What Darelle Revis Meant To The New York Jets

It is a sad day seeing one of the best corner-backs of all time hang up his cleats and call it a career. Former New York Jets cornerback, Darelle Revis, future hall of famer, and a probable first ballot, started his historic journey with gang green. Drafted 14th in the 2007 NFL draft by the Jets out of the University of Pittsburgh.

Revis is mainly known for his performance throughout the 2009 season, the year where Revis Island was born. That season, Revis only allowed a high of five-receptions, and 58 yards. Only two assignments managed to score touchdowns on him – those receivers being the almighty Randy Moss on the Patriots and a man by the name of Mike Sims-Walker from the Jacksonville Jaguars.

The numbers speak for themselves!

In Terrell Owens’ three games against Revis Island, he only managed to have 8 receptions 46 yards and no touchdowns. Randy Moss was able to salvage two-touchdowns in three games, but only had 9 receptions and 88 yards. Calvin Johnson, a athletic freak of nature, barely grabbed four-receptions and 57 yards with no touchdowns. All three NFL legends averaged a career passer rating of 55.7 against the swift intellectual corner from gang green.

Back to back AFC championship games:

Now lets be honest, without Darelle Revis, the Jets’ chances of making the AFC championship and having a run at the Superbowl would have been quite difficult if it weren’t for the seven time Pro Bowl corner. It had seemed as if Revis was unbeatable until Vincent Jackson put up over 100 yards and one-touchdown in the divisional playoff round of 2009. Revis averaged seven-receptions and 80 yards per game over all six playoff games throughout years 2009-2010. It is without question that his time as a New York Jet was remarkable, until his last year which definitely let him know it was time to call it a career.

Saying Goodbye

His average passer rating of 60.4 stretching from 2007-2015 went to 109.8 in 2016. Now we all know the history, but with a decrease in speed and agility, his football IQ can only do so much for him. Playing against a conveyor belt of brand new monstrous receivers who only get quicker as Revis gets slower doesn’t show signs of success for him in the future. This was a wise decision, and Revis Island without a doubt will never be forgotten.

New York Jets Bold Prediction: Wide Receiver Duo Will Dominate

This sounds crazy! Two receivers like New York Jets’  Jermaine Kearse and Robby Anderson putting up over 2,400 yards and 20 touchdowns. But if you really take a step back to look at what they salvaged out of last season, they approached my prediction. The duo totaled out for nearly 1,800 yards, and combined for 12 touchdowns receiving.

The Jets signed Terrell Pryor to be the big man in the receiving corps, and Quincy Enunwa will hopefully return to full health. As we know, the NFL is an injury riddled league, and the deadly bug could strike at any moment. Pryor with his ankle problem this off-season and Enunwa with a serious neck problem which kept him off the field for almost a year.

What do we know: 

Kearse and Anderson are both coming off of their best seasons and will be looking to trump their 2017 totals by a large margin.

Each with career highs in receptions yards and touchdowns this past year, Josh McCown will look to help them beat that milestone. The Jets’ veteran signal caller can still sling it, and you better believe that the passing game is going to be relied on with such a poor offensive line.

The only time this tandem might run into a wall is when they play against the Denver Broncos and the Jacksonville Jaguars this season. Other than that, Robby and Jermaine can handle any other corner back duo that looks to press them  on the line of scrimmage.

The passing game will work one way or another: 

Even if Josh McCown can’t get the job done, we still have two stud quarterbacks to turn to. Teddy Bridgewater who already has a couple of years of NFL experience under his belt, and the bright young Sam Darnold who is poised for greatness. Now, if the offensive line allows too many quarterback hits and not enough time to throw the football, newly signed Isiah Crowell will put his ground and pound style of running into action.

This would then open up the opportunity to get the play action going. That way you get the safety to bite just enough to hit either Kearse or Anderson on a fade.

Yes, my prediction requires that each receiver averages around 75 receiving yards per game but I am willing to take a leap of faith on the New York Jets receiving corps. Just like last year when no one thought the Jets would grab five wins last season, they proved us wrong.

