New York Jets: The Sam Darnold trade partner power rankings

As the new NFL year officially gets underway, trade partners for New York Jets QB Sam Darnold are starting to dwindle.

To quote Evelyn Carnahan, Rachel Wiesz’s character from the beloved 1999 film The Mummy, patience is a virtue. Except, apparently, in the NFL.

The New York Jets have bided their time when it comes to their ongoing quarterback quandary. One guarantee remains, that all questions will be solved by the final hours of April 29, the first round of the 2021 NFL Draft, where the Jets hold the second overall pick. All but one of the elite rookie names will likely be available to the Jets, who still have a Sam Darnold-sized question to answer: where will the third pick from 2018 take his snaps comes Week 1 of the 2021 campaign.

It’s hard to fully blame Darnold for the current, wayward state of the offense. But with the Jets holding the second overall pick and a new coach in tow, the temptation of starting fresh at football’s most vital position may be too much to resist.

But it’s possible the Jets have been too patient when it comes to Darnold’s future. Several starter-starving teams have settled their vital affairs and have found their solutions. Some took care of the matter early on (Indianapolis trading for Carson Wentz after Phillip Rivers’ retirement), while other solutions have presented themselves more recently (Andy Dalton in Chicago, New Orleans re-signing Jameis Winston after Drew Brees’ departure).

Others have remained stagnant, but at least there’s a clear plan in mind. The Jacksonville Jaguars have addressed other areas of need while actively shopping incumbent Gardner Minshew under the presumed assumption they’ll take Trevor Lawrence with the top overall pick come April. While the Jets have made some agreeable, if not downright underrated, signings this offseason, they’re no closer to solving their quarterback situation than they were in Week 17’s immediate aftermath.

Where else can the Jets turn and where will Darnold end up going? ESM ranks the remaining possibilities…

5. Washington Football Team

With Wild Card hero Taylor Heinicke and living football meme Ryan Fitzpatrick in tow, there’s no doubt that Washington’s passing endeavors will get social media clicks. But is it going to lead to wins? With Curtis Samuel joining college teammate Terry McLaurin, there’s a chance for offensive fireworks in Landover.

Washington does have a little extra draft capital that would be appropriate in a Darnold trade…they hold an extra third-round choice from the Trent Williams trade…but they’re probably set up with the pairing for the time being with their current, popular pair.

4. San Francisco 49ers

The status of incumbent Jimmy Garoppollo has been a hot topic in the Bay Area this winter, especially with the Warriors and Sharks mired in mediocrity. But, interestingly enough, Garoppollo’s future seems a bit more secure after the 49ers made Williams the highest-paid blocker in the history of football and re-upped with secret weapon Kyle Juszczyk.

The Jets have done something similar, adding Corey Davis after his career-best season, though their other offensive areas (particularly the blocking) still leave much to be desired.

3. Seattle Seahawks

The apparent displeasure of Russell Wilson in Seattle has been one of the most curious offseason sagas the NFL has had to offer. Such discontent has apparently had the Seahawks looking into trade possibilities. Wilson’s market is also a lot wider due to his status as an established star and Super Bowl champion. While Seattle has made some moves that will likely picque Wilson’s interest (adding Gerald Everett and Gabe Jackson), it’s likely nothing that’s going to make him fully buy into the Seahawks’ endeavors.

Seattle head coach Pete Carroll has reportedly expressed interest in his fellow USC football alum and the Jets’ previous dealing with the Seahawks through the closing chapters of the Jamal Adams saga. However, one has to think that Seattle, already sidelined in future capital (i.e. no first round picks for the next two years) would want to stop sending their assets out east to get a quarterback whose career has thus far defined mediocrity.

2. Denver Broncos

Denver’s in a bizarrely similar situation as the Jets in that they too are saddled with a young quarterback who has shown flashes of brilliance but not nearly enough to assure them that they don’t have to worry about their passing situation. Perhaps the arrival of another young talent would light a fire under either prospect.

The Broncos already solved one of their biggest offseason issues…exercising the $7 million option on Von Miller…and Darnold can help them solve another, the passing situation that has been in limbo since Peyton Manning retired.

