After UFC Vegas 35, what’s next for Daniel Rodriguez?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 35, Daniel Rodriguez (16-2) took on Kevin Lee (18-7) on the main card. It was a massive fight for both men. For Rodriguez, he was looking for his first real signature win in the UFC.

D-Rod has been great since joining the promotion with wins over the likes of Tim Means and Mike Perry. Overall, Rodriguez was 5-1 in the UFC entering Saturday night with the lone loss coming via decision against Nicolas Dalby in a fight many thought he won.

Kevin Lee was fighting just his second fight in the welterweight division. Lee at one point challenged for the interim UFC lightweight title, ultimately falling short to Tony Ferguson. That said, many still look at Lee as an elite mixed martial artist.

The fight started out very well for Lee at UFC Vegas 35. Lee was able to land a takedown in the first round and held his own in the standup. However, the second round is where the fight would drastically change.

Rodriguez would land a massive shot near the end of the round that had Lee out on his feet. D-Rod would use his pressure in the final frame to stifle Lee and ultimately win a unanimous decision.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 35?

The fight was a massive one for Rodriguez as mentioned above. Easily, this is the biggest win of his UFC career. With the win, Rodriguez has a number by his name for the first time in his career with the promotion.

In today’s updated UFC rankings, Rodriguez came in at the 15th spot. Now that he’s a ranked welterweight, what should the promotion do with him next? Well, Rodriguez taking on Sean Brady (14-0) would’ve been a good fight. However, the UFC just booked Brady against Michael Chiesa.

In looking at the division, I like Rodriguez against Santiago Ponzinibbio (28-4). Ponzinibbio ranks just a couple of spots ahead of D-Rod and this would be a sensational fight for fans. If I’m matchmaking, that’s what I’m going with.

Daniel Rodriguez gets it done against Kevin Lee at UFC Vegas 35

On the main card of UFC Vegas 35, we saw a fun matchup in the welterweight division. Former top lightweight contender Kevin Lee (18-6) was moving up to 170 pounds to take on Daniel Rodriguez (15-2).

Originally, Lee was supposed to take on Sean Brady tonight. However, after Brady pulled out with an injury, Rodriguez stepped in. This was Lee’s second trip up to the UFC‘s welterweight division.

Lee’s career has been interesting thus far. He started his UFC career 9-2 and that led him to an interim title fight against Tony Ferguson. Lee was having a ton of success in that fight before gassing out and getting submitted. Starting with that fight, Lee is just 2-4 in his last six UFC appearances.

Daniel Rodriguez was biggest guy that Kevin Lee has ever fought. The welterweight who trains with Donald Cerrone has been nearly perfect so far in the octagon. Since making his UFC debut, Rodriguez has gone 5-1 with three finishes.

UFC Vegas 35 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 35 welterweight contest kicked off with Rodriguez taking the center. Lee opened the striking with a perfect body kick that pushed Rodriguez back. Rodriguez was looking to work his jab early on.

Lee looks for a lead left hook but he’s caught with a jab from Rodriguez. Another nice body kick lands for Lee. Lee loads up on a right hand that juts falls short, but he’s pushing forward with a lot of pressure.

Nice jab from Rodriguez as he circles away from the cage. Lee steps in and throws a big head kick. Off the kick he tries to get a takedown attempt, but Rodriguez is able to keep the fight standing.

Two big jabs and a low kick lands for Rodriguez. Nice 1-2 lands for Rodriguez. Lee gets deep on a takedown attempt and he’s able to wrestle Rodriguez down to the ground.

Lee settles into half guard and starts working his elbows. Rodriguez seems content with just holding on here as the round nears the end. The bell sounds and it’s 1-0 Kevin Lee at UFC Vegas 35.

Round 2

The second round at UFC Vegas 35 gets underway with a low kick from Rodriguez. Rodriguez looking loose on the feet here as he lands a 1-2 on Lee. Lee looking composed here, but he eats a nice left from Rodriguez.

