The New York Jets’ New England nightmare isn’t over just yet

Tom Brady’s AFC East departure may be cause for celebration, but the New York Jets’ yearly set with New England only gets marginally easier.

In September 2001, the New York Jets inadvertently unleashed the Tom Brady nightmare on the NFL when a Mo Lewis hit knocked Drew Bledsoe out of their Week 2 showdown.

Nearly two decades later, it’s apparently over. Like many in the near-retirement community, Brady, 42, is headed to Florida courtesy of a two-year, $50 million deal bestowed to him by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. Uprooted from New England will be Brady’s six Super Bowl titles, three MVP awards, five All-Pro nominations and a 30-8 record against the Jets.

Needless to say, the response from a metropolitan area desperate for good news is perhaps comparable to the galaxy-wide celebration after the fall of the Galactic Empire in Return of the Jedi‘s closing act. Social distancing and quarantining might be the only thing stopping a parade down the Canyon of Heroes bidding Brady farewell. Brady is now the NFC’s problem. Sure, Tampa Bay visits East Rutherford in 2021 but that’s an extremely tolerable substitute for the yearly couple.

It thus feels like the Patriots’ day of reckoning has finally come. Two decades of torture, perhaps straight-up bullying, will finally come back to bite them. Long have fans of the Jets, and probably every football fan outside of the New England area, waited to see the departure of Brady plummet the Patriots back to the dark times: the days of Pat Patriot on their helmets, the days where 8-8 was considered Patriot progress. The will of Foxboro patrons could well be tested in the coming months. Brady did leave New England with no concrete succession plan in place. Their current savior under center is slated to be Jarrett Stidham, a 2019 fourth-round pick whose already minuscule playing time was dramatically slashed when Jamal Adams victimized him for a pick-six in the meaningless stages of yet another Jets defeat.

But, if Jets fans are smart, they won’t crack open the Brady-induced bubbly just yet.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NJ. – OCTOBER 21: Tom Brady #12 of the New England Patriots meets up with Sam Darnold #14 of the New York Jets after the Patriots beat the Jets 33-0 at MetLife Stadium on October 21, 2019 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. (Staff Photo By Matt Stone/MediaNews Group/Boston Herald)

For one thing, the Jets really can’t gloat about anything until they gain some sustainable success against the Patriots. The series, of course, has been ridiculously one-sided since that fateful September late afternoon and, even in Brady’s declining years, things weren’t shifting in the Jets’ favor.

There’s no denying that Brady at his worst is better than many quarterbacks at their best. He’s undoubtedly in a position to make the Buccaneers better. But there was no denying that the past few years saw Brady lose a step or two. In Brady’s last eight matchups against the Jets, his passer rating dipped under 90 on four separate occasions. New England won each of those games by an average of two touchdowns, including a 33-0 shellacking in a Monday night game back in October.

In fact, even when the Jets managed to keep Brady in relative check, victory isn’t guaranteed. When Brady posted a passer rating under 90, the Patriots were nonetheless 10-7 in games against the Jets.

It should be obvious by this point that the Patriots are the Patriots…not the Bradys. They’ve built their dynasty by a team effort, not by any one individual effort. Nobodies, spare parts left for football dead by other squads, have risen to play crucial roles in New England victories. Sure, the on-field brilliance of Brady has served as a jolt to several of these resurrected careers, but no amount of offensive prowess could explain what the defense has done.

Last season, no team allowed fewer points, first downs, or yards than the Patriots. Opponents converted only an astonishing 24 percent of their third downs against them. Their 25 interceptions were five more than their closest competitor (Pittsburgh). This is a fearsome unit that has lost some crucial pieces, but they still retain vital weapons like both McCourty brothers (Jason and Devin, the latter of whom inked a two-year deal).

September’s visit to Gillette Stadium, for example, saw the Jets score their first touchdown in defeat when they jumped on a muffed New England punt in the end zone. It was their first touchdown scored in Massachusetts in nearly four calendar years. You can’t pin that one on Tom Brady.