1. Carolina Panthers

Robby Anderson’s time with the Jets didn’t end on a bright note, with the receiver declaring that he was “was losing (his) love for football while clad in a New York uniform. The Jets themselves made little effort to retain him, letting him walk to Carolina. But Anderson and Darnold, the closest thing the Jets have had to an explosive, big-play QB/WR combo in recent memory, still had some kind words for each other. Anderson made it clear that part of the reason he wanted to return to the Jets was because of his rapport with Darnold and the quarterback had nice things to say about Anderson even after his departure.

“Me and Robby had a really good connection over the years,” Darnold said of Anderson in May, per USA Today’s Tyler Greenawalt. “He had gotten a lot better at running routes, as time went on.”

Carolina’s quarterback situation is a questionable state at this point in time. Ex-Darnold mentor Teddy Bridgewater’s return is undoubtedly inspiring, but there are doubts he’s the long-term solution. The current backup plan is XFL star P.J. Walker, so the Panthers could stand to upgrade. Further working in Darnold’s favor is the prescience of offensive guru Matt Rhule as head coach. The NYC native has overseen collegiate offensive fireworks at Temple and Baylor and could be the perfect mind to help fulfill Darnold’s NFL potential.

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New York Jets: 8 Robert Saleh/Joe Douglas quotes (and what they mean)

New York Jets, Joe Douglas

Firmly established in their roles with the New York Jets, Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas addressed the offseason ahead.

With their traditional media meetings at the NFL Scouting Combine kiboshed by the ongoing health crisis, Robert Saleh and Joe Douglas, the respective head coach and general manager of the New York Jets took to Zoom on Wednesday to discuss the team’s upcoming offseason. The activities officially got underway with the release of three-year defender Henry Anderson on Tuesday night.

ESM highlights X quotes from Douglas and Saleh, and ponders their meaning, as the teandem’s fateful first offseason together looms large on metropolian calendars…

(Quotes via notes provided by the Jets)

“In terms of Marcus, we have had productive conversations with his representatives. Similar to the last question I answered, our stance on Marcus hasn’t changed as well. Marcus is a valuable member of this organization, someone that started his career here, who’s been a pro’s pro. Smart. He’s been reliable and he’s provided outstanding leadership. Our plan hasn’t changed. We are in the process of working to have Marcus be here long term.”-Douglas on Marcus Maye

What It Could Mean: The release of Anderson attracted the attention of Erik Burkhardt, the co-head of Select Sports Group, LLC and agent to Marcus Maye, by far the Jets’ most prized free agent this offseason. When ESPN’s Field Yates noted the Jets’ $8 million expansion (through Anderson’s release) to their already-healthy cap space situation allowed them “the resources to try and acquire..(a)ny player available”, Burkhardt brought up the Jamal Adams saga and strongly hinted that Maye would follow in his fellow safety’s footsteps.

Douglas’ quote, however, should put Jets fans at ease, at least those who wish to see Maye re-don New York green next season. He further addressed Burkhardt’s comments, passing them off as “business”. With Maye a prime target for the franchise tag, the capital earned through Anderson’s release could pay off a majority of the one-year such a disgnation would offer him (circa $10-11 million).

“With regards to the roster, the one thing that’s very, very clear is the character of the individuals that put uniforms on for this Jets organization, they’re fantastic. They’re made of the right stuff. They’ve got the right mindset, they’re good young men who strive to get better. Obviously with every situation, when you study the roster and you try to make things fit with regards to what you do schematically, there’s always discussions to be had. Those are the things that we’ve been working on over the last month and we’ll continue to work on all the way up until the draft.”-Saleh on the current Jets roster

What It Could Mean: It feels like Anderson won’t be the first veteran to go, as the Jets have several other cap casualties that could find new homes fairly soon. Particularly intriguing is the case of Jamison Crowder, the team’s most consistent offensive weapon over the last two season, who would save over $10 million upon his removal. Beyond Maye, 25 other players are up for free agency, and there’s probably not a tight cause to keep any of them.

But Saleh’s words after roster analysis seem to indicate that he likes what he sees from the roster, particularly the younger pieces. Plenty of Adam Gase’s former proteges (including Ryan Tannehill and Kenyan Drake) have gone on to enjoy breakouts elsewhere. Saleh’s quote indicates that perhaps he’s not interested in a complete fire sale, but rather sees the talent that Gase left behind as clay ready for the molding.

