New York Giants: Phil Simms details what Daniel Jones’s success relies on

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Success for the New York Giants during the 2021 regular season relies on a variety of important factors. Ranging from the performance of the offensive line to putting consistent pressure on opposing quarterbacks, there might not be a more important factor than Daniel Jones’s development. Heading into his third season in the NFL, the 6’5″, 221 pound QB was gifted with serious weapons this off-season. The Giants made it a priority to build around their quarterback, producing Kenny Golladay in free agency and drafted Kadarius Toney.

The players the Giants added help in different ways — Golladay is a 6’4” possession receiver who can attack the deeper portions of the field, while Toney can operate in the middle, exposing mismatches and creating plays after the catch. However, Jones himself is a unique quarterback, providing a team that has traditionally relied on pocket passers with a more athletic option.

There are kinks in Jones’s armor that need to be worked out, such as pocket awareness and protecting the football. If he can smooth out these struggles, Jones can become an adequate quarterback in the NFL who produces regularly.

Former Giants QB Phil Simms spoke to CBS Sports about Daniel Jones and his progression:

“I feel safe in saying this, he’s got experience, now he’s got to show a little more awareness, be a little more assertive — physically, emotionally, all those things. Just in my opinion,” Simms said. “I think (the Giants are) all in on Daniel Jones. That’s what I think. When you look at what they’ve done — they go out and draft in the first round, Kadarius Toney — that tells you something. They sign John Ross, they paid Kenny Golladay all that money. Saquon Barkley’s coming back, they’re trying to fix the offensive line, hope it comes through to what they believe it will be.

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