Yankees: Aroldis Chapman is well on his way to a career year

New York Yankees, Aroldis Chapman

The New York Yankees dropped the finale against the Tampa Bay Rays, but they were able to take the series at the always difficult Tropicana Field. They are already 20-17, comfortably above .500 after being as bad as 6-11 a few weeks ago.

The pitching has been one of the main driving factors behind the Yankees’ success. We all know that Gerrit Cole has been virtually unhittable every time he steps on the mound, and that Corey Kluber and Domingo German turned their seasons around in the last couple of starts. But the bullpen has been extraordinary all year long.

And the best reliever on the Yankees’ roster remains Aroldis Chapman. The closer has, to this point, an immaculate ERA of 0.00. He has done it in 15.0 innings, which is already more than what he pitched last season (11.0 frames.)

The most impressive thing about Chapman this season is that it is already mid-May, and he is still running a negative FIP of -0.03. A pitcher has to be extremely dominant to have a negative FIP, and that is the best word available to describe Chapman’s campaign so far.

The Yankees’ closer wants to break personal bests

The All-Star closer is well on his way to posting his best start since 2012, when he didn’t allow any earned runs in April and May. That year, the Yankees’ stopper, then with the Cincinnati Reds, didn’t concede his first earned run until June 9, and went on to have his highest WAR finish of 3.2.

This year, the Yankees’ flamethrower is already up to 1.1 WAR, and we haven’t finished the second month of the regular season. Everything has been fueled by the use of a splitter.

On Wednesday, Chapman nailed his ninth save of the season and had a rematch with Rays infielder Mike Brosseau, who hit a go-ahead, eighth-inning homer off Chapman in Game 5 of last year’s American League Division Series. The Yankees’ closer struck him out and, later, did his job.

“I’m just trying to do my job there in that inning. I was just focused on getting the job done at that time of the game. Whatever happened in the past, forget about that. You can’t really be thinking about that when you’re trying to do your job out there,” he told MLB.com.

New York Yankees: Learning more about the Yankees’ Covid outbreak

The New York Yankees have been the center of attention in and out of the baseball world as they deal with eight cases of “breakthrough” Covid 19. Breakthrough cases are rare but more common among fully vaccinated individuals in congregate situations. What is so unusual about the Yankee situation is that it spread from one to eight staff in just four days. Yesterday was the first day since the traveling party arrived in Tampa, Florida, that the Yankees did not report a new case.

Here is what we’ve learned:

  • The New York Yankees arrived in Tampa on Sunday night to prepare the 3 games set against the Rays. Shortly after arriving it was discovered that third base coach Phil Nevin had contracted the virus.
  • On Monday, the first base coach Reggie Willits and four support staff also tested positive for Covid 19. Willits was replaced by the player development coach in Monday night’s game, and bench coach Carlos Mendoza replaced Nevin.
  • Yankee shortstop Glyber Torres played in Monday night’s game at Tropicana Field.
  • Aaron Boone gave a possible scenario that could have caused the spread. He suggested that it could have been caused by the two and half hour rain delay during the last series at Yankee Stadium. Players in the wait, he expansive space to spread out in the clubhouse. Support staff did not have that luxury.
  • Tuesday, it was reported that pitching coach Matt Blake had been tested positive for the disease. Gleyber Torres was held out of Tuesday’s game in “an abundance of caution.”
  • It was also announced that of the seven then infected that 6 in the party were asymptomatic. (infected but not feeling any symptoms).
  • Wednesday’s game had Torres off the lineup again due to waiting for tests to be completed. It was announced on Thursday morning that Torres did, in fact, test positive for Covid.
  • We learned that all the infected parties were giving the J&J vaccine on April 7th.
  • Today it was announced that all infected parties had remained quarantined in Tampa as the Yankee flew to Baltimore for a three-game set at Camden Yards.
  • The remaining staff left in Tampa would remain at the team hotel or those who have offseason homes, at their homes in the area.
  • Yankee general manager Brian Cashman announced that Gleyber Torres was on the 10 day Covid IL. He also added that he didn’t know when he could come off, but it could be as soon as he remains asymptomatic and tests negative three days in a row.

