New York Yankees FA target, Kevin Gausman, accepts Giants’ qualifying offer

Kevin Gausman, New York Yankees

One of the New York Yankees targets in the free agent pitching market is off the board. First reported by ESPN’s Jeff Passan, Kevin Gausman has decided to accept the qualifying offer from the San Francisco Giants.

Gausman’s decision comes on the heels of Marcus Stroman also accepting his qualifying offer from the New York Mets. With those two decisions, two potential targets for the Yankees are off the board.

There was no word on the potential interest in terms of the Yankees and Marcus Stroman. However, there were some rumors that the Yankees were intrigued and interested in Gausman who had a fantastic year for the Giants.

Gausman was a pitcher that the Yankees were also interested in back at the August trade deadline. However, a deal never materialized and Gausman stayed with the Giants. It was reported that Gausman had multiple year deals on the table.

However, in the end, the Giants starting pitcher decided it would be best to stick with San Francisco for another year. Perhaps hoping there will be more money in the FA market after a somewhat normal 2021 MLB season.

Yankees Options From Here

Gausman was definitely someone that the Yankees were interested in for the back end of the rotation. Of course, the Yankees are also talking and thinking about bringing back Masahiro Tanaka on a short-term deal.

Tanaka has only been with the Yankees since he made the jump to the majors seven years ago. In addition to the interest in Tanaka, the bombers are said to be interested in potentially bringing in Charlie Morton on a one or two year deal.

Despite Stroman and Gausman being taken off the board, there are still options for the Yankees. The top prize is Trevor Bauer, however, early reports seem to indidicate that the Yankees won’t spend the money required to get a guy like Bauer.

Expect the Yankees to look at a couple of pitchers to fill out their rotation. It was reported today that bringing back Tanaka wouldn’t take the bombers out of the running for a guy like Charlie Morton. It’ll all come down to the dollars at the end of the day.

New York Mets: The ‘Cohen effect’ is already working its magic

When New York Mets‘ owner Steve Cohen talked to the press on Tuesday, fans could feel a calm, composed tone but also a clear determination of succeeding and leaving his mark on one of the most storied fanbases in baseball. The new man in charge stated that he would like to lift the World Series trophy within the next 3-5 years.

But as it turns out, fans weren’t the only ones that loved his speech and tone. Starting pitcher Marcus Stroman, who had the team waiting on his decision whether or not to take a one year, $18.9 million qualifying offer, ended up accepting thanks, in part, to the impression Cohen’s remarks left on him.

Sure, the most likely scenario is that Stroman’s agency tested the market for a few days to see which kinds of multiyear deals were out there for him, and given the uncertain post-Covid market, he decided that the safest route was to take the New York Mets’ one-year deal and re-enter free agency after the 2021 season. But the player himself clarified that he is fully on board with Cohen’s project.

The Mets’ boss impressed Stroman

After Stroman confirmed MetsMerized’s announcement that he would take the qualifying offer, Cohen tweeted at him saying that he was very happy with his decision and he would call him later to thank him.

The pitcher, in a different tweet, said that he was “beyond excited” to play for Cohen after watching Tuesday’s press conference.

“After watching the presser, I’m beyond excited to play for you sir. I could feel the excitement and passion you’re going to bring daily. Let’s go be great!,” he said.

Cohen, a lifelong Mets’ fans, is already off to a strong start just by filling fans’ hopes with the promise of building a perennial contender. He wants to compete for the long haul.

Mets’ fans are sure hoping that the ‘Cohen effect’ works its magic with some of the top free agent targets in the market, such as starting pitcher Trevor Bauer and JT Realmuto. It is evident that Cohen wants to build a winning, sustainable franchise, and so far, he has said all the right words.

New York Yankees News: Marcus Stroman won’t be going to the Yankees, accepts Mets qualifying offer

New York Yankees, New York Mets, Marcus Stroman

The New York Yankees are looking for pitchers to fill the rotation; one pitcher is no longer in the equation, the New York Met’s Marcus Stroman has accepted the Mets $18.9 million qualifying offer to spend another year at Citi Field in Queens. Stroman was often mentioned as a solution to the Yankee’s need for a mid-rotation pitcher.

