David Ortiz said he “couldn’t believe” the Yankees traded Adam Ottavino to Boston

New York Yankees, Adam Ottavino

Ever since the New York Yankees decided to trade Adam Ottavino to Boston, several “baseball” persons have praised the Red Sox’s decision to bring the talented reliever into the fold.

It’s clear that the Red Sox and the Yankees are in different stages in the competitive cycle. The Bombers are in win-now mode and needed some payroll flexibility to bring some safer pitchers, while Boston had some money to use, and not only can benefit from acquiting a talented pitcher, but also got prospect Frank German out of the deal.

Red Sox legend David Ortiz talked to the Boston Globe about Ottavino, and confessed he is very excited to see him in Boston.

“I was happy they got [Adam] Ottavino from the Yankees. I couldn’t believe the Yankees did that. He can be nasty. We’ll see how the young talent comes around. But they have more talent now.”

Ottavino’s 2020 ERA was ugly, at 5.89. However, the Yankees know that he can be, in fact, dominant. Despite the high ERA, he had a much more decent 3.52 FIP and struck out 29.4% of the batters he faced.

The Yankees have reinvested the money

In the last two postseason, control and command issues have plagued Ottavino, and the Yankees wanted to reinvest the $9 million he was owed in 2021 in safer pitchers. So far, they brought Darren O’Day and are about to close Justin Wilson’s signing.

Ottavino knows the Boston area, as he went to college at Northeastern, which is a short, 15-minute walk from Fenway Park.

“I’m very excited,” Ottavino had said about the trade, per MLB.com. “I was a little surprised when I got the news, but all things considered, Boston is always a place I wanted to play. I went to school there, feel really comfortable in Fenway and all that good stuff. I’m really excited to bring what I bring. Hopefully I can do my thing out of the bullpen and help us win some ballgames.”

Yankees News/Rumors: Yankees have money to spend, prospects move on up, and more

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner

Yankees still have some money to spend

According to who you want to believe, the New York Yankees have between $6 and $8 million left in the purse while still staying below the luxury tax threshold. The question is will the Yankees spend it, or will they save it for later in the season when they have a better handle on their needs to get to the postseason?

One obvious move they could make before spring training is bringing back Yankee fan-favorite Brett Gardner for outfield backup and a lefty bat in the lineup. No matter what the Yankees say, they can’t be happy with the possibility of injuries in the outfield. If history says anything, there likely will be some. Neither Aaron Judge nor Aaron Hicks has been able to stay on the field during the last two years, and they have already given up on Giancarlo Stanton in the outfield.

Clint Frazier in left field fairs a bit better; his injuries have not been related to his body breaking down. Having another more than capable and durable arm out there makes sense. Although the Yankees have some lefty hitters on the bench, none are the constant quality of Gardner. The Yankees would probably land Gardner back in the Bronx $2.5 to $3.5 million for a year or maybe even less on a two or three-year contract. Gardner has made it clear that he wants to retire as a New York Yankee.

I also feel that before spring training Yankee general manager will come up with another surprising arm to bolster the bullpen. The Yankees have added some arms that can eat up some innings early, but no reliable arms of the quality of Tommy Kahnle that is now with the Los Angels Dodgers. Right now, the bullpen is late innings heavy. With the recent acquisition of Darren O’Day, Zack Britton, and Aroldis Chapman, any of them could close games for the Yankees.

Yankee farm system in flux

This will be an interesting year for the New York Yankees farm system as they try to condense two teams into the remaining teams after the minor league consolidation. With the realignment, the Yankees had to close down the Pulaski Yankees and the Staten Island Yankees. The Yankees now have to merge all those players into the remaining teams. Add to that; they have moved the Charleston River Dogs and the Trenton Thunder to new locations.

