New York Giants: Mike Glennon has surgery, Jake Fromm to start Week 18

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The New York Giants are coming off of a putrid loss to the Chicago Bears in Week 17. New York’s offense failed to score a touchdown in the 29-3 loss on the road. Quarterback Mike Glennon recorded a 0.0 QBR in the contest. In the tough loss, Glennon suffered a wrist injury that will force him to have surgery, ending his season. Jake Fromm is in line to start in Week 18. Brian Lewerke will be the backup.

The Giants will host the Washington Football Team on Sunday in the regular-season finalé. New York has already been eliminated from the playoffs. The final game will allow the team to get one last look at Jake Fromm, though.

Jake Fromm to start on Sunday

Jake Fromm is a young backup quarterback who started one game for the team this season. He was drafted in the fifth round of the 2020 NFL Draft by the Buffalo Bills. The Giants signed him off of their practice squad this season once Daniel Jones went down with a season-ending neck injury. Mike Glennon got the first start as the team’s fill-in quarterback but after a disappointing performance versus the Dolphins, Jake Fromm got the start in Week 16 versus the Eagles.

In that Week 16 matchup, Jake Fromm struggled tremendously. He completed 6 passes on 17 attempts for 25 yards and 1 interception before being benched in favor of Mike Glennon. After Glennon’s poor performance in Week 17, many called for Fromm to get the nod in the season’s final contest. But now that Glennon’s season has been cut short due to injury, Fromm will get the start regardless.

Mike Glennon finished the season with four starts, 90 completions on 167 attempts, 790 yards, and 4 touchdowns. Glennon was playing for the Giants on a one-year, $1.35M contract that he signed this past offseason. With new management expected to take over, it is unknown whether or not Glennon will be brought back for the 2022 season.

New York Giants receivers only had one catch in week 17’s blowout loss

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The New York Giants offense is seemingly facing a perfect storm. Daniel Jones is out for the rest of the season, and the receiving corps is banged up enough that pulling from the practice squad was necessary before the Bears game. When that game actually came around, the result in the passing department was worse than anyone could have expected.

Mike Glennon finished the game with only 4 completions, 25 yards, a pair of interceptions, and a costly fumble. To his credit, the Giants were missing a number of receivers and any quarterback would have lower numbers in a situation like this. Darius Slayton, Collin Johnson, Kadarius Toney, and John Ross all missed the game. Sterling Shepard is on the injured reserve. But to say that Glennon made the most of this bad situation would be flat out wrong.

One thing that shows just how bad the passing offense in this game was is the fact that only one Giants receiver actually caught the ball. One reception went to David Sills, but the rest of Glennon’s completions were to Evan Engram and Devontae Booker.

The performance leaves the question of why Jake Fromm remained on the bench, but considering Fromm’s own 25 yard performance in his first start, it’s unlikely that bringing in the younger alternative would have done much.

“It’s embarrassing. You know, not something that, you know, we work hard all week. We got to have a better product.” Glennon told reporters postgame.

With that being said, the Giants have one game remaining before focus shifts to the offseason and rebuilding. This season, perhaps more than in recent years past, interest has already largely shifted to those offseason decisions. With how the team has been playing, it’s hard to blame anyone for looking ahead.

New York Giants: Joe Judge expecting both Fromm and Glennon to play vs Bears

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Unless something strange happens, the New York Giants aren’t going to try Brian Lewerke at quarterback. Instead, it looks like we’re in for more of the same. In this case, that means Jake Fromm and Mike Glennon. Both quarterbacks have appeared over the last two games for the Giants, neither one being able to complete their start without getting substituted out. And without flat out confirming it, Joe Judge seemed to hint that it could happen again when the Giants face Chicago.

Of course, Judge didn’t flat out say that the starter will get pulled for bad performance. But if one quarterback is working, it’s unclear why the Giants would put in another.

Fromm was the starter last time out but only managed 25 yards for the entire game, despite having more attempts than in his first appearance. He was replaced by Glennon, who overall didn’t have a good performance but managed 93 yards and an interception, in addition to a garbage time touchdown.

All in all, it’s a nightmare situation for the Giants at quarterback until Daniel Jones is back. We already know that isn’t going to be this season, and the matter of picking a quarterback every week has turned into a necessary evil.

It’s not that anyone wants to see more of Jake Fromm or Mike Glennon at QB, but any other options such as Lewerke only bring to the table less experience than Fromm does. One can only hope that against the Bears, the Giants can get into a good rhythm running the ball and not have to rely too much on either backup passer.