Simply based on the fact the Jets outperformed our expectations last season, it’s fair to say they have the potential to continue improving at an astronomical rate.



New York Jets: Leonard Williams Primed For A Breakout Year

New York Giants, Leonard Williams

The New York Jets will be looking to take over the league with a young and rejuvenated defense, and defensive end Leonard Williams will play a massive role in this approach. After having a down 2017 in which Williams racked up just two sacks and 47 tackles, he will look to bounce back in the season ahead.

In 2016, Williams finished with 68 tackles and seven sacks, proving to be a fantastic addition with tons of potential. Well, the sophomore slump is a real thing, don’t you doubt it.

With a stout secondary and a developing but knowledgeable linebacker core, this could be the year for Williams to do what he does best – sacking the quarterback. With Trumaine Johnson locking up the No. 1 receiver and Morris Claiborne holding the opposing No. 2, we can only hope they can provide Williams with the time to beat his assignment and get after the quarterback.

Not to mention securing the run game with his buddy Steve McLendon right beside him who has shown promise with a career high 46 tackles and a career medium of 1.5 sacks. More will be expected from the two defensive lineman in 2018, as head coach Todd Bowles will look to utilize them in specified packages and every-down duties.

It’s Williams’ time to shine for the New York Jets:

After Sheldon Richardson took his talents to the Seattle Seahawks two years ago and Muhammad Wilkerson sped off to the Green Bay Packers this year, we are left with one defensive stronghold left, Leonard Williams.

Both Wilkerson and Richardson combined for a total of 51 sacks and 483 tackles in their four-year span together from 2013-2016. That averages out to about 12.5 sacks and 120 tackles per season. I predict that Williams will reach at least 10 sacks this season and will have at least 60 tackles. These predictions are not bold, because this is the last year on Williams’s rookie contract after it was exercised by the Jets.

New York Jets: What are Todd Bowles’ Expectations In Year Four?

Entering his fourth year as the New York Jets head coach, Todd Bowles is in a position in where he’s obligated to take this team to the next level. Christopher Johnson handed Bowles a two year extension after seeing significant improvements on a roster that was thought by many as being at best mediocre in this leagues standards.

After finishing 10-6 in his first year at the helm, Bowles was thought to be the answer after the erratic Rex Ryan era. With many aging veterans and a lack of stability at the quarterback position, Bowles and Macagnnan were forced to start from scratch and develop a team that fit their philosophy and objectives.

The New York Jets building blocks:

With building blocks including Leonard Williams, Jamal Adams, Marcus Maye and this year’s first rounder, Sam Darnold, the Jets have positioned themselves in becoming a threat in the AFC for years to come. Aside from the core nucleus, Macagnnan has provided Bowles with enough cap space to mix and match his pieces on both sides of the ball ( $20 million in 2018 & $87 million in 2019).

With incoming free agents such as Trumaine Johnson and Avery Williamson on defense and Spencer Long and Isaiah Crowell on the offensive side of the team, the Jets are bound to become a force to be reckoned with. With all the optimism surrounding Gang Green this upcoming season, a major red flag still presents itself. Todd Bowles needs to prove that he can mesh well with his new offensive coordinator, Jeremy Bates. Bates is the third offensive coordinator in as many years for the Jets, which raises concerns on how much Bowles should involve himself in the play-making calls on the offensive end.

Todd’s forte has always been on the defensive side, which can go back to the days of being the assistant coach of the year in 2014 as the Arizona Cardinals defensive coordinator. He has a knack to highlight players strengths, while minimizing their weaknesses which coincide with his aggressive play calling.

The only problem is that these traits have not reached its full potential on the offensive side of the ball. In my opinion, coach Bowles needs to allow Jeremy Bates to run the show with minimal supervision when it comes to the playmaking on offense. All in all, Todd Bowles as well as Mike Macagnnan are on the right path in making this team a fearsome force for years to come.

With Tom Brady nearing his final years as a player, the opportunity to take the reigns of the AFC East has never presented itself so clearly than it has now. The influx of young talent the Jets possess with the foundation set in place in the organization itself in the ability to develop and getting productivity out of its players should allow Coach Todd Bowles to take a giant leap in the AFC.