The Yankee’s recent moves to send one high-profile prospect and three lesser ones to the Pittsburgh Pirates in the trade deal for the new Yankee starter Jameson Taillon allows four other prospects to move up the ladder and closer to Yankee Stadium. One of them is pitcher Glen Otto who was a closer for Rice University. Otto comes armed with a plus fastball and a nasty 12-6 curveball. He will likely get some starts with Double-A Somerset. If Otto can improve his control, he will be on his way.

Brooks Kriske, who Yankees fans are likely familiar with based on his 2020 time with the big league club, is moving up. Outfielder Josh Stowers was traded to the Yankees as part of the Sonny Gray deal. Stowers has slightly above average speed and put up a strong .273/.386/.400 line in Low-A Charleston while playing right field. And finally, Jake Sanford also joined the Yankees’ list of prospects with the recent moves. Sanford was the Yankees’ third-round draft pick in 2019. Sanford has immense power from the left side of the plate but is still considered a work in progress by many evaluators.

Who won in the Ottavino trade?

Fans of both the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox were amazed by Ottavino coming to the Red Sox. First of all, it’s only the second time this century that the two teams have been involved in a trade. Although it was purely a salary dump for the Yankees, if Ottavino can regain his previous form, the Yankees could have to face him 19 times in the upcoming season. From that aspect, the Yankees could be sorry they made the trade.

From the Yankee’s perspective, they found $9 million to spend on their other needs. Probably the biggest surprise is that they got the Red Sox to absorb almost all of his salary. That was a big win for the Yankees. In the trade, the Yankees also sent a diamond in the rough with Frank German, a righty pitcher. If either of these pitchers ravages the Yankees’ right-hand heavy lineup, it could be considered a big loss for the Yankees, but if it doesn’t pan out that way, the Red Sox could be the big losers in this trade. Time will tell, but it gave the Yankees the short-term gain they have put to good use.

Who will anchor the starting rotation?

With the start of spring training just two weeks away, the New YorkYankees’ starting rotation has pretty well firmed up. Of course, the Yankee ace Gerrit Cole will be on the mound for the beginning of the regular season, when the Yankees face the Toronto Blue Jays on April 1. He will be followed by dual Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber, after him will be Jameson Taillon followed by Jordan Montgomery.

The big question or problem is who will fill out that last spot in the rotation. Actually, it’s a pretty good problem to have. The Yankees can choose between Domingo German, Deivi Garcia, or even Clarke Schmidt. My guess is that it will at least Initially be Domingo German.  If either German or Montgomery falter we will again see Deivi Garcia on the mound at Yankee Stadium. If any become injured, the Yankees still have Schmidt, Loaisiga, and later in the season, Luis Severino’s return.

How all of these pitchers pitch during spring training could alter this rotation, and of course, there is always the possibility of an injury during training camp.  The Yankees seem sure that their pitching depth can handle what is thrown at them.

Former Yankees reliever Adam Ottavino feels he still has a lot left in the tank

New York Yankees, Adam Ottavino

When the New York Yankees signed right-handed reliever Adam Ottavino prior to the 2019 season, they had envisioned a dominant weapon for the back of the bullpen, one that helped them navigate through top lineups in the regular season and, especially, in the playoffs.

After all, he had an amazing performance in 2018 with the Colorado Rockies, striking out 36.2% of the batters he faced and finishing with a pristine 2.43 ERA. The two seasons he pitched with the Yankees were marred by inconsistency and a command blip or two.

The Yankees didn’t trust Ottavino in the postseason in both 2019 and 2020, and decided to trade him to the Boston Red Sox and get rid of most of the $9 million salary he is slated to make in 2021.

However, that doesn’t mean that Ottavino is a bad pitcher. He just struggled at the wrong time for the Yankees. Now, the Red Sox are getting a quality pitcher that will be hungry to prove he still has a lot left in the tank, not just because of pride, but also, he will be pitching for his next contract.

The pitcher himself told Fangraphs that he thinks he can be very, very good.

