New York Yankees: Scouts are drooling over Jasson Dominguez and his talents

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

Normal 17-year old kids aren’t 5-foot-10 and 195 pounds, but the “Martian,” undoubtedly is. Jasson Dominguez has already been compared to the likes of Mike Trout, Mickey Mantle, and Bo Jackson. Having signed a $5.1 million international contract with the New York Yankees in 2019, Dominguez has all of the tangible traits to develop into baseball’s next superstar.

The best part about Dominguez is that time is on his side, and at 17 -years old, he can refine his abilities and develop the right way. Some believe his pro debut could come way sooner than expected, but I believe he’s about two years from reaching the top level, possibly three.

Similar to most minor league players, the coronavirus pandemic has hurt his progression. This entire year is essentially a throwaway, as the entire league will have lost a season of elevation. The 2021 season will likely see his debut in the Yankees’ farm system. However, he will be training in the Dominican Republic until then.

As we have seen in other Yankee prospects, Dominguez is in good hands with their coaches and system. While the expectation is already taking hold of the young outfielder, he is ready to take on the challenge and reach the big leagues to play alongside men like Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, and Gleyber Torres.

Scouts have been salivating over his physical abilities and what he brings to the table. Here’s what Sam had to say but the five to a prospect:

“He’s possibly the best combination of tools, athleticism and performance that I’ve run across. Now, there’s a whole lot of time, a whole lot of at-bats and a whole lot of proving it between now and hopefully reaching the major leagues. Given his baseball background, his baseball acumen, his desire, his competitive nature, his work ethic, it’s never an easy thing to drop $5.1 million on one player, but he made it pretty easy.” – Yankees international scouting director Donny Rowland, via Baseball America’s Ben Badler

“He won’t make his pro debut until mid-2020 but he already has earned comparisons to some of the best athletes in baseball history, such as Bo Jackson, Mickey Mantle and Mike Trout.” – MLB Pipeline

Ultimately, comparisons are meaningless until he’s proven he can succeed with the Yankees top team. Similar to Estevan Florial, Dominguez is a perfect prospect, but you never know what could happen in the future, whether it be a global pandemic or a significant injury. Luckily, Dominguez is starting off fresh and has great health history.

New York Yankees News: Yankees/Red Sox today, Jasson Dominguez and more

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

For New York Yankees fans, there is nothing like a Yankee Red Sox game.  While the baseball season is on hold due to the coronavirus, many Yankee fans are starved for baseball.  The MLB Network just might have a temporary fix for you.  All-day today, the network will be featuring historic Yankee Red Sox games.

At 6 am, they will start with the famous Bucky Dent game.  That the game that won the American League East for the New York Yankees.  It was October 2, 1978, to decide the American League East between two teams who had already won 99 games was so much more than that.  Tied at 99 games, this was one of the most exciting games of the season.

At 9  am, the Red Sox get their revenge with a classic from July 24, 2004. After Jason Varitek and Alex Rodriguez squared off early to start a memorable melee, Bill Mueller roped a walk-off homer in the bottom of the ninth to stun ace Yankees closer, Mariano Rivera.

At Noon, the MLB Network will feature Game 3 of the 2003 AL Championship Series when Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez had a memorable matchup.  This is the game that Yankee coach Don Zimmer was thrown to the ground by Pedro Martinez.  The game will be replayed at 11 pm on the network.

On tap at 2 pm, Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. Down by a run entering the ninth and on the verge of being swept by the Yankees, always a thorn for the Yankees,  David Ortiz sent everyone home with a walk-off homer in the 12th.

At 5 pm, Game 7 of the 2003 ALCS. It’s the game when Grady Little left Martinez in a little too long, and Aaron Boone became a New York Yankee hero with an 11th-inning shot against taking the Yankees to the World Series.

MLB Network will cap off the day with an 8 pm replay of Game 5 of the 2004 ALCS. Down 4-2 in the eighth, the Sox again came back to tie it, helped by Big Papi’s monster blast to left against Tom Gordon. In the 14th, big Papi blooped a single to drive in Johnny Damon for the win.