“I feel like we’re well positioned. I feel like this isn’t going to hurt us in terms of free agents. Like I said, I feel like our evaluations, especially with the coaching staff, that’s been the main thing that we’ve been focusing on. For the remainder of this week, we’re going to be on the phone with the agents of our own current players that are hitting for agency. I really don’t feel like that’s going to affect our free agent plans or player free agent plans as it pertains to us.”-Douglas on how the Sam Darnold rumors affect the rest of the team moving forward

What It Could Mean: The only certainty of the Jets’ current quarterback quandary is that it will be over by April 29, opening day of the NFL Draft. While many have clamored for Douglas to settle the passing situation as soon as possible, Douglas indicated at several times that he is in no rush to settle the situation. One in favor of haste could argue that potential free agents would be scared away by the uncertainty under center, but Doglas appears willing to let the evaluation process, both on the free agency and draft fronts, play out. All in all, Douglas was relatively bureaucratic when it came to the Darnold conversation on Wednesday, praising his talents and contributions to the team thus far while re-confirming that he would indeed accept calls about his availability.

“There’s always comfort and familiarity. It’s almost human nature to gravitate to people you’ve worked with and people you’ve been around, but there’s still a process at which you go to. There’s a fit, there’s a value. There are all those different things, a lot of moving parts that go into it. While yeah, it’d be great, it’s not the main determining factor on whether or not we can get those people into the building, those players.”-Saleh on if he’ll target former 49ers in free agency

What It Could Mean: Don’t expect a San Francisco rebranding.

Countless offseason previews have situated former 49ers into the 2021 Jets’ roster. A popular choice has been Richard Sherman, who has been vocaly supportive of Saleh’s hire and has credited him with helping him refind his game in San Francisco. But with their cap space surplus, the Jets can’t afford to spend all that money in a single source. If they can bring some of Saleh’s former pupils over, it’s obvious they won’t complain, but they’re not just going try to assembles a San Francisco-style Avengers and call it a day.

“Joe’s made it very clear that he wants collaborative communication. He wants us to be all in this together, scouts, coaching staff, everybody within the organization speaking the same language and having a great amount of communication with regards to everything that happens in this building. Free agency and the meetings that we had, he alluded to it earlier were unbelievable. Got a lot accomplished over the course of that week. We’re going to continue to do that. There’s the old saying, “if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” I think Joe believes that, and he’s been practicing and preaching that since the day we walked into this building.”-Saleh 

“I would say both Woody and Christopher, they want to win. They want to create the best culture and support system for that to happen. They’ve both been very supportive of the processes that we’ve had in place and continue to have moving forward. It’s been great having Woody back. I feel like the communication has been outstanding. The number one thing is that they both want to win.”-Douglas

What It Could Mean: In this instance, Douglas and Saleh each gave a look at what the communication has been like in the post-Gase era, one defined by endless rumors of in-fighting and power struggles. Eager to move on, the Jets have created a collaborative workspace, one where Woody Johnson, back on the right side of the Atlantic Ocean, has seamlessly reconfigured (all while delighting fans with his new found prowess for being a Twitter historian). Christopher Johnson said several years back that he would not be up for hiring a coach that demanded “total control” but Saleh sounds satifised with his role in the current organization.

“We’re better positioned than we were this time last year. I would say that our philosophy and stance has not changed however. I think our goal and our plan is to be, like I said earlier, a team that really builds this through the draft and hitting on draft picks, obviously using free agency to supplement our roster. If the opportunity and the value meet, that’s going to be the point where we’re going to be aggressive and get someone that we feel good about, helping this team not only on the field, but with the culture and inside the building. While we are positioned better, I think our philosophy has stayed the same.”-Douglas on the draft

What It Could Mean: Every armchair/desk chair/beanbag chair general managers in the tri-state area has the Jets sharing some of their expanded draft capital, almost always in an attempt to land Deshaun Watson or Russell Wilson. But the general manager of the Jets doesn’t sound quiet ready to part with his picks just yet. Sure, it wouldn’t be shocking in the slightest to see the Jets make a deal, and any potential Watson/Wilson offering would more than likely include either the second overall choice or the pick obtained in the Adams trade from Seattle. But Douglas’ words indicate that he won’t be as trigger happy as Jets fans may expect him to be.