“I don’t want to give away too many things,” the former Yankees, now Red Sock said. “But multiple shapes of my breaking pitches is the area where I can be elite at. That’s the category I feel is my specialty. Just trying to lean into that and grab a little better control of pitches that break downward, as well as sideways and everything in between … I just want to be a little more diversified.”

The former Yankees hurler feels excited to join Boston

The pitcher knows Boston, knows the stadium, and is actually “very excited,” as he told MLB.com. “I was a little surprised (Monday) when I got the news, but all things considered, Boston is always a place I wanted to play. I went to school there, feel really comfortable in Fenway and all that good stuff. I’m really excited to bring what I bring. Hopefully I can do my thing out of the bullpen and help us win some ballgames.”

Cashman recently conceded that “Otto is better than what his numbers look like last year. The last thing I wanted to do was put him in the hands of our competitors, but ultimately I’m not afraid to do business with anybody if it serves whatever our purposes happen to be.”

Ottavino had a 5.89 ERA in his last season with the Yankees, but it came in only 18.1 innings and he had a much more decent 3.52 FIP.

New York Yankees News/Rumors: Sanchez “horrible,” Ottavino surprised and more

New York Yankees, Gary Sanchez

The New York Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez was tendered this offseason and given a slight raise to avoid arbitration. But earlier in the offseason, general manager Brian Cashman had described his last season as “horrible.” Sanchez is a baseball enigma as he can be one of the best hitters in the game at times, but he can also be one of the worst. Last season he was the worst, hitting only .147, striking out almost half of the time, but hitting a respectable ten home runs. Yesterday in a Zoom call, Cashman, however, continued to support the catcher:

“The fact he’s still with us shows how we feel [about him],’’ Cashman said on a Zoom call Friday. “I know he’s looking forward to proving last year was a fluke. We look forward to him justifying our continued commitment to him. We do believe in him.’’

What puzzles Yankees fans is that, at times, he makes mental mistakes running the bases and missing passed balls. It sometimes makes you think that he doesn’t understand the fundamentals of the game. To reinforce that, after the postseason, when he was allowed to only catch in two games, he publically said he didn’t understand why he was benched. It’s concerning when a player that isn’t contributing doesn’t understand why he has been benched in favor of the better hitting and better catching Kyle Higashioka.

“Whether you were told directly [about being benched], I don’t really care,’’ Cashman said. “You’re pretty self-aware at that point. You had a horrible year on both sides of the ball. You lost your job in the most important time of the season, which is October baseball. I’m not sure an explanation is necessary.”

I’m sure that Sanchez’s bad play is still in the back of his mind, but publically, he has put it behind him with a new contract for the upcoming year. He has both been training at the George M. Steinbrenner training complex in Tampa during the offseason and playing winter ball in the Dominican Republic. For the Toros, he had 62 plate appearances, with 2 home runs an improved batting average of .245, but still struck out a quarter of the time.

The Yankees still have to solve the problem of having only two catchers. After the season ended, backup catcher Erik Kratz caught in Deivi Garcia’s Major League debut, hung up his cleats, and retired. The Yankees can’t operate with just two pitchers. If Sanchez or Higashioka are injured, they then have no backup catcher. It is unclear if they will sign or trade for another catcher before the season or use someone from the minors if necessary.

Ottavino surprised by the trade

Adam Ottavino is a smart guy and basically one of the best relievers in the game but after his poor performance, he always knew being traded was an option for the Yankees. However, he was surprised by how it happened. On the day that he was traded he was at Yankee Stadium throwing from the mound when he was informed of the trade. It’s unclear who actually informed him, but manager Aaron Boone was on hand at the Stadium at the time.

Ottavino was probably more surprised than anybody when he found out the trade was with the rival Boston Red Sox; now, he could be facing his formal team as many at 19 times in the coming season. As far as the trade goes, it is only the second time that the two teams have engaged in a trade during this century.

