Micah Parsons torches Giants for treatment of Daniel Jones

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Despite trailing significantly against the Dallas Cowboys in a Week 1 matchup that offered little hope of a comeback, New York Giants starting quarterback Daniel Jones played through the fourth quarter. He was finally replaced by Tyrod Taylor during the last drive, presumably to ensure his well-being. However, Dallas’ star pass rusher Micah Parsons had some choice words regarding that specific coaching decision.

Micah Parsons Speaks His Mind

In a post-game podcast, Parsons not only recognized Jones as a competent quarterback but also accused the Giants of mishandling him by not pulling him out earlier to preserve his long-term health.

“It’s called protecting your guy. You know, something I thought the Giants should’ve done,” Parsons said. “I don’t think Daniel Jones should’ve been in that game in the fourth quarter. I thought they should’ve protected him and pulled him out. And barring injury, their season will be over without Daniel Jones.”

The Underlying Decision-making

Whether the choice to keep Jones in the game stemmed from head coach Brian Daboll wanting to send a message or Jones himself insisting on staying in for morale’s sake, it was a misguided decision at best.

The Giants’ Season is a Marathon, Not a Sprint

Let’s not forget, the 2023 NFL season is a long journey. Regardless of whether the final score reads 100-0 or 21-20, a loss impacts the standings equally. The Giants seemingly jeopardized their future by leaving Jones in the game, despite the adverse weather conditions and a makeshift offensive line.

“I do not agree with Daniel Jones staying out there until that last drive. I thought that was wrong, I thought it was deceiving,” said Parsons, a two-time All-Pro.

A Closer Look at Jones’ Stats

Jones finished the game completing just 15 of 28 pass attempts for a scant 104 yards, along with two interceptions. His 43 rushing yards couldn’t salvage the situation either, as poor pass blocking led to the Giants’ offensive plan crumbling.

Offensive Line Woes

Starting the game strong by effectively running the football, the Giants attempted to pivot to a passing strategy. This approach was thwarted as the right side of the offensive line virtually collapsed.

“That’s your franchise quarterback and he’s out there with a backup offensive line still getting sacked and hit. I just didn’t understand. Maybe it was a prove-it moment by the Giants, I have no idea. A learning lesson, who knows? But I thought Daniel Jones should’ve got pulled out, so technically it’s not benched.”

Week 2: Another Daunting Task for Jones

As the Giants gear up for their Week 2 face-off against the Arizona Cardinals, they will likely be missing left tackle Andrew Thomas or dealing with a less-than-optimal version of him. Given the backup nature of their existing line, Jones will once again be required to maneuver around persistent pressure and find ways to advance the football.

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