We Might Have To Wait A Year For The Jets To Click On All Cylinders

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

New York Jets fans have experienced years of up and down play, but things seem to be on the upswing. Despite the fact that there were signs of success in the 10-6 season three years ago, nothing else was to come from that year besides a winning record.

The last time the Jets had seen the playoffs was during the Mark Sanchez, Rex Ryan days nearly 10 years ago. This was also the last time the Jets had a winning record until 2015. Now we have seen two 5-11 records in a row and patience is running out for everyone. The amount of rebuilds for the Jets in the off-season are more than anyone can count, and we all ask ourselves – what makes this rebuild so special?

All of the pieces on offense are coming together:

The quarterback situation has been taken care of, with Sam Darnold showing signs of improvement, and Teddy Bridgewater bringing competition to the table, as well as his talent. His overall record as a starter is 17-11, and was on the verge of showing out on the Vikings before he tore his ACL in a practice drill in 2016. Now he has overcome adversity and is ready to play football again, something that I know I am looking forward to.

The running game has been addressed, signing Isiah Crowell and Thomas Rawls along with the reliable 3rd down back Bilal Powell who always seems to make plays for gang green. This running game could shape up to be a good one with two hard runners and one versatile shifty spread back. Not to mention the amount of space for the wide receiver core who is all together healthy now! Each receiver showing they can go out there and snag the football and now each are united to become one of the most underrated receiving cores in football.

Jermaine Kearse, Robby Anderson, Quincy Enunwa and the new addition of Terrell Pryor should make this Jets offense one to watch in this upcoming season. The offensive line used to be the foundation, but it can be addressed in the next draft and the next free agency.

Look out for the Jets’ defense! 

It seems as if it’s going to be restricted air space for years to come for this Jets Secondary, with Claiborne resigned, as well as picking up Trumaine Johnson, the best corner in free agency this year. And how can I not mention the two stud safeties in Jamaal Adams and Marcus Maye, as well as the hitstick power of JJ Wilcox.

The defensive line may have appeared to have taken a hit with the loss of Muhammad Wilkerson, but it was for the best. It made little sense to pay up for a player who no longer wanted to be there, no matter how good he was. With that being said, there is still standout defensive end Leonard Williams and defensive tackle Steve McLendon. And maybe if we’re lucky, the Jets could possibly get some upside from third round draft choice Nathan Shepherd.

Bowles is ready!

Just signed through 2020, Bowles finally has the secondary he dreamed of. Being able to run the team the way he wants to; I know the fourth has passed, but we should see some more fireworks this season come September.

Can Terrelle Pryor Be A Difference Maker For The New York Jets?

This offseason, the New York Jets decided to bring in Terrelle Pryor on a one-year $4.5 million contract. Pryor is just two years removed from a 1,000-yard season. However, injuries derailed him in his lone season with the Washington Redskins.

The real question is whether the polarizing 29-year-old can produce for the Jets offense coming off of ankle surgery. New offensive coordinator Jeremy Bates will likely retain the West Coast scheme that brought success to quarterback Josh McCown through 13 games. Pryor should fit well in this scheme, utilizing his size as an advantage on multiple levels of the field.

A Look At The Talent

Pryor joins a receiving corps that has talent despite their lack of wins. Robby Anderson has been operating as the number one receiver and would’ve had 1000 yards last season if McCown hadn’t gotten hurt. Anderson can blow the top off of a defense, but off the field issues could possibly lead to a suspension under the league’s personal conduct policy.

Last year’s big addition to the offense was Jermaine Kearse, who the Jets acquired by shipping off Sheldon Richardson. Kearse played well, posting a career-best 65 receptions for over 800 yards. He was a much-needed infusion into the offense opposite Robby Anderson. Kearse was an integral target who helped make the Jets offense competitive.

Although Quincy Enunwa missed the entirety of last season due to a gruesome neck injury, he should make an impact on the Jets offense this season. In 2016, Enunwa had 58 receptions for over 850 yards. Enunwa and Anderson both have the makings of a number one receiver.