Beautiful low kick and jab lands for Rodriguez. Lots of volume in the opening 90 seconds from Rodriguez. Lee shoots for a takedown and he’s deep on a double leg. Rodriguez defends well, but he can’t stop Lee from getting him down.

Lee spins to Rodriguez’s back, but Rodriguez spins and now he’s in the top position. However, Lee immediately works his way up to his feet and we are back to striking. Nice right straight lands for Lee. He follows it up with another combination and now Lee is looking loose.

Left straight lands for D-Rod. Another stiff left lands for Rodriguez. Rodriguez lands a shot and Lee appears to be hurt by it. He shakes it out and Rodriguez is zoning in here. Lee seems to have recovered, but he’s getting caught a lot by D-Rod here.

Nice lead right hook lands for Rodriguez. Lots of pressure here from Rodriguez as he lands another nice left hand. Big combination lands for Rodriguez and Lee is hurt badly. However, Rodriguez rushes in and Lee shoots desperately for a takedown and holds on. Great round for D-Rod at UFC Vegas 35.

Round 3

Heading into the final round here at UFC Vegas 35 and I have it 1-1. Rodriguez starts the final round with immediate pressure and he takes the center. Lee tries to throw a big shot but misses badly.

Good combination lands for Rodriguez. Rodriguez is using his jab beautifully here. Lee goes for a head kick, but nothing is home. Lee is looking a looking tired here and Rodriguez is coming on strong.

Rodriguez defends a takedown and lands a massive left on the break. Another combination from Rodriguez and he’s pouring it on. However, Lee lands a massive leg kick that seemingly hurt Rodriguez.

Lee shoots immediately and gets a big takedown. Absolutely nightmare here for Rodriguez as Lee is holding him down. Rodriguez gets up, but he can’t shake Kevin Lee off of him. Rodriguez uses an explosion to break Lee’s grip and were back to striking.

Massive combination lands for Rodriguez almost immediately. Both guys are looking tired here. Lee pushes forward but nothing lands. Both men trade good shots and Lee shoots for another takedown.

However, Rodriguez defends well and we’re striking with one minute left. Body kick lands for Kevin Lee. Nice combination lands for Rodriguez lands. He’s doubled up the striking numbers on Lee. Lee lands a good combination just as the round ends. Great fight, but I lean D-Rod at UFC Vegas 35.

Daniel Rodriguez def. Kevin Lee by Unanimous Decision (29-28, 29-28, 29-28)

UFC Vegas 35 Preview: Kevin Lee – Daniel Rodriguez

Tomorrow night on the main card of UFC Vegas 35, we will see a fun matchup in the welterweight division. Former top lightweight contender Kevin Lee (18-6) is moving up to 170 pounds to take on Daniel Rodriguez (15-2).

Originally, Lee was supposed to take on Sean Brady tomorrow night. However, after Brady pulled out with an injury, Rodriguez stepped in. This will be Lee’s second trip up to the UFC‘s welterweight division.

Lee’s career has been interesting thus far. He started his UFC career 9-2 and that led him to an interim title fight against Tony Ferguson. Lee was having a ton of success in that fight before gassing out and getting submitted. Starting with that fight, Lee is just 2-4 in his last six UFC appearances.

Daniel Rodriguez is going to be the biggest guy that Kevin Lee has ever fought. The welterweight who trains with Donald Cerrone has been nearly perfect so far in the octagon. Since making his UFC debut, Rodriguez has gone 5-1 with three finishes.

UFC Vegas 35 Prediction

For both men, the game plan for UFC Vegas 35 is clear. For Kevin Lee, he needs to get the fight to the ground. He cannot afford to stand and trade with Rodriguez who is much bigger and much more polished as a striker.

While Kevin Lee can hold his own on his feet, he’s not a great defensive striker. If he lets Rodriguez get going downhill with big shots, he could be put to sleep tomorrow night.

Rodriguez has good defensive wrestling and he’s going to need it tomorrow night. If Lee cannot take him down, he’s going to be in big trouble. Rodriguez has incredible power and we’ve seen Lee get wobbled in multiple fights.

