New York Giants: Kadarius Toney speaks on Jalen Ramsey matchup, Daniel Jones relationship

kadarius toney, giants

During the week 6 game between the New York Giants and the Los Angeles Rams, a lot of eyes will be on Kadarius Toney and Jalen Ramsey.

Toney, after all, is coming off a breakout performance where he led the Giants offense in yardage and showed some truly impressive mobility. Ramsey, on the other hand, has long been a premier corner and will have the task of shutting down whatever receiver he’s assigned to cover.

There’s practically a made-for-TV matchup there, if Ramsey does end up covering Toney rather than Sterling Shepard or Darius Slayton.

It’s also a matchup that Toney was asked about during Friday’s media availability. The Giants rookie, however, wasn’t making a big deal about it.

“It’s football, everybody has their on-plays and off-plays,” Toney said when asked if Ramsey can cover him. “It’s equal when you step on the field.”

Ramsey is a player that has a tendency to get under the skin of the opposing team’s wide receivers. But Toney isn’t too worried about that happening.

“If that’s what he wants to do, then that’s just what he’s going to do. If he’s going to try – I mean, you can always attempt, but you can’t always get the result that you want out of it.”

He called his ejection in last week’s game part of a learning process, and said to not expect anything like it again. From the looks of things, Toney plans on taking a quiet approach to dealing with the opposing team.

“I’m a silent assassin. I don’t talk to nobody on the field,” he assured.

Kadarius Toney showing chemistry with Daniel Jones already

It’s important for a wide receiver to have good chemistry with the quarterback. After an offseason where Toney had multiple absences, some wondered if Toney would be able to build that chemistry from Jones.

But from the looks of things, the first few weeks of the season have been enough to establish a bond. When asked about rushing to Jones after his concussion, Toney had some positive things to say about his relationship with his quarterback.

“That’s my brother. That’s my dog. At the end of the day, if he’s hurt, I’m hurt. That really kind of made me go harder, just knowing that he wasn’t able to do what he’ll normally do, like contribute as much as he can, just put another chip on my shoulder.”

There’s a fair chance for Jones and Toney to build more chemistry in week 6. Saquon Barkley and Kenny Golladay have been ruled out for tomorrow’s game, and even if Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton make a return, both players may be rusty after missing two weeks of action.

That assumes, of course, that Jones plays. While Jones has cleared the concussion protocol, whether or not he should start remains a controversial subject.

Barring a setback, there’s no more roadblocks to Jones returning to the field. But the decision is in the hands of the coaching staff. It’s still unknown to the public just how cautious the coaching staff intends to be with Jones’ return.

With that being said, the performance against Dallas shows us that Toney can still play dangerously even if Mike Glennon is at quarterback.

And given the controversy around bringing Jones back the week following his concussion, we may just end up seeing Glennon making passes to Toney instead on Sunday if Joe Judge makes the more cautious choice and rests Jones.

New York Giants: Insider names Daniel Jones likely starter for week 6

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants are faced with a dilemma in week 6. With Daniel Jones sustaining a concussion in the team’s week 5 loss in Dallas, some of the discourse leading up to week 6 has turned to the subject of whether or not Jones should start.

That is to say, not everyone agrees with starting Jones even if the doctors clear him to play.

The doctors, in this case, are the ones who hold the final decision on whether the Giants can field Jones. For a player to leave the concussion protocol, the NFL requires an independent neurologist to clear them. The Giants haven’t yet said if Jones is starting, and that’s because the matter isn’t in the hands of the coaching staff.

However, a report from claims that Jones is more likely to start than sit.

“It’s likely Daniel will be the starter,” an individual with knowledge of the situation told and USA TODAY Network. The individual was granted anonymity because of the sensitivity of the situation… “There are still hurdles to be cleared, but that’s where everyone hopes it’s headed.”

The arguments around playing Jones in week 6

Some want to see Jones sit this game out after his concussion in week 5. That sentiment is backed up by experiences from previous seasons where the Giants brought back an injured Saquon Barkley as well as Jones himself too soon, only for both players to flop in their respective returns.

With that being said, this situation isn’t exactly like either of those. When it comes to concussions, the process of bringing a player back involves more than just the team’s trainers. It’s unlikely that the league’s doctors will approve Jones to play if symptoms are still present.

