New York Jets sign versatile offensive lineman Josh Andrews

New York Jets, Josh Andrews

The New York Jets have signed versatile offensive lineman Josh Andrews. Andrews was an undrafted free agent from Oregon State in 2014. He received interest from 3 teams and ultimately chose to join the Eagles. That Eagles team led him to Joe Douglas.

According to Andrews agent, he’s excited to reunite with Douglas in NY.

Who Is Josh Andrews?

Andrews played in Philly for four years and in Minnesota before he landed in Indy with the Colts. Andrews has never been a starter, but he’s had experience and never allowed a sack or been flagged. Joe Douglas wants versatile guys who can bring in competition for the line. The Douglas mentality is evident with this signing. Andrews will be a guy who will fight for a roster spot and fight to carve out a role. With so much turnover on the line, he’ll have a shot to earn starting reps potentially. More than likely, he will provide depth. He’s got a very high football IQ along with being a great athlete. Jim Schwartz said he would play on their scout team and go out of his way to diagnose weak spots on the defense and how they could make Fletcher Cox and other defensive linemen more productive. That level of IQ is something that can provide value to both the offense and the defense. Andrews is a solid depth addition.

What’s Next For The Jets?

The Jets continue to wait on Robby Anderson’s decision before allocating money elsewhere. The WR market hinges on the money Anderson locks up. The Jets plan A is to hope that Anderson re-signs on a solid deal that is fair for the team and Anderson, and then allocate money to more depth on the offensive line and the defense. The Jets issue is that signing Anderson will be to a deal within the range of $8.5 million to $12 million. That’s a lot of money to add to the payroll, which explains their reluctance to make deals before knowing his destination. Their plan B, if they don’t lock him down, will likely be Phillip Dorsett and aiming to add one or more playmakers in the draft and then allocating the money towards defense. Until he makes a decision, it is unclear exactly how much money the Jets will have to spend on other spots. Until then, expect more depth signings.

Doug Pederson: The Sky is the Limit for Giants’ Daniel Jones

New York Giants, Daniel Jones

When the Philadelphia Eagles drafted quarterback Carson Wentz with the second overall selection in the 2016 NFL Draft, they felt they were getting their franchise quarterback for the next decade and beyond. Even though they’ve won a Super Bowl with Wentz laid up on the sidelines, they still feel as confident with him under center as the day they drafted him.

Eagles head coach Doug Pederson, speaking to the Giants’ beat pool via a conference call on Wednesday confirmed that the team, which is poised to win the NFC East this Sunday with a win over the New York Giants, made the right choice in Wentz.

“I think back to 2017, his second year, and just the difference he had from year one to year two, from his rookie season into his second full year there, just from the standpoint of running and just executing our offense. He had a full offseason with our guys that year, went in with a lot of high expectations, a lot of high hopes, and there’s really not one particular play or a game, I think it’s just how efficient he was playing the quarterback position for us that just showed his maturity in our offense. And listen, he’s still learning and still growing, but I think from year one to year two and the jump he made, for me, was sort of a moment that led us to believe that the guy we drafted was Carson and he was going to be the leader of our team for a long time.”

Pederson was asked if he felt Daniel Jones was that same player for the Giants.

“I do, and I think the Giants feel the same way, otherwise they wouldn’t have taken him when they did,” he said. “I’ve always liked Daniel. Coming out of college, I really liked him, and I think he’s a type of guy that will make big strides going into year two—having a full offseason to work with his players and work with the guys around him, and then having the chance to be possibly the day one starter. So, I think the sky’s the limit with him, and something that the Giants are looking forward to, I think, moving forward.”

The two young guns will face off for the first time this Sunday at MetLife Stadium. Jones was injured three weeks ago for the Giants’ first matchup with Philly this season, a 23-17 overtime loss at Lincoln Financial Field. Eli Manning starter that game.

Pederson was asked the difference in preparing for rookie Jones instead of the veteran Manning.

