Giants currently hold 4th overall pick in 2024 NFL Draft following Week 9 loss

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The New York Giants are 2-7 following an ugly Week 9 loss to the Las Vegas Raiders. Following this defeat, fans have begun looking ahead to the 2024 NFL Draft. As things currently stand, if the season ended today, the Giants would have the fourth-overall pick in the draft, per Tankathon.

The Giants currently hold the fourth overall pick in the draft

Of course, the draft order is far from finalized, but the Giants are currently fourth in the order. Ahead of them are the Arizona Cardinals (1-8, first-overall), the Carolina Panthers (1-8, second-overall, pick owned by Chicago), and the Chicago Bears (2-7, third-overall).

Unfortunately for Big Blue, their strength of schedule (.527) is the highest among the top-four teams, meaning the other three teams have the tie-breaker over New York for higher draft selections.

Recent history of the fourth-overall pick

If the draft order remains constant and the Giants maintain the fourth-overall pick in the draft, they will be in line to land an excellent prospect. The recent history of fourth-overall draft picks is rather encouraging.

The past five years of fourth-overall draft picks:

  • 2023: QB Anthony Richardson (IND)
  • 2022: CB Sauce Gardner (NYJ)
  • 2021: TE Kyle Pitts (ATL)
  • 2020: LT Andrew Thomas (NYG)
  • 2019: DL Clelin Ferrell (LVR)

Of the past five prospects selected fourth overall, two have made an All-Pro first or second team (Gardner (first in 2022) and Thoams (second in 2022)). Pitts is still a productive starter for Atlanta and, despite heading to season-ending injured reserve, rookie QB Anthony Richardson is confidently viewed as the future of the franchise in Indianapolis. Ferrell stands out as the draft bust in the group who found little success with his original team and has since signed elsewhere.

Odds are, Big Blue would land a solid player with the fourth-overall pick if they maintain their spot in the draft order. Of course, the draft is a crapshoot and it is never a guarantee that any prospect will succeed at the next level, but the recent history of the fourth-overall pick should instill some confidence in Giants fans.

The Giants could rise or fall in draft order between now and the end of the regular season, however, the team is definitely in line to land a top-five pick as their season continues to spiral out of control.

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