New York Yankees now guaranteed to lose Domingo German for entire season

New York Yankees, Domingo German

With the MLB and PA finally coming to a conclusion and agreeing on a 60-game season, not including playoffs, the New York Yankees are gearing up to start spring training 2.0 in just a few days. The regular season will have to be condensed and likely require a more extensive active roster to mitigate fatigue. The players will receive a full prorated salary and a piece of the playoff pie, but they gave up a ton to acquire the ability to file a grievance against team owners after the season concludes.

The Yankees are still dealing with a bevy of injuries, including Aaron Judge’s stress fracture in his rib, Luis Severino and his recovery from Tommy John surgery. Then there is the Domingo German case.

German, who let the Yankees in victories last season, was expected to be suspended until early June under Major League Baseball’s domestic violence policy. At 27 years old, the league announced an 81 game suspension, which was unpaid. The incident stemmed from September, involving a domestic interaction with German and his girlfriend. No criminal charges were filed, and German agreed he would not appeal the suspension.

Since German was held out of the final 18 games of the 2019 season, he will miss 63 games in 2020. Since the league and Players Association agreed on a 60 game season, German will miss the entire 2020 campaign. There is the option of activating him in the postseason, but starting a player without any live-action the entire year would be malpractice.

However, the Yankees will miss his .818 winning percentage and elevating status among the team. The starting rotation would have been incredible given the health of Severino and the availability of German. Nonetheless, his actions must be punished, and hopefully, he has learned from the consequences.

Who will the New York Yankees rely on moving forward?

If the Yankees do make the postseason, they will have to rely on Gerrit Cole, Masahiro Tanaka, and James Paxton as their top three rotational starters. This is an excellent group that have playoff experience.

Cole, who signed a nine-year, $324 million deal, will lead the group with his World Series background. The Yankees will need him to play at his peak level if they wish to walk away with their first ring in over 10 years.

New York Yankees: Why It Makes More Sense for Domingo German to Take 2020 Off

New York Yankees, Domingo German

When the 2020 season was scheduled to start, New York Yankees fans knew not to expect starter Domingo German for at least half of the season. He still has 81 games to serve as part of his suspension for violating the league’s domestic violence policy.

That was BEFORE the Coronavirus rocked the entire planet.

Now we’re in May, and it’s making less and less sense for German to pitch at all this year should a season starts at all.

He Still Has to Serve 81 Games

The rulings against AJ Hinch, Jeff Lunow, and Alex Cora from Commissioner Manfred’s office all clearly outline that those three men can get jobs in baseball again AFTER the 2020 season. Should the 2020 season get canceled this year, that would mean they can get work again as early as November when the offseason would officially begin.

German, however, still has a defined number of games to serve in suspension.

So let’s all be optimists and assume that a baseball season will happen in one way or another this season. We’re on May 4th right now. The Yankees would have a scheduled off day and have already played 35 games. Baseball is determined to have some shortened Spring Training to get teams ready before starting a season.

I’ve said it once, I’ll say it again: 2020 is going to be a shortened season. The league isn’t going to play 162 games, then its regular postseason. They’d stand no shot, especially with reports from the CDC that a new wave of COVID-19 will come by the fall. This means that if play were to resume tomorrow for the New York Yankees, they’d have 127 games left on the schedule.

So, if the earliest the shortened Spring Training were to happen is Memorial Day weekend, to have a first game of the 2020 season on June 1st, that’s 25 fewer games, leaving only a 102 game season. With the threat of no minor league season, there’d be little to no chance for German to have warm-up games to get himself ready to pitch this season at all. And what would be the point? 81 out of 102 games leaves just 21 games left in the season.

And with no official start date for this modified Spring Training, it’s impossible to estimate just how many games will be played this season at all. For the sake of the season, just have German sit out to come back strong for Spring Training 2021. You’re not going to expect him to make his first outing of the year during a playoff game, Happ’s contract is up after this year, Tanaka’s contract is up after this year, just bench him all season and see about next year.

Yankees could lose Domingo German for the entire 2020 season

New York Yankees, Domingo German

With the MLB shutting down operations for the foreseeable future, there’s no baseball in sight, yet the New York Yankees continue to practice and prepare for Opening Day.

The league believes that there will, in fact, be a season in 2020, but whether or not it includes more than 100 games is up for debate. The Yankees might have to endure an abridged season, which might actually benefit them due to their bad luck in the injury department.

One New York Yankees player could miss most of if not all of 2020:

Domingo German, who was suspended for 63 games in 2020 on a domestic abuse charge, could miss the entire season if things continue to progress the way they are. German will still have to serve the whole length of his suspension, according to SNY’s Andy Martino. However, if the entire year is canceled, which seems like a possibility with the USA now claiming to be the most infected country in the world with Covid-19, German’s suspension wouldn’t carry over into 2021.

