New York Giants: Shane Lemieux “avoided worst-case scenario” injury, says HC Joe Judge

New York Giants, Shane Lemeiux

The New York Giants kicked off training camp this week and on the second day of practice already had a major injury scare. Projected starting left guard Shane Lemieux was carted off of the field on the second day of practice. It was later revealed that Lemieux suffered a knee injury, though the severity of that injury was not initially revealed.

As the Giants get back at it for the third day of practice today, head coach Joe Judge spoke to the media and provided an update on Shane Lemieux’s injury status. According to Judge, the “worst-case scenario looks to have been avoided.”

The worst-case scenario would have been a season-ending injury for Lemieux. Thankfully, that has been avoided, and Giants fans will get to see Shane Lemieux suit up at some point this season. However, there is currently no timetable for Shane Lemieux’s return. Giants fans can expect to see players such as Zach Fulton and Kenny Wiggins fill in during Lemieux’s absence.

Joe Judge on Shane Lemiuex’s injury status

Joe Judge could not provide the media with too many details regarding Shane Lemieux’s injury status. But he did promise that more updates will be given in the coming days. Judge said sometime in the next “24-48 hours” the team will have a better understanding of “where he’s at.” The team cannot yet make a diagnosis on Shane.

One thing I’ll tell you about Shane, he’s kind of like a wild animal, he’d chew his leg off through a bear trap if he had to, so him not being out here kind of drives him nuts. – Joe Judge on Shane Lemieux after suffering a knee injury this week

It seems that Shane Lemieux will make a return to the practice field sooner than later. The second-year guard from Oregon was on the practice field today. Lemieux was out there, watching the whole practice today, and was seen walking off the field with his helmet on alongside Will Hernandez (Pat Leonard NYDN).

Kenny Wiggins filled in for Shane Lemieux as the starting left guard during today’s practice (Zack Rosenblatt According to Rosenblatt, the Giants are keen on keeping Will Hernandez at right guard.

The New York Giants caught a huge break with Shane Lemieux. The Giants are already thin on the offensive line and could not afford to lose one of their starters this early in the season. Shane Lemieux is a young hog molly who struggled as a rookie but has worked hard to improve and prepare for the 2021 season. Thankfully, this injury should not prevent Lemieux from seeing the field in the regular season.

New York Giants: Kelvin Benjamin goes at Joe Judge, Giants players defend coach

New York Giants, Joe Judge

Kelvin Benjamin had a chance to revitalize his career as a free agent signing with the New York Giants this offseason, but that’s far from how things actually turned out. The 30 year old wide receiver ended up released, and not only missed out on a chance to play this season but also caused quite a bit of drama on the way out.

It all stems from Benjamin showing up for practice on Wednesday and apparently getting into a dispute with head coach Joe Judge over his weight. The Giants required Benjamin to cut his weight down to 251 pounds, but his weight instead increased slightly since the end of minicamp. But Benjamin claims that others in the team building had previously told him that his weight was fine, and that the weight cut was an impossible request.

“I’m like: ‘I’m trying everything I can to be here. You won’t even let me on the field to show what I can do. I played receiver at 268 [pounds] and I almost had 1,000 yards [in 2016]. So why do you want me to come back at 251 at tight end?’” Benjamin told NJ Advance Media on Wednesday.

He claims that Judge just personally doesn’t like him, and that it led to the confrontation at practice and his release.

“The day before practice, he didn’t bring all of this up. I just felt like the dude didn’t like me. Mr. Gettleman knew exactly what went down. It’s crazy how they twisting the narrative about everything like it’s a joke. They make it seem like we don’t even matter,” Benjamin said about Judge. He’d also say other things, claiming that Judge’s style won’t win a Super Bowl.

It’s not the first time Judge has been criticized for his style, but some players disagree.

New York Giants defend Joe Judge

Since the incident, several New York Giants players have been active in defending their head coach.

