Giants could hit home-run with Joe Hortiz as general manager out of Baltimore

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Out of every general manager candidate the New York Giants are interviewing, Baltimore Ravens Director of Player Personnel Joe Hortiz is the only one that isn’t in the postseason. However, don’t let that dampen your expectations of his qualities, having learned from Ozzie Newsome and some of the best talent evaluators the NFL has ever seen.

Hortiz is considered a future NFL general manager by most, and he’s a legitimate candidate for the Giants. They are in desperate need of a cultural overhaul and talent evaluation process.

Hortiz’s tenure in Baltimore includes consistent winning, notably two Super Bowls and 13 postseason appearances in 22 years. This past season, Baltimore was plagued by injury on defense and offense. Losing Lamar Jackson late in the year and running back J.K. Dobbins undoubtedly put them in a difficult position. However, they narrowly missed the postseason despite working with a number of backups and dwindling down to their third-string quarterback for a moment.

When a team is capable of winning despite injuries to star players, you know the roster has been constructed properly. Baltimore nearly achieved the impossible, further proving that Joe has helped build one of the most sustainable organizations in football.

“Joe almost never makes an evaluation mistake,” a Ravens official told The Post’s Ian O’Connor.

O’Connor goes on to detail how Hortiz has garnered varying reviews on his readiness to become a GM for a big market like New York:

One league executive described Hortiz as a true “scout.” Another scouting source described Hortiz as a “good personality with potential,” but expressed concerns that GM of the Giants is a “big spotlight job” for someone without decision-making experience — which applies to all nine candidates receiving interviews.

Clearly, there is some concern that Hortiz can’t manage the New York market, but as we saw Dave Gettleman, if you stay behind the scenes and let your coaching staff take the brunt of the blame, you can get away with anything.

Thankfully, the Giants are looking outside for the first time in decades at a general manager candidate without any ties to the organization. Hortiz finished his interview with Big Blue this past Saturday but could be back for a 2nd chance to speak with ownership. With 20 years of experience under his belt with one of the most consistent franchises in football, there’s no question that he’s a legitimate option.

Over the past 13 years, Hortiz has helped the Ravens select 16 Pro Bowlers and six first-team All-Pro players. Comparably, the Giants have landed six Pro Bowlers and two first-team All-Pro players, a vast difference, nearly tripling their evaluation success.

Culture can’t be overlooked, though, as players can extract the most of their abilities in the right situation. For years, the Giants have been a laughing stock with coaches who can’t develop players and maximize their strengths. Failure to develop a competent scheme and disciplinary style of play has put the Giants in the dark ages, in which they are hoping a candidate like Hortiz can drag them out.

Overview of New York Giants’ 9 general manager candidates

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After what felt like an endless nightmare, Dave Gettleman’s tenure as the Vice President and General Manager of the New York Giants is over. Along with the end of the Gettleman era, Giants Head Coach Joe Judge has also been relieved of his duties. Finally, after four years of pain during Dave Gettleman’s 19-46, it’s starting to seem like there is a little bit of hope for the Giants due to the very impressive list of GM candidates that have been assembled so far.

The Giants have requested to interview 9 candidates with no prior ties to the franchise, a stark contrast to the 2017 GM search, which only contained one outside candidate: ESPN personality Louis Riddick.

Here’s a quick look at the 9 current GM candidates:

Joe Schoen – 43

Schoen is the current Asst. GM of the Buffalo Bills and was hired from the Dolphins, where he served as the director of player personnel from 2014-2017 after being internally promoted from being a college scout from 2009-2014. Schoen spent his first NFL years as a ticketing intern for the Panthers and later served as a scouting assistant until Miami hired him.

Schoen has just completed his first interview with the Giants; Co-owner Steve Tisch attended the meeting along with John and Chris Mara. The Giants are very intrigued by Schoen, and he seems to be the leading candidate as of now, partially due to his endorsement by former Coach Bill Parcells. Expect to hear his name come up often throughout this process, as the Vikings and Bears have also requested interviews.