First, it’s important to know what a “breakthrough case is. It’s when a person has been fully vaccinated (1 shot of the J&J or 2 shots of the Pfizer or Maderna) and has passed the two-week mark for full protection and then contracts the Covid 19 virus. These cases are extremely rare. There have only been 9,220 cases among 92 million that were fully vaccinated. Of those, there were 835 hospitalizations and 132 deaths.

General manager Cashman said:

Everyone in the Yankees’ traveling party of 50 to 60 people is being tested three times a day using polymerase chain reaction, saliva and rapid tests. Thursday was the first day of no new positive test results since the outbreak began, Cashman said. “Maybe it’s slowing down,” he said.

“I believe the variant that we’re dealing with has been pretty aggressive,” Cashman said, without identifying the variant.

The New York Yankees were the first team to reach an 85% vaccination rate, and at this point, several of the health protocols were relaxed per an agreement with MLB and the players union. Some of those related rules are that those in the dugout would no longer be mandated to wear masks, players could sit in the sauna together, with several other restrictions being lifted.

Some players at taking this situation with more intensity than others. A good example is that Jameson Taillon, who normally works out before a start in the weight room, chose to do his workouts masked far out in the right field at Tropicana Field. Last night he did not have that luxury when he joined about 50 others in the traveling party when they boarded their Delta flight to Baltimore. It is assumed they were all masked and keeping as much distance from each other as possible.

The New York Yankees, MLB, the New York Board of Health, and the CDC alike are watching the Yankees’ situation closely to see what they can learn moving forward. As of this writing, there are no plans to change the Yankee schedule in Baltimore. After the Baltimore series, the Yankees are scheduled to have a 4 game set at Globe Life Park, home of the Texas Rangers. It will be the first time they will play in a 100% occupancy park since 2019.



Yankees: Good news and bad news in blowout loss to Tampa Bay

New York Yankees, Giancarlo Santon

The past few days for the New York Yankees have been quite intense. Despite being fully vaccinated, seven members of the Yankees staff and shortstop Gleyber Torres have all contracted COVID-19, and while the majority of them don’t have any symptoms, proving that the vaccine is, in fact, working, these breakthrough positive results are alarming.

Clearly, the operations of a baseball team and being in confined quarters for prolonged periods of time can have a fact on the viral load of the virus, but this strange turn of events undoubtedly had an impact on their performance on Thursday.

The Yankees fell to the Tampa Bay Rays, who avoided a three-game sweep in Tampa. Starting pitcher Jamison Taillon lasted just 4.2 innings, giving up six hits and four earned runs, but struck out nine batters in the process. He currently has a 5.40 ERA on the year, a bit too high for the expectations general manager Brian Cashman had when he acquired him from the Pittsburgh Pirates months ago.

However, Taillon is still working his way back from Tommy John surgery and battling injuries the past few seasons, so I imagine he will improve as the season progresses. This game seemed to be a toss-away for the Yankees, who couldn’t get anything going on offense, recording just five hits. While Tampa struck out 16 times, they still manage 10 hits and nine runs, thanks to a few homers and solid contact hitting.

Good news and bad news for the Yankees:

The Yankees were beat and battered by 41-year old pitcher Rich Hill, who struck out nine batters. Ray’s manager Kevin Cash was ecstatic about his veteran starter, who clearly has something special going on with his breaking pitches.

“He was outstanding.” Rays manager Kevin Cash said. “We’ve talked about the last three outings, and now four that he’s been on a really good run. He’s had good rhythm, you see him change his delivery a little bit at times. He’s got a good feel for what he’s doing.”

The effects of the Covid situation have clearly spilled over on to other players, who might be concerned for their own health or the status of their teammates.

Star infielder DJ LeMahieu stated: “It was a crazy few days.”

Hopefully, all of those infected with a virus will return to the team shortly, as they remain asymptomatic. It is important to note that the vaccine does not stop one from contracting the virus but rather limits the symptoms and intensity.

New York Yankees: 3 Major takeaways from finale loss to the Rays

New York Yankees, Michael King

Last night the New York Yankees wanted to celebrate the cheerfulness of putting a bow on the series with the Tampa Bay Rays by completing the sweep of the series. That was not to be as the Rays pummeled the Yankees last night. The Yankees can take some solace, though; it’s the first time the Yankees have won a series against the Ray since the Rays swept a two-game series from the Yankees back on September 24-25, 2019. The Yankees’ last time they swept a series over the Rays at Tropicana Field was in April of 2015.