At 11 pm they will rebroadcast the noon showing of the Pedro Martinez/Don Zimmer Malay, ending a day of Yankee Red Sox ball.

MLB: Time is ticking to get a deal done

It is now day 11 of the MLB/MLBPA negotiations to get in a 2020 baseball season amid the coronavirus outbreak.  Spring training and the season came to a halt on March 12 due to the spread of the pandemic.  Since then, the virus has let up some, and MLB would like to get a season started for fans, albeit not without hurdles to be overcome.

Eleven days ago, the MLB presented the plan to the owners of all 30 MLB teams.  The plan was immediately accepted.  The plan then moved to he MLBPA (players union) where it was dead on arrival due to a revenue-sharing clause in the document. Health issues have been dealt with, so at this point, it seems to be all about money.  With neither side seemingly unwilling to budge, the talks are at a standstill.

With the season drifting away, and games being further contracted, time is running out to get a deal done if there is to be any baseball in 2020.

No MLB, but #1 prospect Jasson Dominguez continues to train

The Dominican Republic, like other places in the world, has been infected by the COVID-19 coronavirus.  Jasson Dominguez was training at the New York Yankees training complex at Boca Chica, which is in the Santo Domingo Provence.  The province is the most affected district in the Republic and where the spread of the virus has not relented.

Like many teams, the Yankees have closed down the training complex as the virus continued to spread.  Dominguez being extremely athletic has continued to work out and stay in shape even though games are not being played.   The Dominican Republic is taking steps to reduce the spread by installing curfews, closing borders, and declaring a national emergency.  So far the steps have not reduced the number of new cases each day.

There are almost 11 million people in the tiny republic.  As of May 20th, there were 13,477 cases of the virus with 466 deaths and with 7,142 people listed as recovered.



New York Yankees: Jasson Dominguez, Brett Gardner’s Future Replacement?

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

Last summer, the New York Yankees signed then 16-year-old Jasson Dominguez out of the Dominican Republic. He was one of the top foreign prospects and had endless potential. Could he be Brett Gardner’s replacement a few years down the road?

Let’s face it, in a few years, Brett Gardner won’t be a Yankee. He’s 36-years-old and will be 37 in August. I think that Gardner will still be good in the outfield for a few years, but once Dominguez is ready, it may be time to say goodbye to Gardy.

Once Gardner retires, the Yankees will have the option of choosing to go in-house or to sign a free agent. I think the best way to go is to fill the hole with Dominguez. Here’s why:

First of all, Dominguez looks like he is going to be amazing. He’s already a top prospect, and he’s only 17. He can hit the cover off the baseball. Second of all, they should use him to save money.

Between 2023 and 2025, most of the Yankees big young names will be free agents. Even in arbitration, players will be paid a lot more than now. By using Dominguez, they have an excellent outfield option while saving a bit of money. As great as it would be to make another big-time signing, they just simply may not be able to afford it unless they let one of their other big names walk.

As much as we all love Brett Gardner, unfortunately, his time in New York is beginning to near an end. Luckily, they will have someone special like Jasson Dominguez to fill Gardy’s shoes.

New York Yankees: Two exciting prospects to keep eyes on

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

The New York Yankees are known to have one of the best – if not the best – farm systems in baseball. They are loaded with young talent which is why they were able to bring up so many players from triple-A last year and still be successful. These two prospects in the New York Yankees’ system have bright futures ahead of them and the front office and fans need to keep a close watch on them.

Jasson Dominguez

One of the most hyped-up young players in all of baseball, Jasson Dominguez has already been compared to MLB stars like Mike Trout and Bo Jackson. His scout numbers are already comparable to some of the premier players in the Major Leagues.

“We watched him hit and he looked good,” said Yankees’ coach Carlos Mendoza. “He was impressive for being 16 years old. He’s a strong kid with great bat speed and power. We only saw him take BP, but he was hitting balls with Gary and Miggy. He looks like one of them. For that age, he’s pretty advanced.”