Per uSTADIUM, Joe Schoen “crushed” his interview with the Giants.

Ryan Poles – 36

Poles took a job with the Cheifs back in 2009 and has been with the organization for the last 13 years, starting as a scouting assistant and working his way up to Director of Player Personnel.

The former college offensive lineman plays a key role in KC’s drafting strategy, serving as General Manager Brett Veach’s right-hand man in the war room. Poles was also involved in the rapid reconfiguration of the Cheifs O-Line following last year’s disastrous Super Bowl performance. Poles is especially attractive for a Giants organization that has been starving for good offensive line play and for a quarterback in Daniel Jones, who has been pressured practically as much as anyone in the NFL through his first three years.

Monti Ossenfort – 43

Currently, the Director of Player Personnel for the Titans since 2020, Monti Ossenfort has spent 16 years working his way through various scouting departments of the Patriots organization. According to Joe Rexrode, Ossenfort’s specialty lies in scouting college players, but he also manages the ready lists for the Titans.

Ossenfort had a strong relationship with former HC Joe Judge but is still a strong candidate without that connection. He was interviewed twice for the Panthers’ job opening last year and was also interviewed by the Browns in 2020.

Ryan Cowden – 43

Ossenfort’s Titans counterpart, Cowden, is in his 22nd NFL season and his 6th with the Titans. After 16 years with the Panthers’ organization, Cowden was offered to be the Director of Player Personnel for the Titans and was promoted to Vice President of Player Personnel in 2018. Cowden oversees all aspects of the Tennessee Titans scouting department and is widely considered to be in line for a GM job in the near future.

Adam Peters – 42

The 49ers’ Assistant GM is speculated to be one of the Giants’ top choices for their GM vacancy. Peters has 18 years of NFL experience, working his way up through the Patriots (2003-2008) and the Broncos (2009-2014) before becoming the 49ers VP of Player Personnel before the 2015 season. When current 49ers GM John Lynch was hired, he had no prior FO experience and hired Peters to be his right-hand man. According to John Barrows, “Peters has run the 49ers drafts since 2017.”

Ran Carthon – 40

Carthon has taken over Peters’ former position with the 49ers as the VP of Player Personnel during the 2021 NFL season. He previously served as the 49ers Director of Pro Personnel (2017-2020), the Rams’ Director of Player Personnel (2012-2016),  and cut his teeth as a pro scout for the falcons. The bears have also requested to interview Carthon.

Adrian Wilson – 42

Wilson is a former 5x Pro Bowl safety for the Arizona Cardinals and now serves as their Vice President of Pro Personnel. Previously, Wilson spent three years following his retirement from the NFL in 2015 as a scouting assistant for the Cardinals. Quickly rising through the Cardinals ranks, expect Wilson to be an active candidate during the Giants’ search.

Quentin Harris – 44

Harris, the Cardinals’ current VP of Player Personnel, was also a former Cardinals safety and has been with the front office for 14 years. According to the Cardinals, “Harris currently works alongside GM Steve Keim, managing both the college and pro personnel departments. His duties include evaluating the top college prospects nationally as well as the organization and implementation of the draft process. He oversees the pro personnel department, which includes player acquisition, evaluation, and assisting with player contract negotiations.”

Joe Hortiz – 47

Hortiz is currently in his 19th season with the Ravens’ Front Office and his 7th as the director of college scouting. Hortiz oversees all aspects of college scouting and is an especially attractive candidate due to the massive success that the Ravens have seen with their draft classes since he took over. Hortiz, who joined the organization in 1998, spent eight years as a scout for Baltimore before transitioning to a front office position.


Could Giants go with an underrated GM and HC pairing out of San Francisco?

