New York Yankees pitching continues to struggle, help is on the way

New York Yankees, Domingo German

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The New York Yankees have given up a combined 40 runs over the last five games, and their starting pitchers are on the hook for 29 of them, an atrocious number that nearly guarantees GM Brian Cashman bringing in another starter.

It’s obvious fatigue is starting to set in as players like Domingo German, CC Sabathia, and James Paxton are all struggling at an immense rate. German has never pitched over 85.2 innings in a season and he’s already at 91.2, Sabathia’s age is clearly getting the best of him and Paxton looks lost after reports of knee inflammation dampened his potential.

The return of Luis Severino should provide a boost given he can return to his former self, but it will take mountains to solidify the unit at this point in time, which is why a trade is becoming more likely with every passing day.

Yesterday, we talked about Clint Frazier being a trading piece, and today it’s nearly impossible to consider him less than that.

The Yankees have been linked to several quality options like Madison Bumgarner, Marcus Stroman, Trevor Bauer and more, and with the trade deadline being July 31, expect a move to be made soon.

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Could the New York Yankees and Cashman sit still?

It’s very possible the Bombers elect not to bring in another pitcher, but they’de be doing themselves a disservice and ultimately hurt their chances at a World Series run. The reality is, it’s necessary, and the fact they traded for Edwin Encarnacion out of the blue should attest to their sneakiness.

However, the 10th inning victory against the Twins on Tuesday night, capped off by a game-sealing Aaron Hicks mega-catch, was a sneak peek into the deterioration of the relief pitching corps. Aroldis Chapman can’t record a save for his life and Adam Ottavino lost his control. The fact they managed to win that game was simply a product of their insane run-support and defensive quality.

Things need to tighten up for the Yanks, and it starts with acquiring a starter than can carry the team when he’s featured.

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