“We’re going to get better. We’re going to win championships here. To give you a timeline, I wish I knew, I’d go to Vegas. But we’re excited about the opportunity that we have in front of us. We’re excited about what Joe and his staff have been able to accomplish since they’ve gotten here. Now it’s just a matter of being able to piece the whole thing together and have fun doing it.”-Saleh on 2021 expectations

What It Could Mean: It’s not exactly Joe Namath’s guarantee, but Saleh’s promises of championships…with an s…should be enough to make any Jets fan run through a brick wall. But, as he iterated in his opening statements…patience will be the key.

One way or another, the 2021 offseason is going to be one to remember, for better or worse. It’s a year where the decade truly begins for the Jets. But Saleh, while hopeful, is realistic. There’s a major chance to take a step forward, but the time to judge will come September. For now, it’s time to get to work and for the fans to enjoy the ride…the football gods know they’ve paid the token.

Geoff Magliocchetti is on Twitter @GeoffJMags

New York Jets linked to Russell Wilson trade rumors

The New York Jets have been linked to star quarterback Deshaun Watson for some time now. However, they are now linked to another star: Seahawks QB Russell Wilson.

Trade rumors have been flying around the former Super Bowl-winning QB ever since he expressed his “frustration” with some of Seattle’s decision-making a few weeks ago. This, naturally, caused speculation around the league.

Michael-Shawn Dugar, Mike Sando and Jayson Jenks of The Athletic reported the trade rumors and linked teams early Thursday.

“Some people around the league think a trade could happen, if not this offseason then sometime in the near future,” according to the report.

The report has the Jets linked to the situation, along with the Dolphins, Saints and Raiders. A trade is unlikely to happen, though, as Seattle will likely not ditch their franchise quarterback.

The star quarterback led Seattle to a 12-4 record this past season while throwing for 4,212 yards and 40 touchdowns.

If a trade were to occur, Wilson would join Matthew Stafford, Jared Goff and Carson Wentz as high-profile quarterbacks to change teams. All of this is purely speculation at this point, but anything could happen.

New York Giants: Comparing Daniel Jones’s turnovers to the rest of the league’s quarterbacks

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Over the past two years, one major criticism has surrounded New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones: he is a turnover machine. Jones simply could not stop putting the ball in harm’s way in his rookie 2019 campaign. He threw 12 interceptions in 13 games and fumbled the football an absurd, league-high 18 times in that same span.

Daniel Jones suffered from a severe case of “fumble-itis” in his rookie season. In 2020, though, Daniel has still been criticized for his tendency to turn the ball over. He is still regarded as a turnover machine just a little over halfway through his sophomore season.

But is this a fair criticism of Daniel Jones in 2020? Has he really been turning the ball over at an extreme rate when compared to the rest of the NFL’s quarterbacks?

The NFL’s biggest turnover machines in 2020

This year’s top turnover machine is not Daniel Jones. Instead, it is another NFC East quarterback: Carson Wentz of the Philadelphia Eagles. Carson Wentz not only leads the league in interceptions (14 in 10 games), he also leads the league in fumbles (10 in 10 games). While Daniel Jones fumbled the ball at an extreme rate last season, he never threw interceptions at the rate that Wentz has this season.

There have been plenty of other, more-talented quarterbacks turning the ball over at a high rate in 2020. MVP-candidate Russell Wilson is fourth in the NFL with 10 interceptions. The G.O.A.T., Tom Brady, has thrown 9 interceptions, already surpassing his interception total from 2019 (8).

Many of the league’s top turnover-committing quarterbacks in 2020 are widely considered some of the best players in the sport. But they do not get trashed and disregarded the way that Daniel Jones does. The biggest reason why: wins. Jones has struggled to win football games in his career. But, coming off of a two-game win streak with no turnovers, Jones has an opportunity to flip this narrative.

Daniel Jones turnovers in 2020

Daniel Jones still ranks towards the top of the NFL in total interceptions + fumbles. But with all of these highly-talented quarterbacks turning the ball over at a higher rate than Jones, it is confusing to see why he faces so much criticism that other quarterbacks do not.

Daniel Jones has thrown 9 interceptions in 10 games. He has also fumbled the football 7 times in that span. Only 5 of those fumbles have been lost, though, meaning Jones has turned the ball over a total of 14 times in 10 games.

Turning the ball over more than once per game is not a sustainable winning formula. The Giants have learned this in recent weeks. Jones has gone two straight weeks without turning the ball over and won both of those games. If he can continue to play at this level, Daniel Jones can get rid of this bad reputation and begin to establish himself as a legitimate quarterback in the NFL.