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The New York Giants are already on the hunt for a new general manager, which will parlay into a new head coach, hosting a bevy of interviews this week before Wild Card Weekend. With quality names littering the playing field, the Giants have their eyes set on Joe Schoen out of Buffalo, Brandon Bean’s right-hand man, but I wouldn’t discount several other quality options.

One intriguing prospect is Adam Peters, the 49ers’ assistant GM. Peters joined San Francisco in 2017, currently in his 18th season as an NFL front-office man. This was his 4th year with the 49ers. At 38-years-old, Peters has experience in the Broncos’ front office, starting as a regional scout and transitioning to national in 2011. He was the team’s director of college scouting from 2014-2016.

Since making the move to San Fransisco, Peters has helped them build a legitimate contender from the ground up, despite concerns at the quarterback position. With a disciplined defense and modern offensive system, his services and experience might be exactly what the Giants are looking for.

In the event they hired Peters, theoretically, he may be swayed to bring a close friend with him, OC Mike McDaniel’s, Kyle Shanahan’s protege.

McDaniel has earned rave reviews from players in the past, notably All-Pro fullback Kyle Juszczyk after being promoted to offensive coordinator:

“Absolute BEST in the game!!,” Juszczyk tweeted. “Nobody gets more out of his players than McDaniel! Most creative run scheme out there! So deserving of this promotion!!”

McDaniel isn’t just a normal coach, he’s an incredibly intelligent one at the forefront of modern analytics and play design. His ability to connect with different positional groups stands out immediately, as he noted in the past:

“You go to these new teams, and I always get a kick out of the first time that we’re around the players, and I start talking to an offensive lineman about technique,” McDaniel said. “And the look they give me is priceless. Because I get it.”

McDaniel is at the forefront of cutting-edge schematics and decision-making, which represents an incredibly different angle than the one Joe Judge strategized during his first two years as the team’s head coach. Many have called for a younger mind (38-years-old), with a forward-thinking approach to take over, and McDaniel is exactly that.

While Schoen and Brian Daboll represent an intriguing pairing, I wouldn’t rule out Peters and McDaniel getting serious consideration.

Giants fire Joe Judge from head coaching position | Let the rebuild, commence!

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The deed is done, the rebuild is on, the New York Giants have fired Joe Judge and “retired” Dave Gettleman.

The Giants officially announced that Judge was let go, including a message from co-owner John Mara:

“Steve (Tisch) and I both believe it is in the best interest of our franchise to move in another direction,” said team president John Mara. “We met with Joe yesterday afternoon to discuss the state of the team. I met again with Joe this afternoon, and it was during that conversation I informed Joe of our decision. We appreciate Joe’s efforts on behalf of the organization.

“I said before the season started that I wanted to feel good about the direction we were headed when we played our last game of the season. Unfortunately, I cannot make that statement, which is why we have made this decision.

“We will hire a general manager and that person will lead the effort to hire a new head coach.”

Fox Sport’s Jay Glazer stated after the Giants’ finale loss to Washington that people in the locker room wanted to see Judge gone:

“I’ve talked to people inside that locker room – they would like to see a move on from Joe Judge.”

Clearly, his reporting was right, as owner John Mara elected to move on from Judge on Tuesday evening, starting a new hunt for a general manager and head coach.

One of the most pained quotes from Judge’s tenure was:

“To disrespect the game by going out there and not competing for 60 minutes and doing everything you can to help those players win, we will never do that as long as I’m the head coach of the Giants.”

Against Washington on Sunday, Judge had so little confidence in his offense he ran back-to-back QB sneaks just to get in a better spot to punt the ball. By all accounts, that’s a clear indication of giving up. Judge may sell it as he has faith in his defense, but at some point you need to score points to win games.

The hunt is on!

Big Blue will now begin a comprehensive search for a new GM, including multiple candidates, one of them being Joe Schoen of the Buffalo Bills. Schoen is considered the be the candidate “to beat” moving forward and will have his first interview with Giants brass on Wednesday morning.