Fellow secondary hawks like Stephon Gilmore and Patrick Chung will likewise be back, as will experienced pass rushers like Dont’a Hightower, Adam Butler, and Chase Winovich. Such firepower is enough to keep any quarterback on edge, much less one vying to be the face of the franchise.

EAST RUTHERFORD, NEW JERSEY – OCTOBER 21: (NEW YORK DAILIES OUT) Dont’a Hightower #54 of the New England Patriots in action against Le’Veon Bell #26 of the New York Jets at MetLife Stadium on October 21, 2019 in East Rutherford, New Jersey. The Patriots defeated the Jets 33-0. (Photo by Jim McIsaac/Getty Images)

Whoever succeeds Brady on offense, be it Stidham, be it a veteran free agent, be it a rookie from the upcoming draft, has been set up in a relatively pleasant situation. Protection will be available from an experienced line that let up only 28 sacks last season. The Patriots even denied the Jets a chance to let one of those men block for Darnold, franchise tagging All-Pro guard Joe Thuney. New England has routinely gotten by with a strong rushing attack, and the current edition is no exception. Sony Michel is the lead back, complimented by dual-threat James White and the powerful Rex Burkhead. An arsenal of receivers both experienced and young will be available to the new thrower. Julian Edelman leads the way, while the Patriots worked their way into first-round receiver N’Keal Harry with last year’s 32nd pick. Phillip Dorsett could leave via free agency, but reliable reserves are on hand via Mohamed Sanu and incoming free agent Damiere Byrd.

Of course, the whole thing revolves around the constant of Bill Belichick. The famous scowler was there before Brady and he’ll obviously be around afterward. His mind games and expertise will still be around to haunt the Jets. Enough has been said about his relatively fruitless days at the helm of the Cleveland Browns, but remember that this is a guy that won 11 games with a full season of Matt Cassel at quarterback.

The departure of Brady does indeed present the Jets with an opportunity. It apparently took his leaving to finally convince the Jets to fix their long-lingering blocking problems, problems addressed by the arrival of up-and-comers George Fant and Connor McGovern. Fellow divisional foes Buffalo and Miami have also used the offseason funds afforded to them to improve. The Dolphins, in fact, plucked linebackers Kyle Van Noy and Elandon Roberts from the Patriots’ lineup.

There’s little argument to the idea that the Jets have gotten better over the past few days, especially on paper. Their backfield saviors of Darnold and Le’Veon Bell have the potential to move freely with improved blocking. They’ve maintained secondary depth with the re-signings of Brain Poole and Arthur Maulet. Is it enough to finally deal a fatal blow to this monster? We’ll see in September.

It’s time to work on the field. The Jets have finally been granted a silent wish in the form of Brady leaving. Time will only tell they’ll wake up soon or if a new, scarier nightmare has only just begun.

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New York Jets are stifled by New England in pursuit over top offensive guard

New England Patriots, Joe Thuney

The New York Jets can no longer sign  New England guard, Joe Thuney. Thuney was a player the Jets really really liked and he now remains in the AFC East with the Patriots. Thuney has consistently ranked as one of the best guards in football. He has played every game in the last four years for New England. He would’ve been a great addition but now the Jets have to adapt and overcome. So, where do the Jets go from here?

Other Options

Graham Glasgow and Greg Van Roten have both been linked to the Jets and Connor Hughes reports that the Jets are expected to ramp up their pursuit of Glasgow. The Jets will likely aim to add Jack Conklin as well. If the Jets can add a guard and Conklin then this would be a major success. However, losing out on Thuney is missing out on a guy who immediately would’ve bolstered the line and provided leadership. The Jets now have to adapt and change their plans and aim to find other solutions like Conklin and a guard.