NFL Draft Top 5 QB Rankings

New York Giants, Patrick Queen

With the NFL Draft rapidly approaching, over the next few days, I plan on breaking down the best and brightest talents in this year’s class. The QB position has a lot of name value at the top of the class, but with concerns for each guy, who is the best in the class!

1. Joe Burrow LSU

Pro Comparison: Tony Romo

Joe Burrow is the Heisman winning perineal number one selection. Burrow is a talented, charismatic, franchise cornerstone. Burrow put up absolute video game numbers last season with 60 touchdowns and only 6 INTs. Burrow is destined to lead the Bengals, however, the Ohio kid will have his hands full. The stigma around the Bengals, weather and the young unproven coach could all play a part in Burrow’s downfall. Burrow needs to stay humble and stay grounded, and not let mistakes dwell on him. His injury at Ohio State led him to LSU. He played poorly at first. Then, Joe Brady, his hard work and Ed Orgeron led Burrow here. Now, all he’s going to have is his work ethic at the next level. If Burrow can stay grounded, he’s going to be a good Quarterback, if not there is just potential. Tony Romo always had an exciting feel, just like Burrow.

2. Tua Tagovialoa Alabama

Pro Comparison: Russell Wilson

Tua is the opposite of Burrow. He is charismatic and incredibly talented, but the comparisons end there. Tua gained notoriety from his clutch championship debut. He’s a leader and a game-changing talent. Tua is a star. I admittedly like Tua better than Burrow. However, Burrow is the much safer pick. Tua has a very sketchy injury history with his ankle and knee problems. Tua is a beast and has proven himself against elite SEC talent, but injuries and his mobile skill set may not translate to the next level as well as Burrow’s skill set. Russell Wilson is a leader, and mobile, Tua is both of those things, making them an easy comp.

3. Justin Herbert Oregon

Pro Comparison: Blaine Gabbert

Herbert is the most pro-ready of these three guys. Burrow is going to have a big adjustment period, Tua has injury questions and transition questions as well. Herbert is a clean-cut, comfortable prospect. Herbert is an excellent pocket passer, with a unique skillset and he’s an absolute gunslinger. His throws have great velocity. He also throws one of the cleanest and balls in this class and he impressed me with his mid-range accuracy. Herbert is a good QB, in the right spot, he could be a very good starter. The Blaine Gabbert comparison seems fair to me. He’s a safe prospect, who could be a great backup if all else fails, but if with the right coaches to bring along his development, it could be much better than Gabbert.

4. Jordan Love Utah State

Pro Comparison: Josh Allen

Love is incredibly intriguing. He’s got an absolute cannon for an arm. He had a very good season a year ago, but last season was very average. His Sophmore year, he had 32 touchdowns, last year he had 20. The talent drops off is to blame, because Love had no true viable weapons. Love is a small school prospect with question marks just like Josh Allen was, he’s got a great deep ball and is very mobile. Love is a good QB, he has a lot of potentials and if all goes well, he could be the best in the class, if he struggles, he’ll be a forgotten prospect.

5. Jalen Hurts Oklahoma

Pro Comparison: Dak Prescott

Hurts is a very solid QB prospect. He needs at least a year of development before taking over as a starter. However, he could develop into something special in the right system. Hurts is a leader with a team-first attitude. Hurts can kill you with his legs and his arm. The fact Tagovailoa took his job, and he struggled at times at both Bama and Oklahoma, is worrisome. In the ideal system, Hurts could be the next Dak Prescott. He can be a gem on Day 2, or a solid backup like RG3 someday.

Honorable Mention: Anthony Gordon

To clarify, Gordon is not my number six guy, that would go to Eason or Fromm. Anthony Gordon deserves recognition and has shot up my draft board. He’s a developmental prospect entirely. He impressed in Mike Leach’s Air Raif offense and he could be a suitable backup at the next level. Where he shined and deserved a mention is because I think he’s a good leader who had to fill in, in a tough situation after the tragic passing of Tyler Hilinski, and he stepped up and impressed. That’s a leader and a guy who deserves a mention.

New York Giants: Wilson Rumors (Mostly) End With Seahawks Extension

Could the New York Giants find a way to acquire Russell Wilson in a potential trade?

