New York Giants: MetLife Stadium Turf Raises Eyebrows Ahead Of Week 3

The New York Giants are set to take on the 49ers in week 3 to avoid an 0-3 start. However, something other than the coming game is raising eyebrows. That’s the stadium and the condition of the turf. The Niners played their most recent game at MetLife Stadium, and it seems like the team isn’t happy with the turf quality.

While it might sound like San Francisco is complaining about something for the sake of complaining, they have a big reason behind these complaints. During their game with the Jets, there were a total of five leg injuries in the first half.

Obviously, that’s not an average amount of injuries for one half. Especially when all of those injuries are leg injuries in specific. When the list of injuries includes high profile players such as Nick Bosa and Jimmy Garoppolo, people are going to take note.

Multiple players from the 49ers have come out and said something on social media about the quality of the turf, or lack thereof.

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, the league is looking into the complaints. However, a source has also told Pro Football Talk that the Steelers had no complaints when they opened the season on Monday Night Football against the Giants. If there is any problem and this isn’t simply a case of bad luck causing normal injuries, it’s a recent one at that.

Whether the Niners are happy about the field or not, they’ll have to play at MetLife Stadium for two straight games thanks to their away trip against the Jets and the Giants in consecutive weeks. The Giants will look to avoid going 0-3 by winning this game, while the Niners hold a 1-1 record after dealing the Jets a second straight loss and keeping Adam Gase firmly on the hot seat.

New York Giants confirm ACL tear for Saquon Barkley, what’s next?

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

The moment New York Giants star running back Saquon Barkley fell to the ground in the second quarter against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, his face told the story.

After taking off his helmet and grimacing with severe pain, Barkley clutched his right knee. Everyone’s worst fears became a reality on Monday, as the Giants confirmed an ACL tear that will keep Barkley out for the entire 2020 season. He will now begin rehabilitating for 2021, coming off a significant high ankle sprain that limited him to 13 games in 2019.

The Giants have no choice but to move forward without their allusive and electric running back, and they will need to find a supplement in the meantime.

They’ve already scheduled a visit for free agent Devonta Freeman, who spent the last six seasons with the Atlanta Falcons. At 28 years old, he’s coming off a season with 656 yards on the ground and 410 through the air. He is a solid running back who could fill a major void for the Giants immediately. However, the loss of Barkley is a big one and will undoubtedly limit their offensive capabilities.

Quarterback Daniel Jones hasn’t enjoyed a full game with his entire arsenal of weapons since his inception in the NFL last year. A poor offensive line and lack of talent around him has severely limited his progression up to this point. Hopefully, he can return to full health and pick up where he left off next year.

New York Giants likely losing Sterling Shepard for multiple weeks due to injury

New York Giants receiver, Sterling Shepard.

As if losing star running back Saquon Barkley wasn’t enough for the New York Giants, they will also likely be without wide receiver Sterling Shepard for the next few weeks. After Shepherd’s foot was caught underneath a defender on a tackle, he limped off the field toward the sidelines. He returned shortly after but wasn’t able to continue and was removed from the contest.

Shepard picked up a toe injury designation, but the injury is thought to be more severe. According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network, Shep is expected to miss multiple games with turf toe.

The recovery time for this injury can take multiple weeks to heal, while a grade-1 strain should only take a few days. It seemed to be severe enough that he could miss the next two weeks of football. That would leave Golden Tate and Darius Slayton as the top pass-catchers.

This will open the door for Evan Engram and CJ Board to receive more targets in the passing game, and it could indicate a signing as well. The Giants are already bringing in running back Devonta Freeman for a visit, but they could also look in the direction of Corey Coleman.

Coleman looked good during camp but ultimately was cut in favor of Board and Damian Ratley, who picked up three receptions for 32 yards against the Bears on Sunday (Board).

There are plenty of directions the Giants could go with this unfortunate scenario, but they will have to keep fighting on.

Against the Bears, the defense allowed 17 points in the first half but kept Chicago scoreless in the second half. The offense simply wasn’t able to get going, which hurt their chances at victory. It came down to the wire, as the Giants were stopped at Chicago’s 10-yard line with one play left in the game. Hopefully, with San Francisco dealing with a bevy of injuries of their own, they can take advantage of a struggling team.

Should the New York Giants stick with Wayne Gallman and Dion Lewis at running back?

New York Giants, Wayne Gallman

The moment New York Giants star running back Saquon Barkley hit the ground after scampering to the sideline, everybody knew something was wrong.