The Yankees have still not forgotten the cheating Houston Astros

It’s been over two years since the Houston Astros won the World Series, possibly by cheating. During the year and possibly beyond, the Astros used illegal electronic means and other means to let hitters know what pitches were coming. Major League Baseball investigated and found it to be true. They suspended the manager A.J. Hinch and the teams’ general manager for a year, but the Astros owner immediately fired both of them.

Something that still sticks in the craw of the New York Yankees and its players is that no individual player was reprimanded in any way. In particular, it cost Aaron Judge the Rookie of the Year Award. The cheater, Jose Altuve, beat him out for the reward. However, the cheating hurt the records of other players and pitchers alike from all the teams they played against.

Another instance that proves that bad feeling still exists against the Astros came up yesterday when Brian Cashman spoke of what Masahiro Tanaka has meant to the Yankees during his seven-year stint with the team. Cashman mentioned that Tanaka worked really hard to get us to a World Series, but it never came to fruition. He mentioned that his best chance was in 2017, but he hit the “shenanigans” of the Astros, depriving him of a World Series appearance.

Possible targets disappearing by the day

Although the New York Yankees have been very active during the last two weeks improving the team, many have criticized Brian Cashman for the slow start in his wait-and-see strategy while waiting to sign DJ LeMahieu. Even LeMahieu has said since the signing that the negotiations could have been completed in two weeks. Meanwhile, possible targets have been being signed by other teams.

Notably, several healthy pitchers and relievers have signed with other teams. More recently, the Yankees had to decide if they would bring back outfielder Brett Gardner or acquire Joc Pederson or another outfielder. That choice is now gone as Pederson has signed a deal with the Chicago Cubs.  J.A. Happ has signed with the Minnesota Twins.

The Yankees were considering an upgrade at shortstop; their two targets would have been Altrelton Simmons and the Colorado Rockies Trevor Story. Simmons signed with the Twins. Now that the Rockies have traded  Nolan Arenado and as much as $50MM to the Cardinals, they won’t consider a story trade. Previously another target, the best shortstop in the business, Francisco Lindor, went to the New York Mets. You get the point, every day that the New York Yankees don’t act, their options become fewer.

Ottavino knew the Yankees could trade him, but he didn’t expect the Red Sox

Right-handed reliever Adam Ottavino knew the chances he was traded before the start of the season were high. After all, the New York Yankees needed to free up some payroll to have more financial flexibility and bring a reliever or two plus a lefty bat while staying under the luxury tax threshold. He isn’t a bad reliever, but his time in the Bronx was filled with inconsistency, and he was expensive, at $9 million for 2021.

But while he expected a transaction, he did not see it coming involving the Boston Red Sox, the Yankees’ archrival.

On Monday, the Yankees sent Ottavino, pitching prospect Frank German, and $850,000 to the Red Sox in exchange for a player to be names later or cash considerations. The transaction freed up nearly $9 million for the Bombers, as they look to finish off their roster with the aforementioned positions.

“I feel like I’m gonna end up a trivia question now probably one day,” Ottavino told reporters Monday, per NESN. “When Cashman told me Red Sox, that was not the name I expected. I knew I could be traded, but I definitely didn’t expect that. So it’s kind of fun to be a part of something a little out of the ordinary.”

The first Yankees-Red Sox swap since 2014

The trade marked the first time Boston and the Yankees do business since the 2014 swap between Kelly Johnson and Stephen Drew.

“I’m very excited,” Ottavino said, per MLB.com. “I was a little surprised (Monday) when I got the news, but all things considered, Boston is always a place I wanted to play. I went to school there, feel really comfortable in Fenway and all that good stuff. I’m really excited to bring what I bring. Hopefully I can do my thing out of the bullpen and help us win some ballgames.”

Despite the fact that Ottavino had a 5.89 ERA in his last season with the Yankees, he can still be an impact reliever. His FIP was a much more manageable 3.52, and he had a sub-2.00 ERA as recently as 2019.