The Giants would like to find a top candidate to take over ASAP, given the flurry of head coaching job openings around the league.

Report: Giants target GM candidate Joe Schoen, who’s ‘the one to beat’

joe schoen, giants

The Giants are putting a comprehensive list of general manager candidates together for the off-season, especially with head coach Joe Judge stuck in limbo. It is entirely possible that a new GM will want to move on from Judge and bring in his own head coach, which is why ownership is being patient with the process.

After all, the Giants have fired multiple coaches over the past five years, so they have a bit of experience in how the strategy and plan should look. Hopefully, they’ve learned a thing or two from their past mistakes, shaking things up with an outside hire who can bring a new ethos to the organization.

However, one of the top options on their wish list is Joe Schoen of the Buffalo Bills. Schoen is Brandon Bean’s right-hand man and top talent evaluator. Buffalo has made the postseason in four of the last five seasons, all of which Joe has been with the team.

The Giants view him as a home-run candidate based on his track record and impeccable experience tree. Having come from Miami, where he served as the Dolphins’ director of player personnel from 2014-2017, Schoen has worked with many people around the league and would have a convincing voice in drawing big names to Big Blue.

Ian O’Connor of the NY Post stated that Giants’ GM target Joe Schoen could be the one to beat:

In talking to someone close to the Giants GM process a couple weeks ago, got the impression Joe Schoen might be the one to beat. The Bills exec was the first person mentioned at the time by the source among Giants targets & the first ID’d yesterday as an interview candidate.

It is great to see that ownership is finally looking outside the box for a GM hire, especially after rolling with dice over and over, expecting different results with Dave Gettleman for four years. Unfathomably, they allowed Gettleman to retire peacefully after driving the team into the dirt.

The hope is that Schoen views the Giants’ vacant GM job as a highly-touted one, but after this past season and the roster’s current state, there have to be reservations.

Here’s the current list of candidates expected to receive an interview:

-Ryan Poles

-Joe Schoen

-Kevin Abrams

-Ryan Cowden – Titans VP of player personnel

-Monti Ossenfort – Titans director of player personnel


Reacting to the Giants reportedly retaining Joe Judge as head coach

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There may not be a more embarrassing organization in the NFL currently than the New York Giants. After being blown out in their last six games consecutively, ownership seems to remain committed to Joe Judge as their head coach, despite calls from the fan base and media to move on.

In the two seasons, Judge has been the HC for Big Blue, he’s endured 15 losses of 10 points or more. He’s enjoyed two wins of 10 points or more in that time frame, detailing a storyline of misery and failure.

In fact, in the Giants’ season finale against Washington, Judge called for two QB sneaks inside his own 5-yard-line to offer his team a better punt position, after claiming he would never stop competing for 60 minutes just one year prior. It’s unfortunate to see him laying down in front of the home crowd as a result of a lack of confidence in his offense.

“To disrespect the game by going out there and not competing for 60 minutes and doing everything you can to help those players win, we will never do that as long as I’m the head coach of the Giants.”

The media is exposing Judge but ownership doesn’t care:

Fox Sport’s Jay Glazer stated after the Giants’ finale loss to Washington that people in the locker room wanted to see Judge gone:

“I’ve talked to people inside that locker room – they would like to see a move on from Joe Judge.”

When you have such a large base calling for the replacement of Judge and ownership is committed to deep-rooted ego and fear, you find yourself in a revolving door of disappointment. Interestingly, the front office is trying to avoid a “revolving door” of coaches, but one who’s just finished a season in one of the most embarrassing ways in team history doesn’t deserve the opportunity. Neither Pat Shurmur nor Ben McAdoo left the team in a state worse than this.