The State Of The AFC East

There are suggestions the Pats tagged Thuney to prevent him from staying in the AFC East with the Jets or Dolphins. The Pats could trade him which is  likely because if he remains, he and Shaq Mason take up a lot of their cap for the guard slots. With their re-signings and now Thuney, the Patriots need to do something to achieve cap feasibility. Whether that is trading Thuney or trading or releasing other pieces, they’re in a tough spot. If they keep Thuney then it’s less feasible for Brady to return and this move as a whole could drastically alter the climate of the AFC East.

New York Giants: Absurd Tom Brady Rumors May Not Be So Absurd

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady going to the New York Giants? If you’d brought that idea up a year ago it would seem like something out of a video game, a pure fantasy move, but through this offseason it’s proved to be a move brought up by multiple sources as an actual possibility.

Those sources range in their importance and credibility on the matter but at this point in the offseason as we head towards free agency, the talks about Brady to the Patriots haven’t been dispelled. This time, the one talking about it is NFL Network reporter Michael Giardi, who claims that actual executives and coaches see Brady as potentially leaving. And on the list of potential landing spots is the Giants.

The Giants already have their apparent starter in Daniel Jones but throwing a second year player into the starting role from the beginning of the season is a risky move. There is some sound logic behind the Giants acquiring Tom Brady and letting Jones pick up more knowledge and work on some problems with his game before throwing him into the high pressure role of being the team’s sole starter, but there’s multiple factors at play when it comes to how realistic a deal is.

If Brady is going to leave the Patriots, it will likely take a good offer to entice him. Would the Giants be willing to make a competitive offer compared to other potential landing spots such as the Titans or the Raiders, rather than putting cap space and money into improving other positions instead of spending on one spot the Giants are believed to be covered in already?

Furthermore, do the Giants even want to keep Jones on the bench for a veteran quarterback after keeping Eli Manning out for most of last season so Jones could get starting experience? While bringing Brady in would be financially beneficial for the team from a marketing standpoint, the Giants have already shown some commitment to running with Jones over a veteran option.

Those and other questions remain, but with Brady becoming an unrestricted free agent next month, we’re not far off from seeing how the front office handles this opportunity.

New York Giants to evaluate quarterbacks, what’s the truth behind it?

New York Giants, Joe Judge

Developing a sense of competition and work-ethic starts with the coaching staff, and new head coach for the New York Giants, Joe Judge, is prioritizing instability at every position.

Judge wants every player to fight for their job like it’s on the line, even if it’s technically not. The rookies from 2019 are more than likely staying put in New York, but we’ve seen trades occur before that send players elsewhere. However, at the quarterback position, Daniel Jones will probably be the option for the foreseeable future.

Judge stated that they would be evaluating passers in the draft, to ensure every player currently on the New York Giants that if Jones isn’t safe, neither are they.

Dave Gettleman, on the other hand, had a different approach, tailored around building his draft board and solidifying a value for each player.

“We evaluate every position, because you want to set your board the right way,” general manager Dave Gettleman told reporters on Tuesday. “If you don’t evaluate everybody in the draft, whether people perceive you have a need at that position or not, your board is not right, and if your board is not right, you can’t maneuver properly. Your board has to be right. You have to evaluate everybody and give them the full schmear. You don’t just want to be cursory, ‘Aw yeah okay, he’s going in the first round. Here’s his grade.’ No. You evaluate them because it’s the only way you can operate.”

The New York Giants could draft a QB in 2020, just not ‘that’ QB:

The Giants have selected a quarterback in the three of the last four drafts, indicating that Gettleman could pursue a backup option in the later rounds this year. It’s always a good idea to draft a quarterback, look at how the Patriots operate –they have developed both Jacoby Brissett and Jimmy Garappolo in the past, ensuring Tomy Brady had a quality backup but also a potential trade piece the team could utilize. Passers have the highest positional value, so hitting on a late-round player gives the team leverage in the future if they pan out.


Tom Brady on the New York Jets?

