New York Giants: Saquon Barkley gives insight on infamous QB sneaks

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

There’s plays that stand out in every NFL season, but last season for the New York Giants, their most memorable plays were notable for the wrong reason. Those plays were the back to back quarterback sneaks that the offense ran against Washington, despite being backed up near their own end zone. Understandably, many were confused by what the Giants were doing and the moment was immediately mocked on social media.

Now, of course, the season is over and Joe Judge is out as head coach. These calls were just another thing that seemed to work against him when the time came to decide if he’d stay or go. They were an example of a coach trying not to lose, rather than doing something to win.

Now, we have a bit more on the reasoning behind those calls from someone that was in the huddle.

“So the week before, we played Chicago and we were in the same situation, and we couldn’t get out and we got a safety. So the idea was ‘quarterback sneak it’ just to give us space,” Saquon Barkley told Andy Nesbitt from For The Win.

Unlike some, Barkley doesn’t place all of the blame on the coaching staff. According to him, the players need to do more to make the staff comfortable with risk taking.

Last season, the Giants didn’t do that.

“A little bit on both sides to blame but I really hate pointing fingers at anyone. But, hey, we just gotta put on the pads and learn from it.”

Fortunately, there’s little chance of the Giants running the same plays next season. They have a new offensive coordinator, and unless something goes terribly wrong, things won’t get as desperate as last year.

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