New York Giants: Jake Fromm speaks on “not ideal” first NFL start

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With a couple of games left in the season, it’s clear that the New York Giants aren’t going to find relief from Jake Fromm. Despite a promising appearance coming in late for Mike Glennon, Fromm had a far worse time when actually handed the reins as the starter. He only threw for 25 yards against the Eagles, managing only 6 completions and an interception.

The performance was enough to earn Fromm a trip back to the bench and another appearance for Glennon, despite the fanbase’s universal dislike of watching the latter play.

Even Fromm himself isn’t trying to put a good spin on this one.

Jake Fromm speaks on disappointing first start

“I would say it’s not ideal. I wish I would have played better. It’s frustrating for myself,” Fromm told reporters after the game. “It’s not the way I wanted to have represented myself, my family, or, of course, this organization. It’s tough, but I’m going to learn from it. I don’t think it gets much worse than that. I’m going to learn from it. I’m going to grind. I’m going to work my tail off to get better and play better like I know I can.”

It’s uncertain whether Fromm will have the next start or whether the Giants will return to Glennon. Glennon had 93 yards with both a touchdown and interception after coming off the bench, but the touchdown came in garbage time in what is becoming a familiar pattern for the Giants.

The alternative option is Brian Lewerke, who was waived by the Patriots last season and picked up in 2021 by the Giants. But Lewerke is hardly a more proven player than Fromm, and until the offensive line is fixed, the Giants can expect some of the same problems regardless of the player at quarterback.

It’s a bleak outlook for now, and if there’s one thing Giants fans shouldn’t expect from the final two games, it’s good – or even average – quarterback play.

New York Giants: Jake Fromm makes debut in disappointing home loss

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There’s not many things to celebrate from the New York Giants’ recent loss to the Cowboys, but there is one thing that might generate interest for the last few games of the season. That’s the starting quarterback situation, and the latest development. After Mike Glennon received the start in place of Daniel Jones and threw for 3 interceptions, the Giants gave a chance to the next man up Jake Fromm, who would make his NFL debut.

What does Jake Fromm’s debut mean for the Giants?

Fromm wasn’t able to carry the offense to a touchdown, but his performance does give reason to believe there will be a quarterback competition headed into the next game. This, of course, isn’t that relevant in the long run. The Giants don’t have many games left, and are already out of the division race. But finding out whether Fromm is a capable backup is a worthwhile task. After all, Daniel Jones has missed games with injuries in each of his NFL seasons. This year has been a hard lesson for the Giants that they need to be prepared for those situations.

Completing half of his 12 total attempts, Fromm threw for 82 yards and had a passer rating of 72.2 compared to 24.8 for Glennon. It’s a commendable performance, when considering how Glennon received more snaps and yet Fromm had the better game and would have thrown for more yards too if he had a similar amount of passing attempts.

It’s a bit early to say that Fromm should be the starter next week for sure. Fromm’s entry into this game was a surprise, and quarterbacks often have more success before defenses get a chance to prepare for them and go over their film.

But after a series of hopeless performances from Glennon, Fromm has definitely landed in a spot of contention to start for the rest of the year. No one wants to see more of the same from Glennon, and if Fromm can be the more competitive player in practice, the chances appear pretty high that the starting job will fall into his hands.

Giants’ Jake Fromm should be earning start over Mike Glennon in matchup Vs Chargers

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The New York Giants could be forced to depend on their third-string quarterback moving forward. What’s more, the third-string QB could be given his instructions by a second-string offensive coordinator and second-string position coach. 

This could be the conundrum stemming from Daniel Jones’ neck injury that, according to reports, is likely to rule him out of Sunday’s contest against the Los Angeles Chargers. Should he remain sidelined, Jones would have missed a second straight game. The 24-year-old was seen by doctors on Monday and will not be cleared for contact until he is fully healed.

Per Ian Rapoport, Jones will miss more than Sunday’s game and could be out for multiple weeks.

“Daniel Jones will likely be out multiple weeks while dealing with a neck injury, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported,” reports. “The fourth-year starter went down during last week’s win over the Eagles and was limited in practice before being ruled out for Week 13. He’ll undergo further testing Monday, with Rapoport noting there might be more than ligament issues ailing Jones. He’s now considered week to week.”

Jake Fromm is now battling with Mike Glennon for reps after the backup entered the NFL’s concussions protocols after the loss to Miami. Quarterback Jerry Schuplinski has also tested positive for COVID-19.

Glennon is projected to clear protocols in time, but Fromm is deserving a chance, despite his short tenure with the Giants. This would be a huge opportunity for a player who was on the practice squad at Buffalo as recently as November 30.

The QB coach’s COVID-19 quandary won’t only affect him as all of the Giants quarterbacks – including the practice squad’s Brian Lewerke – could be deemed vaccinated close contacts who will have to undergo more frequent testing. Fromm spent 10 days on the COVID-19 list with the Bills in November after he tested positive as an asymptomatic carrier.

