New York Giants: Phil Simms says struggles come down to star players

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There are a lot of voices weighing in on the New York Giants after their 0-3 start to the season. Much of the feedback is directed towards the coaching staff, and the organization’s upper management. However, there is another element to consider – the players themselves, and how they haven’t stepped up this season to seize a win yet.

Some might blame the coaches for holding back the team’s talents, but former Giants quarterback Phill Simms disagrees. According to Simms, it’s the Giants’ stars that need to perform better to turn things around from their current state.

Giants top players need to perform better, says Simms

“I think the Giants have a lot of good players. But it comes down to this: name me the stars on the team. Is there a guy on offense, is there a pass rusher who can win the game for you right now? The answer is no,” Simms told the New York Daily News.

“Saquon Barkley, Leonard Williams, Dexter Lawrence, Evan Engram, Kenny Golladay, the corners, all of them are potential stars. They need to turn into stars. And the coaches have to help them become stars, too,” Simms continued.

It’s indeed true that many of the ‘star’ players for the Giants have underperformed this season. The Giants have largely played like a team that lacks game changing talents, and this fact has become evident in their back to back losses by extremely thin margins. In both losses, it’s easy to argue that a team with true star players would be able to make one or two more game changing plays and come away with a win.

With that being said, Simms may be underestimating the responsibility of the coaches to help the players make those plays. Jason Garrett’s offense has been widely criticized for a number of legitimate reasons, and the Giants playing soft on defense helped backup QB Taylor Heinicke to lead Washington to victory in week 2. Both of those issues are related to scheme, not just talent.

But one large risk for the coaching staff at this point is losing the locker room. Whether the team’s struggles are primarily on the coaches or the players, too much losing in the next few weeks risks the players checking out entirely. That is an outcome where all sides would lose, as the unprecedented bad run would likely continue for the Giants and the coaching staff’s survival into next season would become unlikely.

New York Giants: Phil Simms comes out with support for Joe Judge

New York Giants head coach Joe Judge has been in the news a bunch this past week for the way the Giants have handled training camp, but this time, someone is coming to his defense. That someone is also an important name in Giants history – Super Bowl winning QB Phil Simms.

Some former players around the league have a problem with the way Judge is doing things, and are certain that it will backfire for the Giants, but Simms isn’t one of those players. His take is close to the opposite. While talking with CBS Sports, he mocked the idea that it’s impossible to win with a strict coaching style in the modern NFL.

Phill Simms’ take on Joe Judge

“Shut up, they’re wrong, you can. It’s team building. It really does bring chemistry to the team. When guys have to run, yeah it’s a punishment, but it’s kind of funny and it brings everybody together,” Simms stated.

Simms, of course, played under Bill Parcells – a coach that some believe Judge is trying and failing to imitate. The argument is often that Judge hasn’t won enough to throw his weight around and demand a high standard from the team yet.

However, that argument misses the fact that even great coaches like Parcells didn’t typically begin their career with a winning reputation and that they may never have achieved success if they let that change their methods.

The infamous training camp brawl and the harsh reaction to it has been used as a point of contention for critics of Judge. But Simms doesn’t believe it’s a problem.

“I didn’t look at that as a detriment. And practicing too hard? Oh, come on. Come on. You gotta practice and do things on the field, take a rest, get back on, like it’s a game. And when you do things like that, scientifically it’s been proven, that’s the way to do it. And that is the best way that you can help prevent your team from getting more injuries.”

The sentiment so far on the Giants roster seems to be closer to Simms’ thoughts than those of Judge’s critics. This criticism, after all, has come from players that haven’t played under Judge. When current team members have been asked for their take, the reaction has been positive even as they admit Judge’s style isn’t for everybody.

Ultimately, the offseason drama shouldn’t be too worrying. It may be a story right now, but it looks like the Giants have found a coach that works for them. And if they start winning under Judge this season, all the talk about his style being a negative will quickly melt away. For now, the skepticism is only natural for a national media that hasn’t followed the team’s improvement under Judge up close.

New York Giants: Phil Simms details what Daniel Jones’s success relies on

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Success for the New York Giants during the 2021 regular season relies on a variety of important factors. Ranging from the performance of the offensive line to putting consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks, there might not be a more important factor than Daniel Jones’s development. Heading into his third season in the NFL, the 6’5″, 221 pound QB was gifted with serious weapons this off-season. The Giants made it a priority to build around their quarterback, producing Kenny Golladay in free agency and drafted Kadarius Toney.