Anthony Volpe

After being selected in the first round of the 2019 draft with the 30th pick, Anthony Volpe ended his first professional year batting .215 with two home runs and 26 hits in 34 games. Volpe was limited during his first pro year after being diagnosed with mono.

Volpe has an above-average bat and can make plays effortlessly at shortstop. However, he may be moved around in the infield because of the Yankees’ infield depth. Volpe has said he’s looking forward to his first fully healthy season this year and thinks he can significantly boost his numbers.

New York Yankees’ Jasson Dominguez: Mission Mars

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

The New York Yankees have something brewing in the minors. The Yankees have a star that is just getting ready to shine his light for the first time in rookie ball during 2020. That star is the New York Yankees top prospect Jasson Dominguez who has been given the nickname “The Martian”.

Dominguez was given this nickname because his skills seem out of this world. He reminds folks of a young Mickey Mantle. Incredible speed, incredible power from both sides of the plate, incredible arm from the outfield, and folks are saying that his skills are just “Stupid. They’re crazy.” At just sixteen years old, Dominguez earned a record $5.1 million signing bonus for inking with the Yankees last July. There is so much hype surrounding Dominguez even with him just being seventeen years old. Many are starting to wonder, how soon will Dominguez rise through the minors?


When will he debut?

MLB Pipeline isn’t projecting the Yankees to land on Mars until 2024 which would make Dominguez 21 years old. I might be buying into the hype just a little, but I think it would be the worst-case scenario if it took that long for Dominguez to crack the major league roster.

These types of prospects are not prospects that just come around every day. To me, it wouldn’t be far-fetched to see him take the Juan Soto route and debut in just a couple of years. Obviously, there will be some adjustments that have to be made since he is about to see a drastic rise in competition. However, the raw skills are there to make Dominguez one of the best players in all of baseball.

Extremely High Expectations

Yes, there has been the Mike Trout comparisons. Scouts have said that Dominguez is way more advanced at his age than Trout was. Of course, Trout was passed up by most teams in baseball because he wasn’t projected to turn into the superstar that he is. Players are missed all the time by teams. Also, there are a lot of players that have tremendous skill and never touch the majors. I think Dominguez is going to be one of those players who will show why there is so much hype. I think it’ll take him a couple of years with some ups and downs, but this kid is going to be a superstar for the Yankees. The organization seems to think so as well deeming him “Untouchable” in any trade conversations. The kid has not even touched rookie ball, yet was asked about by multiple teams in trade conversations. The New York Yankees have a star in the making in Jasson Dominguez. And when it comes to history, the Yankees had the commerce comet, and now they about to be blessed with a Martian.

Yankees: Tanaka weighs in on the Astros, Jasson Dominguez update, and is it Tyler Wade’s time?

New York Yankees, Tyler Wade

A daily look at New York Yankees News/Rumors of interest to Yankee fans

Masahiro Tanaka feels cheated:

Masahiro Tanaka and some of the New York Yankees reported to the spring training complex in Tampa yesterday.  Pitchers and catchers are to report tomorrow with the first workouts on Thursday.  Retired pitcher CC Sabathia has been more than vocal about this displeasure with the Houston Astros and the biggest story of the offseason, the Astros sign-stealing scheme that was revealed by former Astro Mike Fiers.  After the Manfred report detailed the electronic scheme, Astros General Manager and Field Manager A.J Hinch were fired by owner Jim Crane.  Since then, select baseball players from around the country have divulged their resentment toward the Astros.  Yankee Masahiro Tanaka is the latest.  According to the New York Daily News reporter Kristie Ackert when asked about the scheme, Tanaka responded that he felt cheated after the ALCS loss to the Astros in 2017.