Taillon had command problems

Jameson Taillon just didn’t have his good stuff in the 9-1 rout of the New York Yankees. He got in immediate trouble in the first inning, giving up two runs, he gave up another two runs in the third inning, and his day was done after just 4.2 innings and 95 pitches thrown.

The odd thing about Taillon’s outing is that he had command one minute but not the next. He struck out 9 Rays on the day but didn’t have any consistency with his pitches. The Yankee’s pitching coach Matt Blake has been encouraging the Yankees’ pitchers to increase their use of the changeup, which they have been doing successfully. However, Taillon is the one pitcher that has not made that increase, and the reason is that it just isn’t very good.

Bullpen surprisingly fails big time

After Jameson Taillon gave up four runs, manager Aaron Boone turned the game over to his usually stellar bullpen. Unfortunately, last night that made things worse. Michael King has been good for the Yankees going several innings of scoreless relief; that was not the case last night. He gave up 3 runs in just 2.1 innings of work. Justin Wilson sealed the deal for the Yankees by giving up 2 runs in the ninth inning.

The Yankees still aren’t hitting

The New York Yankees are under tremendous pressure not to give up runs in games because across most of this season’s games; the Yankee hitters aren’t scoring. Under normal circumstances, if the starting pitching isn’t as good as expected, the hitters can pick it up for him by scoring runs. For the most part, this season, that is not happening. It’s been that the pitchers have made up for the poor hitting.

Last night the Yankees only had five hits in the game. Those few hits seldom win games. This has been a problem that has dogged the Yankees all season. Although the front of the lineup has improved considerably since the beginning of the season, the bottom of the lineup has been failing miserably. Last night Mike Ford, Clint Frazier, Miguel Andujar, and Brett Gardner combined for 9 strikeouts and no hits. Their combined batting average is just 104.5. This basically means the Yankees are operating with only half a lineup.

Excellent pitching in the first two games led the New York Yankees to win those games. However, based on industry norms, the Yankees shouldn’t have won those games either. In the entire three-game series, the Yankees only scored five runs.



New York Yankees Recap: Yankees fail the sweep of the Rays big time

New York Yankees, Aaron Boone, jameson taillon

Under the veil of the coronavirus, tonight the New York Yankees faced the Tampa Bay Rays for the finale of a three-game set, hoping for the sweep. The Yankees won the first two tames 3-1 and 2-1. Tonight the Yankees’ Jameson Taillon faced the Rays’ Rich Hill. Today Gleyber Torres tested positive and was not in the lineup for the second night in a row. So many questions remain unanswered at the Yankees go forward, but tonight they lost to the Rays 9-1.

In the first inning, Hill faced DJ LeMahieu, who had a line drive out to second. Giancarlo Stanton hammered on to left for a single. Aaron Judge flew out to the right field. Gio Urshela grounded out to third base to end the half scoreless. The bottom saw Randy Arozarena fly out to Brett Gardner. Austin Meadows went down on strikes. Manuel Margot hit single to no man’s land in center. Branden Lowe doubled, moving Margot to third base. Yandy Diaz singled for the two-run lead for the Rays. Joey Wendle struck out for the third out of the inning. Rays 2 Yankees 0.

Gary Sanchez led off the second against Hill by striking out. Mike Ford struck out. Clint Frazier walked. Miguel Andujar flew out to center field. Kevan Smith led off against Taillon, and he struck out. Brett Phillips went down on strikes. Mike Brosseau struck out for Taillon’s strikeout of the side and his fifth in the game. Rays 2 Yankees 0.

At the top of the third inning, Brett Gardner led off against the oldest pitcher in the big leagues, Rich Hill, and he walked off Hill. LeMahieu lined out to third, but Gardner moved to second. Stanton flew out to center, keeping Gardner at second base. A pitch hit Aaron Judge. Urshela, with two on and two outs, flew out to Margot in right to end the half. At the bottom, Taillon faced the top of the Ray’s lineup. Arozarena had a lead-off walk. Meadows hit a two-run homer to make it 4 runs for the Rays. Margot lined out to Judge who made a diving catch. Lowe ground out to LeMahieu. Diaz doubled down the left-field line. Diaz went to third on a Sanchez-passed ball. Wendle ground out to first to end the inning. Rays 4 Yankees 0.