The players the Giants added help in different ways — Golladay is a 6’4” possession receiver who can attack the deeper portions of the field, while Toney can operate in the middle, exposing mismatches and creating plays after the catch. However, Jones himself is a unique quarterback, providing a team that has traditionally relied on pocket passers with a more athletic option.

There are kinks in Jones’s armor that need to be worked out, such as pocket awareness and protecting the football. If he can smooth out these struggles, Jones can become an adequate quarterback in the NFL who produces regularly.

Former Giants QB Phil Simms spoke to CBS Sports about Daniel Jones and his progression:

“I feel safe in saying this, he’s got experience, now he’s got to show a little more awareness, be a little more assertive — physically, emotionally, all those things. Just in my opinion,” Simms said. “I think (the Giants are) all in on Daniel Jones. That’s what I think. When you look at what they’ve done — they go out and draft in the first round, Kadarius Toney — that tells you something. They sign John Ross, they paid Kenny Golladay all that money. Saquon Barkley’s coming back, they’re trying to fix the offensive line, hope it comes through to what they believe it will be.

Phil Simms: Giants Can Fix Daniel Jones’ Fumbling Issues

New York Giants, Daniel Jones, Pat Shurmur

If there’s anyone who can relate to New York Giants’ rookie quarterback Daniel Jones’ fumbling problems it’s former Giant  great Phil Simms. Also a first round pick (No. 7 overall in 1979), Simms was under the microscope as a young player who the franchise was putting their hopes on.

Simms was also known for his fumbles. His 93 fumbles over his 14-year Giants career was a record until Eli Manning reset it with 124 of his own. Jones is off to a roaring start in the category, fumbling 14 times (losing 10) this season which put him atop the league in the infamous category.

Simms believes that the Giants can fix Jones’ fumbling issue. Not that his own was ever really fixed. At age 30 in 1985, Simms fumbled 16 times, which was a Giants single-season record until Kerry Collins broke it with 23 in 2001.

But still, as an analyst and soothsayer Simms had these words of advice for his old team during a radio interview on WFAN earlier this week. 

“A lot of things have disappointed me about the New York Giants’ season this year, one of them is definitely not the quarterback,” Simms said. Of the many things that have disappointed Simms about the Giants this season, sophomore running back Saquon Barkley topped the list.


Turnovers continue to be a concern for the Giants young quarterback, but Simms believes his fumbling issue can be corrected, calling Jones a silver lining for Big Blue.


“I know he’s fumbled a lot, but that we can fix. We can fix how to make him get rid of the ball a little quicker and quit trying to make the play so perfect. But you can’t give him a quick release, you can’t give him the size, you can’t give him the speed he has, and he has a good arm. Those things we know we have, now we just have to keep him from fumbling the football.”

It’s true, Jones has forced things and his habit to hold onto the football longer than he should had led to many positive plays but it also has resulted in him turning the football over. Simms believes that Jones will learn to give up on certain plays over time and either run out of bounds or throw the football away.

He was asked if Pat Shurmur was the right head coach to take the team – and Jones’ development – into the future.

“If the Giants make a change at coach, even if they don’t win another game this year I think it would be a huge mistake,” Simms said. “For no other reason than the quarterback. The quarterback has done enough, they’ve handled him well enough where we can see that he can get this done if given the chance.”

The Giants are 2-9 and headed for no more than four wins and that is being optimistic. With the team in disarray, it may not be feasible to keep this coaching staff on after this season.



New York Giants: Daniel Jones Living Up To Expectations, Says Simms

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The most important thing for the New York Giants at this point in the season, with the team likely eliminated from the playoff race and left to play for pride and draft position going into the second half with two wins, is possibly the development of Daniel Jones. The team’s rookie quarterback has taken over for Eli Manning after being drafted number six overall, and that’s a job that comes with great expectations.

It’s a lot for any player, but according to one prominent former Giant, the rookie is on course in terms of progress. This former player happens to be Phil Simms, who has plenty of experience when it comes to quarterbacking.