“He’s very intense, but I feel like he prepares us each and every day for the game. That’s his motto. That’s his mindset and it helps and it works. So for us, it gets us excited for practice,” said defensive lineman Dexter Lawrence.

His sentiment was echoed by cornerback James Bradberry, who has looked like one of the best corners in the league under Judge’s leadership. He spoke with the New York Daily News, and gave his take on the situation.

“It ain’t for everybody. You feel me? He’s entitled to his opinion. I definitely think Coach Judge is tough. But football is tough. There’s a lot of pressure being in our shoes, so I don’t expect him to give us our way all the time,” Bradberry stated. “A tough coach, that’s how you build structure. That’s how you build discipline.”

“It ain’t for everybody, man, ya know? It ain’t for everybody,” Bradberry would add.

It’s a sentiment that seems to follow in the footsteps of two very successful head coaches that Judge has worked under – Bill Belichick and Nick Saban. Both of them have had problems with players over the years due to their strict nature, but have found tremendous success despite their style being deemed ‘not for everyone’ by many former players.

The current Giants roster, at least, seems to be all for Judge’s current style. As do the free agents who joined this offseason, many of whom specifically cited Judge as part of their reason for picking the Giants.

His style may not be for Kelvin Benjamin, but at the very least, it’s working with the group of players the Giants have now.

New York Giants: HC Joe Judge isn’t worried about Kadarius Toney’s shaky career start

new york giants, kadarius toney

The New York Giants officially kick off the 2021 season today with the start of training camp. Absent from this week’s practices, though, will be the team’s first-round draft pick from this year’s draft, Kadarius Toney. The Giants placed Toney on the reserve/COVID-19 list after the rookie receiver tested positive for the virus upon his arrival to camp last Thursday.

Fans had strong reactions to the news of Toney’s positive COVID test. Kadarius Toney has barely gotten his feet wet in the NFL and has already missed numerous practices for personal reasons and now for a positive COVID test. In his first career practice, Kadarius practiced with one cleat due to an equipment mishap. He then skipped voluntary practices before being exempt from a mandatory practice due to a private personal matter.

That being said, Kadarius Toney has barely practiced with the Giants and some fans are concerned. There are even some fans going so far as to say that Toney is a “bust” or a “bad draft pick” despite the fact that he has yet to play a down of football in the NFL. Other fans are not as worried, and neither is New York Giants head coach Joe Judge.

Joe Judge on Kadarius Toney’s shaky career start

Kadarius Toney is currently isolating and participating in meetings remotely after his positive COVID-19 test. Many questions have arisen regarding Kadarius Toney. One of the most interesting: Is he more interested in his rap career than the sport of football?

Head coach Joe Judge has an answer to that question. According to Joe Judge, Kadarius Toney “loves football.” Judge is not worried by the shaky start to Toney’s NFL career. When talking about his rookie wide receiver, Judge said Toney “goes hard when he’s practicing. He plays hard.”

“There’s a lot of guys who are talented and they have some other things outside the building that distract them when they get in the building. We haven’t seen that with him.” – Joe Judge on Kadarius Toney’s focus on football (via NY Daily News)

As for the many criticisms of Kadarius Toney, Joe Judge does not feel like the concerns are completely warranted. Judge went as far as to say that the concerns with Toney’s start to his career are being “overinflated.”

“He practices hard. So that to me is really the measuring stick of what it is. And I think there are a lot of things early in this guy’s career that are, to be honest with you, being overinflated. It hasn’t detracted from the actual football when he’s involved with us.” – Joe Judge on the start of Kadarius Toney’s career via PFT

Kadarius Toney is back in the building

After testing positive for COVID-19 last week, Kadarius Toney is now officially back in the building. Many fans and writers alike were concerned with Toney and the shaky start that he has had to his career, despite head coach Joe Judge’s trust in his rookie receiver. Now, according to Joe Judge, Kadarius Toney is back in the Giants’ facility today for the start of training camp.

