New York Giants: Jake Fromm makes debut in disappointing home loss

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There’s not many things to celebrate from the New York Giants’ recent loss to the Cowboys, but there is one thing that might generate interest for the last few games of the season. That’s the starting quarterback situation, and the latest development. After Mike Glennon received the start in place of Daniel Jones and threw for 3 interceptions, the Giants gave a chance to the next man up Jake Fromm, who would make his NFL debut.

What does Jake Fromm’s debut mean for the Giants?

Fromm wasn’t able to carry the offense to a touchdown, but his performance does give reason to believe there will be a quarterback competition headed into the next game. This, of course, isn’t that relevant in the long run. The Giants don’t have many games left, and are already out of the division race. But finding out whether Fromm is a capable backup is a worthwhile task. After all, Daniel Jones has missed games with injuries in each of his NFL seasons. This year has been a hard lesson for the Giants that they need to be prepared for those situations.

Completing half of his 12 total attempts, Fromm threw for 82 yards and had a passer rating of 72.2 compared to 24.8 for Glennon. It’s a commendable performance, when considering how Glennon received more snaps and yet Fromm had the better game and would have thrown for more yards too if he had a similar amount of passing attempts.

It’s a bit early to say that Fromm should be the starter next week for sure. Fromm’s entry into this game was a surprise, and quarterbacks often have more success before defenses get a chance to prepare for them and go over their film.

But after a series of hopeless performances from Glennon, Fromm has definitely landed in a spot of contention to start for the rest of the year. No one wants to see more of the same from Glennon, and if Fromm can be the more competitive player in practice, the chances appear pretty high that the starting job will fall into his hands.

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