For a few weeks leading up to the draft, there was a time when New York Giants fans could dream a bit. More specifically, a time when they could dream about swapping one Super Bowl winning quarterback for another one, a younger one, and solve the team’s problems at finding a long term solution at the position.

The rumors came in a couple of different ways. Some believed the Giants could make a trade for Wilson before the draft while others believed that Wilson wouldn’t agree to a contract with the Seahawks and would become a free agent, where the Giants would be in a good position to make a run at the player. Wilson does, after all, have connections to New York already and flirted with the idea of being a Giant if he ended up a free agent.

However, Wilson has also stated that he doesn’t believe Seattle will let him go. That ended up being true. Wilson secured the long term contract that he was looking for on Tuesday, keeping him in Seattle for four years. The contract is worth $140M total and perhaps the most relevant part for the Giants is the no-trade clause.

That should put the rumors of Wilson to the Giants to bed. Unless something goes catastrophically wrong with the season for the Seahawks, it’s hard to see the no-trade clause getting waived. It looks like if the New York Giants want to find the successor to Eli Manning, they’ll either have to take a quarterback in the draft or look to other options in free agency in the coming year.

New York Giants: CBS Mock Sends Wilson To NY, Murray To Seattle

Should the New York Giants draft Oklahoma star, Kyler Murray?

With the NFL Draft drawing closer and closer, it’s not hard to find trade predictions ranging from the likely to the outlandish. Perhaps between the two extremes is the one laid out by the latest CBS Sports mock draft, which predicts that the New York Giants will go for quarterback Russell Wilson over picking any player in the first round this year. Is it likely? Maybe not, given the moves the Giants front office has made so far.

But out of the veteran options for trades, it looks like Wilson is the one that has the most ‘connection’ to New York and the Giants already, so to speak.

Here’s the specifics of the scenario:

New York gives up its two first-round picks this year (No. 6 and No. 17) as well as a second-round pick this year AND a second-round pick in 2020 in exchange for Wilson. That’s four pretty darn good picks and about as close as the Seahawks will get to the hypothetical three first-round selections they want for Wilson.

The mock draft has the Seahawks taking Kyler Murray with the third pick as their replacement for Wilson. But in reality, of course, the Jets are picking third overall. In this scenario, the Seahawks trade their second round pick and the number six overall pick to the Jets, who take offensive lineman Jawaan Taylor from Florida.

While this scenario would fix the quarterback problems for the Giants, it doesn’t seem like a likely route. The team would inherit the problems that the Seahawks are having right now with figuring out the problem of paying Russell Wilson, and it doesn’t look like the Giants bothered acquiring another first round draft pick as part of the Odell Beckham Jr. trade just to trade that pick to move out of the first round entirely.

The most likely route is that the Giants don’t acquire a quarterback at all or go for a rookie one over a veteran this year. But if they did make the move to bring Russell Wilson in? That would definitely restore some interest in this season and would be a sight to see.

New York Giants: Russell Wilson Rumors Heating Up – Is it Possible?

Could Russell Wilson end up with the New York Giants as soon as 2019? At first glance, this looks like an obvious no. To counter, when you peel back the layers of rumors the past two months the path is becoming more and more clear.

The Timeline:

On February 20th, Colin Cowherd on FS1’s “The Herd” reported that there were rumors swirling around the entertainment industry that Wilson’s wife, Ciara, would prefer to live in New York, and is eyeing the opportunity of Wilson leaving Seattle for a bigger entertainment market. Wilson is set to be a free agent in 2020.

Quoted by Cowherd himself, “Everybody will deny it…  It’s [Rumors] not good to be out now”.

As it turned out, Colin was not wrong because the media and listeners around the world mocked the idea. At the time of the report, Odell Beckham Jr was still on the Giants roster. Fast forwarding to March 12, the Giants make the unexpected trade of Beckham Jr to the Browns in exchange for a first, a third-round pick, and safety Jabrill Peppers. More importantly, the Giants dumped Beckham’s 5 years, $90 million dollar contract. While eating 16 million dollars in cap this season, the Giants are set to have around 85 million in cap space for 2020, which will be up at the tops of the NFL. Now here’s where things heat up:

On April 2nd, it was reported that Wilson was frustrated with contract negotiations. He gave the Seahawks a deadline of April 15th to offer a new contract. Which happens to be is the beginning of offseason workouts. While it is unclear on what would happen if a deal is not reached, today is April 15th. This is deadline day.