Joe Judge also made it clear that the Giants will waste no time getting Kadarius Toney back in action. The Giants will not be easing him into training camp because “the most dangerous thing you can do for a player is skimp on how you practice,” says Joe Judge.

“Whether that’s conditioning to get their bodies in the right position and build up the callous in their muscles… or practicing things like live hitting and live tackling. Anything they have to do in a game we want to make sure we practice, correct, repeat and practice again.” – Joe Judge on training camp conditioning

New York Giants fans will not have to wait long to see their electric first-round draft pick on the field. Kadarius Toney will be out there for the start of training camp. Joe Judge and the New York Giants will get Kadarius Toney on the field as soon as possible. Giants training camp kicks off today as fans eagerly anticipate the start of the 2021 NFL season.

New York Giants: Joe Judge confirms long term approach with Saquon Barkley

It’s well known by now that the New York Giants aren’t rushing back Saquon Barkley. The running back’s status has been in the news for months as his recovery is closely watched by fans and the national media, but even after all this time we still don’t have a definite return date. Barkley might be back for week one, or he might sit it out. Barkley claims he doesn’t know the future outcome himself, and the team has backed up that ‘day by day’ approach.

However, we now have some more official confirmation from Joe Judge himself about what the Giants are thinking with their strategy in regards to Barkley. Judge had an interview with ESPN and shot down the idea of planning Barkley’s return around an artificial timeline.

Judge’s statements on Barkley’s recovery

“We’re thinking long term with Saquon; long term in the season, long term in his career. And by taking care of him individually, that is going to help our team long term as well. We’re going to make sure when we get him out there we can keep him out there,” Judge told ESPN.

The long term approach isn’t what some fans will want. After all, the Giants struggled rushing last season without Barkley and moved on from top backup Wayne Gallman. If they don’t get Barkley back in the number one spot right away, the Giants may very well see their early season results impacted by having to rely on an unproven stable of new backups.

But we’ve more or less heard the same story from the Giants every time the issue of Barkley’s timeline comes up. It seems that, unpopular or not, the Giants are committed to the current plan.

“And we’ve got to make sure we do the best thing for him as we go along the way and make sure we make decisions based on his body and not some artificially anticipated timeline,” Judge continued. “When he’s ready to go, that is when he’s going to be out there.”

The hope is that Barkley will be ready to face the Broncos, but that looks like less of a certainty as the offseason continues. With so many statements like this, it’s possible that the franchise is well aware of that and is focused on priming the fanbase to not be alarmed if Barkley turns out to miss the opener.

New York Giants: Logan Ryan on Joe Judge bringing him to Giants

new york giants, logan ryan

The New York Giants didn’t swing and miss when they added Logan Ryan last season in free agency. They did so following an injury to expected starter Xavier McKinney, but Ryan turned out to perform better than most would have expected from a replacement for an injured prospect.

Ryan has made himself a core part of the current group of Giants safeties, and earned himself an extension through 2023 that was signed this offseason despite some predicting him ending up elsewhere.

But what was it that brought Ryan to the Giants in the first place, after starting the offseason as a free agent that could have ended up with any team in the league? It appears that, according to Ryan himself, head coach Joe Judge played a large role in setting the Giants apart.

Ryan spoke on Good Morning Football on Wednesday, and one of the subjects was his dedication to Joe Judge.

“He allowed me to put my imprint on this young team and really allowed me to shine and show my work ethic. I just try to come in with that first one in, first one out mentality and really try to earn my stripes on this team,” Ryan said about Judge.

He claims that it was a candid conversation with Judge that led him to the Giants. And also that Judge was a coach that believed in him during a time when other teams didn’t believe in what he could do.

“I am really grateful for those times last year vying for a job and telling people what I can do, but all I really needed was the respect from one coach and that honesty. I’ll run through a wall for [Judge],” Ryan continued.

Joe Judge a major influence on Giants free agency

If it wasn’t clear already, it should be even more clear right now that Joe Judge is a big part of the moves the Giants make during free agency.