Last season the Yankees also considered Stroman in a trade with the Toronto Blue Jays, but that didn’t work out, and he ended up with the crosstown New York Mets. In this coronavirus season, Stroman was one of the players to opt-out, only playing a few games before injuring himself with a muscle tear in his left calf. His return was unknown, but then opted out of the season and didn’t play another game for the Mets.

“After watching the presser, I’m beyond excited to play for you sir. I could feel the excitement and passion you’re going to bring daily. Let’s go be great! @StevenACohen2,” Stroman wrote.

With Stroman now out of the picture, that is one less pitcher the New York Yankees have to consider in repairing their starting pitching rotation. The Yankees lost three pitchers that were not offered qualifying offers. Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, and J.A. Happ. It appears the Yankees are not negotiating with any of them. If they attempt to bring any one of the back, it will be Masahiro Tanaka, but at a discounted rate for a short term contract.

Besides Stroman, the Yankees are looking at Corey Kluber, Kevin Gausman, and Charlie Morton of the Tampa Bay Rays. Morton is a solid pitcher with successful postseason experience with the Houston Astros and the Tampa Bay Rays. That experience might be very attractive to the Yankees to have a third or fourth starter should they reach the postseason.


New York Mets: Marcus Stroman Accepts Qualifying Offer

New York Yankees, New York Mets, Marcus Stroman

After Steve Cohen hit a home run during Tuesday’s press conference, it resonated throughout baseball. It led to Marcus Stroman returning to the New York Mets after accepting the one-year/$18.9 million deal to return to Flushing for at least one more season.

Stroman opted out of the 2020 season after the combination of an injury,, and COVID-19 scares kept him away. The new contract makes Stroman the third highest-paid player on the team and likely was more than he would have received in free agency after spending 2020 on the sidelines.

Stroman and Cohen seem to get along already just fine as a few friendly tweets were thrown each other’s way. There is strong character in both Stroman and Cohen, which makes it look like a good marriage for at least one more season.

New Mets Rotation

The Mets now have a rotation of Jacob deGrom, Noah Syndergaard and David Peterson to join Stroman. The final slot could go to Seth Lugo but he seems ticketed for the bullpen. Trevor Bauer is still on the marked along with a couple useful depth pieces.

Steve Cohen’s affect on the franchise is already showing as Stroman made it a no-brainer to return. Another owner called Sandy Alderson after the presser as well. Early on in this odd free agency period, it already looks like the Mets are in a spot they have not found themselves at in years.

New York Mets: Marcus Stroman ‘leaning towards rejecting’ the qualifying offer

New York Yankees, New York Mets, Marcus Stroman

The success of the New York Mets‘ offseason will be dictated by how much they can improve their pitching, particularly the rotation. After Jacob deGrom (who is a Cy Young award finalist for the third year in a row) David Peterson and perhaps Steven Matz, the team doesn’t have too many options to plug in.

The New York Mets will probably have to go to the free agent market (and perhaps the trading block, too) in their quest for pitching reinforcements. They have to replace Michael Wacha and Rick Porcello in the back of the rotation, as both of them are free agents.

Noah Syndergaard won’t be back before the All-Star break. As you can see, the Mets need to act and they need to do it quick. Trevor Bauer is a free agent, as are Masahiro Tanaka and James Paxton, for example. But there is one candidate to fill one of the spots that has experience in a Mets’ uniform.

Marcus Stroman, who played the final weeks of the 2019 season with the Mets, was in the roster for the 2020 shortened campaign but decided not to risk a COVID-19 infection and opted out of the season.

He is now a free agent, but the Mets extended him a qualifying offer. The sheet is for a one-year, $18.9 million deal, as per MLB’s rules. Stroman has until Wednesday to accept it or decline it.

Will the Mets have Stroman next season?

If Stroman takes the qualifying offer, he will play the 2021 season with the Mets and re-enter the free agency next year. If he declines it, he will test the market now and the Mets will receive a draft pick from the team that secures his services.

According to Mike Puma of the New York Post, Stroman is leaning toward rejecting that offer and seeking a multiyear deal on the open market. Puma cited an industry source.

Stroman has a good chance of landing a multiyear pact given that there aren’t too many top-tier free agent pitchers out there. However, there is always the chance that he takes the offering and re-establishes his value after not pitching in 2020.