So How Do They All Fit Together?

The concern is that Pryor, Anderson, and Enunwa are all big-body, number one receiver types. Pryor and Anderson in particular do not operate inside the numbers. Looking at this group of receivers, it’s hard to predict who is on the field for three-receiver sets.

How Enunwa returns from injury will dictate the answer to that question. It is fair to say that we can expect Anderson and Pryor on the outside, with Kearse playing more in the slot. Enunwa has always struck me as a Y-receiver who can play from the slot as well.

Anderson and Kearse have both earned their playing time. However, teams don’t bring in free agents with the intention of having them on the bench. Pryor can make a difference for this team if he’s healthy, as he showed in his final season in Cleveland. The Jets top four receivers give them a lot of targets, and we can’t forget about young players such as Ardarius Stewart, Chad Hansen, and Charon Peake. Whoever is at quarterback throughout the 2018 season, they should have a plethora of options.

Can the New Running Back Duo for the Jets Lead to a Winning Season?

The New York Jets haven’t had a stud running back since Thomas Jones in 2009, but they may have a more than serviceable tandem in 2018. Now that present Jets running back Bilal Powell and newly added running back Isaiah Crowell are combining their talents, opposing defenses may have a run for their money.

Crowell was traded from the Cleveland Browns following their 0-16 season. With Crowell having a total of 1,035 all-purpose yards and two rushing touchdowns last season, it’s safe to say Crowell had a decent season. In all fairness, the twenty-five year old was a part of a team that finished 0-16 in 2017, so he couldn’t do all the work himself.

Can Crowell perform for the New York Jets:

Many people remember Crowell at his best in previous seasons and trust me, he can provide quality performances. On the other hand, Powell also had a very decent season finishing with 942 all-purpose yards and five touchdowns. Powell did most of the rushing in the backfield, while former teammate Matt Forte played sparingly and only averaged 12 yards per game.

In regard to last season, the Jets offensive line was not strong at all. Wesley Johnson played very poorly at the center position and missed blocks up the middle causing him to lose his spot to Spencer Long, a former center for the Redskins who was newly signed to the Jets during the offseason. On top of that, Jets guard Brian Winters was injured the previous season, so the Jets’ offensive line was not reaching its full potential.

Third year head coach, Todd Bowles believes that “a chemistry is growing among the players” and is searching for a chance at a playoff appearance. Along with Powell and Isaiah is former Seahawks running back Thomas Rawls. Rawls finished with 251 total yards and 0 touchdowns in the 2017 season. If Bilal plays as mostly a third down running back, then Thomas Rawls may make his way up the roster and contribute to a successful Jets season.




Jets’ Todd Bowles May Finally Have His 1-2 Punch At Corner

Winning football games in the NFL is no easy task for any team since game plans are designed weekly to exploit your opponent’s weaknesses. To no surprise, the New York Jets had a tough time finding a solution at the corner back position. As a result, the Jets allowed 30 touchdown passes last year. The lack of play making in the cornerback position left no choice for Mike Macagnnan to spend a chunk of their cap space on a legit shutdown corner.

The new signing for the Jets:

In comes the best free agent corner in the market, Trumaine Johnson. With the third largest guarantee in Jets history (34 million), Gang Green expects Johnson to pair up with Morris Claiborne, who was resigned this past off season for one-year and 7 million and create a fearsome pair at the cornerback position. This would enable Todd Bowles and Kacy Rodgers to play their style of defense with more confidence, meaning having two ideal press corners that can play physical at the point of attack allowing the front seven to pressure the quarterback and dial up more blitzing packages to create more turnovers.

The duo presents stable veterans that have been in the league since the year they both entered in 2012. Trumaine Johnson offers consistent, play-making ability and is a tone-setter, both with his leadership and the ability to shut down the opponents number one receiver. Morris Claiborne was the Jets’ best cornerback last year until injuries took a toll on his body as the season came to a close.