“The plan right now is for Jake to continue in his role,” head coach Joe Judge noted. “We have a lot of contingencies, whether it’s the COVID contingency or the uncertainty in terms of the other quarterbacks. We’re talking internally about a lot of options right now personnel-wise, scheme-it-up, to see what we can do to address it and make sure we’re building in-depth for a multitude of reasons.” 

All of this comes in the wake of an unexpected offensive setback as Freddie Kitchens has been calling plays. While things have gotten more technical, scoring has dipped from the 18.9 points per game under coordinator Jason Garrett, now fired, to 11.0 points a game under Kitchens.  The Giants also haven’t gained more than 264 yards on offense in their last four games. 

It’s unclear when the quarterback issue could be remedied as concussion recovery timelines differ from player to player. Jones was cleared just five days after entering the protocol and didn’t miss a single start while Glennon took every snap against the Miami Dolphins. 

“At some point after the game, they came to me and just let me know they were looking at him,” Judge added, “so during the game there was nothing I was informed of.”

The New York Sports betting does not tip the Giants for success in their upcoming game, with bookmakers attaching them to 4/1 while the Chargers are 4/21.

Fromm, meanwhile, isn’t an unfamiliar player. Drafted in the fifth round by the Bills, he started for Georgia for three years and led them to the 2018 College Football Playoff national championship game, getting picked ahead of Indianapolis Colts backup Jacob Eason and Chicago Bears rookie starter Justin Fields before they switched schools. 

Sunday was his first regular-season game in an NFL uniform, however.

“He’s drinking through a fire hose right now,” Schuplinski said of his progress last week.

The QB coach and offensive quality control coach Nick Williams spent extra time on the field with Fromm last week. Williams and Kitchens will have to do so this week given that Schuplinski can only participate virtually.

“When you go from Daniel to Mike, you want to push and stay as close to the offense as you possibly can, and you expect them to go out there and execute the game plan,” Judge explained. “For a guy who’s only been here in your system for a couple days, you’ve got to select more of a menu of what he can operate in and that’s not always limiting based on his ability, it’s just based on being new in a scheme.” 

New York Giants planning to start Mike Glennon vs Chargers if healthy

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Despite a lackluster performance in his last appearance, it looks like Mike Glennon is the starter for the New York Giants on Sunday. That is, if Glennon is out of concussion protocol. Glennon being ready by the time of the game isn’t certain, but according to Jordan Raanan, the Giants are optimistic about the chances and are planning on Glennon as the starter.

But playing Glennon in another game will obviously come with some pushback after Glennon led the offense to only 9 points against the Dolphins. He had 187 yards and 1 interception in that game, and was one of the main contributing factors behind the overall slow performance.

Of course, Glennon wasn’t the only factor and he’s only in the starting conversation right now because Daniel Jones is unavailable and the Giants don’t have a better option to turn towards. Much of the popular sentiment is leaning towards starting Jake Fromm, but that’s far from an ideal solution.

Even if Glennon presents a drop-off in performance from Jones, we at least know that he’s capable of running the offense without the wheels falling off. The Giants can’t exactly say the same about Fromm, who was only picked up recently from the Buffalo practice squad.

Not only has Fromm had limited experience in the Giants offense, he also has no NFL starts in general and isn’t coming off a role where he was a main backup. The next man up often looks more appealing and this is one of those situations, but really, it looks like the Giants are just making the decision that gives them the higher floor.

New York Giants quarterback room in shambles ahead of Week 14

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The New York Giants lost miserably on Sunday versus the Miami Dolphins. The Giants’ offense failed to score a touchdown in the 20-6 Week 13 loss. New York marched into Miami with Mike Glennon as the starting quarterback. Daniel Jones was out with a neck strain that is expected to keep him out of the Giants’ upcoming Week 14 matchup with the Los Angeles Chargers, too.

To make matters worse, Mike Glennon suffered a concussion in the Giants’ loss to the Dolphins. Injuries and inexperience are now piling up for the Giants at the sport’s most valuable position, leaving their quarterback room in shambles.