The reality is simple, Judge is set up to fail either way, and a new general manager doesn’t change anything. Unless the GM has the power to move on from Judge and hit the restart button, we are staring at the same situation all over again. With no cap space, regressing talent, coaching turnover, lack of trust within the building, and a hostile fan-base, ownership is avoiding the inevitable, firing Judge for the team’s demise.

At this point, I’m numb to the pain of losing. I’ve been optimistic, positive, given them the benefit of the doubt, but no longer. The Giants don’t deserve any sort of positivity until they PROVE things are changing. Judge has done nothing but speaks empty words and promises that have failed to come to fruition. Most on social media refer to him as a “used car salesman” or a seller of “snake oil.” They’re right, his actions don’t back up his words, and that’s all that matters.

The retirement of Dave Gettleman feels like a weight off my shoulders, but a lot must change before I feel hopeful once again. Oddly, I still find myself trusting Judge as a college scout and draft specialist. The past two drafts for the Giants have been solid — MUCH better than the previous two under Gettleman. Judge may be a solid drafter but he’s an awful head coach that plays far too conservative and weak.

For a coach that talks a big game; “punch you in the mouth for 60 minutes,” he makes decisions like he’s scared to lose and not excited to win. When the team had nothing to lose, he still laid down like a wimp, and if you’re a true and tried New Yorker, we don’t take that shit lightly.

At this point in time, objectivity is the only answer to the team’s moves and decisions until they regain our trust.

New York Giants: Kenny Golladay breaks down awful season and where things go from here

new york giants, kenny golladay

When the New York Giants signed Kenny Golladay to a four-year, $72 million deal, they hoped he would bring his 11 touchdowns and 1,190 yards from Detroit in 2019 with him.

Unfortunately, Golladay’s season has taken a turn for the worse, posting just 499 yards and failing to get in the end zone over a minimum of 13 games for the first time in his career. His 47.9% catch rate is the lowest in his career, and 2.6 receptions per game, the lowest since his rookie campaign back in 2017 when he started just five games.

His yards per reception is down to 14.7, the lowest over five seasons in the NFL, and his yards total sits at just 38.4, half of what it’s been in the past three seasons. All together, Golladay’s lack of usage is directly correlated to poor offensive line play from the Giants and a scheme that most high school coaches would likely laugh at.

Even after the Giants fired Jason Garrett and promoted Freddie Kitchens to play-caller, they failed to get anything going with quarterback Daniel Jones sustaining a neck injury that forced him out for the rest of the season.

Golladay shouldered the blame for his performance, indicating he wasn’t good enough. His answer could’ve easily been directed toward a lack of competent protection for his quarterback and route concepts.

“Just not good enough on my part. I wasn’t playing terrible, or anything, but just not good enough.” – Via Matt Lombardo of Fansided:

“A lot goes into it,” Golladay says. “Different personnel goes into it in terms of who’s playing. Different personnel, even coaching-wise, a lot goes into it. A lot goes into making a football team go.”

Sometimes, it takes a while for a new quarterback and receiver dynamic to find a groove. Developing chemistry on timing routes is incredibly difficult, especially when your protection scheme fails time and time again to offer even a semblance of adequacy.
According to Patricia Traina of Giants Country, Kenny Golladay may present a daunting target for quarterbacks given his seeming lack of separation but massive catch radius.

“Like I tell a lot of people all the time, Kenny is 6’4”, so a lot of times he’s open when he’s not open because of his catch radius,” Giants WR coach Tyke Tolbert said. “If a quarterback or whoever is not used to throwing to guys like that, then that might take some time. So yeah, there’s some validity to that.”

The Giants had plenty of time to develop chemistry between Jones and Golladay, so this excuse is a bit irrelevant. Nonetheless, Jones doesn’t exactly throw the best ball for a player like Kenney, who prefers high-arching passes where he can adjust his body and gain leverage over opposing corners. Unfortunately, Jones throws straight-line passes that don’t give Golladay the proper time to get leverage with his physically imposing frame.

