New York Jets sign versatile offensive lineman Josh Andrews

New York Jets, Josh Andrews

The New York Jets have signed versatile offensive lineman Josh Andrews. Andrews was an undrafted free agent from Oregon State in 2014. He received interest from 3 teams and ultimately chose to join the Eagles. That Eagles team led him to Joe Douglas.

According to Andrews agent, he’s excited to reunite with Douglas in NY.

Who Is Josh Andrews?

Andrews played in Philly for four years and in Minnesota before he landed in Indy with the Colts. Andrews has never been a starter, but he’s had experience and never allowed a sack or been flagged. Joe Douglas wants versatile guys who can bring in competition for the line. The Douglas mentality is evident with this signing. Andrews will be a guy who will fight for a roster spot and fight to carve out a role. With so much turnover on the line, he’ll have a shot to earn starting reps potentially. More than likely, he will provide depth. He’s got a very high football IQ along with being a great athlete. Jim Schwartz said he would play on their scout team and go out of his way to diagnose weak spots on the defense and how they could make Fletcher Cox and other defensive linemen more productive. That level of IQ is something that can provide value to both the offense and the defense. Andrews is a solid depth addition.

What’s Next For The Jets?

The Jets continue to wait on Robby Anderson’s decision before allocating money elsewhere. The WR market hinges on the money Anderson locks up. The Jets plan A is to hope that Anderson re-signs on a solid deal that is fair for the team and Anderson, and then allocate money to more depth on the offensive line and the defense. The Jets issue is that signing Anderson will be to a deal within the range of $8.5 million to $12 million. That’s a lot of money to add to the payroll, which explains their reluctance to make deals before knowing his destination. Their plan B, if they don’t lock him down, will likely be Phillip Dorsett and aiming to add one or more playmakers in the draft and then allocating the money towards defense. Until he makes a decision, it is unclear exactly how much money the Jets will have to spend on other spots. Until then, expect more depth signings.

New York Giants Quarterback Eli Manning Uncertain About Future

On Wednesday morning, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning was questioned by reporters near his locker room. Following the week 16 loss against Indianapolis, Pat Shurmur confirmed that Manning will start the final game of the season against Dallas. Despite this, there has still been no status update on the 15 year veteran’s future with the Giants.

What Has Eli Said About His Future?

While being questioned by his locker on Wednesday, a reporter asked the quarterback if he “expects to be here next season as the starting quarterback.” Manning responded with “I don’t know.” He then elaborated on that statement. Eli said he has not got into that or thought much about that yet.

With one game left this season, it is just about time for Manning to begin to think about his future. The Giants have had a disappointing season at 5-10. They are expected to be picking in the top ten again in this year’s draft. The uncertainty surrounding Eli Manning leads many to believe the Giants will select a quarterback in the first round this year. (Quotes provided by @art_stapleton on Twitter).

What Has Coach Shurmur Said About Eli’s Future?

Head coach Pat Shurmur was asked on Wednesday if he gives any thought at all to the possibility that this will be Eli Manning’s final game as a Giant.

Shurmur responded by saying:

“No, not really. Eli’s our starter. Eli gives us the best chance to win and he is going to play on Sunday. That’s where we’re at. I think when the game is over we start talking in-depth about what’s going to happen moving forward… I’m not worried about that. Again, you’re talking to the coach. I’m not worried about that, I’m worried about the game” (via @RVacchianoSNY on Twitter).

Pat Shurmur gave a traditional coach’s answer. All he will admit to being focused on is the upcoming game. With a week left in the season, it will be interesting to see how Pat Shurmur responds to this question following this week’s game.

The Giants will be closing out this disappointing season at home against the Cowboys. With the possibility of this being Manning’s last game as a Giant, all eyes will be on number 10.