Barkley removed his helmet and gripped his right knee. The immediate fears flashed a torn ACL, and those early thoughts are most likely correct. An unfortunate injury for a player coming off a high ankle sprain, but the Giants must move forward and find a supplement at the running back position.

According to Ian Rapoport, the Giants are bringing in Devonta Freeman for a visit to see if he can be a supplement at the running back position. Freeman is a two time Pro Bowler who can act as a supplement in the meantime. While he has battled injuries the past few seasons with the Atlanta Falcons, he did tally 656 yards on the ground and 410 yards through the air in 2019. He totaled six scores, and he’s an adequate back in pass protection.

Out of six seasons in the NFL, he has tallied 1000+ scrimmage yards in four of them. I think Devonta would be a fantastic option for the Giants while Barkley heals from his injury, considering his experience and success in the league.

The New York Giants could stick close to home:

However, it is possible the Giants elect to stick with their own talent. Wayne Gallman and Dion Lewis represent two options that can fill the role. In the loss to the Bears, Lewis ran for 20 yards on 10 attempts and caught four passes for 36 yards. While he averaged only 2 yards per carry, Lewis has always been a primary receiving back.

Gallman would be the primary lead back in the absence of Barkley. In 2019, he averaged 3.8 yards per carry on just 29 attempts for 110 yards. In his rookie season back in 2017, he earned 111 rushing attempts, totaling 476 yards but failing to score on the ground. Wayne is actually a decent running back who can move the chains, but he is not a bruiser. Bringing in an option like Freeman would offer the Giants a different approach to the running game, as he can break tackles and power through.

Personally, I would like the Giants to sign the former falcon and keep Gallman as the number two back. A one-your deal won’t hurt their cap space in 2021, and it will at least improve the Giants’ chances at winning games.

Should the New York Giants kick the tires on Devonta Freeman after Saquon Barkley injury?

New York Giants, Devonta Freeman

The worst part about Sunday for the New York Giants wasn’t losing to the Chicago Bears, it was watching star running back Saquon Barkley fall to the ground in pain. Just two plays before his knee evidently gave out, Barkley hyperextended his elbow and left the field for a split second.

Barkley’s return was welcomed with a sigh of relief, but it didn’t last long after jump-cutting to the right side of the field and making contact with Bears’ safety Eddie Jackson. By the time Saquon was engaged with the defender, his knee was experiencing searing pain.

Shortly after Barkley went down, he hobbled off the field and to the bench. He made his way to the locker room to receive x-rays on his knee, and early reports indicate that a torn ACL is likely the diagnosis. Saquon enjoyed four carries for 28 yards on the ground before the injury, but had a tumultuous start to the season, logging 15 attempts for 6 yards against the Pittsburgh Steelers in week one. The Giants’ offensive line didn’t do him any favors, but he started off week two, averaging 7 yards per carry.

With Barkley in his third season, he was expected to earn a massive contract in 2021. That will obviously be on hold, as he will try to reinstate his form in the NFL and make a come back from this unfortunate injury.

Should the New York Giants consider Devonta Freeman as a replacement?

Freeman is a capable NFL running back who enjoyed Pro Bowl seasons in 2015 and 2016 with the Atlanta Falcons. He has failed to remain healthy the past couple of years, rushing for 656 yards and two touchdowns in 2019. He would be a welcomed addition to the Giants, who could use a strong running back that can move the chains adequately. He’s also a fantastic receiving threat, enjoying 410 yards and four touchdowns last year through the air.

Over six seasons in the NFL, Freeman has 1000+ scrimmage yards in four of them. While he might be a bit pricey on a one year deal, he is the best option available on the market and would hold down the fort in the meantime. Otherwise, the Giants will rely on Dion Lewis and Wayne Gallman to lead their backfield, which is certainly a realistic possibility. However, kicking the tires on Freeman isn’t a bad idea, considering his past success and the multifaceted approach he brings to the game.

New York Giants Fear Saquon Barkley Knee Injury Is ACL Tear

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

An ACL tear is possible to recover from, but it’s also one of the most feared injuries in sports. Positions such as running back, wide receiver, and linebacker are extra liable to get that injury thanks to their constant movement and the stress put on their knees. And according to Adam Schefter, the Giants fear that Saquon Barkley tore his ACL on Sunday.

The verdict isn’t in yet about the injury but it doesn’t look good. Until there’s further tests, we won’t have a full picture of the situation. But an ACL tear isn’t out of the realm of possibility, according to the report. If that is the case, Barkley will be out for the rest of the season.