Stroman had a 3.77 ERA and 1.475 WHIP in 11 starts for the Mets in 2019, the last time he pitched.

New York Mets: Betances, Brach Opt In and Stroman Gets Qualifying Offer

New York Yankees, New York Mets, Marcus Stroman

The New York Mets have had a busy couple of days as they try to revitalize their roster after a disappointing 2020. As expected, Dellin Betances and Brad Brach, both underachieving relievers, exercised their offers for the 2021 season. The Mets also gave the $18.9 million qualifying offer to Marcus Stroman.

Betances is coming off another injury-plagued season where he gave up 10 runs in 11.2 innings pitched. He also never found his velocity as his 93.6 mph average fastball was the lowest of his career. Combine those numbers with the 12 walks he allowed, and it equaled a pitcher who could not be used.

The upside about giving Betances an option year was the ability to bring him back if he struggled. There is no market for Betances to make $6 million if guys like Brad Hand were being released for making $10 million. Betances will get a fully healthy offseason and spring training to return to his All-Star form. This could be an investment that works out for both parties.

Brach is Back

Brach was another pitcher who had to deal with time on the injured list. He started the season on the sidelines after testing positive for COVID-19, and like Betances, he struggled to limit the walks. Brach had a 5.84 ERA and walked 14 in 12.1 innings pitched.

In 2019, Brach was a low-risk addition to their bullpen, and it paid off for the Mets. As another veteran who did not adjust well to the shortened season, the Mets should be confident in his ability to return to a useful reliever. Brach is certainly a good option to deepen the bullpen after bringing in a couple of quality arms.

Stro-Show Back in Queens?

Stroman’s return to the Mets likely will not happen off the qualifying offer. After Trevor Bauer, Marcus Stroman is the best option on the starting pitcher free-agent market. $18.9 million is slightly lower than the per year value Stroman is aiming for, but if he was getting six years with that amount, I think he would accept that deal. The big question mark is how much of a risk teams want to take on him after spending a season injured and then opting not to play due to “safety concerns.”

If Stroman accepts the qualifying offer, he is banking on his 2021 to parlay it into a lucrative deal. It is doubtful that he accepts with teams like the Los Angeles Angels are desperately looking for good starting pitching. Do not count the Mets out of the Stroman sweepstakes if he declines the QO. The Mets need the starting pitching as well, and Stroman is perfectly suited to pitch in New York. Slotting him in the rotation with Jacob deGrom and Noah Syndergaard gives the Mets a formidable top-3.

Yankees’ Domingo German fires back at Marcus Stroman’s twitter tirade over starting pitching rotation

New York Yankees, New York Mets, Marcus Stroman

New York Yankees’ starting pitcher Domingo German had a few words for Marcus Stroman following his words on Twitter about the Yankee pitching rotation. Currently a free agent, Stroman replied to Barstool Sports’ Journalist Jared Carrabis saying that the Yankees are currently in a drought and they should be winning World Series’ “left and right” with their current payroll.

An Instagram account (@yankeesavenue) made a post following this tweet with a photo of Luis Severino who is supposed to return for next season after undergoing Tommy John surgery and missing all of the 2020 season, hinting that the Yankees still have Sevy.

German commented on this photo, “talking sh*t coño.” If you’re unaware of what that word means, it’s time to check out a translater for a good laugh.

Despite this short social media tirade, Stroman did pay respect to Luis Severino saying via a tweet, “Forgot about Sevy! When he’s healthy, he’s unreal. One of my favorites to watch. Cole and Severino. There’s still 3 spots in that staff that need help! Am I wrong? Lol.”

Stroman also mentioned that even though he wasn’t trying to knock the Yankees and he was just simply sharing his thoughts, he said that he’s open to competing anywhere. In a replied tweet Stroman said, “I don’t hold grudges ever. I’m open to compete wherever next year. Excited to see how free agency plays out!” and “I’m open to competing wherever my man! That’s including the Mets and Yankees!”

After electing to not play during the 2020 season after suffering a calf injury, Stroman’s contract with the New York Mets has expired and he’s now an unrestricted free agent. The Yankees currently are looking to possibly add one more solid starter to the rotation and it’ll be interesting to see if this small knock on the Yanks will affect that.