The original suspension, which served him 81 games, carried over into 2020 with 63 left over. While Domingo deserves every bit of the suspension, the Yankees will lose one of their best pitchers for quite some time.

In 2019, he posted impressive numbers, improving significantly from his 2018 performance. Logging a 4.03 ERA with 153 strikeouts, he led the team with 18 wins and four losses. However, he was punished by the deep-ball, giving up 30 homers, double his 2018 total in 22 fewer innings.

The Yankees made moves to supplement his loss, though, signing Gerrit Cole to a massive $324 million deal over nine-years and retaining JA Happ amid trade speculations. They will also gain back Jordan Montgomery, who posted two consecutive seasons of sub-4.00 ERA baseball before succumbing to Tommy Johns surgery.

Losing German won’t be as significant as some think, but he will be a great addition to the rotation once he’s eligible for return. However, that doesn’t take away from his actions and hopefully, he has learned a valuable lesson in the process.


New York Yankees: MLB makes Yankee Domingo German’s role in a shortened season clear: What you need to know!

New York Yankees, Domingo German

The New York Yankees face many challenges in a shortened season caused by the coronavirus.  Before all of this started, the Yankees knew that Domingo German would not be available for the first 63 games of the season due to an MLB imposed suspension due to breaking the major league domestic violence clause.

Domingo German was involved in an altercation with his wife, where in front of witnesses, he allegedly slapped his wife during a dinner, the actual altercation was not made known publically by MLB, however, upon the start of the investigation German was put on unpaid administrative leave. German up to that point in the 2019 season,  had pitched to an 18-4 record with an ERA of 4.03.  His shortened season most likely caused him to come short of a possible 20 game winning season.

The New York Yankees winning season went on to win 103 games without German and onto a postseason where they came one game short of reaching a World Series contest.  Even though a police report was never filed, MLB found the accusations to be credible.  Commissioner Rob Manfred, then after a lengthy investigation, issued an 81-game suspension, which is reportedly is one of the most severe punishments issued by MLB.

With a shortened 2020 baseball season many New York Yankee fans are wondering if it will lessen German’s suspension.  The answer is no it won’t.  When the season finally starts he will begin the remaining 63 game suspension that is presently left on his imposed suspension.  Considering a regular MLB season will most likely be between 90 and 100 games, German will likely not have much of an impact on the Yankee season, however he will be available if the Yankees get to the postseason, which is expected.

With his limited impact on the season, he will be allowed a mini-spring training-like work out to get in shape for what season he has, and that will not be counted against his suspended games.  Upon issuing the punishment Manfred said:

“Having reviewed all of the available evidence,” commissioner Rob Manfred said Thursday, “I have concluded that Mr. German violated our Policy and that discipline is appropriate.”

According to the MLB, German did not appeal the punishment … and had agreed to make a contribution to “Sanctuary for Families” — a New York-area charity helping victims of domestic violence — in addition to serving the ban.

As it appears now German will be available to the New York Yankees sometime in August or early September according to how long the season is delayed.  MLB also made it clear that if the season was canceled that German’s suspension would not carry over to the 2021 season, making him available to start for the Yankees at the beginning of that season.





Yankees news/updates: Injuries, suspensions, informal practices, more

New York Yankees, Domingo German

With the start of the regular season being pushed back and formal training suspended, the New York Yankees have dug in camp at their Tampa facilities, preparing for the eventual start of baseball activities.

The Yankees held their first informal practice on Saturday after unanimously voting to remain in Florida while other sports leagues dispersed back to society.

George A. King III reported that the entire team elected to remain practicing and committed to entering the regular season in the best shape possible, especially with a World Series trophy as their goal. However, the MLBPA and league reached an agreement to allow players to return back to their families if they desire, but nobody on the Bombers elected to take that route.

Consider this a boost of morale against a viral contagion — a hopeful decision after spring training started off poorly with injuries to Aaron Judge, Giancarlo Stanton, James Paxton, and Luis Severino.

More New York Yankees news/updates:

Yankees starting pitcher Domingo German, who was suspended for the first 61 games of the season, will not have the length of the suspension decreased, according to Brian Cashman.

“The suspension is in games, so the bottom line is until those games come off the board, that’s how long his suspension is going to last,” Yankees general manager Brian Cashman said on Friday.

Given the season started on time, German would have returned on June 21, but that date will be pushed into July with ease.

Yanks Go Yard:

As for Judge and Stanton, they’ll continue to rehab their injuries although it’s unclear where. Judge told reporters after the announcement on Thursday that he might return from his fractured rib in mid or late April, but also made it clear he didn’t have an exact timetable. The good news is his rib is healing so it seems like he won’t need surgery. Judge joked that he wouldn’t mind a couple more weeks to recover even though he doesn’t want the season to be delayed.