Jasson Dominguez is training:

In the Dominican Republic, spring training is already underway.  The reports on super-prospect Jasson Dominguez are off the charts.  Dominguez, nicknamed the “Martian” due to his out of this world talent, is still at least two years from appearing in the Bronx as he is still only 16 years old.   Scouts have said in the past that his talent is impressive as he has superpowers — he is fast and agile.  Considering his young age, it is said he has the strength and body of a player in their mid-twenties.  Yankee evaluators were in the Dominican Republic last week to take a look at the young player.  According to Dan Martin of the New York Post, his skills have been described as “silly…stupid…crazy”.  It was initially said that he was a good four years away from the majors, but due to how he is advancing, it may be much sooner than that.

Is it Tyler Wade’s time?

Tyler Wade has been kicking around the Yankee baseball world  for six years, three in the minors and Arizona Fall league  and three now, going back and forth from Scranton Wilkes/Barre and the Stadium in what’s called the “Yankee shuttle.” He is usually called up in an emergency when someone is injured, as he is what is named the super-utility player.  He can play anywhere on the field except for pitcher, catcher and first base.  Once the injured player comes back, Wade is demoted again.

Wade has a lot going for him besides his looks that always gets the attention of the fairer Yankee fans.  He is equally good at all positions he plays.  Those that don’t see his worth cite his relatively average hitting ability and that he has no power.   The power thing I can’t argue with, but his hitting has improved in each of the three years that he has been called up, to the tune of 20% better every year.  This year he had one hit in each four plate appearances for a .245 batting average.  If he continues to improve at that rate, he may hit in the .270 area, which is not bad at all.  Add to that he can play anywhere and is the fastest most agile Yankee on the team.

This year even if everyone stays healthy, the Yankees should use him in the new 26 slot in the roster.  He is the perfect bench player to give DJ LeMahieu at second and Gleyber Torres at short a needed respite so they can stay fresh for the postseason.   Use him much as they did Bubba Crosby and Miguel Cairo in the past.  The only difference is that Wade is better and faster.

The Yanks drafted Wade in the 4th round of the 2013 June Amateur Draft.  Not a lot was expected from the 19-year-old, but he moved through the minor as a shortstop relatively quickly and became a go-to when Stadium players were injured.  As it stands now with Didi Gregorius going to the Phillies that the Yankees need a backup for short.  Consider that Torres is relatively untested at short; it makes sense to have Wade in the dugout.  With the 2020 MLB season approaching,  the Yankees should give Tyler Wade a chance to be the New York Yankees super-utility man, be the guy who steps in when a player needs a rest, lands on the IL,  they need a base runner, or for a defensive replacement late in games.

New York Yankees youth monster could be next generational talent

New York Yankees, Jasson Dominguez

When the New York Yankees signed international prospect Jasson Dominguez to a $5 million contract last summer, not only did they secure a potential generational talent, but possibly the first-ever Martian in baseball. This could be a futuristic article where Martians have integrated into society with humans, and Jasson is the first of a new breed to join the beautiful game.

However, the young five-tool player is very-much human in biological nature, in everything else, it’s up for debate. At 16-years-old, Dominguez looks like he could be in the prime of his major league career, but he’s just getting started as scouts rave about his talents.


Yankees bench coach, Carlos Mendoza, was blown away by Jasson’s strength and overall attributes, stating:

“We watched him hit and he looked good,” he said. “He was impressive for being 16 years old. He’s a strong kid with great bat speed and power. We only saw him take BP, but he was hitting balls with Gary and Miggy. He looks like one of them. For that age, he’s pretty advanced.”

With his size matching up with Gary Sanchez and the newly ripped Miguel Andujar, it’s fair to say the Yankees might have stumbled across the jackpot. The youngster projects as a center-fielder, and it’s possible he reaches the big-leagues within the next two seasons, depending on his production in the minors. describes Dominguez as a “teenage Mike Trout,” which is incredibly optimistic, as reaching that level of quality would put the Bombers on another stratosphere of overall talent.

Outfielder Jasson Dominguez is the cream of the crop in this year’s class, and one of the best international prospects available in years. He signed with the Yankees. The 16-year-old Dominican is strong and athletic and has a mature body for his age. Think a teenage Mike Trout. He could be the first position player in the class to make it to the big leagues because he has all of the tools scouts love to see in young prospects now — and he projects to get even better. What’s more, he’s able to translate those skills into games.

