Giants have found an elite competitor in LSU corner Cor’Dale Flott

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Despite being a wirey cornerback at 6’1″ and 178 pounds, LSU defender Cor’Dale Flott has all of the intangible traits to become a quality NFL player. The New York Giants spent a third-round pick on Flott, who is bringing some talented attributes to a secondary that just released top cornerback, James Bradberry.

Flott is known for his work ethic, especially after taking a significant step forward last season compared to 2020. Two years ago, he allowed 656 yards and six touchdowns, good for a 71.1% completion rate against. However, in 2021, he allowed just 249 yards and two touchdowns, good for a 51.1% completion rate.

His significant development points toward positive progression, which is largely why the Giants keyed in on him as a third-round draft pick.

“I’m always the first person on campus — have been for years,” Flott’s high school coach Jeff Kelly told the New York Post. “The thing I’ll never forget is that every morning I rolled in that summer, Cor’Dale was out there and it was barely daylight. There was nobody with him — just him and his bag of cones and his step ladder for all his footwork drills. I don’t think he ever told me, and it wasn’t a deal that he was doing to be seen or to prove to the coach how hard he works.”

New management is constantly looking for high character guys who give everything on the football field but also put in the work behind the scenes. The Giants have had some questionable personalities join their team in recent years, but the most recent draft class seems to be full of committed individuals that have plenty of untapped potential.

“I’ve been doing it all my life: Being built like this, growing up, playing this game of football, everybody telling me I’m too small to do it,” Flott said. “I just focus on making an impact on the team.”

There is no question that Flott needs to add a bit of size to his game. With an NFL diet and workout plan, he should be able to add 5–10 pounds of muscle mass before the season begins, but hopefully it doesn’t impact his speed and agility.

Flott is a bouncy corner, capable of changing directions by using his momentum to shift his feet and react accordingly. He will immediately compete in the slot with Darnay Holmes. Aaron Robinson projects to move outside to replace Bradberry.

“I’m ready. Hopefully, I get the job,” Flott said. “Right now, I’m just focusing on improving and being able to fit wherever I am needed.”

Flott enjoyed 357 snaps last year in the slot and 178 outwide. Clearly, he fits the nickel role a bit better, but he has a long way to go before the Giants can depend on him routinely. He will have trouble making tackles at the next level, which is why he desperately needs to add more size to his frame. Flott participated in every combine measurement but the bench press, which likely would’ve displayed a severe lack of strength.

The Giants clearly seem optimistic they can improve his muscle mass and alleviate that concern.

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