Empire Sports Media:

Brian Cashman states:

“Once the temperature rises, obviously we monitor it and get them over to our internist,” Cashman said. “And just as in prior years, they go through the protocols. If the internist thinks he might have influenza – whether it’s a player or a staff member, front office member, coaching staff (member) – they go through the process.

“Does he have strep? Does he have influenza? All that stuff. We’ll continue to act accordingly on both sides … the major-league camp and the minor-league camp.


New York Yankees Opening Day Predictions: Pitching

New York Yankees, Gerrit Cole

As we inch our way closer and closer to the start of the regular season, speculations abound about who will cut the New York Yankees. With Severino, Paxton, and German all-seeing delays to their seasons (in Severino’s case, completely losing 2020), it’ll be interesting to see just how the team constructs their rotation between now and the end of German’s suspension.


Don’t Go the Opener Route

The Yankees have been out in the open over their embrace of analytics. Which is why it was so confusing to see the Yankees (or any team) go the route of the opener. The opener runs completely against the notion of analytics in any professional sport. Throughout a 162 game season, you’re going to rest a reliever for throwing an inning of work on three consecutive nights. If this happens the night before an opener appearance, you set yourself back for the opener, as opener starts are all hands on deck, ever 4th or 5th day in 162 games. Their bullpen has been overused in 3 consecutive seasons, giving out during the playoffs when we need them the most. Treat the pen like a bullpen, and we’ll get back to the fall classic.

The Gimmies

Gerrit Cole is starting for the Yankees. He’s the best starting pitcher in baseball, and look at all the money the Yankees gave him?! Barring the start against the Tigers, he’s having an excellent Spring Training.

Masahiro Tanaka is also a gimme. The 7-year veteran loses his effectiveness around the All-Star break, and with the lack of depth in our rotation from last year makes the final year of his deal a necessity that he started.

JA Happ is having an excellent spring. So much so that people are forgetting entirely about how lackluster he was last season. If he can carry this into the regular season till, about, June, that’s all we need from him.

Jordan Montgomery is performing beyond expectations. I was surprised to see how much the Yankees are letting Monty cut loose, but it’s necessary for not only his development but the security of the rotation depends on it.

Can Garcia Make the Jump?

Deivi Garcia was spared the first round of cuts, putting him squarely in the fight between him, Loaisiga, and Cessa for the 5th spot in the rotation. Garcia ended 2019 in Scranton, but can he impress enough in the last few starts of the spring to leapfrog staples in the pen-like Loaisiga and Cessa? Or will this be Luis Cessa’s opportunity to show what he truly has as a starter? I think it will ultimately boil down to those two.

Let’s see what happens in the next 2.5 weeks.

When will New York Yankees’ Clarke Schmidt debut this year?

New York Yankees, Clarke Schmidt

The New York Yankees new top pitching prospect made his spring debut this week and looked pretty impressive if you ask me. Clarke Schmidt struggled a little when he first started last weekend but has shown why he is the new top pitching prospect for the Yankees.

In his first outing, Schmidt allowed a single down the line which saw the runner get thrown out at second. After that, Schmidt threw seven straight balls although a couple were very borderline calls. In a 3-0 count, Schmidt showed his dynamic changeup for a whiff then got an inning-ending double play.

In his second outing against the Rays, Schmidt threw two strong innings striking out three batters showing off his knee-buckling curveball along with his fastball and change. Empire Sports talked about the fact that the Yankees might have found their fifth starter in Schmidt, but will it be after this spring or sometime later in the year?

Schmidt’s Ceiling is High

I think Clarke Schmidt is the best option for the Yankees rotation. You’re looking at a guy who has three plus pitches and scouts are starting to talk about how he could be a top end of the rotation kind of arm. The 24-year-old looks primed to make his debut sometime this year for the Yankees.

That being said, I would be stunned if Schmidt breaks camp as the fifth starter for the Yankees. While a lot of folks think he is ready now, I think the Yankees will slow play this just a little. The Yankees have the top four spots in their rotation figured out, and they are expecting Paxton back in the first part of the season. I think the Yankees see the incredible value in Schmidt, but I also think they want to give him every chance to develop in the minors before throwing him into the rotation.


Where does he start?

Now, Schmidt does have the ability to force their hand early in the year. I think the Yankees need/should to start him in AAA along with Deivi Garcia. I think they will patch the fifth spot in the rotation together while letting Schmidt and Garcia have more time at AAA to fine-tune some stuff.