The New York Giants quarterback room is in shambles

Daniel Jones and Mike Glennon being injured leaves the Giants with extremely limited options at the quarterback position. The 4-8 Giants are down to backups, practice squad players, and newly-signed players in line to start. Even the Giants’ quarterback coach, Jerry Schuplinski, is dealing with an ailment (COVID-19). This group of signal-callers is in disarray. Here’s a breakdown of the quarterback room:

  • Daniel Jones (neck strain, not cleared for contact)
  • Mike Glennon (in concussion protocol)
  • Jake Fromm (just signed last week)
  • Brian Lewerke (practice squad)
  • QB coach Jerry Schuplinski (COVID-19 positive)

With Daniel Jones and Mike Glennon both expected to be out on Sunday, Jake Fromm is in line to start for the Giants. The Giants just signed Fromm off of the Buffalo Bills practice squad a few days ago. But now the young quarterback has gone from the practice squad to being expected to start in a rapid amount of time.

If Fromm is not ready to go, which would not be surprising considering how long it takes to learn NFL playbooks, then Brian Lewerke would be the next man up. Lewerke has spent the season on New York’s practice squad after playing in the preseason for the Giants and looking less than promising.

If indeed Jones and Glennon are out, the most experienced regular season passer on the Giants’ roster would be Kadarius Toney. New York’s first-round pick has thrown three passes this season, giving him the highest career total of the remaining quarterbacks on the roster.

When the most experienced passer on a team is the wide receiver, you know that roster is in bad shape. The Giants will prepare this week with the thought that Jake Fromm takes the start under center. But regardless of who starts on Sunday, it is a longshot that the Giants’ offense takes any steps forward from where they have been,.

New York Giants: Daniel Jones sitting out preseason opener

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

The New York Giants are set to open their preseason with a local rivalry against the Jets in only a couple of days, and we now have official announcement from Joe Judge that quarterback Daniel Jones will not appear.

Other notable names that will be absent include Lorenzo Carter and Saquon Barkley, who have both been ruled out. In the case of the latter two players, it looks like the decision was made because their recoveries from injury aren’t far enough along.

Of course, it won’t be a surprise to anyone that Barkley is sitting. It’s debatable whether he’ll even be ready for week one of the regular season, so most aren’t expecting to see Barkley suit up during the shortened preseason this year.

However, Daniel Jones might be more of a surprise absence as he has no injury and will head into the season as the team’s starter at the most important position.

Why is Jones sitting out the preseason opener?

Joe Judge explained a bit of his logic in keeping Jones out. It seems like Jones is being excluded so the Giants can get a better idea of the players behind him on the depth chart.

“I will say this, the priority for me is to treat this more like a traditional game four and when I say that, it’s more of a make sure all of the players that we really have to evaluate get an evaluation. Because of the rules this year, we have to cut five guys after the Jets game. I want to make sure that we don’t make any decisions that impact our or their future without a proper evaluation,” Judge told reporters on Thursday.

Jones’ absence means that Clayton Thorson and Mike Glennon will get more time on the field to compete for the backup job that Colt McCoy held last year. The position at stake may be a bigger deal than anyone can imagine right now.

After all, as recently as last year the Giants ended up relying on their backup when the offensive line couldn’t protect Jones and the QB was injured. There’s no telling if that will happen again, and the Giants have experience with neither backup starting a game.

The preseason has been shortened by one game to make room for the expanded regular season, so the Giants will have less time to make the kind of evaluations that Judge and the staff are looking for from this game.

With a lot of roster change this season and with the team signing some lesser known free agents who will fly under the radar, this evaluation game will probably have a fair amount of impact on the final cuts. And it may just help the Giants make the right decision in keeping a future breakout player on the roster. Even if it comes at the expense of the on the field result, it should be well worth it.

New York Giants sign Mike Glennon as new backup QB

The New York Giants have made another depth signing in free agency. According to reports, the Giants have agreed to terms with quarterback Mike Glennon. This signing fills a need for the Giants as they upgrade their backup quarterback position.

Mike Glennon is a seven-year NFL veteran that has been a journeyman backup for the majority of his career. The Giants will be Glennon’s sixth team he becomes a member of.

In 2020, Mike Glennon played as a member of the Jacksonville Jaguars. Glennon started five games as the Jaguars’ backup quarterback. Glennon was a decent fill-in at the quarterback position, throwing for 1,072 passing yards, 7 touchdown passes, and 5 interceptions in those 5 games.

The 6-foot-7, 31-year-old quarterback has a strong arm and the ability to throw the ball downfield. Glennon will replace Colt McCoy as the backup to Daniel Jones. McCoy started two games for the Giants in 2020 but now sits on the open market as a free agent. It seems unlikely that the Giants will re-sign Colt McCoy after signing Mike Glennon.

The signing of Mike Glennon gives the Giants an added sense of security entering the 2021 season. Daniel Jones has missed two games with injuries in each of his first two career seasons. This makes the backup quarterback position ever more important for the Giants. New York can feel more comfortable now knowing they can get competent quarterback play out of their new backup, Mike Glennon, in case of an emergency in the 2021 season.