When he’s at his absolute best, I think Lee is one of the better fighters in the UFC. However, the inactivity and the fact that he really doesn’t have a perfect weight class really hinders him. I don’t like this fight tomorrow night for him. While his wrestling certainly can get it done, I think he’s going to run into some big shots that put him away.

Prediction: Daniel Rodriguez by TKO – Round 2

After big win at UFC Vegas 23, what’s next for Daniel Rodriguez?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 23, Daniel Rodriguez (14-2) kicked off the main card on ABC against Mike Perry (14-8). The fight promised to be a scrap between two guys who always bring it when they step into the cage.

Perry was desperate for a win and Rodriguez was looking to bounce back after suffering his first UFC loss in his last time out. Heading into the fight, I wanted to see the cardio and wrestling of Daniel Rodriguez tested.

Mike Perry was able to do both of those things at UFC Vegas 23. D-Rod was forced to fight at a decent pace and he was forced to defend takedowns. Perry was able to get him down a couple of times, but overall, D-Rod defended very well.

When they were on the feet, Rodriguez did his thing. His straight left was brutalizing Mike Perry all night at UFC Vegas 23. Perry had no answer for it and it looked like he just didn’t see it coming.

When these two were striking, they looked like they were on completely different levels. D-Rod busted Perry up bad on his way to picking up a unanimous decision victory and the biggest victory in his young UFC career.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 23?

As mentioned, this was a big win for Daniel Rodriguez. He is now 4-1 in the UFC and you could make the argument that he actually won his fight against Nicolas Dalby. He’s one decision away from being perfect after five appearances inside the octagon.

I think in his next fight, the UFC needs to give him a step up in competition and someone who is on the verge of being ranked. Rodriguez is only one big away from potentially cracking the top 15 at 170 pounds.

So who could the UFC pair him with? Well, I really like a potential matchup with him and Michel Pereira (25-11, 2 NC). Pereira is an entertaining wild man who has won back-to-back fights in the UFC. He’s another exciting contender who could just be a win or two away from a ranking.

After another loss at UFC Vegas 23, what’s next for Mike Perry?

This past Saturday at UFC Vegas 23, “Platinum” Mike Perry (14-8) and Daniel Rodriguez (14-2) kicked off the main card on ABC. Rodriguez was looking for the biggest name win of his career while Perry was desperately needing a bounce back win.

Mike Perry has been an interesting character for the UFC. His fighting style has always been entertaining and he knows how to draw attention. However, not all of the attention he’s drawn over the last year has been positive.

In fact, some of the outside the cage issues has just been a PR nightmare for the UFC. However, after the birth of his son late in 2020, Perry said he was rededicated to the sport. He started training at MMA Masters along with former UFC interim champion, Colby Covington.

Saturday was going to be a big test to show where he was at. Well, Perry was completely outclassed on the feet on Saturday. Daniel Rodriguez’s speed was too much for Perry and he repeatedly busted Perry up with stinging shots.

Perry showed some promise when he switched to his wrestling at UFC Vegas 23. “Platinum” was able to land a couple of takedowns, but he couldn’t get significant control time at any point. Ultimately, Rodriguez earned the decision victory with a very impressive performance.

What’s next after UFC Vegas 23?

Two fights into his UFC career, Mike Perry was 9-0 overall. He looked like he was going to be someone who could be a contender in the welterweight division. He suffered his first loss to Alan Jouban, but then he bounced back with two big wins.

In late 2017, Perry took on Santiago Ponzinibbio and he was 11-1 overall. Starting with that fight, Perry is just 3-7 in his last ten fights in the UFC. After Saturday night, he posted on Instagram that he doesn’t know what happened to him. 

Perry also acknowledged that he only has one fight left on his UFC contract. I don’t see the promotion cutting Perry with one fight left, but his next fight is truly do or die when it comes to Mike Perry being in the UFC.

If he can come out and deliver an insane performance, perhaps the promotion brings him back on a short-term deal. However, if he suffers another loss, we may never see him inside the octagon again.

So, what should the UFC do with Perry? Well, there are a lot of option in the mid-tier of welterweights, but there is one option that I like for Perry’s next matchup.