Backtracking to April 11th, Former Raiders coach Jack Del Rio put in his two cents on the rumors. In an interview with NFL Network, Del Rio states, “Don’t be surprised if, before it’s all said and done, and we line up for the season next year, and Russell Wilson isn’t quarterbacking somewhere else.”

Just after 1 am on Sunday, newly acquired Chiefs Safety Tyrann Mathieu tweeted “Russ wants New York. But you ain’t heard that from T..”

Well, Tyrann, we did hear it from you but that’s beside the point for now.

During the day, Mathieu backpedaled from his original tweet explaining it was only speculation based on his own thoughts. However, One hour after tweeting that Wilson wanted New York, Mathieu tweeted again that he is “too real” and that we would “get it one day”.

Above all, two months after the “embarrassing” Colin Cowherd take, Wilson and the Giants have never been this closely tied.

What’s it Gonna Take?

As the Wilson trade talks have heated up, it has already been put out there that the Seahawks would be looking for at least two first-round picks, and probably more. This is an extremely valid ask from Seattle as they would be trading away the face of their franchise. Whenever multiple first-round picks are on the table, everything must be considered. The Seahawks also have the option to franchise tag Wilson, which would be $30 million for the 2020 season alone. Hypothetically, Wilson could be franchised three years in a row but after a $37 million dollar tag in ‘21, the number would jump to $50 million in 2022.

While it’s almost guaranteed that Wilson wouldn’t be tagged for three years in a row, it makes sense as to why the Seahawks would be open to trade him if they are certain he wants out.

If by any chance the Giants have an opportunity to land Wilson, they should pull the trigger without a doubt. There is no clear option at quarterback for the future, but this could all change with acquiring Wilson. As we stand currently, there are no concrete details on either end of the spectrum. If executed, the front office would certainly win back their fanbase with this potential stunner.


New York Giants: What Trading For Russell Wilson Might Cost

Could the New York Giants find a way to acquire Russell Wilson in a potential trade?

The New York Giants have been meeting with all of the top quarterback prospects leading up to this month’s NFL Draft. The Giants are attempting to find the successor to franchise legend Eli Manning. Manning is 38 years old and will be retiring sooner than later.

In order for the Giants to be prepared for Manning’s retirement, they need to find his successor before he goes. The Giants have been evaluating all of their options. They have looked into a possible trade for Josh Rosen. But now, there are rumors that the Giants might be able to get a much better quarterback via trade. That quarterback is Russell Wilson.

Why Russell Wilson Might Get Traded

Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson has had his name come up in trade rumors recently. These rumors began in February when Fox Sports show host Colin Cowherd revealed discussions he heard in the “agency world.” Cowherd claimed that Wilson wanted to play for the New York Giants because of the city’s market.

This rumor began to heat up a bit when Russell Wilson gave the Seahawks an ultimatum regarding his upcoming contract extension. Wilson told the Seahawks to give him an extension by April 15th, however, the two sides were unable to come close to a deal.

On April 14th, rumors began swirling all over the place regarding Wilson’s future in Seattle. According to Rotoworld Football, the Seahawks think Russ wants to play ‘elsewhere’. If that is true, then it is very possible that Cowherd’s rumors regarding Wilson’s desire to play in New York are true, too. Even Tyrann Mathieu believes Wilson wants to play in New York.

What Would This Trade Cost?

According to Benjamin Allbright, the Seahawks’ asking price for Russell Wilson is steep. The Seahawks want at AT LEAST two 1st round draft picks. Allbright says the asking price starts at two 1sts a mid and a player. What is interesting is that the Giants actually have the draft capital to make this happen. Allbright also calls the trade a “very real possibility.”

The Giants are one of two NFL teams that hold multiple 1st-round picks in the 2019 NFL Draft. The Giants have two 1st-round picks and the Oakland Raiders have three 1st-round picks.

The Giants could start their trade offer to the Seahawks with the 6th overall pick and the 17th overall pick. They would, of course, need to add even more, but the Giants have the resources necessary to complete this trade.

Since the Seahawks will want a player, too, the Giants could look to free up cap space by trading away players such as Janoris Jenkins and Alec Ogletree. Both of these players have high cap hits and do not necessarily live up to their contracts, but they would be solid additions for the Seahawks.