As the Yanks move forward with an already stacked team, it’s exciting to remember they have a player of this caliber climbing through the ranks. The future is bright!

New York Yankees: Why This Spring Is Huge for Yankees Prospect

The New York Yankees are set to report to Spring Training next month, and all of Yankee universe was in a tizzy over Jasson Dominguez’s signing. While not expected to be “major league ready” until 2024 (which would make him a 21-year-old), people are heralding him as the next Mike Trout. Which makes this a crucial Spring Training for the Yankees another highly regarded outfield prospect. No, not Clint Frazier (although he needs to RAKE this spring if he wants his 4th outfielder spot back from Mike Tauchman). I’m talking about Estevan Florial.

Florial Still Shows Promise

Consistently regarded as a 5 tool player, Florial’s statistics show that he’s a more than capable ballplayer. It’s hard to take seriously the reports about Dominguez’s prowess because a highlight reel of him bashing dingers is just that. A highlight reel meant to make him look good. 

Meanwhile, Florial’s track record indicates he is inching his way closer to cracking AA, and even AAA. Depending on his performance this spring, it could mean he finally plays above advanced A ball for the first time in his career, a step in the right direction for a team with fragility in all three outfield positions on the major league level.

But Florial is Also Injury Prone

Part of what has hindered Florial’s development in the minors is he’s just as injury prone as Hicks, Judge, and Stanton. In 5 seasons of minor league play, he’s played in less than 400 games, his highest total coming in 2017. Now, yes, he was shot in a mugging attempt in his home country, which isn’t his fault. But in 2018, he missed time due to surgery, and last season suffered a wrist fracture during Spring Training, sidelining him till June. 

With the center field being his strongest position, and Hicks being almost as fragile as Jacoby was, there is a path for Florial by the end of this year, beginning of 2021 to make it to the bigs. But his defense is truly only a marginal improvement over Frazier’s. I do believe Frazier (like Andujar) can make a radical enough improvement to his defense to make them both Gold Glove caliber players either this OR next season. But if you can’t stay healthy, you don’t get to play, because someone else has your job. And if Florial can’t get out of spring healthy, he may never get a chance to get past Tampa.

He’s feeling the pressure right now. I just hope it doesn’t force him to blow it once the exhibition games start this spring.

Yankees News/Rumors: Jasson Dominguez tops the 100, Gerrit Cole pays tribute to Altobelli, and Dusty Baker to be new Astros manager.

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

A Daily look at a summary of News and Rumors of interest for New York Yankees fans!

Jasson Dominguez tops the 100!:  Dominguez is on the top of all kinds of talent lists, and now he has been named the top baseball talent as Baseball America issued their list of top International Prospect Signings of 2019.  The 16-year-old sensation was highly sought after, but the Yankees landed him when he signed a contract with the Yankees for a $5MM signing bonus last July.  Dominguez turns 17 on February 7th, but with his height of 5′ 10″ and 190 pounds, the athletic kid looks in his mid 20’s.  He has impressive speed and agility on the bases, a cannon for an arm that few would challenge, and a batting exit velocity of 110mph.  Scouts say you don’t see that in a 16-year-old.  Because of that and the incredible talent, he has earned the nickname “El Marciano” (The Martian).

Dominguez is from the Dominican Republic that has produced many young baseball stars such as Gleyber Torres, Domingo German, Luis Severino, and others.  Jasson grew up an enormous Yankee fan and loved playing baseball.  He is all muscle, but it’s not the stiff kind; he is super agile. When speaking with managers and scouts alike, he has been compared to Micky Mantle and a young Mike Trout.  One scout stated that although he reminds you of Mike Trout, Trout didn’t have the power or talent that Dominguez has at his young age.  For the time being, he is playing at the Yankee’s Boca Chica baseball academy in the Dominican Republic. Still, some say he is advancing so fast that he may debut professionally during the 2020 season.