The New York Jets would breathe a collective sigh of relief with the rest of the AFC East should Tom Brady leave the only team he’s ever played for. But speculation is still running rampant about where the 6 time Super Bowl champion will end up. He says he wants to play till he’s 45, and will be 43 when the season starts. 11 teams are reportedly interested in acquiring Tom Brady. Including, the New York Jets.

How Plausible is Brady to the Jets?

According to, we’re talking very slim odds that Brady will leave the Patriots for the Jets. 20/1 odds put the Jets in the bottom 10 teams of the league likely to get the GOAT, tied with their neighbors, the Giants.

However, it doesn’t change the fact that WEEI broadcaster, Dale Arnold, reports that the Jets have at least “some interest” in Brady.

How Legit is This Info?

“Some interest” doesn’t mean a whole lot. However, the Jets will have $60 million in cap space. If the Jets can acquire enough pieces during the draft, and Brady is willing to sign a 2-year deal that will allow the Jets to plug in extra holes using free agency, why wouldn’t they jump at it?

Crazier things have happened in sports. Tim Tebow was riding high with the Denver Broncos in 2011. He helped the team to the playoffs, including an overtime win. He was only 2 years into his career as a quarterback, and it was only logical that the Broncos would keep him around. Then Peyton Manning came back from neck surgery.

I believe that Sam Darnold should be the team’s QB for the foreseeable future. He’s improving in all the right ways and should be up there with the likes of Jimmy Garopolo and Josh Allen by 2020/2021 easily. But this is like the Mets or Yankees being presented with the opportunity to sign Mike Trout to a team-friendly deal tomorrow. You have to assume the interest is more than just mild from Gase and Douglas.

The New York Giants have a secret weapon at quarterbacks coach

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

When the New York Giants hired quarterback coach Jerry Schuplinski, formerly of the New England Patriots, everyone collectively said, “who?”

People always tend to place their trust in familiar faces that are well known. However, that can lead us down a path of simplicity and often-time, failure. Schuplinski, who worked alongside Joe Judge in New England for years, will bring his talent to the Giants, where he will help groom Daniel Jones into a top-tier quarterback.

Having worked alongside players like Tom Brady, Jacoby Brissett, and Jimmy Garoppolo, the secretive QB coach has quite the resume to prove his worth with Jones. The influence he has had on his understudies has translated into staring-level talent, let alone the elite category Brady sits atop.

Garappolo expressed his praise for Schuplinski, and now, the 49ers quarterback will participate in the Super Bowl:

“Thinking back on everything, I owe him so much. Jerry was there for everything from the minute I got to the Patriots. He was kind of my quarterback coach in a way… I mean, he started with me from day one with the Patriots,” Garoppolo stated. “He’s a great guy at simplifying things, taking a complicated offense and simplifying it for a quarterback. I think that’s crucial and he did a great job of that when I was in New England. I know he did that with Jacoby [Brissett] too.”

The New York Giants made a great hire with Jerry Schuplinski:

Jones will see the offense open up for him in 2020, especially after Jerry helps simplify the system and break down his fundamentals. That’s where Judge’s mentality comes into play, as he stated during his opening press conference that the team would perfect the micro details to develop a sound operation ultimately.

In 2019, the Giants were a wreck under Pat Shurmur, who couldn’t manage the clock well and often saw his players crashing into each other on mesh routes. Poor execution will always lead to failure, and that’s something Judge and Schuplinski won’t tolerate.

Outlandish Brady To New York Giants Idea Proposed By Radio Host

The NFL offseason is the time for outlandish theories and proposals, and one of the latest ones to crop up is related to the New York Giants and their AFC rival the New England Patriots. These two teams have of course met in the Super Bowl twice, and a rivalry exists between them even outside of that thanks to their New York and Boston connections, but one recently proposed idea would involve the most iconic Patriots player making the switch to the Giants.

It doesn’t seem all that likely to happen but it’s an interesting scenario to think about.

