New York Giants: Eli Manning To Be Honored At The Jay Fund’s 2020 Champions For Children Gala

Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin, New York Giants

The New York Giants‘ very own former-head coach Tom Coughlin is an admiral man who serves as president of the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund. The Jay Fund has worked hard over the last 25 years to help families with children battling cancer. The foundation features three annual signature fundraising events. In the fall, The Tom Coughlin Jay Fund hosts its annual Champions for Children Gala in New York City.

Each year, the Champions for Children Gala honors cancer patients, philanthropists, and celebrities committed to tackling childhood cancer. The foundation recognizes specific individuals who have worked hard to fight for this cause each year as special honorees. These honorees are inducted into the Champions for Children Hall of Fame.

In 2020, the Champions for Children Gala will feature three honorees: James Dune III (Vice Chairman & Senior Managing Principal, Piper Sandler Companies), Lesa France Kennedy (Executive Vice Chair, NASCAR), and Eli Manning (former New York Giants quarterback and 2x Super Bowl Champion).

Eli Manning: Champions for Children Gala Hall Of Famer

Eli Manning wrapped up a historic sixteen-year career with the New York Giants in 2020. The Giants legend led the team to two Super Bowl victories, earning the honors of Super Bowl MVP in both of the championship games. Manning, a fantastic philanthropist who works with numerous charitable foundations, will have another accomplishment to add to his list in 2020. Eli Manning will be inducted into the Tom Coughlin Jay Fund’s Champions for Children Hall of Fame.

It should not be news to anyone that Manning is a hard-working philanthropist. Eli is a winner of the NFL’s most prestigious off-field award, being named the 2016 Walter Payton Man of the Year (along with Larry Fitzgerald). NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell referred to the award as the NFL’s “highest honor.” According to, “Manning was also named the Giants’ Man of the Year in 2007, 2008, 2011, 2012, 2014 and 2015. He was one of the three finalists for the Man of the Year award in 2015, when the award went to wide receiver Anquan Boldin.” Eli was the first player in the history of the New York Giants to win the award.

“Championing causes that involve children has always been a priority for Manning, and that goal has intensified now that he is the father of three young daughters.

Manning is a fervent champion for causes involving children. He has served as the Chair of the New York March for Babies for the past eight years, joining thousands of New Yorkers in the walk in support of March of Dimes. Providing additional access for top sponsors, engaging donors and raising awareness of the organization’s platform, Manning’s efforts with March for Babies helped raise more than $25 million over the past seven years.” – via in 2017

Eli Manning will join elite company in 2020 as an honoree at the Champions for Children Gala. Manning will join the likes of Justin Tuck (2018), Steve Sabol (2011), Ann Mara (2008), and many other great philanthropists as a Champions for Children Hall of Famer. You can check out the full list of Hall of Famers here.

Congratulations, Eli Manning, and thank you for all you do. You are a consistent role model at all times and your incredible work off the football field is what makes you the true legend that you are. Thank you for always being a class act and using your platform to fight for important causes.

New York Giants: Tom Coughlin opens up about his Super Bowl wins and the legendary David Tyree catch

Eli Manning, Tom Coughlin, New York Giants

Tom Coughlin’s coaching career with the New York Giants started off on the wrong foot. In his first year as head coach (2004), the Giants would only win six games, there was a lot of doubt surrounding the new head coach. Luckily, the Giants did not give up on coach Coughlin. The Giants would go onto win two Super Bowls (2007 & 2011) behind a well-coached team.

As the head coach of the New York Giants, Tom Coughlin created a lot of unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. Finally, it is time for coach Coughligh to talk about his favorite memories from his Superbowl wins.

Coughlin on the Super Bowl run in 2008


“Super Bowl 42 has been on a couple of times. I just wanted to make sure David Tyree made that catch. So I went back and looked at it again. It was a lot of fun watching that, it really was. It brought back fabulous memories. One of the things I loved the most about Super Bowl 42 and that run was that when you look back, FOX had the game and their experts were all on. And from the first playoff game on, nobody picked us to win. Not one game. Not in Tampa. No way in Dallas, they had beaten us twice. No way that the Giants were going to beat Dallas. And they certainly can’t beat Favre in Green Bay. There’s no way. They are going up there and it’s -27 (degrees). How can they win? And they can’t beat the Patriots. There’s no way. I remember Jimmy Johnson picked the score, 34-14 or something like that. And every one of them was wrong every time.”

The 2007-08 Super Bowl is one of the most historic Super bowl games to date. With the Patriots coming into Super Bowl 42 undefeated (18-0), a lot of critics counted the Giants out. There was one man who never lost faith and that was coach, Coughlin. In addition to the unreleased statement, Coach Coughlin also shared why he played his starters in week 17.