Suppose the Giants want to get the most out of their number one receiver. In that case, they have to go heavy into the off-season with offensive line on their mind, utilizing top draft capital to bolster the trenches and free agency money when appropriate.

If they’re going to stick with Daniel Jones, they must find a way to protect him, otherwise, they will once again be wasting time trying to correct an issue that’s been present since Dave Gettleman took over in 2018.

Giants’ Joe Judge and Saquon Barkley defend each other despite growing criticism

New York Giants, Saquon Barkley

The New York Giants are on the brink of collapse, having lost their last five games and headed toward a potential sixth against the Washington Football Team this upcoming weekend.

Big Blue hasn’t only dropped their last five games, they’ve been absolutely demolished in each, scoring just one touchdown in their last three games combined.

With the team falling apart at the seams, the Giants could go in a number of different directions, especially with general manager Dave Gettleman expected to retire on Monday post Week 18. A new GM could elect to keep Joe Judge and his coaching staff for one more season, but if ownership chooses to bring in a fresh face with a new ethos, they could fire Judge and move forward with a new staff and philosophy.

However, there are still players within the organization who are willing to speak to the media about Judge’s positives and his passion for the team, notably star running back Saquon Barkley. Judge himself had great things to say about Barkley and the adversity he’s overcome after being played by injuries this season.

“I know this guy has worked through a lot of things,” coach Joe Judge said of Barkley, via Jordan Raanan of ESPN. “He has dealt with different injuries throughout the year. He’s played hard through a lot of things. I’ve seen a lot of toughness and grit from him this year.

Barkley has been a shell of his former self, recording his first 100 yard game against the Chicago Bears in Week 17 over 21 carries. The Giants only completed four passing attempts on 11 tries. The game plan heavily revolved around running the football, as Devontae Booker also picked up 18 carries in the process but averaged half the yardage  Barkley managed.

Given Saquon’s rookie deal is quickly coming to an end with his fifth-year option commencing in 2022, it is possible to Giants look to trade the running back and acquire draft capital while alleviating themselves of his cap hit. Barkley will be the ninth highest-paid running back in football, preparing to earn $7.2 million in the final year of his rookie deal.

Judge was noncommittal toward Barkley but did come to his defense about putting forth another quality season similar to his 2018 campaign, where he collected over 2000 all-purpose yards and 15 total touchdowns.

“In terms of what next year brings, we’ll have to see when it comes, but I know he’s going to work, train and put himself in the position to have the best year possible.”

After Judge’s words of optimism, Barkley responded with positivity of his own, defending his coach’s confidence in the team in the process going on behind the scenes.

“It may not look like it right now from the outside looking in, but internally we know what we have here. We know what we’re doing in the locker room — meaning the characters that we have, the personalities that we have, the work ethic that we have.” – Via Ryan Dunleavy of the NY Post.

Unfortunately for Judge, the results on the field are all that matters as he continues to rely on an argument that isn’t visible. For fans, though, “behind the scenes” isn’t a tangible result that can be measured. In fact, the team looks more lost than during Ben McAdoo or Pat Shurmur’s tenure.

Fortunately, fans have a bit of hope resting on the shoulders of a new general manager, but it is entirely possible ownership looks to an internal candidate as a stopgap solution.

Giants: Looking at a sequence against the Bears that will make your eyes bleed

giants, joe judge

The New York Giants recently fell to the Chicago Bears by a score of 29–3, but it might’ve been the cherry on top for an abysmal stretch of games.

The Giants have lost five consecutive contests, averaging fewer than 10 points and scoring less in that same timeframe than some teams scored in Week 17 alone.

There is no question that head coach Joe Judge is on the hot seat, and another blowout loss to the Washington Football Team in Week 18 could spell the end of his tenure wearing the Giants logo.

However, with the team in disarray and failing to put together a competent game plan and function at an NFL level, there is reason to believe that Judge could be out at head coach no matter what happens against Washington.