One matchup I would watch is the winner of this weekend’s matchup between Jacob Malkoun (4-1) and Abdul Razak Alhassan (10-3). Whoever wins that matchup would want a step up in terms of name and Perry would fit the bill.

Daniel Rodriguez picks Mike Perry apart at UFC Vegas 23

Kicking off the main card of UFC Vegas 23 on ABC was a fun welterweight scrap between Mike Perry (14-7) and Daniel Rodriguez (13-2). Both of these men were looking to bounce back from losses in their last fights.

For Mike Perry, he’s looking for 2021 to be a lot better than 2020. Perry was in the news several times for things outside of his performances in the UFC. And inside the octagon, his last performance left much to be desired.

Perry badly missed weight and lost a decision to Tim Means. However, Perry seems to have rededicated himself after the birth of his son. Perry has been training with the likes of Colby Covington and he made weight with no problems this weekend.

Daniel Rodriguez suffered his first UFC loss in his last fight back in December. That loss snapped a nine-fight win streak that brought him to the octagon. Both of these men were in need of a big win today.

UFC Vegas 23 Recap

Round 1

The UFC Vegas 23 welterweight contest opened with a touch of the gloves. Perry opens the striking with a good leg kick. Rodriguez throws a high kick and tries to follow with a left, but both miss.

As Perry steps in, Rodriguez pops him with a left. Rodriguez looks incredibly quick on the feet here in round one. Perry comes in again, but Rodriguez clips him with a counter. Good body kick lands for Rodriguez, but Perry counters with a right.

A big 1-2 lands for D-Rod that hurts Mike Perry. Rodriguez pushes forward to pour it on, but Perry recovered quickly. Again, the speed Rodriguez was really bothering Mike Perry here in the first round.

Another big 1-2 lands for D-Rod and he follows it with another big 1-2. Perry shoots in and gets deep on a double leg and he slams Rodriguez to the ground. Perry spends the rest of the round on top, but I still give the round to Rodriguez. 1-0 D-Rod after one at UFC Vegas 23.

Round 2

Going into the second round at UFC Vegas 23 and it’s apparent that Mike Perry needs to go to his wrestling. A good calf kick opens the striking for Mike Perry here in the second. Rodriguez looks for the 1-2, but he was a bit out of range.

Both men trade big body kicks. A nice straight left hand lands for Rodriguez. D-Rod pops the head of Mike Perry with back-to-back crisp jabs. Another stiff jab lands for Rodriguez.

Rodriguez lands another nice combination, but Perry shoots in and gets a body lock. Perry uses that to get another takedown. However, with both men close to the fence, Rodriguez was able to get back up.

Perry is coming forward with the pressure, but Rodriguez hits him with a clean uppercut. Straight left hand from D-Rod pops the head of Mike Perry. At range, Daniel Rodriguez was doing damage to Mike Perry.

Three big shots land for Rodriguez and Perry was looking a little busted up. Another 1-2 lands for Rodriguez. Perry tries to get another takedown in the final seconds, but couldn’t get D-Rod down. After two here at UFC Vegas 23 it’s 2-0 Daniel Rodriguez.

Round 3

Heading into the final round here at UFC Vegas 23 and Mike Perry is going to need a finish in this one. Perry comes forward to start the round, but couldn’t land in the opening exchange.

A nice leg kick starts the striking for Rodriguez. D-Rod moves forward and lands a good body kick and follows it with a couple of clean shots. Perry shoots in for a takedown, however, Rodriguez defended well and they went back to striking.

Big straight left hand connects for D-Rod. Both men were looking tired here in third. Perry’s back was against the fence and Rodriguez was just touching him up with straight shots.

Perry circles out to take the center and he starts trying to throw. However, Rodriguez continued to just pick him apart. The straight left was really hurting Mike Perry here in the third round.

A massive 1-2 staggers Perry briefly. Daniel Rodriguez shoots for a takedown, however, Perry was still able to defend. Perry’s face is busted up badly, but he didn’t stop fighting until the final bell. However, D-Rod should pick up the win here at UFC Vegas 23.