Coughlin on playing his starters versus the Patriots

“I remember I got chastised for playing my starters against New England in Week 17. My whole point was that we are the New York Giants and there’s no way history is going to look back at this and say that the Giants didn’t put their best foot forward against a team that was vying for an undefeated season.”

Eventually, the chatter around Coughlin starting his starters week 17 would fade away. The New York Giants shocked the world in the 2007-08 season behind one of the greatest coaches of all time. Tom Coughlin and the New York Giants made memories for the fans that will last a lifetime.

MSG will be featuring the interview with Tom Coughlin at 5 PM and 7:30 PM. 



New York Giants: Tom Coughlin Not Done With Football Just Yet

New York Giants, Tom Coughlin

It’s been a while since the New York Giants parted with Tom Coughlin as their head coach. Still, many think that the team made the wrong choice – and of course, Coughlin’s replacements didn’t pan out with both Ben McAdoo and Pat Shurmur failing to improve the team and even regressing heavily since Coughlin was replaced. Coughlin, meanwhile, had moved on to the executive ranks and was a member of the Jaguars front office.

Coughlin helped lead the Jaguars to an AFC Championship Game, but after their loss in it and poor seasons the following years, he was fired and is now in the market of looking for work again. He spoke about the subject in a CBS Sports interview, where he also addressed the struggles in the years after the Jaguars appeared in the AFC Championship.

“Well, I love the game. I love the people involved in the game, and to continue to be involved in some capacity would be a very good thing for me. I need to be active, I need to be busy, I want to be busy. The routine is very good for me. It’s been that way for a lot of years, and we’ll just see what prevails,” Coughlin told The Zach Gelb Show.

On the struggles, he named a couple of problems including Blake Bortles, the Jaguars’ high draft pick who, despite the AFC Championship appearance, didn’t pan out in the long run.

“Obviously there’s no excuses, but injuries take their play. Blake Bortles had some issues in 2018, and then after that, obviously we got into the new quarterback situation and so on and so forth.”

It seems like Coughlin is looking to remain an executive, and the Giants are currently reworking their coaching staff – these sweeping changes haven’t hit the front office yet, but could they potentially bring back legendary head coach Coughlin as an executive of some sorts this time?

It’s something of a stretch, but it would go some ways towards making up for the poor way the Giants organization handled the end of Coughlin’s career and could provide the current front office with advice from someone that was around the last time the Giants were a winning team. Will it happen? The next weeks of the offseason will hold the answer to that.

New York Giants: Tom Coughlin Discusses His Thoughts And Feelings On The Eli Manning Benching

Tom Coughlin, former New York Giants head coach and current Jacksonville Jaguars Executive VP of football operations  held his annual Champions for Children Gala event in New York City on Friday night. The event honors cancer patients, philanthropists, and celebrities committed to tackling childhood cancer. Plenty of current and former New York Giants players and personnel were in attendance.

I was also in attendance as a member of the press for Empire Sports Media, a “community of die-hards” striving to bring you the best New York sports coverage. Tom Coughlin found time to talk to members of the press during the event.

While speaking with the media, Coughlin was questioned by ESPN reporter Jordan Raanan on how Tom Coughlin felt about the Giants’ recent decision to bench Eli Manning. Coughlin gave an exclusive anecdote of the situation and revealed his true thoughts and feelings:

The Coughlin And Shurmur Anecdote:

Tom Coughlin shared the story of how and when he found out about the Giants’ decision to bench Eli Manning in favor of the rookie Daniel Jones. Coughlin details the moment when Giants head coach Pat Shurmur reached out to Coughlin:

“Pat Shurmur actually said to me, ‘he’s your guy and I wanted you to know I had a very difficult thing today and I know [Eli’s] you’re guy.”

When asked for clarification on whether Pat Shurmur reached out to Coughlin the day the decision made, Tom was difinitive, saying “He did.”

Coughlin’s True Feelings On Eli Manning:

Tom Coughlin openly stated that he has a “special relationship with Eli [Manning].” When the news came down last week, Tom Coughlin did speak with Eli Manning and offered him some advice.

What I say to him is, I knew when this happened, he knows he has my one-hundred percent support. [I knew] he would handle it with class and with dignity and he will help the young guy just like Kurt Warner helped him. That’s who Eli is. – Tom Coughlin at the 2019 Champions For Childrens Gala

When Pat Shurmur informed Tom Coughlin of his difficult decision, Coughlin reaffirmed his true feelings about Eli Manning, stating: “Yeah, he is my guy, and he’ll always be my guy.”

Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin have always had a very publicly strong, father-and-son-like relationship (seen evidently at Tom Coughlin’s resignation speech in 2016). It is pleasing for Giants fans to see that these two New York legends have continued their strong relationship despite parting ways within the sport.

It is also highly encouraging for Giants fans to see current head coach Pat Shurmur handle this monumental moment with such class and respect toward Eli Manning and Tom Coughlin.

The Video Clip:

Below is a video clip of Tom Coughlin’s interview at the 2019 Champions for Children Gala in New York City.

New York Giants Legend Justin Tuck Likes What He Sees In Rookie Dexter Lawrence

Former New York Giants head coaching legend Tom Coughlin held his annual Champions for Children Gala event in New York City on Friday night. The event honors cancer patients, philanthropists, and celebrities committed to tackling childhood cancer. Plenty of current and former New York Giants players and personnel were in attendance.

I was able to attend the event as a member of the press with Empire Sports Media and talk to former Giants defensive end  Justin Tuck. Tuck was inducted as a member of the Champions for Children Hall of Fame in 2018, so I asked him what he thought of this year’s group of inductees:

What Justin Had To Say About This Year’s Inductees:

“I think Coach Coughlin is a no-nonsense guy, so the people that you see on this dock here tonight obviously have done huge things in the community. Whether that be through cancer or whatever their causes are, if coach wants them to be honored here tonight, that speaks volumes to what they’ve been able to accomplish and what they’ve done as far as giving back and being there for cancer or whatever their causes are. I’m excited tonight, I know that we are honoring people who have made a difference for people who are less fortunate or having rough times, you know, they’ve made a difference in their lives so it’s good to honor those people and recognize their accomplishments in this space.”

Justin Tuck is as excellent off the field as he was on the field. Justin prioritizes giving back and making a difference in the lives of the less fortunate.

I was also able to talk a little bit about football with Justin Tuck last night. Knowing Tuck was a staple on the Giants’ defensive line for years, I was curious to know what he thinks of the Giants’ newest addition to the defensive line, rookie Dexter Lawrence II.

Justin Tuck Likes What He Sees In Dexter Lawrence:

“Listen, as a rookie playing interior d-line, you’re gonna have some bumps and bruises. But I definitely see growth in him every game. I like him in there and I like his ability to be more than just a run-stuffer. He’s a huge kid to move! And he’s only going to get better! I love his hands, I love his feet… We gotta talk because I’ve seen him, you know, be a little slow off the ball and some things like that but that comes with confidence. And the more he gets reps and the more he plays in this league and the more he understands and, you know, he has all the talent to be one of the best to do it at his position.”

Extremely high praise there from Justin Tuck regarding Big Dex! Justin and I are in agreement, Dexter has all the talent to be one of the best to do it at his position. It will be exciting to watch Dexter Lawrence progress throughout the rest of his rookie season.

New York Giants: Landon Collins Quickly Turns On Former Head Coach

New York Giants, Landon Collins

Landon Collins is no longer a member of the New York Giants. So it might seem strange to see Collins still making headlines related to the team. However, when a former player makes comments about their old organization and coaching staff, it sometimes becomes a story. Especially when said former player has moved to a division rival and will face the Giants two times per year in division play.

In this case, Collins isn’t talking about someone from the current Giants’ organization, but a legend of the franchise that many fans will still defend to this day. Most Giants fans didn’t hold ill will against Landon Collins after the Giants let him walk and he signed a massive contract with the Washington Redskins, but one way to get rid of that remaining goodwill is to trash talk Tom Coughlin.

But that’s exactly what Collins decided to do while attempting to recruit star cornerback Jalen Ramsey to his new team.

The tweet from Collins references the Jaguars’ Vice President, who of course, is Coughlin. It is normal, of course, for a player to try to recruit others to his team, but name dropping Coughlin in the tweet might just rub Collins’ old team the wrong way.

Coughlin and Collins have about a year’s worth of history together, with Coughlin serving as the head coach of the team during the 2015 season when Collins was drafted. That turned out to be the season immediately before Coughlin was replaced by the far less successful Ben McAdoo. There’s still a number of fans that wish the Giants could have given Coughlin more time, after the poor performances of his successors up until this point.

Of course, Coughlin isn’t with the Giants anymore and neither is Collins, but it’s an interesting ‘feud’ to see play out regardless. If anything, it indicates that Collins isn’t afraid of taking on a heel role in the eyes of his former fans with the Giants, who will likely disagree with his take.