Giants young offensive lineman shouldering unnecessary blame for offense’s struggles this season

Miami Dolphins linebacker Andrew Van Ginkel (43) sacks Miami Dolphins safety Jevon Holland (8) during the second half at Hard Rock Stadium, New York Giants, Joshua Ezeudu, Daniel Jones
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The New York Giants have endured a challenging season, with their offensive line proving to be one of the weakest units in the NFL. Despite efforts to fill the void left by injury and poor performance, the line has failed to protect their quarterback Daniel Jones, resulting in an alarming number of sacks and hits.

Daniel Jones suffers neck injury in Week 5

In their recent loss to the Miami Dolphins, Jones suffered a neck injury due to a hit allowed by offensive lineman Joshua Ezeudu.

Joshua Ezeudu overwhelmed with guilt following his quarterback’s injury

In the aftermath of this devastating hit, Ezeudu was overwhelmed with guilt. While struggling to hold back tears, he admitted that he apologized to Jones and said he simply “can’t be late off the ball.

However, this blame should not solely fall on Ezeudu’s shoulders; it is essential to address the collective failure of the coaching staff and management for neglecting the development and depth of the team’s offensive line.

This emotional response is not a new occurrence, as he was seen silently contemplating a previous loss at his locker following a game where the line allowed 11 sacks- three of which he allowed himself.

Ezeudu finds himself in an unenviable position within the team. As a second-year reserve guard, he was thrown into the role of filling the void left by injured All-Pro Left Tackle Andrew Thomas. While this responsibility was initially intended for Swing Tackle Matt Peart, poor performance led to his benching, placing Ezeudu in a challenging situation. Despite his efforts, it is unfair to expect him to seamlessly transition and excel at a position he was not primarily ready for.

Ezeudu’s confidence is shaken

Ezeudu’s struggles can be attributed to a lack of confidence, which is also something he dealt with during his rookie year. By putting an inexperienced player in such a crucial position, the Giants are setting him up to fail. It is disheartening to witness the break in his confidence in real-time, as it hinders his potential growth and development as a starter.

In order for the Giants to expect growth and progress from their players, they must provide an environment that fosters development rather than constant breakdowns. It is essential for general manager Joe Schoen and the coaching staff to take ownership of their failures to provide adequate attention and development to the offensive line.

There is plenty of blame to go around

While injuries may have played a role in the offensive line’s deterioration, the responsibility ultimately falls on the shoulders of both Schoen and the coaching staff. During the offseason, the need for depth was apparent, yet it was ignored. The failure to address this critical issue has resulted in a weakened offensive line, affecting the team’s overall performance and ability to score points.

The consequences of the offensive line’s struggles extend beyond Ezeudu. Jones has been sacked 28 times already this season and is on pace to be sacked a staggering 95.2 times if the trend continues.

The Giants’ offensive line is a liability

The New York Giants’ offensive line has become a liability, hindering the team’s success and jeopardizing the well-being of their quarterback. The emotional toll on Ezeudu, coupled with the neglectful approach of Schoen and the shortcomings of the coaching staff, have created a perfect storm of inefficiency and regression.

This coaching staff must provide the necessary support and development to the offensive line for the team to regain its competitive edge. Failure to do so will only perpetuate a cycle of disappointment and frustration.

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