“I really think the only difference with Daniel over Eli is Daniel probably moves around a little bit better,’ said Pederson. “The other thing is, like I said earlier, he’s definitely getting the ball out of his hand. I think they’ve kind of reconfigured the offense to be more conducive that way, obviously using the backs in some of the shorter screen passes, things of that nature. But it really doesn’t change our planning at all from that. We’ve still got to get ready for a good football team.”

New York Giants: An Extra Bad Year To Be Extra Bad

New York Giants, Pat Shurmur

The New York Giants, once again, are eliminated from playoff contention. The Giants are 2-10, and no matter how many games they win between now and the end of the year, their season is over. This will be the third year in a row that the Giants finish with ten or more losses and without a spot in the playoffs.

This year, though, the Giants are extra bad. Unfortunately, their division is, too. The NFC East is once again the NFC Least. If the Giants were even an average team this season, they would be in playoff contention. 2019 was a really bad year for the Giants to be really bad.

The NFC Least

The NFC East has a combined record of 16-33. Not a single team in the division has a winning record. The Dallas Cowboys are currently leading the division with a 6-7 record after a bad loss to the Chicago Bears on Thursday night. The Philadelphia Eagles are 5-7, one game behind, and their next matchup is against one of the worst teams in the NFL (the Giants).

If only the Giants had been average and had been able to win a few of the easy games on their schedule this season. They are eliminated from the playoffs with a 2-10 record and only have three more losses than the team winning their division. Even the Washington Redskins, who are 3-9, have yet to be mathematically eliminated from playoff contention.

The New York Giants were .500 in September. After Week 4, New York was 2-2. It has been all downhill from that point on. The Giants squandered their playoff chances and are now on an 8-game losing streak. For the first time in franchise history, the Giants failed to win a game in the months of October and November.

The Giants are historically bad this year. If only they had chosen any other year to be this bad. Of course, it had to be this year: the year their division is historically bad, too. This should serve as a wake-up call to the New York Giants. They need to make significant changes in the future.

New York Jets: Week 5 Predictions Against the Philadelphia Eagles

New York Jets

After a long two weeks, the New York Jets are ready to go to battle against the Philadelphia Eagles at the Lincoln and potentially look like a half-decent team. How will the two teams match up against each other and what will they do? How will Luke Falk do in his second career start?  I’ve got all the answers and they’re quite simple.

Philadelphia Eagles

The Eagles come into this game well-rested after a one-and-a-half-week break after playing the Packers last Thursday night. However, the Eagles team is badly banged up with two of their top corners out for this Sunday. The Eagles record is 2-2, but they haven’t gone down without a fight only losing those two games by less four points in high scoring affairs with the Lions and Falcons. The Eagles are competitive as long as Carson Wentz can continue to carry this team and its awful defense on its back. Look for a very pass-heavy offense against a Jets defense that will not have C.J. Mosley and Jordan Jenkins.

New York Jets

The New York Jets are in a tough spot right now as they are coming off a bye week where they anticipated that their franchise QB would suit up against the birds. Unfortunately, the Jets grossly mismanaged the QB situation and will have to start Luke Falk who hasn’t had many reps with the ones. Adam Gase opted not to practice during the bye week and that decision will hurt the Jets as their starting QB will be wildly unprepared. The Jets’ defense has been as solid as they can be with what they have, but they’re still not a great group. If Gregg Williams and the defense can hold their own against the Eagles it’ll be on Adam Gase to finally let the ball travel more than 5 yards on pass plays.


Prior to the Sam Darnold news, the Jets were coming into this game with a lot of hope. Unfortunately, any hope Jets fans had is all gone. This is basically an early bye week for the Eagles as they’ll cruise to victory against the Jets in Philadelphia. I’m predicting a generous 31-10 defeat for the Jets as they could easily be even more decimated by a team that is much superior to them in every way.