Giants’ OL coach Bobby Johnson details players with ‘PTSD’ from former coaching staff

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Reflecting on past coaching philosophies and methods will bring up some bad memories for New York Giants players. Extreme physical consequences and lap running were a part of Joe Judge’s disciplinary style. That was meant to hold each individual accountable for their actions. However, it ended up rubbing a lot of the coaches and players the wrong way.

That specific method wasn’t the only negative philosophy used in the previous regime. In fact, new offensive line coach Bobby Johnson indicated that he is still seeing “PTSD” and poor identity constructs that have impacted the players’ ability to develop and grow in the NFL.

“Those are all extreme words,’’ Johnson said Thursday, per the New York Post. “I would say this: I did notice a sense of, in this profession whether you’re a coach or a player you have things that we call scar tissue or, not to make light of the situation, some PTSD over things that have happened to you that shape your identity or shape your philosophy, and there’s some guys I’ve interacted with that have had that, because of things that have happened in the recent past.’’

The Giants have plenty of scar tissue after years of inept and disruptive decision-making from the coaching staff and upper management. Finally, the team seems to be in a better place with the modernizing of the front office, thanks to general manager Joe Schoen.

The New York Giants have a tough road ahead, but progress is all we need to see:

The team has a long way to go, but Johnson’s words stand out as a significant hurdle they need to overcome. Players still have scar tissue left from the past, whether that be poor practice habits or rehabilitation.

Looking at the offensive line specifically, the Giants have featured one of the worst units in football the past few years. They are looking to take a step forward with Evan Neal at right tackle and Mark Glowinski at right guard. Andrew Thomas somehow managed to escape the clutches of the former regime, excelling in 2021 and showcasing Pro Bowl level quality.

There is a long journey ahead for the offensive line to become a competent unit. At the very least, they’ve injected new talent that can overhaul the mentality in the trenches. Johnson mentioned this week that he wants aggressive players. If you’re not on the field, he will find somebody to take your spot.

The shift in philosophy will do the Giants well, providing more aggression and physicality upfront. That will directly affect Daniel Jones’s performance in the pocket.

At the end of the day, the team desperately needs to evaluate Jones in a better system. Johnson will plan an instrumental role in preparing the OL for the 2022 season.

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