Gerrit Cole visits Altobelli’s team:  While the world is still shocked by the death of Kobe Bryant, his daughter, and coach Altobelli, his daughter, and seven others, in the fatal crash of Kobe Bryant’s helicopter in California on Sunday.  The Orange Coast College Pirates took the diamond for a game for the first time without their coach Altobelli.  Altobelli was their coach for decades.  The game was played between the OOC Pirates and the Southwestern’s. It was the first game of the season for the defending state Junior College champions. In attendance was newly acquired Yankee Gerrit Cole to show his support and respect for the loss of their long time coach.  Cole is picking up on the history of the Yankees in being a player that does the right thing.  Cole grew up on the California coast and spends the offseasons there.

Dusty Baker, named Astro’s Manager:  As first reported by, Dusty Baker, the former Washington National, will be named the new Manager of the Houston Astros.  Baker 70 has a great deal of experience managing in baseball spanning 22 years. He was the former manager of the San Francisco Giants, the Chicago Cubs, the Cincinnati Reds, and, most recently, the Nationals.   The need for a new manager for the Astros was caused by the suspension of A.J. Hinch for his involvement in the sign-stealing scheme during the 2017 season and World Series.  Immediately after the issuance of the punishments from Commissioner Manfred, Jim Crane, the Astros owner, fired Hinch.  The Astros have interviewed several candidates for the job.  Baker, who interviewed earlier this month, is a curious choice as he is old school and not an analytics guy.

Upon his arrival in Houston for his interview, he was asked by reporters what he thought about managing the Astros.  He responded:  “I’m just hoping to bring some love back to baseball, some integrity to the game, and I think I got relative respect in the game. There’s something missing. I need a (World Series) championship, and I’d like to bring a championship to the city of Houston.”  He also cited that his former wife and her family live in Houston, along with his best friend and other family members.  He said he has been there many times and likes the city.  Baker will have a big job ahead of him as he tries to restore the image of the Astros, get to know his players, that combined with the fact that spring training is just weeks away, will have him on the job immediately.

New York Yankees stud youngster climbing the prospect rankings

New York Yankees, Estevan Florial

The New York Yankees always do a stellar job of promoting their youth and the potential they hold for the future. Estevan Florial was the recipient of plenty of attention for his tools and development, despite the injuries he’s sustained over the past two seasons.

Florial’s favoritism has quickly dropped within the MLB prospect rankings after missing a good chunk of 2019 with a broken wrist. The latest youth prospect to shine through the clouded baseball mess is Jasson Dominguez, a 16-year-old Hulk lookalike.

Specifically for the Yankees, Baseball America has Dominguez ranked first, followed by pitchers Clarke Schmidt and Deivi Garcia. The young Dominican native has impressed with his as of late with his batting videos, and the received raving reviews from scouts.

Here’s Baseball America’s scouting report on Dominguez:

Dominguez is an advanced hitter from both sides of the plate with plate discipline, a low chase rate for someone his age and a swing path that allows his barrel to stay in the zone for a very long time. His sense of timing against all types of pitches mitigates the pre-pitch movement in his swing, and strong hands, wrists and forearms give him the potential for plenty of power from both sides of the plate. He has already shown exit velocities up to 108 mph from both sides of the plate in batting practice and has shown little problem turning around high-level velocity.

The Yankees scouted Dominguez as a shortstop and a catcher but decided that center field was the best place to deploy his natural gifts without exacting a heavy toll on his body. He has double-plus speed, which he combines with smooth, advanced route-running and quick-burst speed to help him track down balls in the far reaches of the outfield. His arm strength is plus or a tick better and is magnified by incredible accuracy. Internally, the Yankees describe Dominguez as a player who might be constructed with by taking the best tools from other players throughout their system and molding them into a single player. His power, speed and athleticism rank among the best in the organization, which gives him the highest ceiling in a system filled with young, high-upside prospects.

With Florial losing his ground as the Yankees’ top prospect, Dominguez could quickly take over the top spot and prove his worth in the minor league system. At such a young age, we know he has plenty of time left to progress, and he’s already begun preparing for the next step up.