Daniel Rodriguez def. Mike Perry by Unanimous Decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-26)

UFC Vegas 23 Preview: Mike Perry – Daniel Rodriguez

Tomorrow afternoon on the main card of UFC Vegas 23, we will see a fun scrap in the welterweight division. The polarizing “Platinum” Mike Perry (14-7) is back as he takes on Daniel Rodriguez (13-2).

Mike Perry is quite the character, but he’s been a PR headache for the UFC. 2020 was filled with outside of the octagon issues with Perry, but after the birth of his son, he says that he’s a changed man.

He definitely seems more serious about tomorrow’s fight than his previous matchup. Perry took on Tim Means back at UFC 255 and badly missed weight. Means would go on to outstrike Perry to win a decision.

This could be a do or die fight for Mike Perry. While he’s never in a boring fight, he’s also just 3-6 in his last nine trips inside the octagon. He’s got a big test in front of him and he’s fighting for everything tomorrow.

Daniel Rodriguez also fought at UFC 255 where he lost a decision to Nicholas Dalby. That loss snapped a nine-fight win streak for Rodriguez. D-Rod made his UFC debut in February of 2020 and won his first three fights prior to the loss to Dalby.

UFC Vegas 23 Prediction

One thing that makes me very intrigued by this UFC Vegas 23 matchup is the game plan of Mike Perry. He’s been training down at MMA Masters with the likes of top contender, Colby Covington.

We’ve seen Perry use his wrestling at times, but he’s mostly happy to just strike and brawl with his opponents. That’s not going to be a wise strategy at UFC Vegas 23.

I believe Rodriguez has the cleaner striking and I think he has more pop on his shots. We’ve seen Rodriguez get drawn into brawls as well, but his better technical skills could play here.

If I’m Mike Perry’s corner, I’m telling him to wrestle. If he comes heavy with the wrestling and mixes in occasional striking, I believe he can win a decision here. However, I don’t have faith that’s going to happen. I think these two stand and ultimately, Rodriguez will get the better of Perry at UFC Vegas 23.

Prediction: Daniel Rodriguez by Unanimous Decision

UFC booking Mike Perry – Daniel Rodriguez

One of the most controversial fighters in the UFC has his next date. Fighter Path was the first to report that “Platinum” Mike Perry (14-7) is going to be taking on Daniel Rodriguez (13-2) in his next fight.

The bout will take place at the UFC‘s Fight Night that is currently scheduled for April 10th. 2020 was a very eventful year for Mike Perry. He was in the news for a number of reasons and the majority were not positive.

There was footage of him getting into a bar fight and he also posted disturbing things online. However, there were some positive moments for Perry. He had a good win over Mickey Gall back in June and just after the new year, he became a father.

Perry also made headlines by having his fiancé be his only corner member for his win over Mickey Gall. The last time we saw Perry was back at UFC 255 when he took on Tim Means. Perry badly missed weight for the fight after filming himself eating junk food a few days before the weigh-ins.

The fight was incredibly entertaining and Means won the decision. No matter what people say about Mike Perry, they have to admit that he brings it inside the octagon. His opponent on April 10th is coming off of his first loss in the UFC.

UFC welterweight matchup

Standing opposite of Mike Perry on April 10th will be Daniel Rodriguez. Rodriguez made his UFC debut last year against Tim Means and won by submission. He then went on to defeat Gabriel Green and Dwight Grant before dropping a decision to Nicolas Dalby.

That loss at UFC 255 snapped a nine-fight win streak for Rodriguez. This is the highest profiled fight that Rodriguez has ever had. Whenever Perry fights, he seems to draw a lot of attention and I’m not expecting anything different.

Worth noting that this fight is taking place at 170 pounds. Hopefully we will see Perry be a little more disciplined in his approach and make the weight he’s contracted to make. Either way, this should be a fun scrap in April.

UFC Vegas 7 Preview: Will Pedro Munhoz spoil Frankie Edgar’s bantamweight debut?