Gary Sanchez led off the fourth by walking. Mike Ford lined out. Clint Frazier struck out. Miguel Andujar ground to short to end the half scoreless for the New York Yankees. At the bottom of the inning, Smith struck out. Phillips struck out. Brosseau lined out to Andujar for a 1-2-3 inning for Taillon. Rays 4 Yankees 0.

Brett Gardner led off the fifth inning struck out. LeMahieu struck out. Stanton struck out a ball way out of the zone to end the half. It was the top of the lineup for Taillon at the bottom of the fifth. Arozarena struck out for Taillon’s eighth strikeout of the game. Meadows doubled off the right-field wall. Margot struck out. Lowe walked, and that was the night for Taillon. The new Yankee pitcher was Michael King. Diaz struck out to end the inning. Rays 4 Yankees 0.

At the top of the sixth inning, Aaron Judge hit a solid double that went to the left-field wall. Urshela went down on strikes. Sanchez reached on a single, and Judge went to third. Ford hit into a double play, wasting Judge’s double. At the bottom, Wendle led off by walking against King. Smith singled for two on and no outs. Phillips went down on strikes. Brosseau tipped into the glove of Sanchez for the second out. Arozarena hit a three-run home run putting the game out of the reach of the Yankees. Meadows struck out. That’s three strikeouts in the inning for King, but he gives up his first homer of the season, and it’s a big one. Rays 7 Yankees 0.

Rich Hill, still in there after 93 pitches, faced Clint Frazier, who struck out. Andujar struck out, and that was the end of the night for Rich Hill. Louis Head took over for Hill. Gardner flew out to left to end the half. At the bottom, Margot led off striking out. Lowe ground out to LeMahieu. Diaz walked, Padlo pinch ran for him. Wendle struck out. Rays 7 Yankees 0.

DJ LeMahieu ground out. Stanton went down looking. Judge flew out to center. Smith led off the bottom of the eighth by reaching on catcher’s interference. Phillips had a base hit to right, moving Smith to second base. Brosseau reached on a fielder’s choice with Phillips out at second. Arozarena with men on the corners and one out walked. Meadows doubled, driving in two more runs. Margot popped out for the second out. Lowe struck out, but the Rays tacked on an additional two runs. Rays 9 Yankees 0.

At the top of the ninth and last licks on the line for the New York Yankees, Gio Urshela lined a base hit to left field. Gary Sanchez doubled, moving Urshela to third. Mike Ford, with two on and no outs, walks to load the bases with Yankees. Clint Frazier hit into a double play, but Urshela scored so the Yankees wouldn’t be shut out. Miguel Andujar, with two outs, flew out for the final out of the game. Final score Tampa Bay Rays 9 New York Yankees 1. The winning pitcher was Rich Hill, and the loser was Jameson Taillon.




Breaking New York Yankees: Gleyber Torres tests positive for the coronavirus

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

According to Joel Sherman of the New York Post, The New York Yankees shortstop Glyeber Torres has tested positive for Covid 19, making it the eighth member of the traveling party to contract the disease. Torres is a hard-luck kid as this is the second time he has had the virus. He contracted it back in December as well. He has been placed on the Covid related IL. Torres will need to complete a quarantine period and test negative before he’s cleared to return from the IL.

What is most concerning is what we don’t know. What’s really going on, and what is causing these infections to spread so quickly among staff that has all been vaccinated. It was learned today that all of the infected staff received the J&J vaccine back on April 7th and should have been totally protected. It is known that the J&J vaccine is far less reliable than the Pfizer or Moderna vaccines, with only an approximate 75% effective rate.

Since the team was the first to reach an 85% vaccination rate and had relaxed protocols dictated by MLB, it is unclear now if that will change now that a player who has come in contact with all of the other players has come down with the virus.

Also concerning is that after the game tonight, all the players and staff will have to board a plane to Baltimore within close quarters for the two-hour trip to play the Baltimore Orioles. If this gets much worse or more players become infected, it could potentially cancel games. For the time being Gio Urshela will take over at short and the Yankees called up Miguel Andujar who will most likely man third base.

Apparently, all of the Yankee staff have been tested at least 3 times since arriving in Tampa. Other infected staff members are first base coach Reggie Willets. The player development coach was filling in as the first base coach. Boone’s bench coach Carlos Mendoza was on the field taking Phil Nevin’s place as third-base coach. Also notable absent last night was pitching coach Matt Blake. Blake is the third Yankee coach to be confirmed case of the Covid 19 virus. Boone said he is asymptomatic, as are six of the seven other virus cases. Bullpen coach Mike Harkey filled in for him.