New York Yankees: Yankees free up $8.15MM with Boston Trade

New York Yankees, Brian Cashman

The New York Yankees have freed up $8.15 million of luxury breathing room. They had dumped slumping reliever Adam Ottavino onto the Boston Red Sox in the team’s first trade since 2014. This is another move by the Yankees to improve the team. Last week they managed to re-sign DJ LeMahieu to a $15 million six-year deal. That freed up enough money to immediately sign two-time Cy Young Award winner Corey Kluber for a one year deal worth $11 million.

Yesterday they traded for Pittsburgh Pirates starter Jameson Taillon. The Yankees sent Miguel Yajure, Roansy Contreras, Miakel Escotto, and Caanan Smith in the no-cash deal. Today, they have unloaded reliever Adam Ottavino to the Red Sox for cash or a player to be named later. Boston will receive Ottavino and minor league right-hander Frank German. German was a low-level minor league pitcher. The Yankees also sent $850K to the Red Sox. The move was basically a salary dump for the Yankees.

Moving Adam Ottavino seemed like a long shot after his poor year last when he admitted he had no idea why he was pitching poorly. But Yankees general manager Brian Cashman got the deal done with a team that badly needs bullpen help. The move also allows the Yankees to either trade or spend some money for either more staring enhancement or replacing Ottavino in the bullpen or both.

Earlier in the offseason, Yankee owner Hal Steinbrenner gave the front office a directive to stay below the luxury tax threshold of $210 million. Since then, Cashman had to wait it out with DJ LeMahieu negotiations seemingly going nowhere, or so we thought. Cashman worked his magic and got what was best for both parties. DJ got his future security, and the Yankees saved what many reported to be as much as $10 million annually. That allowed Cashman to finalize the deal with Corey Kluber immediately.

Now Cashman had done what most industry experts thought was near impossible, pushing Adam Ottavino last contract year off the books. Ottavino’s 5.89 ERA was his highest since debuting as a rookie with the Cardinals back in 2010, although fielding-independent metrics were more bullish on his work (3.52 FIP, 3.62 SIERA). Last season he was so bad toward the end of the season he was seldom used. The only time he was used in the postseason was for two-thirds of an inning when he gave up a run in the Rays’ loss.

Now New York Yankees fans can sit on the edge of their collective chairs and wait for Cashman’s next move. Will it be another starter or an arm or two for the bullpen?

Yankees trade reliever Adam Ottavino to Boston

New York Yankees, Adam Ottavino

In a surprising turn of events, the New York Yankees traded reliever Adam Ottavino to the Boston Red Sox. The Athletic’s Lindsey Adler was the first to report that a transaction was in place.

Ottavino has one year left in the three-year pact he signed with the New York Yankees before the 2019 season.

It was the first trade between the Red Sox and Yankees since the teams swapped Stephen Drew and Kelly Johnson back in 2014.

The Yankees attached a prospect (pitcher Frank German) to get Boston to pay most of his salary in the 2021 season, thus giving the Bombers more flexibility as they look to improve the bullpen and add a left-handed bat before spring training begins.

As Joel Sherman of the New York Post pointed out, Ottavino is due $8M this year and counts $9M for luxury tax purposes. “Getting out of most of it gives the Yankees more maneuverability to try to go for more SP, another RP, LH bat or SS depth. Gave up prospect to get out of most of the $ and create flexibility,” he wrote via Twitter.

Ottavino’s stay with the Yankees was short

After a solid first season with the Yankees in 2019, in which he had a 1.90 ERA and a 3.44 FIP in 66.1 innings with a 11.94 K/9 mark, Ottavino struggled during the playoffs that year and wasn’t able to right the ship in 2020.

Last season, he had an ugly 5.89 ERA, but it wasn’t all bad. His FIP was a very manageable 3.52, and he still missed bats with his 12.27 K/9 mark.