Pedro Munhoz, UFC

Tomorrow night, the UFC is back at it for their seventh event at the APEX since returning earlier this summer. In the main event of the evening, Frankie Edgar (23-8-1) will be making his bantamweight debut against Pedro Munhoz (18-4). Let’s take a dive into the main card for tomorrow night.

Munhoz welcomes Edgar to the UFC’s bantamweight division

At 38 years old, Frankie Edgar is going to be competing in his third weight class inside the UFC. He might be competing in the weight class that has been best suited for him this whole time. Pedro Munhoz is the perfect guy to test that theory.

Edgar comes down to bantamweight after losing his last two fights at featherweight although one was a short notice loss to Chan Sung Jung back in December. Edgar bailed the UFC out by taking the last minute fight to preserve a main event. He got finished for his efforts.

Before that, Edgar fought to a decision loss with then champion, Max Holloway. It was Edgar’s third featherweight title shot and he went 0-3 in those shots. Edgar is the former UFC lightweight champion and one of the better fighters of this last era.

Edgar is known for his speed, his footwork, his cardio, and his wrestling. While always being the smallest guy at lightweight and many times at featherweight, he would have an advantage in most of those categories. It’ll be interesting to see if it translates to bantamweight.

Pedro Munhoz really blew up when he knocked out former bantamweight champion, Cody Garbrandt, back at UFC 235. Munhoz was always considered a very solid contender, but that was the first time people really got to see him on a championship level.

Munhoz is coming off of a decision loss to top contender, Aljamain Sterling. Had Munhoz won that fight, he might have fought for the title. Munhoz has good striking with good power. He also has very good submissions with his signature being his guillotine.

This is such an interesting matchup. While you’d think the guy coming down would have the strength/power advantage, that’s not the case. I would give those advantages to the guy who’s competed at bantamweight, Munhoz.

To me, the fight comes down to how it ends. If there’s a stoppage whether it be submission or knockout, Pedro Munhoz will win this fight. If it goes the distance, Edgar’s activity will be enough. I believe Edgar is still durable enough to make it five rounds, and I think he’s going to have a close but successful debut at bantamweight tomorrow night.

Prediction: Frankie Edgar by Unanimous Decision

Ovince St. Preux vs Alonzo Menifield

After one weird fight at heavyweight, Ovince St. Preux (24-14) heads back to the UFC‘s light heavyweight division against Alonzo Menifield (9-1) in the co-main event of the evening.

OSP has been a consistent light heavyweight contender over the years. He’s got good power, good submissions, and good wrestling. He’s used those tools to get wins over guys like Corey Anderson, Shogun Rua, and Yushin Okami.

OSP most notably stepped in for Daniel Cormier to fight Jon Jones at UFC 197 for the interim light heavyweight title. While Jones won the fight, OSP at least proved that he could stand in there with the greatest of all time.

St. Preux made the choice to try to move up to heavyweight in his last fight back in May against Ben Rothwell. While OSP had moments, his lack of activity led to his split decision loss. After one attempt, it’s back to the 205 well for OSP.

Heading into UFC 250, Alonzo Menifield was 9-0 with all nine wins coming via stoppage. Six of those wins came in the first round and he never saw a third round. That all changed that night.

Devin Clark was able to withstand the power and drag Menifield into a decision fight. We saw that Menifield does not have a style that carries well over three rounds and Clark got the decision victory.

With Menifield, you know what you’re going to get. He’s a world beater in the first round and even early in the second, but if you can survive that, you should be okay. The opening minutes will say a lot about the outcome.

Can Menifield catch OSP and put him away or can St. Preux drag Menifield into some deep water. St. Preux has only been finished twice in his UFC career with the last one coming in 2016 to Jimi Manuwa.

I keep going back and forth because I can see both men winning. I can easily see Menifield getting the knockout, and I can also see OSP surviving to get a decision. With no confidence at all, I’m going to say OSP gets dropped early, but is able to survive and win the final two rounds to edge Menifield in the co-main event.

