Micah Parsons defends Giants’ QB Daniel Jones: ‘Daniel Jones is not a bad quarterback’

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New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has been a topic of debate for years: Is he really the franchise passer the Giants need? By sealing a colossal four-year, $160 million extension this past March, the Giants made their stance clear. They’ve committed to their former first-round pick, a player who has never been bolstered by a robust offensive line or elite pass catchers.

Offensive Line Woes: Week 1 Debacle Against Cowboys

However, the state of the offensive line seems to have reached a new low, especially based on the Giants’ Week 1 performance against the Dallas Cowboys. Even the talents of star tight end Darren Waller weren’t enough to remedy the situation despite his playing through a minor hamstring injury. Jones closed out the game with a meager 104 passing yards, two interceptions, and 43 rushing yards. Simply put, the game was a disaster from the get-go, as the Cowboys effortlessly dominated.

In Defense of Jones: Micah Parsons Weighs In

Interestingly, Dallas Cowboys’ star pass rusher Micah Parsons leapt to Daniel Jones’s defense during a post-game podcast. Amassing six pressures during the game, including a sack, a quarterback hit, and four hurries, Parsons argued, “Daniel Jones isn’t a bad quarterback.”

He refuted the narrative that blames Jones for the lopsided loss. According to Parsons, no quarterback could have prevailed in such trying conditions, exacerbated by an underperforming offensive line and adverse weather conditions.

Past Performance vs. Current Handicap: Jones’s Struggles

Daniel Jones has had his moments of brilliance, putting together solid performances when circumstances allowed. However, he found himself at a palpable disadvantage the moment he took to the field in Week 1, flanked by right-side offensive linemen Evan Neal and Mark Glowinski.

The raw truth remains—until the Giants sort out their pass protection issues, their offensive output will continue to suffer. Regrettably, the off-season didn’t witness substantial improvements in the trench areas, a fact glaringly evident when Micah Parsons breezed past a sluggish Evan Neal.

The Giants Have a Glimmer of Hope: Arizona in Week 2

The Giants have a golden opportunity to recalibrate in Week 2 against the Arizona Cardinals. It’s a chance to put behind one of the most abysmal performances the franchise has seen in years. Wiping the slate clean is within reach, but ensuring Daniel Jones’s protection takes on an urgency like never before, particularly if the Giants aim to maximize their investment in their freshly extended quarterback.

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