If the Giants do complete a trade for Wilson, it is going to cost them a lot of salary cap space. Wilson wants a contract extension that could potentially make him the highest-paid player in NFL History.

Unfortunately, the Giants do not currently have that cap space. The Giants only have $11,783,442 in cap. But, by trading away one of their high-paid veterans, the Giants could make that number grow. The Giants could also free up cap space by cutting quarterback Eli Manning. With Russell Wilson on the roster, Manning’s services would no longer be needed. The Giants could free up $12,000,000 by cutting Eli Manning.

The Giants will need to free up as much space as possible. Reports indicate that Wilson’s contract could surpass $35,000,000 per year.

Why Russell Wilson Is Worth This High Price

Despite the high price, the Giants should strongly consider trading for Russell Wilson. Trading for Wilson would completely change the trajectory of the franchise. You never know what you are getting when you draft a rookie quarterback. You know what you are getting when you trade for Russell Wilson.

When you trade for Russell Wilson, you are getting a top-5 quarterback in the NFL. Wilson has thrown for over 30 touchdown passes 3 times in his career, including a career-best 35 in 2018. He is one of the most productive passers in the league.

Wilson is also an extremely efficient quarterback. In 2018, Russell only threw 7 interceptions. Wilson has thrown less than 10 interceptions in 4 of his 7 career seasons. Wilson’s career high for interceptions in a season is only 11. He has done this while being sacked over 40 times in 6 of his 7 seasons.

Russell Wilson is also one of the NFL’s best dual-threat quarterbacks. He is an extremely efficient and productive passer, but as a runner, it is more of the same. Wilson has 3,651 career rushing yards and 16 career rushing touchdowns. He averages 521 rushing yards per season. The RPO game would be unstoppable with Russell Wilson and Saquon Barkley.

Most importantly, Wilson is a winning quarterback. Russell has never played on an NFL team with a record below .500. Every year, the Seattle Seahawks are playoff contenders because of Russell Wilson. He is an electrifying signal-caller who makes his team better on every play. Wilson has an 8-5 playoff record and is also the Super Bowl 48 Champion (2014). Russell Wilson would instantly make the Giants a playoff team and a Super Bowl contender.

New York Giants: Russell Wilson Hints At Future Plans, Talks New York

Eli Manning is the New York Giants quarterback going into the 2019 season. That was made certain as soon as the Giants kept Manning on the roster past Saturday, allowing him to collect his $5M roster bonus and showing that the team doesn’t have an intent to make a move to send him away. 2020, however, could be another story entirely. There’s some more options in 2020 compared to 2019, and those options come from both the NFL Draft and free agency.

And when talking about 2020 quarterbacks, Russell Wilson is possibly the first one to come to mind. Wilson is with the Seahawks this year and there’s no questioning that, but the player is also an unrestricted free agent in 2020 and the Seahawks haven’t reached a long-term deal just yet. Which means that, like Landon Collins this year, there’s some chance that Wilson hits the free agent market unexpectedly.

The Giants are one of the teams in the running for Wilson if he does become a free agent, and Wilson himself was asked about that by Jimmy Fallon on The Tonight Show. “We are in New York, but I’m not sure the Seahawks are going to let me get away,” said Wilson.

Perhaps more interestingly, Wilson said that there’s a chance that he becomes the highest paid quarterback in league history. “Well, there’s a great potential of that. We’ll see what happens,” he said, later stating that he sees himself with 10 to 15 years left in the league. As Wilson is already 30 years old, that seems like a tough ask, but Wilson hasn’t shown many signs of slowing down so far.

But if the Seahawks don’t want to make Wilson the highest paid quarterback in the league, and he hits the open market, would the New York Giants be interested? It’s not as far-fetched as it seems, if Eli Manning isn’t on the roster in 2020.

Manning is the highest paid player on the team, and the two other highest paid players entering the offseason, Olivier Vernon and Odell Beckham Jr., have been traded to the Cleveland Browns. The Giants also saved by letting Landon Collins walk rather than agreeing to the expensive contract that the Washington Redskins eventually signed with the star safety.

So the question is, if the Giants could afford Russell Wilson in 2020, should they try to make the deal? The answer to that largely depends on the upcoming NFL Draft, as well as the play of both Wilson and Manning through the 2019 season.