New York Yankees News/Rumors: Middle rotation: Jordan Montgomery or Marcus Stroman?

New York Mets, Marcus Stroman

For the New York Yankees, they are licking their wounds while watching the Tampa Bay Rays play in the 2020 World Series. The Rays beat the Yankees in the division and then beat them in the ALCS. The Yankees come away from the season as a failure. There are probably twenty or so teams in the MLB that would consider their season a moderate success. But not the New York Yankees. If the Yankees don’t advance to the World Series and win it, they consider the season a failure.

After the World Series, the Yankees will find themselves with only two pitchers in their rotation; the 2019 postseason acquired pitching ace Gerrit Cole and Jordan Montgomery. Masahiro Tanaka, James Paxton, and J.A. Happ will all become free agents. During the postseason, the Yankees may re-sign Tanaka, but at a discounted rate and shorter contact. It is doubtful the Yankees will negotiate with Happ or Paxton. That leaves them with short two pitchers.

Luis Severino, who should be returning from Tommy John surgery, will undoubtedly slot in as the number two starter, but not until June or July. The rest of the rotation is a question that must be resolved before the start of the 2021 baseball season. Marcus Stroman of the Mets feels he is the Yankee’s answer. Stroman took to his Twitter account Wednesday to explain why he would fit into the Yankees’ rotation. It’s no secret that Stroman would like to pitch for the Yankees; he said as much before the Toronto Blue Jays traded him to the New York Mets.

“Besides [Gerrit] Cole, there’s no current yankee pitcher who will be anywhere in my league over the next 5-7 years,’’ Stroman wrote. “Their pitching always folds in the end. That lineup and payroll should be winning World Series’ left and right … yet they’re in a drought! Lol.”

I have always been in Stroman’s corner and believed they should have worked out a deal with the Jay’s last postseason. Stroman is not a great pitcher but an excellent middle of the rotation pitcher. This season before he opted-out due to the coronavirus he pitched well in spring training and summer camp. In 2019 he was 4-2 with an ERA of 3.77 with 60 strikeouts in 11 starts.

Stroman’s comments about Yankee pitching, may not have been his best move if he truly does want to pitch in the Bronx. Back in 2019, Brian Cashman said he didn’t go after Stroman, stating that he wasn’t a difference-maker. However, there is no way of knowing if Cashman stills feels the same way after most believe the Yankee rotation lost the season for them.

Jordan Montgomery, this season was 2-3 with an elevated 5.11 ERA. Many scouts believe that Montgomery is a much better pitcher than the stats would suggest. The fact is he was the second-best fWAR pitcher for the Yankees. His elevated ERA is due to two poor starts. In his losses, he had some bad luck getting little run support.  Montgomery is young and has the tools to be a really good pitcher. Many think he will break out in 2021.

Depending on what the Yankees do in procuring a premium pitcher in the offseason, “Monty” will likely be moved up in the rotation, at least until Severino returns. With the lack of revenue this past season and with all the players reaching arbitration, it seems unlikely that the Yankees will spend big on the likes of Trevor Bauer. Marcus Stroman could be a fit and a steal for the Yankees this offseason.

Another part of the pitching puzzle is Domingo German, who sat out last season and post-season while being suspended for slapping his wife in public. German was the New York Yankee’s winningness pitcher in 2019. It would seem obvious that the Yankees would want that performance back in the lineup. But that may not happen. Yankee’s General Operating Partner Hal Steinbrenner cast doubts that he would be willing to take German back.  He stated that he would have to show he is a changed man. However, if history counts for anything, they did trade for Aroldis Chapman who had a worse domestic violence case.

Whatever happens, it will be a very busy offseason for General Manager Brian Cashman and company. They have decisions to make on what to do with their free agents, who to acquire, and how to put together a pitching rotation that won’t let them down. The Yankees want desperately to win a 28th World Championship, and sooner than later.


Marcus Stroman takes shot at the New York Yankees on Twitter

New York Yankees, New York Mets, Marcus Stroman

The free agent market, when it comes to starting pitching, is a bit middling. Trevor Bauer is the heaviest name and true difference-maker, top-of-the-rotation arm, but after him, there are plenty of question marks. Former New York Yankees‘ hurlers James Paxton, Masahiro Tanaka and J.A. Happ will all hit the market, and ex New York Mets’ pitcher Marcus Stroman will also be available. All of them are very talented, but a cut below Bauer.

