New York Giants: Joe Judge expecting both Fromm and Glennon to play vs Bears

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Unless something strange happens, the New York Giants aren’t going to try Brian Lewerke at quarterback. Instead, it looks like we’re in for more of the same. In this case, that means Jake Fromm and Mike Glennon. Both quarterbacks have appeared over the last two games for the Giants, neither one being able to complete their start without getting substituted out. And without flat out confirming it, Joe Judge seemed to hint that it could happen again when the Giants face Chicago.

Of course, Judge didn’t flat out say that the starter will get pulled for bad performance. But if one quarterback is working, it’s unclear why the Giants would put in another.

Fromm was the starter last time out but only managed 25 yards for the entire game, despite having more attempts than in his first appearance. He was replaced by Glennon, who overall didn’t have a good performance but managed 93 yards and an interception, in addition to a garbage time touchdown.

All in all, it’s a nightmare situation for the Giants at quarterback until Daniel Jones is back. We already know that isn’t going to be this season, and the matter of picking a quarterback every week has turned into a necessary evil.

It’s not that anyone wants to see more of Jake Fromm or Mike Glennon at QB, but any other options such as Lewerke only bring to the table less experience than Fromm does. One can only hope that against the Bears, the Giants can get into a good rhythm running the ball and not have to rely too much on either backup passer.

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