At the end of the day, it’s hard to imagine the coaching staff choosing to sit Jones if the independent doctor gives him the go-ahead.

While the Giants are 1-4 and being counted out by many at this point in the season, the coaches and players certainly aren’t thinking of things that way.

The Giants need all the wins they can get as they enter this tough stretch of the schedule, and getting an upset win against the Rams on Sunday would take off some of the pressure going into a November that features road games in Kansas City and Tampa Bay.

If Jones is cleared, expect the coaches to play him rather than assuming the season is already over and taking the minimal risk option instead.

New York Giants: Jason Garrett says “there is a balance” to Daniel Jones runs

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants are getting used to utilizing Daniel Jones’ running ability more often, but that has come with both positives and negatives.

On one hand, running has been a useful skill for Jones during a season where both the pass protection and the traditional run game have often been lacking.

On the other hand, these runs come with an inherent risk and the Giants witnessed that firsthand when Jones received a concussion in their week 5 loss to the Cowboys.

The situation brings up a new question. Just how much will the Giants shy away from such runs in the future to avoid a similar result?

According to offensive coordinator Jason Garrett, there’s a balance that the coaching staff have to find.

“I think there is a balance there. I think we’d be foolish if we didn’t use his ability as a runner. It’s been such an asset for us, both him making plays spontaneously by moving in the pocket, but also some design stuff,” Garrett told reporters on Thursday.

Despite praising the utility of Jones’ ground game, Garrett also acknowledged the dangers.

“But at the same time, you have to be certainly aware of that. You don’t want to overdo that and put him in harm’s way. I think we’re understanding more and more, he’s understanding more and more the balance between those.”

It’s easy to imagine that the matter will be on the minds of the Giants coaches headed into the next game.

Right now, it’s looking like Jones will play – but his status is unclear, and the concussion scare is a warning about what could come of the Giants being too reckless in their strategy here.

With that being said, don’t expect them to approach week 6 too conservatively. The Giants are on the ropes at this point in the season and a loss will have them written off by many as a lost cause until next Draft.

If Jones is able to play, expect him to continue going 100%. His job may depend on it, and the jobs of the coaching staff may depend on turning the recent poor momentum around just as much.

New York Giants: Kadarius Toney will be the X-factor in Week Five

kadarius toney, new york giants

The New York Giants‘ offense had a breakout game last Sunday. The Giants earned their first win of the season and improved their record to 1-3. New York’s offense willed them to a thrilling 27-21 overtime victory over the New Orleans Saints. Daniel Jones, Kenny Golladay, and Kadarius Toney developed a chemistry that took the team’s offensive attack to a new level.

For the first three weeks of the season, Jason Garrett and the Giants were criticized for misusing their 2021 first-round pick, Kadarius Toney. The UF wide receiver was not making an impact in the Giants’ first few games. But in Week Four, Toney had a breakout performance that the Giants will want to build on. To beat the Dallas Cowboys in Week Five, the Giants will need to have an explosive offensive performance that sees Kadarius Toney make a real impact.

Kadarius Toney the X-Factor

As good as the Dallas Cowboys offense has been this season, their defense has been equally as bad in some regards.  For example, the Dallas Cowboys’ defense has given up an insane amount of yardage after the catch. The Cowboys give up 190 yards after the catch per game (most in the league).

This is where Kadarius Toney comes into play. Toney is a YAC machine. In college, Kadarius had a 35% missed tackle rate, constantly breaking tackles and creating plays with the ball in his hands. We have seen him produce similarly in the NFL, too.

Kadarius Toney is averaging 7.7 yards after catch per reception this season. 77 of his 92 receiving yards have come after the catch. Toney has forced 6 missed tackles this season on only 11 touches.

The New York Giants are not winning this game on the back of their defense. The Dallas Cowboys’ offense is simply too good. The way that the Giants win on Sunday is by beating a good offense with a good offense. It should be a shootout down in Dallas. The Giants have not scored over 30 points in a long time and that needs to change on Sunday.

New York Giants: Daniel Jones has seemingly turned the corner

daniel jones, new york giants

The New York Giants are 1-3 coming off of their first win in Week Four. Last year, the season also started slow and much of the blame fell on the shoulders of quarterback Daniel Jones. This year, however, the tune has changed regarding New York’s starting signal-caller.

