The Giants may be forced into a big change at right tackle

New York Giants offensive lineman Evan Neal (73) during the second half against the Cincinnati Bengals at MetLife Stadium.
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The New York Giants were completely demoralized against the Seattle Seahawks in Week 4 on Monday night. The offensive line put together a truly disgraceful performance, which led to a number of Daniel Jones turnovers and poor decisions. The blame should be spread around evenly, as Jones failed to elevate his teammates, and the trenches were overwhelmed at a nearly instantaneous rate.

Evan Neal’s Struggles at Right Tackle

One area of concern for the Giants is the performance of Evan Neal at right tackle. Neal faced considerable struggles, giving up a team-high seven pressures during the game. This marked his 20th pressure allowed in the first four weeks of the season, indicating a disappointing sophomore year for him in the NFL.

Fundamental Issues with Neal’s Play

Neal, a 23-year-old former Alabama star, still appears to lack the fundamentals and reaction timing required to excel at the tackle position in the NFL. In contrast, Andrew Thomas, another young offensive lineman for the Giants, showed significant improvement in his second season. Unfortunately, Neal seems to be moving in the opposite direction.

Impact on Quarterback Daniel Jones

The struggles of Evan Neal have a direct impact on quarterback Daniel Jones, as they hinder Jones’s ability to generate momentum and execute effectively. It raises the important question of whether the Giants should consider making a change at right tackle moving forward.

Could The Giants Begin Exploring Alternatives?

One potential alternative is Josh Ezeudu, although he has never played the right tackle position before. However, Ezeudu’s recent performance at left tackle, where he allowed three sacks and four pressures, raises concerns about his ability to fill this role effectively. Matt Peart is another option for right tackle, but his performance may not differ significantly from Neal’s.

Utilizing Promising Talents

Despite their challenges, Ezeudu shows potential, and the Giants may benefit from utilizing any player with upside over Neal. One possible solution could be to have Neal practice at right guard in the future. Unfortunately, even Marcus McKethan did not perform significantly better, giving up four pressures and a sack during the game.

Persistent Offensive Line Issues

The Giants have invested significant resources in improving their offensive line, but they continue to underperform. Head coach Brian Daboll has indicated that no immediate coaching staff changes will occur after the Week 4 defeat. However, there is a strong argument that changes, particularly in the coaching staff, should be considered after the season, as the offensive line’s struggles persist, and the lack of chemistry among the players remains evident.

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