Giants’ QB Davis Webb dives into why Daniel Jones could take a big step forward in 2022

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Quarterback Davis Webb has gone full circle, starting his career with the New York Giants and finding his way back after spending time with the Buffalo Bills and New York Jets between 2018–2021.

The Bills were preparing to offer Webb a quarterback coaching position before he ultimately decided to remain a player and head back south to East Rutherford. The Giants were extremely excited to welcome him back and the knowledge he brings, having spent time with several teams and learning behind Josh Allen.

Webb’s primary goal is to help Daniel Jones become the best quarterback possible for the Giants, which could end up leveraging his position into a coaching job down the road. However, he can remain being paid like a player while still promoting his counterparts’ growth.

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The New York Giants need a big season from Jones:

Jones has been through the wringer the past few seasons under the leadership of Jason Garrett, but with Brian Daboll and Mike Kafka leading the charge now, the expectations are much higher.

Webb has already indicated that Jones has the traits to succeed in the NFL, specifically mentioning his work ethic.

“He’s the hardest-working quarterback I’ve been around,’’ Webb said Thursday after organized team activity practice No. 9, per the NY Post. “He’s probably the smartest quarterback I’ve been around.’’

Last season, Daniel Jones failed to take a big step forward in year three. At 24 years old, he tossed 10 touchdowns and seven interceptions for 2428 yards. He also picked up 298 yards and two rushing scores on the ground.

The problem was that the offense failed to add new elements and expand on modern concepts, which held him back tremendously. Paired with an abysmal offensive line and playmakers who couldn’t execute the system properly and you had a recipe for disaster.

Davis went on to say that Jones is a great note taker and executes well off the field, but none of that matters until he can string together consistent performances in live-action.

“He has really good questions in meetings, takes really good notes, he’s always looking to improve, weight room, practice field, meeting room, he’s just all in, and it’s fun to have a teammate like that,’’ Webb said. “Cares that much and brings the most out of his teammates. He’s a dang good football player. I think he’s gonna have his best year.’’

The Giants recently declined the fifth-year option of Daniel Jones as a precaution in case he doesn’t take a big step forward. There’s a very real possibility that management looks to move on from Jones after the 2022 season and acquire one of the top quarterbacks in next year‘s draft class.

However, if Jones blossoms and shows he can be a franchise quarterback, they may have no choice but to stick with the veteran signal-caller. Webb is hoping to help him reach that goal, but it is going to take a miracle to achieve.