Prediction: Ovince St. Preux by Unanimous Decision

Mike Rodriguez vs Marcin Prachnio

The third fight on the main card pairs a couple of UFC light heavyweights against each other as “Slow” Mike Rodriguez (10-4, 1 NC) takes on Marcin Prachnio (13-4).

This is the first fight in two years for Prachnio. Prachnio made his UFC debut back in February of 2018 with a decent amount of hype. He came over from One Championship and was riding a eight fight winning streak.

In those eight fights, he had two decision wins and six first round knockouts. Many people were excited to see him, but he completely failed to deliver in his first two UFC fights.

The karate black belt was knocked out twice in the first round by Sam Alvey and Magomed Ankalaev. After that, he disappeared for a couple of years. Those fights were atrocious, but Prachnio does have good skills and striking. We just don’t know what were going to get with him.

Rodriguez got a contract after a flying knee knockout on Dana White’s Contender Series. However, it hasn’t been smooth sailing for him inside the promotion. He’s really gone 1-3, but one of the losses was overturned to a no contest.

Rodriguez has good size and pretty good power for the division. He fights very long and will come at you with a variety of strikes on the feet. He’s awkward to fight, but he’s very effective when he’s on.

This is such a weird fight for the main card, and a difficult one to predict. Prachnio is not as bad as he looked in his first two fights, but I’m also not sold that he’s very good. Frankly, I’m not sure what to expect, but I think we see a finish in the second round in this one.

Prediction: Mike Rodriguez by TKO – Round 2

Takashi Sato vs Daniel Rodriguez

A popular fight of the night pick comes your way in the second fight of the evening as exciting UFC prospects Takashi Sato (16-3) and Daniel Rodriguez (12-1) go head-to-head.

In his last fight in June, Sato showed just how dangerous and clean his striking was. Taking on UFC newcomer, Jason Witt, Sato got the win in just 48 seconds. It was Sato’s second win by TKO since joining the promotion.

In three fights since making the jump from Pancrase, Sato is 2-1 with his one loss being to Belal Muhammad. In that fight, Muhammad dominated with his wrestling and got the submission. Sato should thrive in a matchup that is contested on the feet.

Daniel Rodriguez wasn’t given a UFC contract after his Contender Series appearance, but that didn’t slow him down. He went out and got a quick second round finish in his next fight to get the call up to the big leagues.

In two fights, Rodriguez has a submission over Tim Means and a decision of Gabriel Green. Rodriguez has tremendous power and very good striking. He also has good submission skills if the fight hits the mat.

In analyzing this fight, I keep thinking about striking technique. This fight should be a stand up war, and I like Sato’s technique more. I also believe that he has a little more diversity in his attack. This is another close matchup, but I like Sato in this one.

Prediction: Takashi Sato by Unanimous Decision

Mariya Agapova vs Shana Dobson

The opening fight of the main card is truly a showcase fight for flyweight prospect Mariya Agapova (9-1) as she takes on Shana Dobson (3-4).

At just 23 years old, Agapova is one of the brightest prospects in women’s MMA. She’s good on the feet, she’s good on the ground, she’s honestly good everywhere. Agapova is the true total package.

In her UFC debut back in June, she absolutely stormed through Hannah Cifers. It was her third straight first round finish (two by submission). Agapova looks to be the real deal in the flyweight division.

Dobson comes into this fight on a three fight losing streak. She’s a veteran of the Ultimate Fighter, but if you count her stint on the show, she’s just 1-4 in her last five fights. That one win wasn’t very impressive either.

There is really not an area of this fight where I believe Dobson has an advantage. In a way she’s playing the role of sacrificial lamb. Her only chance is really to land a flukey punch. I don’t foresee this fight going very long.

Prediction: Mariya Agapova by Submission (Rear-Naked Choke) – Round 1

UFC Vegas 7 Outlook

This is such a fun fight card when you break it down. UFC on Vegas 7 has five main card fights, and four of them could truly go either way. I’m very curious to see how Frankie Edgar looks in his bantamweight debut. If Munhoz can spoil the party, it’ll be the biggest win of his career.