Many have suspected since his rookie season that Dave Gettleman is being made to compromise more in his role as general manager, and interviews like this with players seem to support the theory. It’s not Gettleman’s name that keeps coming up with free agents, but Judge’s.

Considering this, it’s hard to argue that Judge doesn’t have a big influence on the direction the Giants take in free agency these days. It’s something that seems like a positive, given the team’s better acquisitions over the past couple of years while Judge has been at the helm.

New York Giants: Another ridiculous Joe Judge take from the national media

New York Giants, Joe Judge

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge made some big waves after taking over the position, but not everyone around the league gets his impact on the organization just yet. This offseason, there seems to be an increase in national media outlets taking a look at what’s going on with the Giants and assuming that Judge is more poser than real. Particularly, his ‘football guy’ persona has been brought up in multiple articles by now as something that’s more laughable than meaningful.

The latest of those articles comes from CBS Sports, where Cody Benjamin ranked Judge in the lower portion of the league’s head coaches and alleged that Judge’s tough mentality is an act – and one that, according to him, borders on silliness.

26. Joe Judge (Giants)

Season: 2nd with Giants and as HC
Career record: 6-10 (.375)
Playoff record: N/A

Sometimes his no-nonsense tough-guy act borders on silliness, like when he condemned the Eagles for refusing to get his own team into the playoffs. But the disciplinary spunk had the G-Men flashing surprise confidence throughout 2020. The question is whether he’s got what it takes to shepherd offensive growth, either with Daniel Jones at QB or someone else.

Is Judge actually overrated?

The take is somewhat understandable for someone that hasn’t paid attention to the Giants in depth – but those following the team more closely, of course, will be familiar with the visible changes that happened after Judge took over.

The Giants seemed like they were set to continue on the path of being a perennial loser before they made their most recent coaching change. The team had regressed under Ben McAdoo and shown little to no improvement under Pat Shurmur, leaving the Giants selecting high in the draft each year but not quite in a position to actually stay competitive deep into the season.

It’s true that Judge did arrive at a time when the Giants were willing to make more aggressive moves to get better, but his influence on upping the level of play from the team’s existing talent can’t be understated.

From the outside looking in, others might claim Judge is simply putting on an act. But without his presence – tough guy persona and all – it’s doubtful that there would be this much hope around the team going into next season.

With a better roster to work with this year, this may finally be the point when Judge gets the respect from around the league that didn’t come when the Giants hired him or after his rookie season in charge.

New York Giants: Blake Martinez has glowing praise for Joe Judge

New York Giants, Blake Martinez

Going into their second season under Joe Judge, the New York Giants are one of the most intriguing teams in the NFL. After all, they almost made the playoffs last season despite a terrible early season and they remained in the mix for the entire year. There’s a certain allure around their head coach, not just because of his prestigious background working with some of the biggest names in the sport but also because the Giants showed more fight than they have in years during his first season in charge.

Headed into the second year, the sentiment is understandably positive around Judge. That begins with the players, and defensive captain Blake Martinez will be the first one to speak up in support of the head coach.

Martinez did just that when interviewed by the New York Post. He was asked about several of his teammates and offered his takes on them, but the questions also came around to the topic of Judge.

“Whether it’s a coach or a player, he’s gonna make sure he’s getting the best out of everybody,” Martinez said. “His number one thing is he believes that every single person could be even better than what people expect. There’s a lot of people out there that would pat us on the back last year. But all of us as a team know we’re competitors and we want to be playing further into January and continuing our season… There’s no complacency anywhere at any point, any tier of this team, and it starts with him and all the way down.”

It just goes to show the sentiment is good right now around the Giants despite the team coming off another season where they ended up with a top 10 draft pick. That, hopefully, won’t be the case this time around.

If the Giants do make a dark horse run to a better record and potentially the playoffs, we can be sure the leadership of Joe Judge will be heavily involved in that outcome. And, likely, more high level play from Martinez at linebacker.