Now, fans and analysts alike are acknowledging Daniel Jones’s talent. Through the first four weeks of the 2021 season, Daniel Jones is an exponentially better quarterback than he was through the first four weeks of the 2020 season. It is early, but after this strong start to the season, Daniel Jones has fans believing that he has turned the corner.

2020 Daniel Jones vs 2021 Daniel Jones

The New York Giants finished the 2020 season 6-10 after an 0-5 start. The vibes surrounding the team were much different than they are through the first four weeks of this season. The Giants did not have to wait as long to get their first win of the year as they came away with their first victory in Week Four this season. Daniel Jones had a career game that saw him win NFC Offensive Player of the Week.

In Week Four, Daniel Jones threw for 402 yards and 2 touchdowns as the Giants topped the New Orleans Saints on the road with a thrilling 27-21 overtime victory. After this game, Giants fans seem sold. They all seem to believe that Daniel Jones is a franchise quarterback. Through four weeks of the regular season, he sure is playing like one.

Daniel Jones 2020 Stats (Weeks 1-4)

  • Yards Per Attempt: 6.0
  • TD-Int: 2-5
  • Total QBR: 45
  • Turnovers: 7

Daniel Jones 2021 Stats (Weeks 1-4)

  • Yards Per Attempt: 8.2
  • TD-Int: 4-1
  • Total QBR: 60
  • Turnovers: 2

Daniel Jones has improved in every major statistical category since last season. He is throwing the ball accurately downfield, creating big plays, and keeping the ball clean. Jones’s turnover total is down tremendously. Throughout the first two years of his career, the biggest criticism of Daniel Jones has always been his turnover issue. It seems like Daniel Jones has gotten that issue under control now.

The Giants have not come away with many wins, but they have been hanging in every game this season. Thanks to Daniel Jones, the New York Giants are competitive. If Daniel Jones continues to play at this high level, the Giants will win more games, and he truly will establish himself as a franchise quarterback.

New York Giants: Jason Garrett identifies major area of improvement for Daniel Jones

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Winning isn’t the only task for the New York Giants this season. This year also serves as an evaluation for quarterback Daniel Jones at the individual level. After two previous seasons of Jones at QB, and with a new General Manager potentially coming in this offseason, this seems like the year the Giants will make a decision about the player.

So far, Jones has offered mixed results but displayed improvement against Washington and New Orleans, against whom he delivered his best games of the season. His play so far was enough to draw several praises from offensive coordinator Jason Garrett when Garrett was asked where Jones had seen the most progress.

“You have to take care of the ball and I think he’s done that. Starting from about midseason last year, he’s done a great job taking care of the ball. He has made really good decisions, he’s played decisively,” Garrett said on Thursday about Jones.

Jones only has one fumble lost since the season opener, where he lost the ball against Denver. While he does have one interception this season, it only came on a Hail Mary before halftime in week 4.

While Jones hasn’t been perfect, and the unlucky interception could be considered karma for luckier moments earlier in the season, he has yet to throw a legitimate interception this season.

“When things aren’t there, he’s made good decisions to get rid of the ball. Two or three times in the game the other day, maybe a rusher came free, or something didn’t come up exactly like we wanted to, he used his feet, he threw the ball away, we went to the next down,” Garrett continued.

A better environment for Jones

What has caused the improvement in play from Daniel Jones? One thing that Garrett mentioned is a better environment around him compared to last season.

“As the environment gets better around him as we protect better and we get some guys outside who can make some plays for him, he’s going to continue to play better. That’s been my experience with quarterback play.”

In the case of Jones, the improvement in his environment has come in the form of new receivers and better offensive line play. The upgrade was perhaps most visible against New Orleans, when the Giants utilized Kadarius Toney more in their gameplan. Furthermore, a healthier Kenny Golladay was able to make more of an impact in the receiving game.

For the offense, a current challenge is continuing to provide the support that Jones needs. Headed into week 5, wide receivers Sterling Shepard and Darius Slayton are dealing with hamstring injuries and could miss another game. The team saw a step up from John Ross in their absence, but it’s unclear whether the trend will continue.

But whether the Giants enter the game injured at receiver or not, it’s clear that Jones will shoulder much of the responsibility for Sunday’s result when the team takes on a division nemesis.

New York Giants: Daniel Jones thriving off deep passing attack

new york giants, daniel jones

The New York Giants just earned their first win of the 2021 season. In thrilling fashion, the Giants pulled off an overtime upset over the New Orleans Saints to improve their record to 1-3. Quarterback Daniel Jones had a career game that propelled the team to victory.