Stroman took a shot at the Yankees and their current rotation. Indeed, the Bombers fell short of advancing to the American League Championship Series in part because their starting pitching lacked quality options and depth, at least compared to the Tampa Bay Rays.

“Besides (Geritt) Cole, there’s no current Yankees pitcher who will be anywhere in my league over the next five-to-seven years,” Stroman wrote on his official Twitter account. That seems to indicate he values himself more than, say, Tanaka, Paxton and Happ, not to mention Deivi Garcia and Jordan Montgomery.

“Their pitching always folds in the end. That lineup and payroll should be winning (a) World Series left and right…yet they’re in a drought. Lol.” The New York Yankees should be on the free agent (or trade) market for the services of at least one starter. It’s unclear if they will make a run at Stroman, or if the righty will consider signing to play in the Bronx.

The Yankees made a run at Stroman in 2019

The Yankees made a run at acquiring Stroman prior to the 2019 trade deadline, but a deal didn’t come to fruition. General manager Brian Cashman didn’t want to meed the Toronto Blue Jays’ asking price at the time, reportedly Clint Frazier.

“We were interested in Stroman but we didn’t think he would be a difference-maker,” Cashman said at the time, according to Wallace Matthews of Yahoo Sports. “We felt he would be in our bullpen in the postseason.”

Stroman, 29, didn’t pitch in the 2020 campaign because of coronavirus concerns. He was an All-Star in 2019, posting a 3.22 ERA in 32 starts between the Blue Jays and Mets.

3 free agents the Yankees should consider in 2021 offseason

trevor bauer, New York Yankees

After having a huge offseason last year when they snagged Gerrit Cole off the free-agent list, the New York Yankees have found themselves still having similar problems to last year’s roster. One of the main issues is pitching along with defensive adjustments. Here are three free agents the Yankees’ front office should consider when looking to fill these holes.

Trevor Bauer

One of the more obvious ones that come to the minds of Yankee fans, Trevor Bauer would be a great fit in the Yankee rotation. With the possibility of Domingo German and Masahiro Tanaka possibly not coming back next season, having Bauer and Cole as a 1A and 1B type situation would be huge for the team. That’s exactly what both 2020 World Series team have right now. The Dodgers have Clayton Kershaw and Walker Buehler and the Rays have Tyler Glasnow and Blake Snell.

After having a dominant season and proving to be the best pitcher in the National League by far, Trevor Bauer is most likely going to win the NL Cy Young award. Because of this, he’s also probably looking to get paid this offseason. Luckily for him, the Yankees have money. There’s only one concern when it comes to Bauer wearing pinstripes: he and Cole apparently don’t along which has stemmed from when they were teammates at UCLA. However, if they got along at UCLA, they can figure it out in the Bronx too.

J.T. Realmuto

This is one of the more unlikely signings for the Yankees, however, J.T. Realmuto has proven himself to be a top-three catcher in all of baseball especially for his defense. Gary Sanchez has proven for a few years now that all he can do is hit and is clearly a defensive liability behind the plate. Yankee fans saw this when they had to start back up catcher Kyle Higashioka during the ALDS against the Rays.

Realmuto is a two-time all-star and has won two silver slugger awards in the last three years. The reason why this pickup is unlikely for the Yankees is that they already have Sanchez and Higashioka and the Phillies are also probably going to try to resign him for some good money. It’ll be interesting to see where he lands up, but the Yankees should definitely keep their options open.

Marcus Stroman

Despite not playing during the 2020 season because of a calf injury, Marcus Stroman has proven himself to be a dominant starter and a premier pitcher in the league. He also fits in well in the Yankee rotation, being an extremely solid two or three depending on if Luis Severino returns.

Stroman holds a career 3.76 ERA and because of his prior two teams (Blue Jays and Mets), his record from last season doesn’t give him justice. With the Yankee run support, Stroman’s stuff will play in the Bronx. The Yankees should definitely keep him an option judging that every other team is probably going to shop Bauer hard.