How the Giants are looking to get the most out of Daniel Jones in 2022

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One of the biggest knocks on New York Giants quarterback Daniel Jones has been his turnover issues since joining the NFL back in 2019. During his rookie season, Jones threw 12 interceptions and fumbled 19 times. Those numbers have slowly decreased as the Giants’ offense has become even more malnourished.

Former offensive coordinator Jason Garrett tried to simplify the scheme for Jones, incorporating more one-read progressions and safer throws that took Jones’s instincts and aggressiveness out of the equation. New head coach Brian Daboll is looking to add more aggressiveness.

That entire sentiment is about to change with Daboll and new OC Mike Kafka.

“I tell him to try to fit tight throws in there,” coach Brian Daboll said, per the NY Post. “You throw a few picks at practice? No sweat. That’s why we do this — to see what we can do and what we can’t do.”

Throwing interceptions at practice is how you get better in live-action. You have to test the secondary and find the right ways to throw a football before doing it when it counts. Unfortunately, Jones was so focused on keeping the ball safe rather than incorporating a tactical strategy to leverage his qualities. His development was stunted by turning him into a robotic version of himself.

“The facts were we were turning the ball over a lot, and I was turning the ball over a lot,” Jones said. “As a quarterback you have got to be able to do both — be aggressive, take shots and also protect the ball. It’s finding the balance there. And the best guys can do that.”

This change in quarterback culture should promote a more productive offense, even if Jones throws a few more interceptions. Ultimately, no guts, no glory.

“I love that mentality for him,” QB coach Shea Tierney said. “That’s what we are trying to emphasize as we get going here. If the throw is there, we’re taking it. He’s done a good job with that. You saw [last Thursday] he threw a couple downfield, and that’s what we want.”

A quarterbacks worst enemy is hesitation, something that Jones has done in the past trying to get through his progressions and find an open receiver. Now, the coaching staff wants him to take every opportunity to attack but within the means of their offensive strategy. Being reckless is not how you win football games, but being decisively aggressive is a better way to explain how the Giants want Jones to play in 2022.

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