Daniel Jones threw for a single-game career-high 402 passing yards against the Saints on Sunday. Much of Jones’s yardage was gained on deep passes, 15 or 20+ yards downfield. The Giants opened up their offense, calling more deep passing plays, allowing Danny to deliver some big-time dimes.

Daniel Jones thriving off deep passing attack

Through the first three weeks of the 2021 season, Daniel Jones attempted only 7 passes of 20+ yards downfield (about 2.3 attempts per game). Fans and analysts have criticized Jason Garrett’s offensive scheme for being too “dink-and-dunk” and not taking enough shots downfield. Garrett and Jones heard the criticisms and opened the offense up on Sunday.

In the Giants’ Week Four victory, Daniel Jones threw 5 passes of 20+ yards downfield, far more than he has been throwing on average this season. Jones lit it up on these attempts, going 2/5 with 106 yards, 2 touchdowns, and 1 irrelevant interception (the hail mary attempt at the end of the first half).

Even while scaling the threshold back, the Giants were throwing the ball further downfield than the rest of the NFL on Sunday. Daniel Jones had 9 completions on throws 10+ yards downfield in Week 4, the most among all quarterbacks (PFF).

On passes 15+ yards downfield, Daniel Jones was surgical. The Giants’ quarterback was 8 of 11 for 229 and 2 touchdowns on throws of 15+ air yards (Jordan Raanan ESPN). The downfield passing attack is letting Daniel Jones breakout.

New York Giants fans might be discouraged by their team’s 1-3 start to the season. Week Four was a step in the right direction, but by no means does it make the Giants a Super Bowl contender. Despite this lowly record, the Giants have reasons for optimism. The biggest reason for optimism: Daniel Jones.

Daniel Jones is developing into a franchise quarterback. Through four weeks of the 2021 season, Jones looks like one of the best signal-callers in the NFL. If the Giants are going to turn things around, it’s going to be because of Daniel Jones.

Giants’ Daniel Jones showed flashes of franchise quarterback play, but what does he need to establish himself?

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has been one of the most polarizing players on the team since being drafted in 2019. As the 6th overall selection, Jones had high expectations coming out of Duke, representing a quarterback with intriguing mobility and solid accuracy.

The major problem surrounding Jones has been his turnover issues, as he threw 22 interceptions during his first two seasons and fumbled 29 times. However, through two games this season, Jones has only fumbled once, not throwing an interception over 69 passing attempts. So far, he has thrown for 516 yards and two passing touchdowns but has also rushed for 122 yards and two rushing scores. He’s currently the teams leading rusher and is on pace for 4,352 yards, which would completely destroy his previous high of 3,027 yards.

In the team’s most recent loss to the Washington Football Team last Thursday, Jones was one of the best players on the field, carrying the Giants’ offense to 29 points on 22 completions for 249 yards and two total touchdowns. He would’ve ran for two scores, but a botched holding call on wide receiver CJ board resulted in the play coming back.

PFF graded Jones with a 91.3 overall in Week 2, the highest player in the game and the highest grade in his entire career. His adjusted completion percentage landed at 78.1%, including drops from receivers. In fact, in both weeks, his receivers dropped 12% of passes thrown, an unacceptable number. In addition, opposing defenses have curated 28 total pressures, showcasing his mobility and increased ball security. His only fumble happened outside of the pocket on a run up the middle. The growth and development he’s experienced over the off-season regarding ball security and pocket movement are clearly on display, as the offensive line remains a deficiency and Jones dominated against Washington regardless.

The OL has allowed a league-high six sacks, tied with only the Tennessee Titans and New York Jets. Of those three quarterbacks (Ryan Tannehill, Zach Wilson), Jones has the highest QBR, highest completion percentage, and most amount of yards.

The qualities that Jones has displayed through two weeks are convincing that he’s capable of being a franchise quarterback, but he needs to play consistently great to earn that term.

Specifically, he needs to perform well against teams not named Washington and crush opponents like the Atlanta Falcons coming up in Week 3. The Falcons have allowed 30+ points in each of their last two games, including 48 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The Giants’ offense must display another strong performance, and if Jones can string together a few solid outings, the narrative around him will quickly begin to change in the Giants community.