Overall, we can say that Ottavino wasn’t as good for the Yankees as his 1.90 ERA in 2019 suggests, but he also wasn’t as bad as his 2020 ERA.

German is 23 and hasn’t pitched in the upper minors. Although he is far from the majors and may not profile as an ace, he is a legitimate prospect. In 76 2019 innings in Class A-Advanced, he had a 3.79 ERA and a 4.19 FIP with a 9.71 K/9 and a 4.14 BB/9.

Yankees Rumors: Cashman trying to trade significant bullpen piece in salary dump

New York Yankees, Adam Ottavino

The New York Yankees have been active in the market the past few days, with general manager Brian Cashman acquiring Corey Kluber and trading for Jameson Taillon.

The Pittsburgh Pirates didn’t take away any significant minor league assets, but the Yankees did add a potentially fantastic starter in the process. Taillon was a former first-round pick by the Pirates back in 2010. He spent a lot of time with Gerrit Cole climbing the Pittsburgh minor-league system, so they’re good friends.

Cole’s relationship with Taillon could’ve played a part in his acquisition, but he’s another injury-prone player making his way to the Yankees. He has undergone Tommy John surgery twice in his career, having missed the entire 2020 season and most of the 2019 season due to injury. The Yankees are taking another risk on a cost-efficient player, as he will earn just $2.25 million in 2021.

Nonetheless, Cashman is still looking for ways to open up money, as he has holes to fill and possibly a bullpen arm to acquire. With that in mind, reports have indicated that Adam Ottavino could be on his way out, given the Yankees can find a trade partner.

Joel Sherman of the New York Post reports that the Yankees are trying to trade Adam Ottavino:

Opposing executives say the Yankees have been looking for partners to move as much of Adam Ottavino’s $9 million luxury tax number for 2021 as possible.

Ottavino will count $9 million against the luxury tax in 2021, and at 35 years old, he had a tumultuous 2020 season. In fact, he only pitched 18.1 innings, logging a 5.89 ERA but was consistent with his strikeouts, earning 12.27 strikeouts per nine. However, the sample size is so minuscule it’s not even worth considering.

While Otto did have a tough 2020 campaign, he was stellar in 2019 with the Bombers, recording a 1.90 ERA over 66.1 innings. This seems to be more about price-tag than anything else, as it is possible he makes a bounce back this upcoming campaign and shows why the Yankees signed him in the first place.

It seems as if Cashman still wants to add an outfielder and possibly another starting pitcher, but he has very little money to spend at this point. Ownership is pressing him to stay underneath the $210 million luxury tax threshold, so expect to see a few salary dumps in the coming days as Adam leads the group.

Yankees News/Rumors: Brett Gardner likely to return, Adam Ottavino could be traded

New York Yankees, Brett Gardner

The New York Yankees have made a number of significant moves over the past few days, but don’t expect them to slow down now. General manager Brian Cashman is making his presence known at the perfect time, as the free-agent market begins to heat up after COVID-19 undoubtedly took its toll on team financials and set back the hot stove month several weeks.

The Yankees have since retained DJ LeMahieu and signed former Cy Young pitcher Corey Kluber. However, the rumors continue to swirl, and the Yankees could look to retain one more familiar face and open up some salary space with a potential trade.

One player that has waited patiently this free agency period is Brett Gardner, who has spent his entire career with the Yankees since 2008.

Gardner stated during the regular season in 2020 that he wanted to return for one more year so his kids could see him play in person, one last time. It seems like he will have his wish granted by Cashman, but the two sides are still negotiating, and there is optimism a deal will get done for 2021.

