play the field every day. Luke Voit needs to be in the lineup so you make him your primary DH while giving first back to Rizzo.

Judge and Gallo can split time in Center with Judge getting the majority of time there. To save Stanton from potential injury, you can take him out late in games and put Gardner or Davis back in the game. It’s crunch time right now, and the Yankees need to put their best foot forward.

To me, it starts tonight. Andrew Heaney is on the mound so the Yankees are likely going to need close to ten runs to have a chance at winning the game. It’s the perfect time to breakout the following lineup:

  1. DJ LeMahieu – 2B
  2. Anthony Rizzo – 1B
  3. Aaron Judge – CF
  4. Joey Gallo – LF
  5. Giancarlo Stanton – RF
  6. Luke Voit – DH
  7. Rougned Odor – 3B
  8. Gary Sanchez – C
  9. Tyler Wade – SS

Just imagine that lineup when Gio Urshela and Gleyber Torres are back. Granted, you still should find a spot to get Odor in there when you can. Simply put, the Yankees need their best lineup at all times moving forward. Sound off in the comments below on what you think the lineup should be.

Yankees’ Anthony Rizzo discusses his “rough week” with COVID-19, is nearing a return

anthony rizzo, yankees

New York Yankees’ first baseman Anthony Rizzo, who came over from the Chicago Cubs before the trade deadline, revealed the details of his battle against COVID-19, one that knocked him out of action for several days in an important stretch of games.

While his return to the Yankees’ active roster isn’t imminent, he is getting closer.

He dealt with most of the symptoms of the disease and was “knocked out” for about a week, as he told NJ Advance Media himself. He confirmed he couldn’t taste or smell, which are pretty typical signs.

“(I) feel a lot better than I expected,” Rizzo told reporters after working out before the Yankees’ victory against the Boston Red Sox in the first game of the doubleheader.

The Yankees’ slugger could be back playing in a few days.

“Soon,” Yankees manager Aaron Boone said. “We’ll see if it’s tomorrow or the next day. We’ve just got to see where we’re at today with how he’s doing, how he responds to the uptick in workload.”

The Yankees’ slugger told his story

Rizzo explained that he started feeling some symptoms on August 7. He said he was “tired and achy.” After that game, he tried to eat, but couldn’t taste the food. At that point he was tested, and the result was positive.

His rough week started at that point. He was continually exhausted and lacked appetite. Slowly, but surely, he was able to take walks. He couldn’t stand the lack of activity, saying that “watching games on the TV, it’s a lot more stressful than playing in them.”

On Tuesday, he ran, took grounders and hit in the cage.

At this point in time, he is still yet to fully recover his taste and smell, but they “come and go.”

He will need to hit during bullpens and batting practice to have a shot at returning this week to the Yankees, but he has a good chance of doing so.

The Yankees’ offense seems to boil down to the success of one player

anthony rizzo, yankees

Up against the lowly Kansas City Royals, the New York Yankees have struggled to find their groove so far in the series. In the first game, they barely scratched out a win, losing the lead four times and eventually securing the victory in the 11th inning. In game two of the series, the Royals posted eight runs compared to the Yankees’ four, as starting pitcher Nester Cortes allowed five runs over 5.2 innings.

However, the Yankees’ offense has struggled to get going ever since starting first baseman Anthony Rizzo contracted COVID-19. Rizzo has missed the last three games but is fighting his way back after making the decision to pass on the vaccine.

Before general manager Brian Cashman acquired Rizzo from the Chicago Cubs, he was hitting .248 with 14 homers and 40 RBIs. Ever since making the transition to New York, the 31-year-old is hitting .281 with three homers and six RBIs, helping the offense tremendously in their quest to achieve adequacy.

The Bombers have scored 12 runs in the last three games, compared to a stretch last week where they scored 23 runs in two games against the Baltimore Orioles. Rizzo played a significant part in the success of the offense, providing consistent hits and a clutch factor.

In his place, Luke Voit has made a return, failing to collect a hit against Kansas City in the loss on Tuesday. Rizzo has been one of the more effective offensive weapons for the Yankees, reinvigorating a team that spent the first half of the season looking for answers.

However, the offense can’t be blamed for everything, as the starting pitchers have been lackluster due to reserves being put in a place of importance. The team is expecting both Gerrit Cole and Jordan Montgomery to make a return this week, with Luis Severino and Corey Kluber eyeing a late August or September return.