How an ACL tear may affect Barkley

The surgery required to fix an ACL tear involves replacing the ACL with a graft taken from a different source. The athlete must then regain their full range of motion through rehab. The recovery timeline usually has at least six months between the surgery and getting back to practice.

That’s not to say that everything is gloom and doom. A lot of players have bounced back from the injury. That includes Tom Brady, Teddy Bridgewater, and even Giants pass rusher Markus Golden. There’s no doubt we’ll see Barkley on the field again, and he’ll probably still be just as threatening of a running back to opposing defenses.

However, it may change what the Giants and other teams think about Barkley’s longevity. The Giants are midway through Barkley’s contract, and whether or not the team gives him a huge extension may depend on how long they think he’ll last in the league – and that’s impacted by health.

Other options for the Giants

Right now, the Giants only have limited alternative options at running back. Luckily, they brought in Dion Lewis during the offseason to back Barkley up. Having a true backup for Barkley looks like a smart decision now, but Lewis only registered 20 rushing yards in 10 attempts during the Bears game.

It doesn’t look like Dion Lewis is the main man for the Giants during the 2020 season. 28 year old former Falcons back Devonta Freeman is set to visit the Eagles, but after the injury to Barkley, the Giants may want to consider him as an option if they can reach a deal.

There’s not so many other options that can walk in and become the number one running back, so if the Giants can afford the cap space, they may want to make a deal. Otherwise, we may be looking at a season where the running back position is played by committee.

New York Giants: James Bradberry Stands Out With Stellar Performance Despite Loss

The New York Giants endured another heartbreaking loss today. The Giants fell short in their comeback attempt against the Chicago Bears, falling to 0-2 for the fourth year in a row.

Daniel Jones and the Giants’ offense surged back late in the game and had a chance to win on the final drive of the game. Unfortunately, it was too little too late. But this game could have been much worse. After a putrid first quarter, it seemed likely that the Giants would be blown out on Sunday.

One factor that held the Giants together on Sunday was their formidable defense. The Chicago Bears were held to only 17 points as the Giants forced 2 turnovers. One player, in particular, stood out on Sunday afternoon: James Bradberry.

James Bradberry Stats and Highlights

The New York Giants signed cornerback James Bradberry to a highly-lucrative contract this offseason. Bradberry inked a three-year deal worth $43.5 million. So far, Bradberry has lived up to the contract, performing as the best player on the Giants’ defense.

In Week Two, Bradberry totaled 4 tackles, 4 passes defended, and 1 interception. He was constantly getting his hands on the football, making plays, and breaking up passes. His interception on Allen Robinson was maybe the most impressive play of the game:

This was one of many impressive plays Bradberry made on the football today. But this is nothing new, rather, this is a continuation of last week. Bradberry was solid in Week One, too, forcing a fumble and deflecting 2 passes.

With 6 passes defended through two games, James Bradberry is pacing out to have one of his career’s best seasons. Continued success from Bradberry in coverage will be key for the Giants as this season continues, especially considering the poor performances from the rest of the team’s cornerbacks through two weeks.

New York Giants: Good news and bad news in loss to Chicago

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants fell to the Chicago Bears in week two by a score of 17-13. In a game that started off poorly for the Giants ended up becoming a competitive one.

Of course, the contest was stamped by the injury to Saquon Barkley. Barkley earned four carries for 28 yards before going down on the right side of the field after being tackled by Bears’ defender Eddie Jackson. He was immediately taken out of the game and limped into the locker room. Early reports have indicated it is a torn ACL, and he will be out for the remainder of the 2020 season.

Good news and bad news for the New York Giants:


Despite the loss, the Giants showed immense fight in the second half of the game. Down 17-0, the Giants put 13 points on the board and held the Bears to zero points. They also recorded two turnovers, thanks to cornerback James Bradberry. The Giants’ free-agent signing this year tipped a pass earlier in the game that resulted in a Julian Love interception, and had one of his own on the right side of the boundary manned up against Allen Robinson.

Altogether, with Barkley and Sterling Shepard leaving the game prematurely, the Giants stayed involved and competed until the final whistle. It came down to the wire, with the Giants at the Chicago 10 yard-line with four seconds on the board. If not for a Golden Tate offensive pass interference, the Giants might’ve had a chance at tying the game, but they ultimately fell on the back of a tough first-half performance.

Individually, Bradberry, Logan Ryan, and Lorenzo Carter all stood out. The defensive line struggled to keep the Bears rushing attack limited, allowing 135 yards. Nonetheless, the Giants racked up four sacks and seven tackles for loss, which statistically is solid production.