Claiborne has always been capable of being a shutdown corner, but his only issue has been the ability to stay healthy at a consistent basis. Injuries aside, the Jets were confident enough in resigning Morris for another year after seeing his potential in their system last year.

I truly believe this 1-2 punch can mesh well together and become one of the most efficient pairings in the NFL. Alongside stud second year safeties in Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye, the Jets may have of the most fearsome secondaries in the league. You have two playmakers that can easily shut down the opposing teams best receivers and give the front seven enough time to get to the quarterback and disrupt their offense. The signs are pointing the right way and last years stuggles may well be behind us as long as both corners can deliver.

The Jets Finally Have Their Quarterback, But Will He Start In 2018?

New York Jets, Sam Darnold

One of the biggest questions surrounding the New York Jets now that the 2018 minicamp has begun is, which one of their three quarterbacks will be the starter come September 10th in Detroit?

Josh McCown presents a stable veteran who was our starter last year and played solid gang green football before breaking his hand last December. Teddy Bridgewater has missed the last two seasons because of a terrible knee injury suffered with the Vikings, but looks to jump-start his career with the Jets and has shown signs of progression during camp. And finally we have Sam Darnold, our prized first round pick that fell on to the laps of the Jets this past April at pick No. 3.

Sure, the Jets on paper gave up a ton of assets to the Indianapolis Colts to move up from pick 6 to pick 3, but couldn’t afford to let another year pass by without solving their solution in finding a franchise quarterback.

In 41 seasons since Joe Namath’s departure , only 6 quarterbacks have started at least 40 games for Gang Green. This is why the Jets spent an an abnormal amount of their time scouting and putting together high talent evaluators, including Mike Maccagnan to watch top prospects play in person every weekend leading up to the scouting combine and pro days.

So can Sam Darnold be the answer for the Jets?


At 6-foot-3 , 221 lbs and just 21 years old,  Sam Darnold possesses great size at his position along with a very strong arm and solid accuracy both from the pocket and on the move. Played in a pro style system at USC and is accustomed to dropping back, sitting in the pocket and firing with confidence. Has what I call the “It” factor, meaning, has the swagger needed in the Big Apple , confidence to make his team better and a winner’s mentality .


Still very raw and has a tendency to be very reckless with the football. As no surprise with being careless with the football, turnovers were his main concern come draft day. In 14 games in 2017, he threw 13 int’s and fumbled 12 times. Not having a great offensive line and go-to weapons back at USC certainly did not help his cause, but poor on field decisions definitely need to be corrected at the pro level.

What can we expect?

Sam Darnold landed at the right place for a rookie quarterback. Josh McCown is a solid veteran who has played for ten teams during his 15 year NFL career and to me, while not on paper, is the highest paid assistant in the league.

Meaning he’s there to properly tutor and show young Darnold what it takes to be a quarterback at the NFL level both on and off the field. And then there’s Bridgewater who’s on the roster to provide some insurance and brew a solid competition amongst the three quarterbacks.

The Jets also did a great job acquiring more depth at receiver, running back and offensive line. At his disposal, Darnold has many weapons that can truly be a solid core for years to come. Quincy Enunwa comes back after missing last year with a terrible neck injury. Returning is Robbie Anderson and Jermaine Kearse, who both played very solid with McCown under center.

The addition of Terrelle Pryor brings some excitement and lets not forget about last year’s rookies in ArDarius Stewart and Chad Hansen, who come back after a year of learning the playbook . Not to mention adding Isiah Crowell to pair alongside Bilal Powell and the Jets seem to have installed the right pieces for whoever is named starter come game one of the regular season.

The word around Jets camp is that Sam Darnold has grasped the playbook at a quick pace and has been seen making solid throws between defenders. This can only make Jets fans more excited for what’s in store for the presumed future of the franchise. Worst case he sits this season and learns even more from the right tutelage from McCown and Jeremy Bates. Best case he impresses and wins the QB competition at camp and becomes the starter right out of the gate. Either way I believe the Jets have created a solid foundation around their prized signal caller and only time will tell when our franchise quarterback is ready to take us back to the promised land.