The Yankees can only wait so long before the team is looking through a tight window at a playoff spot. Currently, they are seven games back in the AL East and two games in the Wild Card. Their best bet is taking over Boston in the WC, but beating poor teams like Kansas City is essential.

Hopefully, the return of Rizzo, who has a .563 slugging percentage and .963 OPS, can spark more some run-production. You’d think the star-studded lineup consisting of Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton would be a bit more effective — especially Giancarlo who failed to collect a hit over five at-bats in the loss to the Royals.

New York Yankees Breaking: Rizzo to the Covid list, Luke Voit activated

anthony rizzo, yankees

Before today’s game, the New York Yankees announced that newly acquired hitter Anthony Rizzo had been placed on the Covid list. In a corresponding move, the Yankees have reactivated first baseman, Luke Voit.

Since before the trade deadline, Voit is coming off a bruised knee that has kept him away from the team. Rizzo was acquired by the Yankees from the Chicago Cubs at the deadline in the past week, has had 3 home runs, has scored 8 runs was hitting .281 in nine games. However, the Yankees will now be without him for at least ten days.

In this latest round of positive tests, Rizzo adds yet another Yankee to test positive for the virus, including Aaron Judge, Kyle Higasioka, Gio Urshela, Gerrit Cole, Jordan Montgomery, and Gary Sanchez. Judge and Higashioka are already back with the team.

Stay with for all the latest developments.

The New York Yankees have a 2017 vibe one week after acquiring Anthony Rizzo and Joey Gallo

anthony rizzo, yankees

The New York Yankees won a huge game last night against the Seattle Mariners. The Bombers found themselves down 3-2 in the bottom of the seventh with two outs and Aaron Judge at the plate.

Judge and Giancarlo Stanton were able to get base hits and up stepped newcomer Joey Gallo. While Gallo hasn’t gotten off to the best start with the Yankees, he had his chance to be the hero last night and he didn’t disappoint.

Gallo hit a towering home run that gave the Yankees a 5-3 lead which they would hold onto. Since the trade deadline last week, Anthony Rizzo has had the spotlight for the Yankees and for good reason. Rizzo has looked like a star both offensively and defensively.

Last night, Gallo was able to join in the fun. Since acquiring Rizzo and Gallo, the Yankees are 6-1. They are now just 1.5 games out of the second wild card and they’re only 4 games behind Boston for the first wild card.

New Vibes

The entire demeanor of this team has changed over the last week. The acquisitions of Rizzo and Gallo have provided a much needed shot in the arm to a team that has had too many punches to the gut all season long.

While the Yankees were dealt some brutal blows this week from positive COVID tests to Gerrit Cole, Jordan Montgomery, and Gary Sanchez, the team has kept pushing forward. For the first time all year, the Yankees find themselves ten games over 500 now at 59-49.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the impact that Rizzo and Gallo have had on the Yankees. It’s not just the performance on the field, but the way they have already become crucial pieces to the morale in the clubhouse.

Anthony Rizzo already looks like a leader on this club and Gallo’s positive energy is contagious. Simply put, the New York Yankees are a different team than they were a week ago in every aspect.

2017 Yankees Feeling

I can’t help but think about the 2017 Yankees when thinking about this year’s team. The Yankees were struggling in July of 2017. The Bombers had a record of 48-44 when the team pulled off their first blockbuster trade of that deadline.

Brian Cashman was able to acquire Todd Frazier, David Robertson, and Tommy Kahnle from the White Sox. Frazier completely changed the vibes in the clubhouse and became somewhat of a team captain the rest of the way.

We all remember the ‘Thumbs Down’ calling card of the 2017 Yankees. That 48-44 team went on to finish 91-71 while making the playoffs. They pushed the trashcan banging Houston Astros to a Game 7 in the ALCS.

Of course, there are glaring differences between the two teams. Aaron Boone is leading this year’s team while Joe Girardi was the manager in 2017. The Yankees also acquired Sonny Gray in 2017 to go along with CC Sabathia, Luis Severino, and Masahiro Tanaka.

From a pitching standpoint, this year’s team is not as good as the 2017 team on paper. However, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of going on a serious run themselves just like they 2017 did.

The Yankees are finally riding a wave of momentum right now and fans are feeling much different about this club. If all the pieces come together, the Yankees could still do something special in what was being thought of as a lost 2021 season.