Stay with EmpireSportsMedia.com for all the latest developments in this everchanging situation for the New York Yankees.

New York Yankees: How many will be allowed to board the plane tonight?

The New York Yankees potentially have big problems ahead. They already have seven staff members, and potentially Glyber Torres infected with Covid 19. And tonight, they all have to board a plane for Baltimore, where there will be no social distancing. It would seem obvious that some staff will have to remain in Tampa.

The New York Yankee players took a vote as to whether they should play or not on Tuesday night. They voted to play, and the Yankees won the game 3-1. Last night there was no vote; they played and shut out the Rays. Tonight with this situation getting worse, it could be a different story. Much depends on whether the questionable results from shortstop Glebyer Torres and if they come back as positive.

Regardless of the results or if they play the game tonight, it has to be concerning that they will have to be in close quarters on the Delta charter to Baltimore tonight. They will be held up in the plane’s cabin for a little over two hours.

What is most concerning is what we don’t know. What’s really going on, and what is causing these infections to spread so quickly among staff that has all been vaccinated, that should be approximately 94% protected from the virus.

The concern among the team is at various levels. In preparation for him taking the mound tonight, Jameson Taillon choose not to use the training room to do his workouts. Instead, he did his workouts far out in the right field while being masked.

Although this is unclear, this became a problem late Sunday and Monday. If anyone tested positive up to that point, it is unknown, but apparently, everyone was allowed to board the plane for the three-plus hour flight to Tampa, Florida. Tuesday morning, 3rd base coach Phil Nevins’s positive test became known. Within hours there were more positive tests, and as of this morning, that has increased to seven, including 1st base coach Reggie Willits, 3rd base coach Phil Nevin, and pitching coach Matt Blake and 4 other unnamed support staff.

If Gleyber Torres comes back positive, he would be the first player to contract the virus while in Tampa, which opens up a whole can of worms on whether the Yankees play tonight or not and how they will go forward. MLB may have something to say about that as well.

Stay with EmpireSportsMedia.com as this story develops.


Yankees: Good news and bad news in Cole domination over Tampa Bay

yankees, gerrit cole

The New York Yankees overcame the Tampa Bay Rays for the second consecutive game on Wednesday by a score of 1-0. As Tampa sits at .500 on the season, the Yankees have pulled four games above the .500 mark. However, their offense continues to struggle, having scored just four runs over the past two games and 11 over the past four games. Thanks to incredible pitching, the Yankees have managed to spark a bit of momentum and positive progression.

Again, pitching has been the primary catalyst as of late, and starter Gerrit Cole had a phenomenal outing against Tampa to record his fifth win of the season.

Good news and bad news for the Yankees:

Cole was a bright spot in the victory, lowering his ERA to 1.37 on the year. He lasted 8.0 innings, throwing 106 pitches and racking up 12 strikeouts. He allowed just four hits, gifting Aroldis Chapman his easiest save of the year.

It is always a massive benefit to the team when the starting pitcher can go eight innings and give the bullpen a good rest, especially since the Yankees’ relief arms have been heavily relied on as of late.

Nonetheless, the Yankees’ offense continues to struggle, recording just six hits and striking out 10 times in the victory. If not for Cole, the Bombers would likely have lost this game — blanking any given team in the MLB is unlikely.

However, starting outfield, Clint Frazier was tossed from the game for arguing balls and strikes. Specifically, a strike inside has Frazier bewildered, aggressively talking back to the home-plate umpire. Even Giancarlo Stanton gave Bill Miller an earful after a questionable strikeout in the fourth inning.

This was Clint’s first career ejection, and skipper Aaron Boone didn’t seem too distraught by him being launched from the game. Ultimately, Frazier has struggled at the plate this year, hitting just .146 on the season and striking out once in the victory. Thankfully, the top of the order for the Yankees has saved them, as five of their six hits came from Aaron Judge and Gio Urshela in the three and four slots.

The Yankees will finish off the series on Thursday evening against Tampa Bay and then prepare for a three-game series against the Baltimore Orioles on Friday.