New York Giants: Daniel Jones had best game of career on TNF, says PFF

new york giants, daniel jones

The New York Giants suffered a demoralizing loss to the Washington Football Team on Thursday Night. The fanbase is down in the dumps and nearly every takeaway is negative. However, there is one glaring spotlight in the middle of this dark shadow: Daniel Jones.

Daniel Jones was dialed in last night and turned in arguably the best single-game performance of his NFL career so far. This was encouraging considering the mediocre level of play the Giants got out of their quarterback in Week One. Jones was dealt plenty of criticism after the season opener and responded with authority in Week Two.

According to Pro Football Focus, this was by far the best game of Daniel Jones’s career. The third-year quarterback seemed to come into his own against his division rivals on primetime.

Daniel Jones earns an elite PFF grade in Week Two

New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones earned an elite grade from Pro Football Focus for his Week Two performance. While his box score stat-sheet might not be too crazy, it does not tell the full story. Jones threw for 249 yards and 1 touchdown with a 69% completion percentage. The box score, however, does not take into account the dropped passes that Danny Dimes delivered on target.

PFF gave Daniel Jones the best grade of his career (91.3) in Week 2 and it’s not particularly close. Jones was also the highest-graded player on Thursday Night Football with that 91.3 overall grade. Such a high-graded performance might land Daniel on PFF’s Team of the Week after the Sunday-Monday games finish.

Also according to PFF, Daniel Jones’ average depth of target was 11 yards in Week Two. This ADOT would have been the highest amongst all NFL quarterbacks in Week One (excluding Jordan Love). Daniel Jones and the Giants’ offense played mightily conservative in Week One and seemed reluctant to throw the ball downfield. But, in Week Two, Daniel Jones played with much more aggression, from which the Giants’ offense benefited greatly.

This game gave the Giants a glimpse of what Daniel Jones could become. The team hopes he proves to be a franchise quarterback. If Jones can play like this on a consistent basis, he might prove to be what the Giants hope he is. He also led the team with 95 rushing yards and 1 rushing touchdown on 9 carries. Daniel Jones carried the Giants’ offense in the best game of his career despite a heart-breaking last-second loss.

Giants’ safety Jabrill Peppers has strong words ahead of Thursday night battle in Washington

New York Giants, Jabrill Peppers

The New York Giants are gearing up for a big Week 2 matchup against the Washington Football Team, and most are coining it a “must-win” game for both teams. After a disappointing loss in Week 1 to the Denver Broncos, the Giants are trying to bounce back in a strong way as they take on backup quarterback Taylor Heinicke.

After Ryan Fitzpatrick suffered a hip injury that put him on injured reserve, Heinicke stepped into the game. Over 15 passing attempts, Heinicke tallied 122 yards and a touchdown, recording a 70.1 QBR. Overall, he had a solid performance against Los Angeles, but with subpar arm talent, the Giants have the personnel to take advantage.

On the defensive side, the Giants blitzed more in Week 1 than in any game last year, showcasing a shift in strategy. With Patrick Graham attempting to substitute to a more man-coverage-based scheme, the goal will be to get after Heinicke and put him under immediate pressure.

One of the Giants’ key defenders, Jabrill Peppers, struggled in the opening game of the season, as he allowed four receptions on four targets for 34 yards. Peppers gave up several third-down conversions and catches in the red zone, which forced Graham to go in a different direction defensively.

“Subpar,” Peppers said. “I gave up two big third downs. I gave up a catch in the red zone … the standard I hold myself to, those are the routes I usually cover in my sleep. It is what it is, man. I gotta go back to the drawing board, hone in and get better.”

However, Peppers is resilient player and is eyeing a bounce-back against Washington on Thursday evening. Last season, Peppers emerged as one of the Giants’ best playmakers, playing a career-high 912 snaps, tallying 62 tackles, and posting seven pass breakups.
Peppers used some of that fiery energy to express the importance of this upcoming game, which attest to the notion that this is a must-win contest for both teams.

“Well, every game is important. This is a division game. We don’t like them. They don’t like us,” Peppers said. “So that’s where my head’s at right now.”

The Giants have beaten Washington four consecutive times since Daniel Jones took over as the starting quarterback. They will be looking to extend that streak, as Washington’s signal-caller issues presents Big Blue with a great opportunity to smooth over the fan base after an embarrassing loss to Denver.