New York Giants receivers only had one catch in week 17’s blowout loss

david sills, new york giants

The New York Giants offense is seemingly facing a perfect storm. Daniel Jones is out for the rest of the season, and the receiving corps is banged up enough that pulling from the practice squad was necessary before the Bears game. When that game actually came around, the result in the passing department was worse than anyone could have expected.

Mike Glennon finished the game with only 4 completions, 25 yards, a pair of interceptions, and a costly fumble. To his credit, the Giants were missing a number of receivers and any quarterback would have lower numbers in a situation like this. Darius Slayton, Collin Johnson, Kadarius Toney, and John Ross all missed the game. Sterling Shepard is on the injured reserve. But to say that Glennon made the most of this bad situation would be flat out wrong.

One thing that shows just how bad the passing offense in this game was is the fact that only one Giants receiver actually caught the ball. One reception went to David Sills, but the rest of Glennon’s completions were to Evan Engram and Devontae Booker.

The performance leaves the question of why Jake Fromm remained on the bench, but considering Fromm’s own 25 yard performance in his first start, it’s unlikely that bringing in the younger alternative would have done much.

“It’s embarrassing. You know, not something that, you know, we work hard all week. We got to have a better product.” Glennon told reporters postgame.

With that being said, the Giants have one game remaining before focus shifts to the offseason and rebuilding. This season, perhaps more than in recent years past, interest has already largely shifted to those offseason decisions. With how the team has been playing, it’s hard to blame anyone for looking ahead.

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