Giants legend sends message to Daniel Jones: ‘Buckle up’

Giants quarterback Daniel Jones on the field during pre game warm ups

The future is uncertain for New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones. Despite signing a massive contract extension with the team last offseason, the Giants could aim to find Jones’ successor this offseason.

In these trying times for Jones and the Giants, franchise legend Phil Simms shared his thoughts on the situation and sent an encouraging message to the team’s scrutinized quarterback.

Phil Simms tells Daniel Jones to “buckle up” ahead of an uncertain offseason

Simms recently touched on the trials and challenges facing Jones ahead of this uncertain offseason. When asked if he would lend any advice to the Giants’ quarterback, Simms told him to “buckle up” for this offseason:

“Would I have any things to tell Daniel Jones? Hey, man, buckle up. That’s it. It’s going to be rough. Just show how tough you are and do it and just keep working. That’s all you can do.”

Phil Simms on the challenges facing Daniel Jones this offseason

Do the Giants have a quality starter in Jones?

Many fans have begun to question the quality of Jones’ talents following a disappointing 2023 season. He started in only six games before suffering a season-ending injury. But in those six games, Jones played poorly, totaling six interceptions with only two touchdowns and a 1-5 record.

Despite his shaky 2023 season, Simms still believes the Giants have a quality starting quarterback in Jones.

“He definitely has starting NFL talent,” Simms said. “That’s the one thing I’ll argue for as long as you want. I wish he’d yell at somebody sometimes. Is that okay? Not that that makes you a quarterback, but it just tells me something about you, too.”

Simms seems to make a good point — perhaps Jones could play with a bit more intensity and passion. He has been criticized by the media in the past for having a more relaxed and laid-back demeanor. When backup QB Tommy DeVito took over as the starter in the Giants’ offense, he brought a spark to the unit with his passion and intensity.

Jones might be a starting talent, but is being a starting talent enough to win in the modern NFL?

“That’s a good start,” Simms said. “If you don’t have that, you’re not going to be, ‘Oh, I’ve got all this other stuff.’ I think success gives you confidence and then you could turn into another guy.”

The path to success will not be easy for Jones, as Simms points out. Many factors at play are working against Jones and increasing the pressure on the quarterback’s shoulders entering 2024:

“I think he has that chance, but like I said, it’s going to be really rough,” Simms began. “Why? The media, the fans, the national people who think they know everything – I shouldn’t say it that way, who think they know. I think I’ve watched him enough. I’ve seen enough to see the top end. I don’t know what NFL evaluator said this once, I believe in it, too, he goes, ‘Watch their 20 best plays; that’s who they are.’ Now, it’s your job as a coach to make sure they have more to do that. I kind of believe that about quarterbacks.”

The Giants have some big decisions to make this offseason and the future of their quarterback position is paramount to them all. Jones will be with the team in 2024, but whether or not he is joined by a new talent in the quarterback room remains to be seen.

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