There was plenty of bad news to go around for the Giants in the loss. Of course, Barkley’s potentially season-ending injury and Sterling Shepard‘s toe injury highlighted the bad. In addition, Daniel Jones turned the ball over twice, allowing one fumble and an interception.

Once again, the Giants’ rushing game was kept under 75 yards, and defensively, they couldn’t stop the run. However, a strong fighting performance is all we could’ve asked for in this rebuilding phase. The injuries are significant, and we will continue evaluating them in the coming days.

New York Giants: Saquon Barkley picks up bad knee injury, update

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants entered week two against the Chicago Bears with a heightened sense of pressure. After a tough week one loss to the Pittsburgh Steelers, elevating their game and proving their worth was a necessity.

For new head coach Joe Judge, he has routinely seen teams take a significant step forward from week one to two, but through one half, the Giants haven’t seen that jump.

In the second quarter, Saquon Barkley was tackled and jammed up his elbow. In what seemed to be nothing more than an over-extension, the very next play for Barkley resulted in something much worse. After a jump cut into the outside, Barkley fell to the ground near the sideline after being tackled by a Bears defender. He took his helmet off and was screaming in pain, and was taken out of the game immediately.

According to the Giants, Barkley was taken for x-rays in the locker room. This is a significant blow to an offense that heavily relied on his explosive playmaking ability. However, it is undoubtedly a test for Dion Lewis and Wayne Garman, despite the former Clemson standouts inactive status against Chicago.

In week one for Saquon, he only tallied 6 yards on the ground, but was a bit better through the air, logging 60 yards. Against Chicago, he already had 28 yards rushing, averaging 7 yards per carry.

New York Giants Vs Chicago Bears: 3 keys to victory

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

Starting off the 2020 season against the Pittsburgh Steelers was tumultuous for the New York Giants, but the Chicago Bears represent a lesser opponent. While they do have a respectable defense, their offense has been inconsistent the past few seasons with Mitchell Trubisky at quarterback.

Head coach Joe Judge stated that the improvement from week one to week two is oftentimes significant, and the Giants will be looking to elevate their game.

Three keys for a New York Giants victory against Chicago:

1.) Contain Khalil Mack

If there’s one thing the Giants desperately need to do again Chicago, it is stop Khalil Mack from getting to Daniel Jones. One of the best pass rushers in the NFL and over the last decade, Mack has the ability to wreak havoc in the pocket.

However, he had an injury designation on his knee all week, so he could be limited to some degree. Wherever he lines up, the Giants must provide help, especially if it’s over rookie left tackle Andrew Thomas. Last week against Pittsburgh, the offensive line faltered in most categories. They only gave Saquon Barkley enough running room to total six yards and put Daniel Jones under pressure 26 times, which led the NFL.

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2.) Run blocking must improve

One major factor the Giants must improve upon is their run blocking. It seemed as if they had schematic issues, failing to block Steelers defenders and miscommunications.

Center Nick Gates did a poor job of communicating with his fellow lineman, which caused issues at the line of scrimmage. Right tackle Cam Fleming was beaten consistently on running plays, and they simply weren’t on the same page for a majority of the game. There were several instances where right guard Kevin Zeitler simply couldn’t get over to the left side on a swing play to stop Bud Dupree.

It seemed as if the Giants were not prepared for the Steelers’ speed on defense and ability to close in on the backfield quickly. They have one of the better defensive fronts in the NFL, so the Giants should be heading into an easier week two match up with essential experience under their belt. Nonetheless, if they wish to overcome the Chicago Bears, getting Saquon Barkley going and burning time off the clock is essential.

3.) Put pressure on Mitchell Trubsiky

The Bears elected to go with Trubisky this season over Nick Foles. In week one, the Bears lead an awesome come-back that secured them a victory over the Detroit Lions. Trubisky picked up his game and tossed multiple second-half touchdowns.

The secondary must be capable on Sunday, as the Bears have multiple wide receivers who can do damage in the open field. We can predict that James Bradberry will shadow Allen Robinson wherever he goes. Bradberry had a fantastic week one performance, forcing a fumble and containing his side completely (5 solo tackles, 2 passes defended). Shadowing Robinson is a necessity if the Giants wish to walk away without being thrashed in the secondary.

However, the easy way to disrupt Mitch is to put him on the ground. The Giants ranked 8th in pass-rush win rate against the Steelers, which was a major improvement from their 2019 results.