Yankees: What Josh Donaldson’s shocking release says about the state of the team

The New York Yankees recently made the shocking move of releasing former MVP Josh Donaldson. This decision sparked a range of reactions from the fanbase, as many were not pleased with Donaldson’s performance. Sometimes, when a notable player is released, it can reveal a lot about the team. The Yankees releasing Donaldson conveyed two key points about the organization.

The Yankees are looking ahead to the future

It is clear that the 2023 MLB Season is going nowhere for the Bronx Bombers. They currently find themselves in last place in the AL East with a record of 67-69, putting them under. To prepare for the future, the Yankees have made moves for the future, calling up top prospects, including outfielder Jasson Dominguez and catcher Austin Wells.

These actions indicate that the Yankees are shifting their focus toward the future, likely looking ahead to the next season. The decision to waive Donaldson reflects this strategic move, as it became evident that he was not part of the team’s long-term plans. Given the current situation, this seems like a wise choice for the organization.

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The Yankees are ready to admit they made a mistake

One thing many fans appreciate is when the organizations they root for are willing to admit that they made a mistake. The Yankees releasing Donaldson is a clear example of a team making such an admittance. New York acquired him via trade a few seasons ago, Donaldson has been a tremendous disappointment. Not only due to the number of injuries Donaldson had but also because he has suffered a ton of regression this season.

His production has fallen off a cliff, as he has hit fewer fastballs this season compared to others. Donaldson’s swing has looked different this season, indicating a clear sign of regression.

Donaldson, previously known for how viciously he swings the bat, had been swinging with noticeably less speed this season. No matter what, a change had to be made, and it resulted in the pinstripes parting ways with Donaldson, realizing that keeping him was a mistake.

Looking at Donaldson, it’s unfortunate that his time with the Yankees didn’t pan out as expected. He struggled to find his footing with the team. However, it’s worth noting that he’s not out of the league entirely. He recently signed a deal with the Milwaukee Brewers. Hopefully, he can make a positive impact with them and contribute to the Brewers’ success in winning the NL Central. As for the rest of this season, it is going to be a long one for Yankees fans.