Buster Olney of ESPN stated that the Yankees want to bring back Gardner for hid 14th season:

Now that the Yankees have spent on LeMahieu and Corey Kluber, they would like to add pitching depth — maybe a third-tier starter, maybe a reliever — and they would like to bring back Brett Gardner for his 14th season with the team. But if the Yankees are to remain under the $210 million threshold of the competitive balance tax, they don’t have much room. One way they might create some space is exploring a trade of reliever Adam Ottavino, who struggled in the shortened 60-game season. Ottavino, 35, had a 5.89 ERA in 24 appearances in ’20 and is set to make $9 million; presumably, with so many right-handed free agents available, the Yankees would have to eat a chunk of Ottavino’s salary to make a deal.

It is important to note that the Yankees don’t have a ton of monetary flexibility available, with about $10 million more left to spend in free agency if they want to stay beneath the $210 million luxury tax threshold.

Cashman previously rejected the club option for Gardner this upcoming season, which would’ve counted $10 million. They had to buy out Gardy at $2.5 million, so he will have to settle for a minimal deal if he wants to return to the Yankees next season. However, I am under the assumption that he will make the sacrifice just to play one more year in front of his family.

To open up more flexibility, though, the Yankees could consider trading Adam Ottavino, who struggled significantly in 2020. As Buster Olney states, his struggles make him a liability and considering his AAV, they could save a bit of cash from parting ways. In 2021, Otto is scheduled to earn $9 million in adjusted salary. That would open up plenty of money to go out and find a more consistent relief pitcher who can offer some fresh blood in the bullpen.

New York Yankees: FanGraphs says the Yankees already have the best bullpen

The New York Yankees this offseason made it a priority to re-sign DJ LeMahieu, and they were finally able to do that, signing him to a six-year deal for $90 million. They also signed Cory Kluber, a two-time Cy Young Award winner. Besides those two deals, the Yankees haven’t done much except to bring back relievers Adam Warren and Nestor Cortes Jr. Many fans believe the Yankees have to sign a quality arm to replace Tommy Kahnle that went with the Los Angeles Dodgers. FanGraphs says the Yankees already have the best bullpen in baseball.

The total bullpen WAR is 3.7, .3 ahead of the second-place Chicago White Sox that have been building up their bullpen for the last couple of years. Despite the Yankee fans thinking that Aroldis Chapman fails far too often when it counts, he is third in baseball with 13.2 strikeouts per nine innings. Of course, stats mean nothing at the moment; everything depends on that next pitch.

But looking at the New York Yankee bullpen, there are some surprising stats. As I said, the closer Chapman has the best strikeouts per innings of any Yankees. Multi-talented Chad Green allows the fewest walks per nine innings. Chapman also has the lowest ERA (3.11), and the fewest home runs allowed. In pitchers that have pitched over 50 inning Jonathan Loaisiga has the lowest walk rate of any Yankee relief pitcher.

Regardless of the stats the New York Yankees would still like to see improvement especially considering this will be a 162 games season after the bullpen has only played in 60 games over the last almost two years. Thre is no question the the likes of Clarke Schmidt, Micheal King and Albert Abreu will play some part in added arms to the bullpen at some point in the season. But the bottom like is that the Yankees would still like to add  a pitcher with similar tools as the departed Tommy Kahnle. They will also hope that Adam Ottavino can refind his form.

Another option to get pitching help is to move the $9 million contract of Adam Ottavino off the books and use that money to acquire another pitcher. That would involve a trade and they Yankees might have to share in some of his salary to make a trade possible, because after two subpar seasons any club willing to take him would have to believe he could return to being one of the best relievers in baseball.

Pitchers and catchers will report to spring training at George M. Steinbrenner Field in Tampa, Florida on February 15, and the position players on February 21st. So the Yankees have plenty of time to engage with the bevy of free agent pitchers and to decide what trades make sense for the Yankees.

It’ also worth noting the position on the list of best bullpens for the other teams withing the Yankee division.  The Toronto Blue Jays are number 19, the Boston Red Sox are #16, the Baltimore Orioles are #18, and the Tampa Bay Rays are number 5 on the list. Also of note the Houston Astros are number 20.