He competed for the top spot in tackles last season despite not getting as much credit as many other linebackers. This season, that top spot may be his if his performance is similar.

New York Giants: Revamped coaching staff might be able to fix the offensive line

New York Giants, Matt Peart

The New York Giants offensive line poses a huge question mark for the team entering the 2021 season. In 2020, the Giants’ offensive line was one of the worst in the NFL. The New York Giants’ pass-block win rate in 2020, according to ESPN, ranked dead-last in the NFL at 46%. Their run-block win rate ranked 18th at 70%, which is about average or slightly below. So while the Giants did upgrade Daniel Jones’s weapons in free agency, fans feel like they still desperately need to fix the offensive line in front of him.

The Giants barely touched their offensive line in this year’s offseason period. They added veteran guard Zack Fulton to the mix but failed to add any offensive line talent in the NFL Draft. The Giants are going to rely on their young offensive linemen to take a jump and see some great development this season.

One of the reasons the Giants feel confident in their young linemen is their coaching staff. The Giants feel like their new revamped offensive coaching staff will be able to get the most out of their front line and fix some of their deficiencies.

How the new coaching staff will help the offensive line

The addition of Rob Sale

The Giants started the 2020 season with Marc Colombo as their offensive line coach. Ben Wilkerson served as the assistant offensive line coach. Colombo was fired midseason, though, for insubordination as Joe Judge was unpleased with the offensive line’s performance and looked to make changes. Dave DeGuglielmo was then brought in as Colombo’s replacement before parting ways this offseason.

Joe Judge hired Rob Sale as the Giants’ offensive line coach this offseason. Ben Wilkerson will continue as the assistant offensive line coach. The hiring of Rob Sale is exciting as he is a coach that Joe Judge describes as an “energetic on-the-field coach and he’s someone who has a very strong relationship with his players.” Sale was hired from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette where he worked as the team’s offensive line coach and offensive coordinator. His background calling plays and developing schemes could foreshadow a greater role with the Giants in the future.

Coming from the collegiate game, Robert Sale has experience working with young offensive linemen. The Giants will be rolling out a front line that features three second-year players and two third-year players as starters in 2021. Youth means inexperience, but it also means potential, and Rob Sale will try to maximize the potential of these hog mollies.

But Sale and Wilkerson will not coach these linemen alone. Joe Judge rearranged the coaching staff to hyperfocus on the development of his offensive linemen. In addition to hiring Sale, Judge made some other important moves.

Pat Flaherty as an offensive consultant

Former Giants offensive line coach Pat Flaherty has joined the staff as a consultant. Flaherty served as the Giants’ offensive line coach from 2004-2015, winning two Super Bowls with the team and developing the likes of Chris Snee, David Diehl, Shaun O’Hara, Rich Seubert, Kareem McKenzie, Kevin Boothe, and David Baas.

Judge brought in Flaherty as a consultant for both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball. One thing that Joe Judge noted, though, was the assistance Flaherty will bring Rob Sale as he develops the offensive line, saying, “Part of the strength is we’ve got two young offensive line coaches with Rob Sale and (assistant) Ben Wilkerson, and Pat’s a good sounding board for those guys to have.”

Freddie Kitchens as a senior offensive assistant

Pat Flaherty will help coach up the offensive line and so will Freddie Kitchens. Joe Judge moved Freddie Kitchens into a new role this offseason, promoting him from tight ends coach to senior offensive assistant. This will give Kitchens more say in the Giants’ offensive playbook and scheme development, but Judge explained that Kitchens will also work closely with the offensive line.

Head coach Joe Judge said that Kitchens’s “primary responsibility is going to be working with the front.” He explained, “tying into having two young offensive line coaches with Rob and Ben, I think Freddie is going to be an asset up front working directly with them and helping bring together the game planning, like all of our coaches will, but working directly with (offensive coordinator) Jason (Garrett) with some of the things that are going to happen up front.”

