Giants’ Daniel Jones may have dodged injury bullet

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The New York Giants emerged from their Week 5 clash against the Miami Dolphins with more than just the sting of a 31–16 defeat. The game underscored a worrying trend of lacking offensive competitiveness.

During this challenging game, quarterback Daniel Jones was sidelined with a neck injury courtesy of a blindsided hit. This incident led to the benching of left tackle Josh Ezeudu, who was already covering for the injured Andrew Thomas. Given the circumstances, it wasn’t surprising to see Jones suffer a blow that forced him off the field and straight to the locker room.

However, in a bit of uplifting news for Giants fans, early indications suggest Jones may have sidestepped a severe injury. He even remarked that the pain felt eerily familiar to what he endured in 2021, an injury that prematurely ended his season.

NFL Network analyst, Ian Rapoport, reported that the prevailing sentiment is Jones has evaded a major injury. An MRI scheduled for Monday is expected to cement this positive outlook. Let’s not forget that Jones recently committed to the Giants with a lavish four-year, $160 million contract, solidifying his position as the face of the franchise. But, the stumbling block remains the offensive line which, plagued by injuries and inconsistent displays, has hindered any forward momentum.

Jones’s stats this season are not overwhelming, with just 884 yards thrown, a 68.9% completion rate, two touchdowns, and six interceptions to his name. It’s crystal clear: a crumbling offensive line leaves Jones with virtually no chance to lead the team to victories.

What Lies Ahead for the Giants?

Despite the initial optimism around the 2022 season, the current trajectory suggests that the Giants are on track for another top-10 draft pick. This is quite a pivot from the prior season’s enthusiasm, which hinted at the franchise making positive strides.

Should Jones be deemed unfit for upcoming games, backup quarterback Tyrod Taylor is expected to step up. As for the imminent clash against the Buffalo Bills – who are coming off a surprising loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in London – Jones’s participation remains a question mark. Given the circumstances, it might be prudent for the Giants to let him rest, ensuring his health isn’t further compromised.

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