“He has definitely lived up to the sixth pick of the draft. I think everyone agrees with that. I don’t hear any dissension from all the people that I’m around in business, work with, behind the scenes. In fact, I hear the opposite. ‘Wow, OK, he looks like the really stable, productive quarterback that is going to stand the test of time too.’ I surely don’t look at him and go, ‘He’s having a good streak here.’ I see him as very capable,” Simms said to ESPN.

Jones hasn’t been the best young quarterback this season, with a number of ups and downs, but Jones also doesn’t have much around him in the way of consistent talent – all of the top offensive names on the Giants have been injured or suspended in some way this season, and the team hasn’t improved very much over the offseason despite coming in with a number of changes.

At least, the team hasn’t improved in the results column, which makes it hard to have much faith in 2019’s updated roster.

But that was the first half of the season, and on Monday night, the Giants will face one of their primary rivals to open up the second half. Will the results improve over the last eight games, and will other players step up around Jones? It doesn’t seem like the likeliest outcome after the first eight games, but we’ll just have to wait for the second half to start to find that out.

New York Giants: Phil Simms Reassures Giants Fans

The New York Giants have had one wild 2019 offseason. They moved on from several star players, such as Odell Beckham Jr., Olivier Vernon, and Landon Collins. They then went on to make the most controversial selection in the entire 2019 NFL Draft.

With the sixth pick in the 2019 NFL Draft, the New York Giants selected quarterback Daniel Jones. This pick was highly controversial because many believed that Daniel Jones was not worth a top ten pick and that the Giants took him too early.

Since then, many conflicting reports have come out about Daniel Jones’s draft stock. Some reports claim he would not have lasted until the Giants’ second first-round pick at seventeenth overall. Other reports claim that Jones easily would have fallen to seventeen.

There is no way to know for sure. However, on Saturday, a former New York Giants legend gave his take on the matter.

Phil Simms “Knows For A Fact”

Phil Simms conducted an interview on Saturday with Rob “Lep” Lepelstat of STAT Sports in which he discussed the Giants’ controversial first-round draft pick. Simms gave Jones high praise and described him as a “perfect fit” for the New York Giants’ offense, team, and culture. But then Phil also went on to give “the scoop” on Daniel’s draft stock. Here is what Phil Simms had to say:

“I know for a fact [Daniel Jones] would not have been there on the seventeenth pick that the Giants had… Trust me. Not one, multiple teams were gonna draft Daniel Jones before pick seventeen… I just gave you a scoop. Nobody talks about it, but I do know.” –Phil Simms on STAT Sports with Rob Lep Lepelstat

This quote might sound a bit familiar to Giants fans. Dave Gettleman said nearly the exact same thing in his post-draft press conference:

“I know for a fact there were two teams that would’ve taken Daniel Jones in front of 17,” Gettleman said. “I know that for a fact.”

Phil Simms’s and Dave Gettleman’s insider scoop was also supported by Giants beat reporter Paul Dottino of WFAN. Dottino said there were “at least two teams ready to pounce before seventeen.” He also added that Phill “may know of more” teams that were interested in drafting Daniel Jones.

Daniel Jones is now set to be the New York Giants’ next franchise quarterback. Whether there truly were other teams ready to take Jones or not, it does not change the fact that the rookie about to participate in his first NFL training camp with the New York Giants next week.

Still, it is interesting to see so many conflicting reports and hear NFL insiders continue to contradict each other this late in the summer. Could the former Giants quarterback be telling the truth? Or is he just trying to make his former team look better?

New York Giants News, 7/14 – Phil Simms pranks Eli Manning

Eli Manning, New York Giants

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

Don’t let Eli Manning’s facial expressions fool you, he’s quite the prankster in the locker room, but this time around, he was the victim of a serious act of violence by Phil Simms.

Simms, the former quarterback for the Giants, decided to take Eli’s shoes for a spin:

“Hey Eli, I needed a pair of shoes so I borrowed your white tennis shoes. Thanks, Phil Simms.”

Wow, he took Manning’s shoes, as if he hasn’t stolen $50 million over the last two seasons from the Giants and can’t afford to purchase any more. Maybe, it was the absolute whiteness of the shoes that made them so significantly special.

Let’s be honest, that might have been the worst prank of all time, but hey, it made the news, right?

Am I being too harsh? Absolutely, but I’m tired of waiting for football. We are in withdrawal stages, the world is ending, only football can save us.


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