According to FOX Sports Radio’s Jason Smith, the Giants should make a move to sign Tom Brady for two or three years rather than handing the reins right over to Daniel Jones now that Eli Manning is retiring.

“How about the Giants replacing Eli Manning with Tom Brady? He could get a 3 or 4-year contract with the Giants. Joe Judge just took over, who was a wide receivers coach in New England. Brady is not going to play off the map somewhere in a place like Tennessee,” Smith said.

“Brady is not going to Carolina just because it’s a ‘good fit’. He’s either going to New York or Los Angeles. The Giants will do something, and either move Daniel Jones or have him sit behind Brady for a year or two. The Giants would offer everything Brady needs to continue his career, and the NFC East is one of the weakest divisions in football,” Smith continued.

That assumes, of course, that the Giants are in the market for a quarterback.

The team invested heavily in getting Daniel Jones, spending a top ten pick on him in fact, so it’s easier to believe that they’ll keep him in the starting lineup rather than placing him on the bench for a few more years after bringing in a famous quarterback like Tom Brady.

They also showed their commitment to Jones when they benched Eli Manning for him in the first place – something the staff had repeatedly said they didn’t plan on doing before the first couple of weeks of the season, before changing their mind and placing Jones in the starting lineup.

If the Giants did want to change their mind about that commitment, however, Tom Brady would be an interesting experiment – Brady is nearing the end of his career but is still capable with the right receivers and blocking, and having such a big name quarterback playing for the Giants after Manning’s retirement might help out fan interest.

With the current investment in Jones, however, and the fact that Brady isn’t necessarily worth alienating Jones for thanks to being at the end of his career, this idea is pretty much a pipe dream. Something interesting to think about, that likely won’t happen in reality.

New York Giants news, 1/6 – The only way Bill Belichick could return to the Giants

New York Giants, Bill Belichick

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

In an alternative universe, the New York Giants would feature Bill Belichick as their head coach and boast the impressive track record the New England Patriots currently have. However, that’s not the reality we live in.

Our universe holds a different truth — the Giants have won nine games in two years and are preparing to hire their third head coach in three years. Disappointing doesn’t even begin to describe the state of the Giants’ franchise, and recent trends have indicated that fans are begging an existential spirit to bring the man in the hoodie back to his original home…East Rutherford.

After the latest Patriots defeat to the Tennesse Titans on Saturday, questions of Belichick’s longevity have arisen. While these ideas are almost undoubtedly ridiculous rumors, there’s always the chance that he desires a different challenge. The Giants would offer him an opportunity to return to the beginning of his career and spearhead a rebuild that requires genuine leadership.

The return of Belichick would require two essential things:

1.) Tom Brady would need to retire

Brady stated after the loss to the Titans that it’s unlikely he retires this offseason, making Bill’s choice of leaving the Pats that much more unlikely. If Tom decides to call it quits, joining the Giants becomes a tiny possibility. He reportedly had a soft spot for Daniel Jones in the latest NFL Draft, stating that he hopes Jones falls to the bottom of the first round where he could snag him as Brady’s eventual successor.

2.) Dave Gettleman would need to be fired

One unique thing about Belichick is that he’s both the general manager and head coach for New England. If any theoretical move were to take place, it would need to include Gettleman’s firing.


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New York Giants news, 10/10 – 3 keys to victory, injuries, Golden Tate, Jon Hilliman

New York Giants, Golden Tate

Good Morning, New York Giants Fans!

Defeating the New England Patriots will be an intimidating task for the New York Giants and their battered squad. They will be heading into Foxborough missing several vital starters — Saquon Barkley, Sterling Shepard, Evan Engram, Wayne Gallman, and Ryan Connelly.

The injuries will force backup players into starting roles against the league’s top defense, which justifies a lack of optimism for the Giants going into week six. However, it will allow others to elevate their game and show they can compete at the professional level.