If Schmidt comes out and looks like a world-beater at AAA, the guys battling for that fifth spot might lose their job before they can even get a fair look. It’s a doom and gloom time right now with all the injuries, but the rotation depth the Yankees have should comfort fans. Once the Yankees get Paxton and German back, they have about nine or ten guys who could start in a major league rotation. Out of all those young guys, Schmidt has the highest ceiling and I do expect him to pitch in pinstripes this year. If you ask me, it won’t be early unless injuries force the hand of the Yankees, but Schmidt will pitch in New York at some point.

WATCH: New York Yankees’ Domingo German assists after vehicle accident

New York Yankees, Domingo German

To add to the injury concerns the New York Yankees are already facing, starting pitcher Domingo German confronted an overturned vehicle in the Dominican Republic, however, this time, he was there to help.

German was suspended for the first quarter of the season for abuse against his girlfriend but has taken to the streets of the DR to enjoy his time off. Take a look at the video below as German assists the overturned vehicle.

German was one of the Yankees’ top staters before having his season cut short. He posted an 18-4 record with a 4.03 ERA and 153 strikeouts. His development last season was significant, making him a promising option for 2020. Luckily, the Yankees will gain him back at some point, helping to relieve the stress of losing Luis Severino for the entire 2020 season.

New York Yankees Ask Domingo German to Stay Away From Spring Training

New York Yankees, Domingo German

With the first Spring Training games set to take part next Saturday, one notable face will be missing from the New York Yankees. And that’s suspended pitcher, Domingo German.

German Asked to Stay in the Dominican Republic

In a piece from Brendan Kuty for, Aaron Boone was asked about Domingo German:

“I went over there a few weeks ago with a few of our staff members and got to see a few of the guys, and Domingo is one of the guys who came to the complex. I got to see him for the first time since all of this has gone down, and talk to him. The plan is for him not to be here for spring training, as of now. That could change, but right now we’re not planning on him being here.”

I think this is, personally, an intelligent decision by the Yankees. Yes, German hasn’t been convicted of a crime. But the specter of domestic abuse still lingers over German in the court of public opinion. Keeping him at a Yankee facility in the Dominican, where he can get his work in that he’d get in Tampa under surveillance from New York Yankees officials, it’s strictly damage control for the team as they make sure everyone gets on the same page before Opening Day.

When asked about if German would be a distraction in the clubhouse when he comes back, Boone said this:

“Not worried about the distraction part. I think as an organization, we kind of decided for him it’s best for him to be there right now.”

German will be serving the final 63 games of an 81 game suspension when the season begins at the end of March. With a few tune-up games, German should be back on the Yankees late June or early July.

New York Yankees: Key Position Battles for Spring Training

New York Yankees, Tyler Wade

New York Yankees fans can rejoice. Spring training is… well, pretty much here. Pitchers and catchers report today. It’s now interesting to see just how many position battles are brewing before the Spring Training season officially begins. Here’s a quick rundown:

Number 5 Starter

With James Paxton out until May/June, and Happ sliding in for Domingo German until his suspension is over, there’s an opening in the rotation for the next couple of months. Jordan Montgomery is the odds on favorite, but Luis Cessa and Johnathan Loaisiga have a distinct edge. That edge being… they aren’t coming back from Tommy John Surgery. Devi Garcia is also coming to camp for the first time and can make a legitimate claim for the spot, leapfrogging over the three veterans.

Third Base

Rightfully, third base is Gio Urshela’s to lose. However, Miguel Andujar, who will be tried out at several other positions, will have a chance to take it back. His rehab for his labrum tear began in earnest in September and has more on his side than Urshela. Urshela has to prove that his subpar defensive statistics for 2019 were an anomaly and that his offensive output can be maintained throughout the 2020 campaign.

4th Outfielder

Until Aaron Hicks can come back from Tommy John surgery, the likely outfield configuration will be Aaron Judge, Brett Gardner, and Giancarlo Stanton. Countless Yankee fans want to see Clint Frazier given his opportunity, that his bat is worth the chance in the outfield. But if he can’t improve his defensive capabilities, why would the Yankees need him? Urshela and Andujar will see some time in the outfield, Tyler Wade can play outfield in a pinch, and you’ll have Stanton, Andujar, Voit, and Sanchez all seeing regular time in the DH slot. Where does Frazier fit in if his defense is just as sloppy as it was in 2019?

Backup Catcher

The Yankees have been STOCKPILING on backup catchers in the past few months. This is after Brian Cashman admitted that he’d be comfortable with Kyle Higashioka as the backup after Austin Romine left for the Detroit Tigers. You just signed 3 veteran catchers, all of whom could easily be backups for Gary Sanchez. If they REALLY were feeling comfortable with Higashioka at the backup role, you wouldn’t go out of your way to sign three catchers. I am seriously beginning to question if Higashioka will make it out of Tampa.

These are just some of the position battles to keep an eye on as Spring Training progresses. New York Yankees’ Masahiro Tanaka feels Astros cheated them out of World Series