The collaborative effort

The Giants now have four coaches on staff whose primary objectives are to develop the offensive line along with offensive coordinator Jason Garrett. With all hands on deck heading into 2021, New York might be able to see some serious development from their young group of hog mollies. The Giants’ offensive line should benefit greatly from this strong, revamped coaching staff.

New York Giants: How Kadarius Toney pick influences Darius Slayton

New York Giants, Darius Slayton

The New York Giants are shaking things up at wide receiver this season. The team added both a new deep threat in Kenny Golladay and a promising draft pick in Kadarius Toney, and it’s certain that their on the field lineup at the position will look different compared to recent years.

For some of the existing players at receiver, that might be unsettling. After all, the newcomers are direct competition for the top performers from the last couple of seasons. However, head coach Joe Judge claims that the Giants aren’t planning to replace their current lineup of playmakers. At least, not yet.

Speaking to reporters after minicamp, Judge talked about the Giants drafting Kadarius Toney as well as how it will impact existing receiver Darius Slayton.

“I would say he’s a veteran player,” Judge said of Slayton. “He’s not in his first year, he’s got skin in the game right there. In terms of Darius, everyone is going to play to their strengths. Darius and Toney, will they be on the field at the same time, different packages, different positions at times, but I think everybody on the team affects the other by the way they work and how they produce.”

As Slayton and Toney are both coming into the season behind Golladay and likely Sterling Shepard on the depth chart, it looks like they’ll be in some kind of competition despite the insistence that they have different roles.

Judge also spoke about talking to Sterling Shepard, another player threatened by the addition of Toney. According to Judge, despite the headlines, the Giants also didn’t make the pick to replace Shepard.

“I thought it was necessary to talk to Shep specifically because when we drafted Toney the word in the press as he was reading those headlines was specifically he’s a slot receiver which, look, we are not bringing in someone to play one position. I thought it was relevant at the time to contact Shep out of respect for how he is with our program to communicate that with him,” Judge continued.

Clearing up misunderstandings like this is something that Judge claims to have done regularly – he also talked on the phone with Nate Solder after the Giants drafted Andrew Thomas. Though, the writing was still on the wall going forward and Thomas ended up taking over the starting role anyway as Solder opted out of the season.

At the end of the day, getting better isn’t an easy process for a team. For better players to come in, some players have to get displaced. That’s just the nature of the sport, and we have yet to see how that process is going to turn out for the Giants. It is, after all, inevitable for some players to lose their spot even if the coaches have the best of intentions.

Why the New York Giants are the perfect team to be featured on ‘Hard Knocks’ in 2021

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants are wrapping up one exciting offseason that has the fanbase feeling hopeful for the first time in a long time. There are many eye-catching storylines surrounding the new-look Giants entering 2021. For this reason, the Giants might be the perfect team to be featured on this year’s “Hard Knocks.”

There are specific criteria to meet in order for a team to be featured on “Hard Knocks.” Per The Swing of Things, the criteria are that no teams who were in the playoffs in the last two seasons, no teams with a first-year head coach, no teams which have been featured on “Hard Knocks” in the last 10 years will be eligible for “Hard Knocks.” The five teams meeting that criteria in 2021 are the New York Giants, the Denver Broncos, the Dallas Cowboys, the Carolina Panthers, and the Arizona Cardinals.

HBO’s “Hard Knocks” gives fans an exclusive look at what goes on behind closed doors in an NFL organization. The annual series has captured some exciting moments, like Jon Gruden’s return to coaching and Antonio Brown’s many antics of the 2019 offseason. The New York Giants are one of this year’s teams eligible to be featured on “Hard Knocks” and they might just be a perfect choice.


One of the best scenes in “Hard Knocks” history came in 2015 when the Houston Texans were featured. That offseason, the Texans hosted the Washington Football Team in a joint practice during the preseason. HBO was able to capture an awesome moment of trash-talking and ankle-breaking between DeAndre Hopkins and DeAngelo Hall.