Here are three keys for the New York Giants against the Patriots:

1.) Jon Hilliman must have the game of his life

The trick to beating the Patriots is dominating possession, and the Giants are without their starting running back and immediate backup. Hilliman struggled mightily against the Minnesota Vikings last weekend, earning just 20-yards on nine carries. He must be more efficient this week, allowing the Giants to hold onto the ball and keep the defense off the field.

2.) Golden Tate must be a consistent target for Daniel Jones

Tate was practically non-existent against the Vikings, but that was expected given the fact that it was his first game back from suspension. He recorded 13-yards on three catches. In his second week back, rookie passer Daniel Jones needs him to step up and be a trustworthy option, especially without Barkley, Engram, and Shepard featured in the lineup.

Tate is a quality pass-catcher that can dominate, but his lack of chemistry with Jones will be a progressing factor.

3.) The pass rush must get to Tom Brady

As seen in the two Super Bowl wins over the Patriots, the key is getting to Brady and forcing him to rush. The Pats utilize an up-tempo offense with quick reads and short throws, which makes getting to Brady difficult. However, stopping their run game and dominating at the line of scrimmage is an absolute necessity if the Giants have any hopes of competing in this contest.


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Alexander Wilson – How the New York Giants can compete against the New England Patriots

How the New York Giants can compete against the New England Patriots

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

Being threaded for 28 points against a struggling Minnesota Vikings offense doesn’t provide any optimism for the New York Giants heading into a tantalizing matchup against the New England Patriots.

Big Blue will travel to Foxborough to take on the perennially great Pats, led by Tom Brady and his everlasting arm, but their real strength is the defense. The New England offense has been prolific this season, putting up 30 more or points in four of their five contests. The Giants’ defense is facing Goliath, and gaining back linebacker Alec Ogletree, and Tae Davis would go a long way in helping them overcome this challenge.

Losing starting inside linebacker Ryan Connelly for the year due to a torn ACL in his right knee severely damaged the quality of the defense, and that deficiency was on full display last weekend against the Vikings. Beating the Patriots, let alone competing with them on Thursday night football will be difficult, but here are a few ways the Giants can keep it close.

How the New York Giants can stay in the game:

1.) Convert on third downs

Daniel Jones has been far better at converting on third downs than Eli Manning this season, but facing off against a top-5 defense in Minnesota last week showed him a level of adversity he hasn’t experienced before at the NFL level. The Pats are arguably better, but the return of Saquon Barkley is imminent and would provide a considerable boost to the Giants’ chances.

The Giants on third down have been stellar the past three weeks. A success rate of nearly 53% shows why starting Jones was the right thing to do, especially since Manning was converting on a dismal 21% of third downs through the first two weeks. This will be a point of emphasis heading into New England.

2.) Put pressure on Tom Brady

Brady is the best quarterback in the league at surveying the field and finding targets quickly. His lack of athleticism limits him to the pocket, but he rarely makes a wrong decision throwing the ball. The Giants defensive front must get to Brady and force him to make mistakes, but his quick release and receiving running backs make their offense extremely competent in all categories. Good coverage is a must, but beating a solid New England offensive line is where it all starts.

Outside linebacker Markus Golden has been the Giants’ best pass rusher this season with 4.5 sacks and 10 QB hits. He must have an impact in this tough matchup.

3.) Daniel Jones must stay calm and productive

The Giants put up a lousy 10 points against the Vikings, as numerous drops plagued the team throughout the game. Jones stood tall and delivered in the face of pressure on multiple occasions, but his receivers must do more to get open and hold on to passes. Sterling Shepard dropped a potential touchdown pass that would’ve brought the Giants within one score in the fourth quarter, but instead, it forced a field goal attempt that Aldrick Rosas knocked through.

Bill Belichick will undoubtedly put Jones under pressure and expose him to new looks and blitzes. It will be a tough day in Prime Time for the rookie, but the experience is essential, nonetheless.