Yankees’ Gerrit Cole reaches impressive personal milestone: ‘He’s an absolute bulldog’

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

The New York Yankees could only score one run yesterday against the Tampa Bay Rays. Fortunately, that’s all they needed to win, in large part because the man on the mound was just unhittable, as he has been all season. Gerrit Cole pitched eight shutout innings and struck out 12 foes in an unbelievable, yet extremely common for him, performance.

“He’s an ace,” Yankees’ manager Aaron Boone said of Cole to MLB.com. “He is an absolute bulldog. I think he lives for pitching when it’s tough and in the biggest of games. In a 1-0 game, we needed all of it. Even though he breezed through some of those innings and made them look pretty easy, there was a ton on the line with every pitch.”

The streaking Yankees have left behind the memories of their slow start, and are now a single game behind the Boston Red Sox for the AL East lead. The Bombers have taken 11 out of their last 14 games.

The Yankees’ pitcher is breaking records

During the third inning, Cole struck out Brett Phillips to nail down his 1,500th career punchout, a number that is easy to read but definitely not easy to reach.

The Yankees’ right-hander is now the fourth fastest to achieve the milestone, doing it in 1,315 1/3 innings according to the Elias Sports Bureau.

Cole was definitely happy after his performance.

“I certainly enjoy playing in meaningful games,” he said. “There was a lot going on today, and it was a bit challenging to get focused for the game, but once you’re there, it was business as usual. I try to keep that mindset all the time; it’s helpful when there’s a little bit more on the line.”

When everybody thought Cole was finished, he struck out the side in the eighth inning, hurling a 99 mph fastball to Phillips to end his night. It was simply magnificent.

“He looked pretty dialed in the entire night, but if he needs to find an extra gear to get even better, he’s capable and equipped to do that,” Rays manager Kevin Cash said.

New York Yankees: Seven Yankee staff test positive for Covid 19

New York Yankees, Gleyber Torres

Just when everyone was reassured that Covid 19 would be less of an issue, seven New York Yankee staff members have tested positive for the virus. What makes this more remarkable is that all are “breakthrough” cases, meaning that they have become infected after being fully vaccinated.

What concerns this writer is that with all of these guys being fully vaccinated, why has the virus spread so quickly through the group. Little has been revealed as to what vaccine they received and when they received it.

Although the New York Yankees say no players have tested positive, there is a mystery going on with Gleyber Torres, the Yankee’s shortstop who was left off the lineup last night in “an abundance of caution.” Apparently, all of the Yankee staff have been tested at least 3 times since arriving in Tampa. It seems as though Torre’s test was inconclusive. The Yankees are waiting for all the tests to be returned as of last night’s game.

Manager Aaron Boone has not commented on exactly what is going on with Torres, only saying, “We do expect that final ruling or whatever, potentially by tonight.” As of the end of the game last night, there was no further information available. If Torres is indeed infected, it could potentially cause big problems for the team going forward.

The New York Yankees were the first team in baseball to reach the 85% vaccination rate suggested by MLB to reduce some of the protocols. You have seen fewer players and staff wearing their masks in recent games and paying attention to the social distancing suggestions. That was not the case last night; all management and several players were masked when not on the field.

On Tuesday and Wednesday night, the player development coach was filling in as the first base coach. Boone’s bench coach Carlos Mendoza was on the field taking Phil Nevin’s place as third-base coach. Also notable absent last night was pitching coach Matt Blake. Blake is the third Yankee coach to be confirmed case of the Covid 19 virus. Boone said he is asymptomatic, as are six of the seven other virus cases.

Filling in for Blake was bullpen coach Mike Harkey who also manned the bullpen and has been seen talking to pitchers in the dugout, particularly Jordan Montgomery on Tuesday night. Blake, although not on the field, is still working with pitchers through text and Facetime.

“He’s been FaceTiming a little bit. I’ve been texting with him about (Thursday) for my start, but for the most part, like not to say we don’t need him, we obviously do. He’s great to have around and he’s great at his job. But we have a lot of guys that kind of coach each other‚” Jameson Taillon said. “Like tomorrow, I’m sure Gerrit (Cole) will be right there with me every step of the way. We’ve got Harkey, we got (director of pitching) Sam Briend here today and our pitching staff talks amongst each other.”

No one knows how this will out pan out, but the writers and management of EmpireSportsMedia.com hope all the Yankees recover quickly and that it doesn’t affect the team or any other team this baseball season.