The pressure is on for owner John Mara, who is in the public eye as a result of years of nepotism and a failure to develop a competent coaching staff. Of course, the expectation is that general manager Dave Gettleman will be out at the end of the season, and depending on the strategy they use to bring in a replacement, Judge could be included or exiled in the process.

The logic behind Judge staying revolves around a quick turnover of head coaches in recent years, but one sequence of events against the Bears should tell us everything we need to know about the former Patriot assistant’s team and their functionality after two full seasons.

In the clip below, you will see four consecutive plays that detail precisely how inept the Giants really are. Ranging from their special teams IQ to simple execution of a running play, the Giants have all but given up on the season, and their effort tell the story.

Kick returner Pharoh Cooper allows the ball to fly over his head, seemingly into the end zone right off the bat. Instead, the ball falls about 5 yards short of the end zone, stopping dead in its tracks and keeping it a live ball, putting the Giants in awful field position. It would’ve been a turnover if Chicago had recovered the ball.

Coordinator Freddy Kitchens dials up three consecutive run plays, one of which resulted in a false start, pushing the Giants back inside the 1-yard line. If things couldn’t get any more obvious, consecutive halfback dives will always result in trouble if you have an offensive line that’s best resembled by Swiss cheese.

In the sequence of four plays, the Giants managed to botch a kickoff, one of the most straightforward plays to manage in a football game, and suffer three consecutive plays of negative yardage resulting in a safety. If that doesn’t break down exactly how poor this team is run and a lack of discipline, I can probably find 100 other clips to show the exact same thing.

At this point in time, the lack of execution across the board is apparent, and Judge is next up on the totem pole of blame with Gettleman preparing to exit. Reports have indicated that ownership will stick with Judge for one more season, but the obvious regression of the team has put ownership between a rock and a hard place.

2 former Giants players rip into GM Dave Gettleman on social media after blowout loss to Chicago

New York Giants, Dave Gettleman

As if things couldn’t get any worse for the New York Giants, two former players publicly stated on Twitter their contempt for general manager Dave Gettleman and what he’s done to a once illustrious franchise.

Just this past week, a former Giant scout and current employee went at it via Twitter, airing dirty laundry that wasn’t meant for the public eye.

Every week things seem to get even worse for upper management, and wholesale changes might be on the horizon with the pressure mounting.

Former Giants TE Scott Simonson had some pretty harsh words for the Giants’ GM, who’s likely on his way out in just a few days:

“Dave Gettleman is an atrocious GM and not a good person IMO. The fact he’s had this much time to not be good at his job, while deciding others’ fates, and indebting one of the most historically respected franchises is embarrassing, and also a strong example of karma existing.”

Big decision loom for the Giants after the season ends:

The Giants have a long off-season ahead as they try to find a general manager who can lead them into the future.

Reports have indicated that ownership is keen on retaining head coach Joe Judge, but after five consecutive blowouts and regression compared to last season, it is possible they move on from him after just two years with the team.

The Giants lost their most recent game to the Chicago Bears by 26 points, as the offense tallied -10 passing yards and four turnovers. Saquon Barkley was a lone bright spot with 102 yards on 21 carries, but his efforts were moot given the lack of discipline and passion from the team as a whole.

After the game, Judge went on a lengthy tirade regarding his team’s effort and the general state of the franchise moving forward. He indicated that things behind the scenes are positive and heading in the right direction, but everything on the field says they are far away from being a competent team capable of pushing for a postseason appearance.

Aside from Judge, moving on from Gettleman should be the first point on a long laundry list ready for the cleaners. The former Carolina Panthers GM will leave the Giants in a state of darkness, leaving four years of inapt and lackluster drafting in his wake.

At this point, an entire rebuild might be necessary given the state of the roster, and while there are a few keepers, there are too many holes the team needs to fix before fans can feel appreciative of the product they are putting on the field every given Sunday.