The Giants are firmly in the Caleb Williams sweepstakes after Week 4 implosion

USC Trojans quarterback Caleb Williams (New York Giants prospect) (13) during the pregame warmup before playing the Arizona State Sun Devils at Mountain America Stadium
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In the unforgiving world of the NFL, the New York Giants are facing a daunting challenge this season. While their offensive line struggles, quarterback Daniel Jones is under immense pressure to deliver as the franchise’s signal-caller, with a staggering $40 million annual paycheck.

Despite his hefty salary, Daniel Jones is struggling to meet the expectations of a franchise quarterback. Hindered by a lack of protection from his offensive line and questionable decision-making, Jones may force Big Blue to consider a new era in the 2024 NFL draft.

A Glimpse of Hope: Caleb Williams

If the Giants find themselves in a favorable position in the 2024 NFL draft, USC quarterback Caleb Williams could be their savior. Williams is a generational talent who has already amassed 1,603 yards and 21 touchdowns in just five games. With USC consistently scoring no less than 42 points this season, Williams is the consensus number-one overall selection for the upcoming draft.

The Quest for a Top Draft Pick

For the Giants to secure the chance to draft Caleb Williams, they must position themselves within range. This means that they might need to endure a substantial number of losses and edge out teams like the Chicago Bears for a top draft pick.

Optimizing the Giants’ Offense

While most anticipate the Giants to make a modest recovery in their performance, their offensive strategy currently relies heavily on a West Coast approach due to a lack of explosive downfield plays. This approach has resulted in subpar offensive line play, which leaves any quarterback, including Jones, struggling to survive behind this unit.

A Potential Reset

The Giants have the opportunity to hit the reset button in 2024, with injured players returning to full health and the prospect of Williams challenging Jones for the starting quarterback role. Some may wonder how the Giants can navigate Jones’s contract, but an out clause after the 2024 season, resulting in $22.2 million in dead money against the salary cap, offers a viable solution. With a rookie quarterback under contract, New York would regain financial flexibility, potentially costing them less than what Jones could earn in 2025, with a $41.6 million salary hit.

The Current Situation

As of now, Big Blue holds a 1–3 record this season, facing upcoming matches against the Miami Dolphins and the Buffalo Bills. It’s likely that they may continue to struggle in the next two games, leaving them in a precarious position as the trade deadline approaches.

The Trade Deadline Strategy

If New York finds themselves well out of playoff contention, it would be prudent to consider trading expiring contracts. Players like Xavier McKinney, Adoree Jackson, and even Leonard Williams could be offered in exchange for draft picks. This scenario would allow the team to regroup for the offseason, granting younger players more opportunities to showcase their talents.

Looking Ahead

While it may seem premature to ponder the 2024 NFL draft, the Giants face a grueling schedule this year, and their competitiveness is in question. They recently struggled against the Seattle Seahawks, who were missing key offensive linemen and had one of the weakest pass coverage units in the league heading into Week 4.

In the midst of these challenges, the New York Giants must carefully consider their options to navigate this turbulent season and secure a brighter future for their franchise. The fate of Daniel Jones and the potential arrival of Caleb Williams loom large as the Giants strive for a resurgence in the competitive NFL landscape.

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