The New York Giants have scheduled two joint practices this season. They will practice with the Cleveland Browns and the New England Patriots. Both of these practices will be away from home for the Giants. Both of these practices have intriguing storylines attached to them.

For the Cleveland Browns practice, this could be an opportunity for Odell Beckham Jr. to interact with his former team on the show. The superstar wide receiver is coming off of a significant injury, just like his former teammate, Giants’ star running back Saquon Barkley. Maybe the show could capture a moment between these two catching up and discussing their shared injury experience. The Browns are also one of the more exciting, young teams in the NFL entering this season. Cleveland is looked at as a potential Super Bowl contender. These should be some exciting practices for the Giants and, if fans were able to get an exclusive look at them on HBO, the practices could create some quality television moments.

The practices with the New England Patriots will allow the show to focus on the Giants’ head coach Joe Judge. Last year, the Giants hired Joe Judge as the team’s new head coach. Coach Judge won the fanbase over almost instantaneously. He’s a fan-favorite personality that has brought a lot of excitement to the team and he alone would make the Giants a great choice for “Hard Knocks.” But the link between Joe Judge and the New England Patriots is what gives this joint practice some added intrigue. Before being hired as head coach of the Giants, Joe Judge worked on the New England Patriots coaching staff from 2012-2019. He is a disciple of the Bill Belichick coaching tree. Belichick, a former New York Giant himself, has spoken very highly of Joe Judge. Fans would love to see some scenes of the two coaches catching up and working together as members of different organizations.

Exciting new players

The Giants totally crushed the 2021 offseason. They landed the top wide receiver on the free agency market in Kenny Golladay. They also re-signed Leonard Williams and landed a stud cornerback in Adoree’ Jackson. Then, in the draft, the Giants added premier prospects in trade downs, landing Kadarius Toney and Azeez Ojulari in the first and second rounds.

In short, the Giants added a lot of exciting new players to the roster this offseason. This was a roster already young, exciting, and budding with talent. But now, the Giants have a legitimate playoff-contending roster built around a core of youthful players like Daniel Jones and Saquon Barkley. Giants fans are excited to see this new talent hit the field and would eat up every opportunity to see them practice behind the scenes on a show like “Hard Knocks.”

Hard-nosed head coach and big personalities

Joe Judge has a big personality and is your quintessential hard-nosed, no-nonsense football coach. Much of his personality was adopted from the likes of Nick Saban and Bill Belichick, the two head coaches that Judge worked under throughout his career. But Judge’s blue-collar mentality has won over the hearts of Giants fans in the tri-state area. Judge’s ability to make and keep promises while shifting the culture of the team in a new and promising direction has fostered a new sense of hope around the team and its fans. Featuring Joe Judge on a show like “Hard Knocks” would be a great way to get a closer look at the 39-year-old head coach that will lead the Giants into a new era.

Judge’s hard-nosed personality would also benefit the Giants while there are cameras all over the place documenting their offseason. Those cameras could pose risks to the organization as NFL teams need to stay tight-lipped. However, Judge has made it clear that he prioritizes secrecy and would ensure that no sensitive information leaked to the masses via television.

There are other big personalities that would make the Giants’ “Hard Knocks” experience worthwhile. General manager Dave Gettleman is a character with a thick Bostonian accent and a plethora of funny catchphrases. Linebacker Blake Martinez is one of the best defensive players in the NFL and also one of the biggest Pokémon card-collecting influencers on the internet. Daniel Jones is of course an exciting young quarterback with a cool nickname, Danny Dimes, a solid sense of humor, and a knack for hitting the town and throwing back some brews with the boys.

There are plenty of big personalities and likable characters on the Giants at which fans would enjoy getting a close look. There might not be any divas like Antonio Brown on the Giants’ roster for HBO to focus on, but that’s a good thing. No distractions or negative attention. Rather, HBO could focus on the good men and women that make up the organization of the New York Giants as they enter the 2021 season with a ton of excitement and a promising future.